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WWE 12 Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 19 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for WWE 12 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : Wii

You can also ask your question on our WWE 12 Questions & Answers page.

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Unlockable Characters

To get the various unlockable superstars in WWE 12, see the instructions below:

Arn Anderson: Complete Royal Rumble match in Villain Story

Booker T: Complete Hero Story match, when Booker T appears, during your match with Husky Harris

Brock Lesnar: Win the first one-on-one match in WWE Universe

Demolition: Win the WWE Tag Team Championship in WWE Universe

Eddie Guerrero: Complete Hero Story match as Eddie, defeating Rey Mysterio

Edge: Complete the battle royal in Villain Story

Goldust: Complete a singles match with Cody Rhodes in WWE Universe

Kevin Nash: Complete Outsider Story match, after meeting him in the locker room

Michelle McCool: Win Divas Championship in WWE Universe..

Unlock 5 Belts in One Match

Select Ted DiBiase or Rey Mysterio as the challenger and make a 'Extreme Rules Intercontinental Championship Falls Count Anywhere' match in the Clash of the Champions Arena. When you win you will unlock the Classic Intercontinental title, Classic ECW title, Hardcore title, Champion of Champions title, and either the Million Dollar title (DiBiase) or Light Heavyweight title (Mysterio). If you do not have the Clash of the Champions Arena it is still possible to get the other 4 belts on any other show/PPV.

Unlockable Championships

For instructions on how to unlock additional WWE championships see the instructions below:

ECW Championship (Classic): Win any title in an Extreme Rules match

Hardcore Championship: Win any title in a Falls Count Anywhere match

Intercontinental Championship (Classic): Win the Intercontinental title

The Champion of Champions: Win any title at the Clash of the Champions arena

The Million Dollar Championship: Win any title with Ted DiBiase

The Undisputed WWE Championship: Win the WWE Championship with Triple H at a PPV

WCW Championship (Classic): Complete Hero Story

World Heavyweight Championship (Spray-painted): Complete Hero Story match in Royal Rumble, after Big Show spray paints the bel..

Other Unlockable Titles

Below are instructions for unlocking the rest of the game's titles:

Champion of Champions Title:

Win a title at Night of Champions

Classic Intercontinental Title:

Win the Intercontinental Title

ECW Title:

Win a title at Extreme Rules

European Title:

Villain Story 10-1

Hardcore Title:

Win a title in a falls count anywhere match

Light Heavyweight Title:

Win a title with Mysterio

Million Dollar Title:

Win a title with Ted DiBiase

WCW Spray Painted World Heavyweight Title:

Hero Story Cutscene 13-1

WCW Spray Painted WWE Title:

Hero Story Cutscene

WCW Title:

Preset Movesets

Listed below are the Preset Movesets and the corresponding wrestler they are based on.

Moveset 1: Chris Masters

Moveset 2: JTG

Moveset 3: Primo

Moveset 4: DH Smith

Moveset 5: Finlay (New Celtic Cross)

Moveset 6: Carlito (Maybe)

Moveset 7: Umaga

Moveset 8: Boogeyman (No Boogey Slam)

Moveset 9: Paul London

Moveset 10: Brian Kendrick

Moveset 11: Helms

Moveset 12: Jamie Noble

Moveset 13: JBL

Moveset 14: MVP (Balling Elbow is in)

Moveset 15: Shelton Benjamin

Moveset 16: Charlie Haas (No Breaking Point Submission)

Moveset 17: Goldberg

Moveset 18: Gail Kim

Moveset 19: Mic..

Unlock Outsider Story Theme and Videos

These bonuses become available when you View the Villain Story Scene Wrestle Mania.

Unlockable Entrance Themes

Follow the instructions below to unlock additional Entrance Themes:

Jacob Cass Entrance:

Hero Story Cutscene 2-1

King of Kings Theme:

Outsider Story Cutscene

Mr. McMahon Entrance:

Hero Story Cutscene

Undertaker Entrance:

Win with Undertaker at Wrestlemania in Universe

United Kingdom Entrance:

Villain Story Cutscene

Unlockable: Dashing Cody Rhodes

To unlock Dashing Cody Rhodes, on Seamus's Road to Wrestlemania, beat him.

Unlockable Arenas

To unlock WWE 12's various arenas, follow the instructions below:

Bragging Rights: Win a match in the Bragging Rights arena in WWE Universe mode.

Extreme Rules: Win a match in the Extreme Rules arena in WWE Universe mode.

Fatal 4-Way: Win a match in Fatal-4-Way arena in WWE Universe.

Hell In A Cell: Win a match in Hell In a Cell arena in WWE Universe.

Money In The Bank: Win a match in Money In The Bank arena in WWE Universe.

Night of Champions: Win a match in Night of Champions arena in WWE Universe.

Nitro: Reach cutscene 21-1 after the Monday Night Nitro match in the Hero storyline in RTWM mode.

Over The Limit: Win a match in the Over The Limit arena in WWE Universe mode.


Alternate Costumes

To unlock a host of alternative costumes, see the instructions below:

Arn Anderson's Civilian Attire:

Hero Story Scene 5-1

Dashing Cody Rhodes:

Villain Story Scene 4-1

Drew McIntyre Suit Attire:

Villain Story Scene 13-2

Edge Entrance Attire:

Villain Story 15-2

HHH Street Attire:

Outsider Story Cutscene

John Cena Entrance Attire:

Villain Story 1-4

John Cena Purple Attire & John Cena with T-Shirt:

Play two different Wrestlemania Matches featuring Cena in Universe

Kevin Nash Suit Attire:

Hero Story 14-1

Mr.McMahon Suit Attire:

Hero Story Cutscene

Randy Orton withou..

WWE Attitude Era Heavyweight Championship

At the main menu, select "My WWE", "Options", then "Cheat Codes". Enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Enter "OhHellYeah!" as a code to unlock the WWE Attitude Era Heavyweight Championship

Preset Entrances

Below is a list of ALL the preset entrances and the corresponding wrestler attached to it.

Diva 1: Maria (old)

Diva 2: Torrie Wilson

Diva 3: Ashley Massaro

Diva 4: Victoria

Diva 5: Candice Michelle

Diva 6: Mickie James

Diva 7: Melina

Diva 8: Gail Kim

Diva 9: Ariel (vampire)

Diva 10: Maria (new)

Diva 11: Cartwheel Diva

Legend 1: Hulk Hogan

Legend 2: Bob Orton

Legend 3: Mr.Perfect

Legend 4: Dusty Rhodes

Legend 5: Jim Neidhart

Legend 6: Jake The Snake Roberts

Legend 7: Terry Funk

Legend 8: Mick Foley

Legend 9: Ric Flair

Legend 10: Lex Luger

Unlock the WWE European Title

Win the WWE you.S. Title with Shaemus in the Road To Wrestlemania mode to unlock the European Title.

Attitude Era's WWE Championship

Go to "Options", then "Unlockables", then "Cheat Codes", then type in "OhHellYeah!"(there is no spaces). Then you get the Attitude Era's WWE Championship!


To unlock demolition ax and smash just win the unified tag titles in universe mode

Era Heavyweight Title

Options> Unlokables> Cheat Codes > now enter OhHellYeah!

NOTE. Make sure you enter it correctly with!!!!!!!!

World & WWE Tag Team Title Unlockable

World Tag Team: Unlock Demolition (By winning the Unified Tag Team Titles in Universe mode)

WWE Tag Team: Unlock the Legion of Doom (By viewing a cutscene in the Hero Storyline Road to Wrestlemania)

How to get out of the cage in a Hell in a Cell Match

You Irish Whip (throw) your oppenent out of the ring and (throw) them into the right corner of the cage if you have you finisher it is going to say Cage Finisher. Press Y and your oppenent is going to fall out of the cage. But you need to pin him in the ring

The rock

There actually is only 2 ways. 1 way is to pre order the game and get the code off the manual inside. The 2nd way is to complete the outsider story. Then go to wwe shop. Find the rock and purchase him for 80mp

WWE 12 Achievements