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Dragon Age: Origins


Return to Ostagar Walkthrough

by OgesMC

Return to Ostagar Walkthrough
version 1.0
By: OgesMC

Table of Contents:

[INT] Introduction
[WAL] Walkthrough
[ACH] Achievements
[VER] Version History
[DIS] Disclaimer
[TYS] Thanks

[INT] Introduction

Return to Ostagar is the third DLC for Dragon Age: Origins and was released for
download on January 13, 2010 for the cost of 400 Microsoft Points. This DLC
along with all the rest can be found on the Game of the Year edition of Dragon
Age: Origins. If you do not have the Game of the Year edition, you will need
to purchase Return to Ostagar from the Xbox Live Marketplace. 

Return to Ostagar gives the Warden the opportunity to return to the site of the
famous opening battle of Dragon Age: Origins to take revenge on the Darkspawn 
and learn of King Cailan's fate. The DLC will require Origins to play and can 
be accessed during the main game any time after Lothering. This DLC add-on has
one Achievement to be earned and many new items for the player to find.

[WAL] Walkthrough

Warden in distress!

If you have the DLC installed, a new quest "A King's confidant" will appear 
in your quest log. The quest tells of the rumor that another survivor of 
Ostagar has escaped and is seeking aid. This fellow Warden is suspected to be 
hiding in the woods near Bann Loren's land so from the main map, travel to 
Bann Loren's Lands to begin the quest. 

Herbs found in the woods:

* Deathroot x2
* Elfroot x2

As you enter the woods you come across a group of guards surrounding an 
unarmed man and are presented with four options:

1. (Take a closer look at the unarmed man.)
2. (Take a closer look at the guards.)
3. (Join the fray.)
4. (Wait for the guards to leave.)

Choose options 1 & 2 first to gain some insight on the characters you see and
then choose either 3 or 4. The outcome towards the plot is the same for either
but with option 3 you have to fight the guards while with option 4 they simply
leave the scene.

Talking to the man yields some backstory and information on himself and the
battle, converse with the man in whichever way you see fit. He will tell you
of the key to the Warden's chest that was entrusted to him by the King and 
that it may still be stashed in the Ostagar camp. The key is behind a loose
stone by a statue.

New quests:

- Recover the King's secret documents

Elric has provided a map to the loose stone where he had hidden the key.

- Reclaim the King's belongings:

* Helm
* Breastplate
* Greaves
* Gauntlets
* Maric's Sword
* Heraldic Shield

(Cailan's gear can be used by the player or companions when found)

Having the information you need, proceed to the world map and head to Ostagar
to start the fight for revenge, recover the King's armor, and to reclaim the 
lost Warden documents.

Ostagar, First Area

As soon as you enter two Hurlocks and a Genlock attack, defeat them and be sure
to loot the wooden crate behind the statue. From the entrance, take a left at
the statue and continue through the passage to the next area. As you move 
foward, you are attacked by two Hurlocks, four Genlocks, and a Hurlock Strider.
Defeat them and loot the Strider to find Cailan's Greaves.

Cailan's Greaves
Red Steel (Tier 5)
Requires 36 strength

Armor 2.70
Fatigue 3.60%
+1 armor
+20% chance to dodge attacks

To the right of the stairs where the Strider was is a wooden crate. Go up the
stairs to find the joining area where you can find the joining chalice (gift)
and a pile of sacks you can loot.

Joining Chalice (Gift)

Darkspawn blood still encrusts this silver 
chalice. With a shudder, you remember the 
day you brought it to your lips and drank
deeply of all the mysteries that lay within.

Make your way back to the stairs where the Strider was, enter the next area,
and defeat the Six Hurlocks and Genlock Forgemaster. A Hurlock Alpha, Two
Hurlocks, and Two Genlocks will appear here so defeat them as well. There is
a chest and a wooden crate near the quartmaster's hut and Elric's key is near
the Magi Encampment. Make sure you get the key.

Key to Royal Arms Chest

Circle around the right side of the Kennels where you will be attacked by two
Genlock Rogues, four Blight Wolves, a Genlock, a Genlock (archer), and a 
Hurlock Vanguard. Defeat them all and loot the Vanguard for Cailan's Shield.

Cailan's Shield
Red Steel (Tier 5)
Requires 32 strength

Defense 4
Fatigue 3.84%
Missle deflection 6
Strength modifier 1
+1 armor
chance to avoid missle attacks

You can loot a pile of sacks and two dead Mabari here. The dead Mabari will 
have Swiftrunner warpaint and Firestone Harness which are both armor pieces
for your Mabari companion.

Swiftrunner warpaint
Mabari warpaint
Requires 10 strength

+2 dexterity
+2 damage

Firestone Harness
Mabari collar

25% cold resistance
+4 attack

Head around the ruined gazebo towards the Royal Enclave to find Cailan's Chest.
The Chest contains Maric's Blade and the Secret Correspondence.

Recover the King's secret documents: Completed

Maric's Blade
Longsword, Main hand
Red Steel (Tier 5)

Damage 9.80
Critical chance 2.80%
Armor penetration 3.20
Strength modifier 1
+1.5 Health regeneration in combat
Weakens nearby darkspawn
+1.5 stamina regeneration in combat
+6 damage vs. darkspawn

Sockets: 2

Secret Correspondence
Plot item

A bundle of documents comprised of private
correspondence to and from King Cailan.

Head up the stairs nearby and defeat the four Genlock (archer) right in front
of you. Loot the wooden crate for Repeater Gloves and the pile of sacks for
random treasure.

Repeater Gloves
Drakeskin (Tier 7)
Requires 20 strength

Armor 1.50
Fatigue 1.15%
Rapid aim
+1 armor penetration

Repeater gloves having rapid aim are excellent for an archer!

Bridge & Second Area

Head across the bastion to find three Hurlocks and three Genlocks (archer) near
the Ballista. Defeat them and loot the pile of sacks, two wooden crates, and 
chest for random treasure. Head back to Cailan's tent, pass through the large
archway, and cross the bastion/bridge. After a cutscene, a Skeleton Mage enters
and summons some Skeletons to fight you. Defeat the Mage, two Shambling
Skeletons, and the three Hurlocks here. Note the remains here on the bridge and
continue on to the other side. From the bridge, take the right side first, 
fighting off the five Genlocks, and two Hurlocks at the Ballista. Be wary of
any Darkspawn manning Ballistas as they can do some heavy damage to you! As
you move down near the Ballista, a Hurlock Strategist will enter with two
additional Hurlocks. Defeat them all and loot the Hurlock Strategist for
Cailan's Gauntlets.

Cailan's Gauntlets
Massive Gloves
Red Steel (Tier 5)
Requires 36 Strength

Armor 2.25
Fatigue 3.60%
+1 armor
15% critical/backstab damage

There is a pile of sacks and two wooden crates on each of the towers you can
loot for random treasure. Head back up to the main area of this side and head
towards the world map exit to find two wooden crates. Now return to the main
area and head through the archway to find four Hurlocks and a Hurlock Emissary.
Defeat them and loot the pile of sacks and wooden crate here before going up
the stairs to the next section. Fight the Hurlock General, six Hurlocks, and 
three shrieks. There is a chest and wooden crate here near the General, and the
General itself can be looted for Cailan's Breastplate.

Cailan's Breastplate
Massive Armor
Red Steel (Tier 5)
Requires 36 strength

Armor 15.75
Fatigue 25.20%
+1 armor
+15 physical resistance

Tower of Ishal

Head up to the tower of Ishal and enter. After a cutscene enter the room and
fight the six Hurlock Grunts, four Genlock Grunts, and the single Ogre. There
is a pile of filth you can loot in this room. Follow the hall to the next room,
and fight the seven Hurlock Grunts and the lone Genlock Grunt inside. You can
open the Bereskarn cage to release it (hostile to you) and the other for a
pile of filth. Loot the two barrels and the weapon rack which holds a Nug

Nug Crusher
Maul, Two-handed
Dragonbone (Tier 7)
Requires 38 strength

Damage 12.80
Critical chance 0.80%
Armor penetration 14
strength modifier 1.25
+4 dexterity
+100 stamina
chance to stun

Sockets: 3

Enter the next room to find the entance to the Darkspawn Tunnels, a metal door,
and a barricaded metal door. Enter the metal door to find two piles of rubble
that you can loot then enter the Darkspawn Tunnels (the barricaded door is 
indeed barricaded and cannot be opened).

Darkspawn Tunnels

Immediately defeat the two Genlocks and head left to find a broken chest and a
corrupted spider. Loot the chest and head out of the room and follow the tunnel
to the next open room. Inside are three corrupted spiders and two piles of 
rubble (loot these) so clear the room and follow the tunnel to the next. In
the tunnel you will have to fight a Genlock Emissary and four Genlocks. Defeat
them, loot the rubble nearby, and continue to the final room. Defeat the three
corrupted spiders here and loot the chest which spawns four more spiders as you
near it. Exit the tunnels to the Battlefield once the spiders are dead.


Enter the Battlefield to find a Genlock Necromancer who ressurects the Ogre 
that defeated King Cailan! The Necromancer will summon skeletons to pester
you so focus on the Necromancer first, and then the Ogre when it is defeated.

Loot the Necromancer for Cailan's Helm and loot the Ogre for Duncan's Sword &

Reclaim the King's belongings: Complete

Cailan's Helm
Massive Helmet
Red Steel (Tier 5)
Requires 36 strength

Armor 2.70
Fatigue 3.60%
+1 armor
+10 mental resistance

Duncan's Sword
Longsword, Main Hand
Red Steel (Tier 5)
Requires 25 strength

Damage 9.80
Critical chance 2.80%
Armor penetration 3.20
Strength modifier 1
+3 willpower
+3 cunning
+4 stamina regeneration in combat
+4 damage vs. darkspawn

Sockets: 2

Duncan's Dagger
Dagger, One-handed
Red Steel (Tier 5)
Requires 24 dexterity

Damage 5.60
Critical chance 4.20%
Armor penetration 6.40
Strength modifier 0.85
+4 dexterity
+10% critical/backstab damage
+10 damage vs. dragons

Sockets: 2

With Cailan's gear recovered, return to the bridge through the tunnel to make 
your decision on the matter there. After the final scene, you are now finished
here at Ostagar and your characters will retain all gear found here for the
rest of your Origins playthrough!

[ACH] Achievements (1)

In War, Victory      25GS

Defeated the Ogre that killed King Cailan.

-Story based and cannot be missed. Defeat the final enemy in the DLC to unlock
this achievement.

[VER] Version History

4/7/2011 version 1.0

-Finally found all items in the DLC, including random chests and crates
-Added full monster encounters instead of just saying "lots of enemies here"
-Finished item descriptions
-Revised and completed guide

[DIS] Disclaimer

This FAQ/Walkthrough is my own work, and has been created by me for use on

Websites allowed to host this guide:

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

Copyright 2011 by John "The Ogre" Kwitkowski

Contact Email: [email protected]

[TYS] Thanks

- Bioware, for all of their excellent games. Especially Dragon Age: Origins,
  and for the continued support to us gamers with the release of such DLC
  as Return to Ostagar.

- All who may find this guide useful or any part of it.