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by Brokaliv


                             S O U T H   P A R K

                       T h e   S t i c k   Of   T r u t h


                              Walkthrough Version 1.0
                                    By Brokaliv
                             Email: [email protected]
                           Date Started: March 10, 2014

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Creating a Character


After the cut scene you will need to create your character. They will always
be a male character, but you can dress them up to be girly if you really want
too. Choose your skin tone, hair style with color, and clothes. After
the next cut scene you will gain control of your character.


The New Kid in Town


Head to the closet and open the door to get at the backpack for Cash and a
Baseball Card. Head out of your bedroom to the hallway.

*NOTE* The following is timed and eventually your dad will come to kick you out
of the house. It is not very important to get all the items right away as you
can re-enter later in the game.

Now go to the left and enter the far door to get in to the bathroom. You can
turn the water on if you'd like in the shower. Get on the toilet and smash the
button prompted on the screen to fill the bar and recheck the toilet for a
[SHIT NUGGET], we will need to use this in battle for an achievement later.
Under the sink you can grab an Old Sponge and a Rusty Pipe, along with cash in
the far left drawer. Random items found can be used to sell to shops for cash,
note that you must complete the game once without selling anything for an
achievement. So choose whether this play-thru is for that time or not.

Now head downstairs and go to the right of your dad in the living room. You
will find a drawer with a [PIGTAILS WIG]. Head to the left to enter the kitchen
and look under the sink for Cash and a Fork. To the left of that is [EYE BLACK]
makeup and a [HEALTH POTION]. Also get the Cash off the counter to the left.
Now you will either be told to leave the house by your dad or just head out
yourself by going all the way to the right.

Now that you are outside, head to the garage just to the right and open it.
Head up the ladder and open the chest here for Cash and a [SURFER WIG]. Get
back down to street level and go to the right. Butters will be fighting with a
kid dressed as an elf and requests help. Head up to the elf kid and punch him
to start a cut scene.

*Butters is now your friend*

Now follow Butters to the green house to find Cartman, follow him to the
backyard to reach the kingdom. Head over to the left and get the [DAFFODIL],
then talk to the stable hand and the armory to get friend requests.

*Scott Malkinson is now your friend*
*Clyde is now your friend*

Optional Quest: Flower for a Princess

Head over to Kenny and give him the flower to complete the quest. You will also
get a friend request.

*Kenny is now your friend*

Optional Quest: Flower for a Princess COMPLETE

Now talk to Cartman and he will ask for your name. Type anything you want as it
does not matter, for Cartman already has a name picked out for you. When he
asks if the name "you" chose is correct, select YES twice to get an ACHIEVEMENT

*Achievement Unlocked - Acceptance*

Now you must select your class. You will need to play through some of the game
once as the Jew class for an achievement, so let's start with that. Now head to
the Armory and buy a weapon. Now open your inventory and equip it to start a
cut scene.

You must now fight Clyde in a tutorial battle to learn how to fight. Once you
get the basics down Cartman will ask you to come in to the tent for a cut scene
and soon Butters will come in ringing the alarm as the elves come to attack.
Exit the tent and head over to any of the elves to start a battle.

When you defeat them make sure to fart on the unconcious body and loot them as
well for items. Cartman will teach you how to use items, heal yourself. You
will want to fart on the cat in the upper left corner 20 times to unlock an

*Achievement Unlocked - Animal Cruelty*

Take out the other enemies and learn about ranged weapons and different stances
that defend well against certain attacks. On the third battle you will learn
about shields. Once the final battle is over watch another cut scene and Clyde
will be banished from the realm. Now head over to the pole with the red horn
and activate the fast travel (1/12). Cartman will ask you to locate three of
his best men to have them return to the base.


Call the Banners


Optional Quest: The Timmy Express

You will need to locate 11 more fast travels in the world to complete this side

Now purchase a stronger weapon, items, or armor if you wish from the shop.

Kupa Keep Armory
*Items to come soon*

Head inside Cartman's house and talk to his mom for a friend request.

*Mrs. Cartman is now your friend*

Check the cupboard in the kitchen for a [SPEED POTION]. Head in to the living
room and open the drawer to the right of the couch for [EVIL CARTMAN GOATEE],
[CARTMAN'S GARAGE KEY], Cash, and an Okama Gamesphere. Head upstairs and enter
Cartman's room to get Faith +1 CD, Cash, [HEALTH POTION], Super Phun Thyme
Tickets, and a Brad Pitt Survival Gear Kit in the back right. Fatty Doo Doo
DVD, Crank Prank Time Phone, [STRENGTH POTION], [DOUBLE CHIN], and a Coon
Poster in the night stand.

In Mrs. Cartman's room you can find [UNDERPANTS] (1/5), Cash, Black Thunder,
Purple Passion, and a Jack Rabbit in the upper right night stand. In the upper
left night stand you will find a Crack Pipe, [BLUNT WIG], [PURPLE DYE], Antonio
Banderas Love Doll, and The Milkman. Now leave the bedroom and head to the
bathroom at the end.

Most likely you can find a [SHIT NUGGET] in the toilet left by Cartman if you
wait for Butters to say Eric forgot to flush. In the cabinet to the left is a
Packet of Sea People, Cash, and Pubes. The far left drawer has a Cherokee Hair
Tampon and an AIDS ribbon. Now head out of the house and Clyde will message

*Clyde is no longer your friend*

*NOTE - if you downloaded any of the DLC the game will now prompt you that it
is in your toy chest at home*

Enter Cartman's garage and get any Chicken Bones that come out of the buckets
that you can now attack. Open the chest for [GRAY DYE] and a [WIZARD BEARD].
Next to the chest is your first Chinpokomon...[Pengin] (1/30). You can't get
through the rats in the lower right at the moment so head left back to Butters
house since you now have his key. Talk to Dougie in Butters yard to get a

*Dougie is now your friend*

In the living room drawer you will find Cash and Inspector Butters Badge. Talk
to Butters mom to get a request.

*Mrs. Stotch is now your friend*

Head past your house and smash the construction sign to continue to the next
area. Activate the FAST TRAVEL (2/12) and head to the left for a cut scene.
Fight off the elves and then head up when you reach the South Park sign.

Now talk to Officer Barbrady for a friend request and then head down to the
right to activate another FAST TRAVEL (3/12).

*Officer Barbrady is now your friend*

Head up from the fast travel flag, continue up in the next section and go to
the left. Once you reach Dark Meadow Estates you will get another Fast Travel
Flag (4/12) and a possible elf fight. Skip past the security guard for now as
he will just pepper spray you until you get a special item.

Head past the mall and activate the FAST TRAVEL (4/12) in front of the Tower of
Peace. Head left and go in to Jimbo's Gun shop. Purchase and equip the
[GAS MASK] and then head back to the security guard to start a boss battle.
Now head up to Token's house and go to the door to give him the letter. He will
add you on the friends list.

*Token is now your friend*

Exit the gated community and head back to the right, now passing the movie
theater. You may have to fight more elves here. Now head in to the Tweek Bros.
coffee shop for a cut scene. Now head in to the back of the shop and talk to
Tweek, he needs you to run to Kenny's house.


Hot Coffee


Exit the shop and head to the right to activate a FAST TRAVEL (5/12), then fast
travel back to Kupa Keep to be able to run to Kenny's house the fastest. Exit
Cartman's house and head all the way to the right and cross the train tracks.
You may have fight more elves here. Activate the FAST TRAVEL (6/12) outside the
house and knock on the door.

Head to the garage and open it, then use the key on the door. They will think
you are a cop and will battle you. Climb the ladder in the back right, smash
the board to cross the shelves, and grab [TWEEK'S STASH]. Turn the fire off by
using the valve and fast travel back to Tweek's.

Hand the stash to Tweek for a cut scene.


Hot Coffee Complete


Now head past Token's and the mall, then go down at the City Sushi. Go left
towards the police station and then head down again. Now head to the right and
activate a FAST TRAVEL (7/12). Go two houses to the right of the flag to get to
Craig's house. His dad tells you he is in detention, so fast travel back to
Cartman's for a cut scene.

Cartman will now have you learn some magic, head to the training section of
camp for a cut scene and learn to harness the power of your farts. Fast travel
back to Craig's house and then head to the far left to get to the school.
Activate the FAST TRAVEL (8/12) and then head in the yard to start a cut scene.

Now enter the front door to be confronted by a Ginger Hall monitor. Grab the
bag full of items up the steps and take the door on the right.

Dragon shout the flames to knock out the two Gingers or shoot the sprinkler
above them and then shoot the speaker to electrute them. You will still have to
dragon shout to get past the barricade. As you wrap around the hall, Mr Mackey
will tell you that you will never get in the room.

Take out the next Ginger and you will get the [GINGER FRECKLES], equip them and
continue to the left. open the locker for the [GINGER FRO] and equip it. Now
when you reach the gate you will learn to use your buddies skills, show the
Ginger Kenny's chest to get through.

Attack more Ginger's around the corner, you can shoot the billboard sign to
drop in on two of them and only have to fight one. Get the [BRASS KEY] and go
back to the Faculty Lounge. Hoot the coffee cup on the table and that will
knock out one of the Ginger's in the back, while making the other move. Now
shoot the books to knock that one out. Shoot the cigerrete on the table to
start a fire and then dragon shout it to knock out the other two Gingers and
the barricade. Smash through the table and then have Butters use his skill to
help the crying boy for the [SILVER KEY].

Now head back to the right and open the Counselor door. Clear out the room and
shoot the [GOLD KEY] off the shelf to grab it. Now head back to the Cafeteria
and fight the Ginger Boss. If you have the Ginger Freckles equipped and defeat
the boss you will get an ACHIEVEMENT.

*Achievement Unlocked - Day Walker*

After the cut scene head back to Cartman's house for a cut scene and speak to
Cartman for a promotion "Sir Douchebag". Head over to the training area to
learn ranged magic attacks. Once you get it down you will get a new quest.


Call the Banners Complete



The Bard


Leave the back yard for a cut scene and then you will head in to the basement
of the house. Make your way around the pathway and start a cut scene to find
the Bard, you will then enter battle.

Once you are out of the battle make your way around the junk and use the
Cup-A-Spell on the flame to blow back the barricade. Shoot your arrow at the
window to let Craig in to the basement and then send Butters to heal him. Get
out of the basement and head in to the kitchen. Fight off the elves and watch a
cut scene.

Now head back in to the living room and use a Cup-A-Spell to blast the fire
to clear the spiked floor. Now shoot the lantern by the door and then do
another Cup-A-Spell to blow the door open. Token will open the way forward for
you, then destroy the cabinet in your way. After the cut scene head upstairs.

Go in to the door in the far back and shoot the shelf leg to make it fall
over. Then shoot the pic and smash the table leg to make a ramp. Climb up the
table and shoot the lamp above the bed to make a zipline. Now climb the
shelving and swing down to destroy the bed. Help Kenny and head out of the

Now have Kenny flash his chest at the elf upstairs after the cut scene to lure
him down. Head up the ladder and take down the elves as you Cup-A-Spell blast
through the flames. On the other side of the attack, shoot your bow at the
chest on the metal shelf to make it fall through the floor and drop through.

Watch the cut scene and fight Jimmy. Once your done looting the room, tell
Cartman your ready to go back to the keep for an Achievement.

*Achievement Unlocked - New Kid On The Block*


The Baird Complete



It's Late!


As you leave the backyard, your parents will come rushing in to Cartman's
kitchen if you take too long to get home, now go to bed.


It's Late! Completed



Alien Abduction


You are now abducted by aliens and need to tap the button to break free. Once
you are released use your new teleporting powers to get out of the force field
area and head down to the next room.

After the cut scene use the teleporter to get on the other side of the laser
wall to the right. Take out the aliens and then use the teleporter on the blue
light by the door to unlock it.

Now teleport to the right and use the controls to get both the top and bottom
platforms to be too the left. Use the teleporter again and go down to the lower
platform. From here you can use another teleporter to go down and in to a tube
tunnel. Fight through the aliens and get on the terminal to play a repeat game
with the buttons to try and free Mr. Marsh. Now Head up to the top and fight
more aliens. Go to the right and open the door all the way to the left. Try
the memory game again. Teleport back to the middle area of the room and head

Shoot the broken monitor with a bow and then the cable as well to send an
electrical shock down at the aliens to make the fight a little easier. Now
fight the head of security. Now use the computer and deactivate security, then
return through the door just to the right.

As you head towards the middle of the room you can climb down in to a new area
and find the hobo has transformed in to a Nazi Hobo, you will need to fight
him. Head back in to the first room where Randy is and use the console next to
him for another repeat game. Grab the [WHITE CRYSTAL] and leave the room. Go
to the left and use the crystal to power the elevator, then use the teleporter
to unlock the door.

Head through the next door and watch the cut scene to fight the pilots. Once
the pilots are defeated you will return back to your bedroom, and finish out
the day! How exciting!




Re-equip all of your gear and head outside for day two, you can talk to your
parents in the kitchen if you wish. Cartman will rush in to your house to turn
on the news about the UFO crash. You must now get the Goth Kids to join the KKK
in order to get the Stick of Truth back from the elves again.


Gain New Allies


You must now head out to the school to recruit the Goth Kids. As you exit your
house Butters will come over to see if you were wanting to play. Head over to
Cartman's and use the fast travel in the back yard to get to the school really

Use the gate to the right of the school to head in to the back and talk to any
of the Goth Kids. You need to not conform and dress up like the Goth Kids
before they will join you....>_>

Head back to the fast travel and head over to the U-Stor-It in the top right
corner. Talk to the hobo and purchase the [GOTH CLOTHES], [GOTH CAP], and
[GOTH GLOVES]. Now go left of the U-Store-It and get to Tweeks. Buy
[TWEEK BROS. DARK ROAST], when you leave the shop you will be ambushed by elves
and they will tell you that the Elven King wants to speak to you. It doesn't
matter what choice you pick, you will need to go see the Elf King.

Kyle tells you that Cartman actually still has the stick and is cheating. He
wants you to get the Goth Kids and have them join the elves side instead to
help get it back from the cheating bastard.

Now head out of the back yard and head outside of the house. Get to the Fast
Travel far to the left and head to the Tower of Peace up in the top left. Now
go to the left and reach Jimbo's Guns to fight the teenagers in the alley by
hitting them with your sword. Once they are defeated you will get the
[PACK OF SMOKES]. Now fast travel back to the school and equip your gothic

Head in the back and talk to the Gothic Kids. You must now show that you are a
goth by going to the PTA meeting and taping up a sign. Leave the school and
head to the right. Enter the Community Center for a cut scene. Once the cut
scene is over, head up to the table in the middle to start another cut scene.
Now head in to the bathroom in the back.


PTA Problems


Randy will now teach you that people can block your farts. Practice on your
powers to move your farts. Now head out of the community center and go back to
the school for the Fast Travel. Head up to the Tower of Peace and head to the
right to reach the mall.

When you reach the crowd, head up to the parking lot to start a cut scene. Use
the Sneaky Squeeker to get the two guards to move out of the way for you, they
need to move forward towards the parking lot. Now quickly wrap around them and
get back to the gate.

In this next section go to the generator on the left to electrify the water.
Now use the Sneaky Squeeker to lure the soldier to the water and knock him out.
Head in to the truck for items and then use your Alien Probe to get on the roof
of the building. Open the chest and get the items, then go in to the
ventilation shaft.

After the cut scene you must fight the Nazi Zombie. Now head up in to the
meeting room and take the [RECORDING DEVICE]. Now leave the facility and fight
your way through the parking lot of Nazi Zombies. Head left to get to the Fast
Travel and get back to the school. Head to the right to get to the Community
Center and enter it.

Head up to the PTA table and hand over the recorder, you will now get a picture
of you holding up the sign for the goths to see. Leave the Community Center and
go back to the school to give them the picture to them.


PTA Problems Complete


Now the final test is to dance like a goth. The mini game will be like a guitar
hero style game. Press the buttons as they go over the sweet spot. Once you
complete the game you will gain the trust of the Goths and unlock an

*Achievement Unlocked - Nonconformist*

You will also get their friend requests.

*Firkle is now your friend*
*Pete is now your friend*
*Michael is now your friend*
*Henrietta is now your friend*

Now you must choose which side to fight for, Cartman or Kyle. (For right now I
have chosen to help Kyle)

Head back to Kyle's house and then summon the Goth Kids to become a member of
the Drow Elves. You will now be called Commander Douchebag. Head around to the
back of the school.


Attack of the School


Have Jimmy open the handicapped access to get to the Faculty door. Head through
the kitchen and then get in to the cafeteria where the elves are being pushed
back by the KKK with a hose. On the left side where the KKK are, shoot an arrow
at the light and then the hose on the wall. This will knock out some elves and
stop the hose. Now head further back and Cup-A-Spell both of the torches to
open your way forward. Take out the elves and head through the back door.

Now shoot the grate on the ceiling and teleport up in to the vent. Fight off
the rats and then shoot the line to drop back down on the other side of the
barricade. Head down in to the basement.

After the cut scene fight off the Nazi Hallway Monitors. Now head through the
door on the right. Climb the ladder and use Stan's special to knock out the
enemy below. Now bust open the grate and go through the vent to bust the next
grate and knock out the second enemy. Bust the pipe on the ground floor and
shoot the red wheel above with an arrow to shut the water off.

Now open the gate and shut off the electricity to cross the water and pull the
main power switch to shut it off permenantly. Pass the Boiler room for now and
head up the other set of stairs on the other side. Now head to the right and go
through the door.

Use the Alien Probe and teleport either where Butters is or the top of catwalk.
You can then slide down the rope and get Butters to catch the table on fire.
Use the Cup-A-Spell on it to blow it up. Take out the KKK and then use the
catapult to launch fire towards the door. Use any of your fart powers on the
flame to open the way for the elves and then head through the back door after

You will now have to fight Butters. Once defeated, head up the stairs. Either
help the elves out or continue past the fighting as Kyle asks you to lead them
to victory. Now head in to the Fourth Grade classroom and choose which person
you want to ultimately fight. To choose punch either Cartman or Kyle and fight
them. Once you defeat them, watch the cut scene and then hurry home by heading
to the right. If you take long enough your parents will come out and ground


Attack of the School Complete


Get in bed and watch the cut scene to be attacked by the Underpants Gnomes. The
first part of the battle, the gnomes are super easy. But once they are defeated
you will be shrunk to be equally matched. Once defeated, chase after the gnomes
in to the mouse hole.


Defeat the Underpants Gnomes


Make sure to walk around the mouse trap by moving close to the bottom. Climb up
the wire and smash the pipe to drop water on the ground. Then shoot the
electrical line to shock the rat, it will then run to the mouse trap and die.
Now head in to the vent shaft to watch a cut scene where your parents start
having sex.

Head out of the vent to the left and climb the wire, then break the wood and
you can get past the electricity for more items. Now head back to the wire and
shoot the bolt at the conduit just to the right. Head up the pipe and then
climb the wires and then shoot the ceiling to make the insulation fall and
catch fire. You can now use a fart to blast the fire on to the rats. You'll
want to then smash through the wood and break the pipe to kill another rat
below. Head to the far right and climb the wiring through a hole and push out
the light switch to enter your parents room. Sit in place until an Achievement

*Achievement Unlocked - Perverted*

Head to the right and fight some more gnomes as you go after the Gnome Warlock.
Head to the far right and go down the power cord to chase after the Gnome
Warlock. You'll climb up on the bed while your mother is getting it from behind
to fight the Gnome Warlock. He will then give you the ability to grow and
shrink whenever you want.


Defeat the Underpants Gnomes Complete





Forging Alliances


Leave the house and Stan or Butters will be outside waiting for you. Head to
the far right and get to Kyle's house to go to the forest for a cut scene. You
now need to go make an alliance with the girls. Head up to city hall and if you
haven't helped the girl with her Justin Beiber doll yet from the teenagers,
help her out. Now talk to her and hand over the paper, go see the girls. You
must first 


Pose as Bebe's Boyfriend


Head all the way to the right to reach the park. Head up to Monica behind the
basketball hoop and then you'll get in to a fight with her boyfriend. Now head
back to City Hall and go back to see the girls.

You now have to have a fashion makeover, select pieces so that a heart appears
by all the selections, then go to accept.


Pose as Bebe's Boyfriend Complete



Unplanned Parenthood


Head in to the clinic and talk to the receptionist. Now head in the back and go
to room A. Tap the button to break the vacuum and then head to the back of the
room to grab the doctors clothes. Equip them and leave the surgery room to get
in the records room. Search the 2013 box and watch the cut scene. Use the Gnome
Dust and head through the mouse hole.

Shoot the pipes with your arrows to make noises, this causes the soldiers above
to shoot the floor boards and kill the enemies for you. Slice the wire in the
electrical box and then throw a fart at it to blow up some of the wiring. Now
climb up the wiring in the back right to get in to another operating room where
Randy is wearing a wig.

You now have to give him some shots in a mini game. Make sure the needle is
centered between his legs and then give him the shot. Now dilate him and use
the vacuum. Once its over head out in to the hallway and watch the cut scene.

Head to the left and shoot the grate by the rats with an arrow. Now use the
Gnome Dust to climb the cabinet and fight the rats. Head in to the vent to the
left and get to the vent to the far right. Use the Alien Probe to teleport up
to where the valve is and turn off the water. Now teleport to the left broken
pipe to run over to the left and shoot an arrow at the red wire to make the
ceiling fall on the gun. Get back down to the floor and throw a fart at the
fire. Fight off the Nazi Abortions and then head through the door on the far
left. Now you must fight off the boss Abortion and get out of the clinic.


Unplanned Parenthood Complete


Now head back to City Hall and go see the girls. Now head back to Kyle's house
by running to the right of City Hall and taking the Fast Travel back. Talk to
Kyle and watch the cut scene.


Heading North


Now head to the Photo Dojo which has a Fast Travel right outside it. Now head
in and the photographer will have you go in to the back room to take your pic.
He asks you to take your clothes off and then another man from the back gets up
all beaten, turns out the guy taking your pic is a pedophile. Defeat him and
then you get your photo.

Head to the right and go past the movie theater. Go past the U-Stor-It and get
around the hobo. You will then walk behind a truck and want to take the path
going to the right. Use the Dragonshout on the rat pile to get in to the woods.
Now head up until you reach the border to Canada.

Head in to the first town and head to the back to speak to the Prince of Canada
so you can hand over some papers. 


Heading North Complete



O Canada


Now head up and to the left to get in to Winnipeg. Now talk to the Earl of
Winnipeg. You must now head up to the top right corner to fight the Dire Bears.
Now head back to the Earl and he will tell you that you must head back to the
Prince to be allowed to talk to the Minister of Montreal.

Head further to the left and up through the mountain area to Banff. You will
now have to attack the Bishop here. Once you fight the Bishop he will ask you
to accept the Dire Pig Testicles as proof he is gone. If you kill him you get a
weapon for free, otherwise you have to pay for it later.

Head back to Ottawa and talk to the Prince again, he will refuse what he
promised. The Princess will tell you to go to Vancouver. Talk to the Duke of
Vancouver and he will tell you to talk to the monks. Now go to the bottom right
of town to find Terrance and Philip.

Give Philip the Dragonshout and then Cup-A-Spell Terrence. Now use Sneaky
Squeaker to lure Philip to the bear on the left. You will now be taught a new
fart, Nagasaki! Now leave the town and head in to the catacombs to the far

Use Nagasaki on the stack of rock wall and then go and attack the massive
medley of animals. Now head down to the Minister of Montreal to get the paper


O Canada Complete


Now head back to South Park going down multiple screens to come back to a farm.
Dragonshout the rats away and then fast travel back to City Hall to speak with
the girls. Now get back to Kyle's to start the assault.


Beat Up Clyde!


Have Butters heal Wendy and then use the the Nagasaki on the golems to lower
the gates. Now head up to the castle and use the Alien Probe to get on the
balcony above the door to smash the shield down on the enemy below. Teleport
too the generator and turn it off and then attack the remaining enemy to enter
the castle by smashing the gate down.

Rush the barricade ahead and smash the wall in the middle. Use the bow on the
shelf and the bowling ball will drop down and smash the floor. Shrink yourself
and enter the floor. Now have Butters heal the Gnome and then shoot the lighter
and use the Sneaky Squeaker to light up the other rat. Climb up the pipe and
then use the ladder. Take out the Nazi Zombies and smash the platform leg on
the right. Now use Nagasaki on the platform and then Stan will drop a ladder
down for you to climb.

Attack the Savages hurting the babies on the right and then shoot the lamp on
the left to drop a fire down in the tower. Use a Cup-A-Spell to blow the other
teenagers off the roof. Use the Alien Probe to teleport to the left by the
wheel and raise the gate partially. Knock the barricade over and then go to the
right to raise the gate the rest of the way. Use a fart on the flame by the
rocket and Ike will feel better. Now head inside the castle.

Head to the left of the room and shoot an arrow at the lamp, now use a
Cup-A-Spell on the fire to let Stan in to the room. Head to the right and use
the Nagasaki on the other wall to let Ike in. Soon after Craig will then
jump in with any cows still up on the floor. Climb the ladder that is lowered
and then go up the stairs.

Now shrink yourself and go in to Mr. Slaves asshole. Head through the large
intestine. Slice through the cum and condoms as you get attacked by bacteria.
Climb the corn cob and then use Stan's special on the electricity. Keep moving
forward and shoot the sore on the roof to uncover the teleporter. Teleport on
to the other side of the pile of shit and kill the Nazi Bacteria.

Now wrap around the corner and cut through more cum and then climb up...Mr. Hat
what the hell! And you get a friend request from him!

*Mr. Hat is now your friend*

Now use the Nagasaki on the pool ball and head deeper in to his ass. Turn the
iPhone off and then wrap around to the left to go up the slanted section. Climb
up and over the flashlight to plug in the batteries. Now get back on top of the
flashlight to turn it on and scare the bat away.

Now climb the anal beads and you will meet the Sparrow Prince. You will need to
then fight him to prove yourself. Now head far to the right and use the
Nagasaki on the pool ball above the dildo. Slice through the cum on the left
and then Alien Probe teleport on to the shit covered stack. Turn the dildo to
loosen up some shit and then teleport back on to the dildo to go further in.
Now you will find some Government Guards to attack.

Now head in and use Jimmy the Bard on the device to open the door. You now have
to go through the abortion game again to de-activate it.

Now head out to the left and in to the main room to reach Clyde. Now you must
fight Zombie Chef! Once defeated watch the cut scene.


Beat Up Clyde! Complete



Betrayal from Within


Head after Kenny to the left and enter the room. Purchase anything else you
need at the final shop and then head forward for another cut scene. Fight off
Kenny and then Kenny will drink some of the green goo to become Nazi Zombie
Kenny. Keep killing Kenny until a cut scene happens, you will be asked to fart
on Kenny's balls. Drink so Mana if you need it and use any of the spells to
fart on him.

*Achievement Unlocked - Stick Savior*
*Achievement Unlocked - For the Hoarder*

Speak for the first time and the game is complete!

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