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Viva Pinata Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for Viva Pinata

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A huge collection of cheats that includes how to get a yellow Flutterscotch, passing the time without prompts or delays and unlocking more accessories. We'll also tell you how to transform pinatas.

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We have 61 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Viva Pinata please send them in here.

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Unlock 5 Extra Accessories

When you create a new garden titled 'chewnicorn' without the quotes you will recieve 5 extra accessories at the Pet shop when they are available.

Unlock Classic Gamer Award

To get this award which is worth 10 GamerScore points without having to earn it press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A at the 'Start' screen.

Pass Time Without Prompts or Delays

To get the 50 hour Real-Time achievement quicker press 'X' and select the 'Tower of Sour' by going up and then Right and remain there and you will not recieve any prompts asking you about a Pinata request or anything else. Your garden will still be in play buy your Pinata will probably be eaten so it's best to do this on a garden which has no valuables.

How to get a dragonache!!!!!!

To get a dragonache when you unlock the mine hire 4 miners and eventually an egg will pop out of the mine it may take a minute for that to happen but it will happen and then go to the cats store and buy a cluckles and have it eat the egg and it will turn into the dragonache it is very cool. And you can have gretchen come pick it up if it messes with any of your other pinatas. It is worth 8500 but I still havent found a way to sale it if its possible to sale it.

Surviving Falls

Press 'Roll' to take no damage when you skip a ladder and jump too far above the ground.


Use the the following fertilizer colours in the fertaliser bag for indicated plant whenever possible.
Purple fertilizer
Yellow fertilizer
Yellow fertilizer
Red fertilizer
Red fertilizer
Gooseberry Bush:
Green fertilizer
Apple Tree:
Red fertilizer
Blue fertilizer
Green fertilizer
Yellow fertilizer
Bird of Paradise:
Orange fertilizer

Transforming pinatas

Horsestachio + blackberries and daisys = zumbug
Quackberries + gooseberries = juicygoose
Newtgat + chilie = salamango
Sparrowmint + buttercup = candary
Tafly + fire + water = reddhot
Lickatoad + nightshade berrie + shovel = lacka toad
Syupent egg + shovel = twingersnap
Twingersnap egg + shovel = four heads


There are nine different Flutterscotch colors that you can choose from. To create them, you have to feed the White Flutterscotches different flowerheads to change their colors.
Red Flutterscotch - Eat a poppy.
Green Flutterscotch - Eat a watercress.
Blue Flutterscotch - Eat a bluebell.
Pink Flutterscotch - Eat a water lily.
Black Flutterscotch - Eat a tulip.
Brown Flutterscotch - Eat a bullrush.
Yellow Flutterscotch - Eat a buttercup.
Orange Flutterscotch - Eat a Bird of Paradise.
Purple Flutterscotch - Eat a thistle.
Hope this helps.

Food Effects

It is possible to change the colour or evolve Pinata's by feeding them certain fruits or vegetables. Listed below are some examples.
Feed a Rashberry a Cheesecake.
Whirlm (Purple):
Feed a Whirlm a Turnip.
Flutterscotch (Blue):
Feed a White Flutterscotch a Bluebell Flowerhead.
Flutterscotch (Green):
Feed a White Flutterscotch a Watercress Flowerhead.
Flutterscotch (Orange):
Feed a White Flutterscotch a Bird of Paradise Fowerhead.
Flutterscotch (Yellow):
Feed a White Flutterscotch a Buttercup Flowerhead.
Flutterscotch (Red):
Feed a White Flutterscotch a Poppy Flowerhead.

How to make medicine.

If you tinker honey with the gold tinker than it will make medicine.
You can make a barkbark eat medicine and it will unlock a variant and also a sweettooth and I am sure there are others I think that is the syrupents variant to it makes them turn pink. You just have to direct them to the medicine and they will eat it.

Wonder's of the Dragonache

Have you always been looking for that rare dragon-looking pinata to show up as a visiter to your garden? Well, sad to say this, but a Dragonache does NOT just show up. Many steps have to be taken to get this beautiful creature.
To start out with, you must be able to aquire a Diggerling. If you are able to get one, then you may also buy a Mine. Diggerlings (Workers who dig) Will dig in a mine if you get one built by Wille the Builder. Keep in mind though- you must hire a Diggerling (around 2,000 cc) AND buy a Mine (around 15,000 cc)- to be able to have a Diggerling dig.
Once you have a Diggerling ready to dig, make sure he is happy. Improving happiness would include a close by "Worker Home" and a Canadary with a gas mask. Rumors have it that watering him makes him ha..

Unlock Gamerpic

When you have completed ALL 7 of the Langston's Region challenges the gamerpic will become unlocked.


Enter the following passwords as a name for your garden to unlock the corresponding bonus.
Unlock YMCA Gear:
Unlock 5 Extra accessories at the Pet shop:

Unlock new Items for your Pinatas to wear:
Goobaa or Bullseye

Some Stuff

Corn: Bread
Bread: Sandwich
Apple: Toffee Apple
Toadstool: Mushroom
Gooseberry: Gooseberry Fool
Honey: Medicine
Reddhot: Direct a Taffly to a Firebrand then water it.
Candary: Feed a Sparrowmint a buttercup flowerhead.
Salamango: Feed a Newtgat a Chili.

how to get a Candary

This is quite simple all you need is a butterscotch flower (already planted and grown) and a sparrowmint feed the sparrowmint the butterscotch and it should turn into a condary you can do this as many times as you like as long as you have all you need

everything pinata FROM A-C (others will be here later this is to

this is all the info on pinatas in alphabetical order this has everything u need too know(sorry if i accidentally have pinatas from TiP) excuse my spelling errors plz
AROKNID: Appear requirements
You are a level 6 gardener or better
Visit requirements
There are 4 Tafflies or Raisants in the garden
Resident requirements
Has eaten 2 Raisants or Tafflies
Romance requirements
Has eaten 2 Buzzlegums
Have an Arocknid house in the garden
Species variants
Species variants for the Arocknid
Feeding it a bluebell changes its color to blue.
Feeding it a water lily changes its color to pink.
Feeding it a jack o' lantern changes its color to orange
Arocknid uses
4 Arocknids in the gar..

Unlock More Accessories

When you create a new garden and name it 'Bullseye', 'chewnicorn' or 'goobaa' without the quotes it will unlock new items for your Pinata's to wear.

Green Pretzail

Either get a gooseberry seed from Seedos of but it from Coastalot`s
Then go to Bart`s Exchange and let him tinker with one of your gooseberries
You should get a desert from it if you use gold
Then feed it to your pretzail
BOOM you have a green pretzail

Is Leafos telling the truth???

No, most of the time, shes not. Find out all the things that arent true.
Feeding baby pinatas don't do a thing. I tried it once myself.
Feeding a pretztail a doenut doess not turn it into a mallowolf. The mallowolf is a sour pinata that shows up when you are level 32. It needs to eat a pixie to be resident.
Fudgehoges like thistles, not poison ivy.
Yes, cocadile tears CAN grow plants.
Ivor does NOT sell badly made junk!!!
This ones funny, she said that if you have a master dragumfly romancer award, a dragonache will appear!!!! HA! I'd like to see that happen, but saddly, it wont.
Fizzlybears are not fussy at all.
Feeding a rashberry 10 pumpkins doesnt get you a chippopatamus.

WTF sour crawla?

Does anyone here know how to get medicine for the sour crawla so he can eat it

Mad Cash

Ok heres what you do. First You need to plant five snapdragons and put three doses of purple fertilizer on each one. Next buy five Birds of paradise seed and plant them also, then put three doses of orange fertalizer on each of them to. Hope This when you sell all ten of the full grown flowers should get you more than eight thousand chocolate coins. ENJOY!!!!

Evolution: Lackatoad

Once you get a Lickatoad, get a Nightshade Berry from Lottie's Store. Feed it to the Lickatoad. It will stand there, after it eats it, and make wierd noises. If you let it make these noises for too long, it will get sick.
When it is making the noises, tap it with the shovel. Do not whack it. It will turn into a lackatoad.


Some times if you experiment you can get different pinatas:
White fluterscotch can eveolve to four different colours , if you want a red feed a white flutterscotch a poppy head ,if you want green feed a white flutterscotch a cress head , if you want a black fluterscotch feed a white flutterscotch a tulip head ,if you want a yellow feed a white flutterscotch a butter cup head
If you feed a sparrowmint a butter cup it turns to a candary
If you feed a newtgat a chilleie it goes to a salamandro
If you feed a horstachio 5 black berries and 5 daiys it turns to a zumbug
If you hit a syupents egg on the final bounce it hatches and becomes twingersnap
If you direct a taffly into a torch then put it out using your watering can it becomes redhott and it sells from 6..

How to get tons of cash, player approved!

WARNING: You need to have discovered Petula's Paper Pets to do this.
First, you can either take one of your suckier gardens and sell everything in it, or start a new garden. Attract some buzzelgums into your garden and buy a house for them. Bother Seedos for seeds until he gives you a fruit tree. You can either romance your bees, or you can just keep the two, but it works better with more. Now go to Paper Pets and buy Buzzelgum Keeper hats for ALL your buzzelgums. They will now be able to make honey. Go to Willy and buy a honey making house. The buzzelgums will go to the house to make honey automatically.
(PS, you can do the same with moozipans, only they need to go into a milk making shed and they need to wear a bell.)

Quickest Cheapest way to earn all the money in Pinata Island!!!!

You don't need to be a specific level, you just need to plant at least one type of flower!
First buy a flower (doesn't matter which one!).When the flower is all grown up tap it! It will leave you with the flower head (keep) and the seed and stem! Replant the seed! Then quickly sell the stem for some extra cash!
Then get a tafly to eat the flower head (or if you can go see Gretchem Fetchem and buy one). Once the tafly is your Pinata go to Costalots and buy a Tiki Torch. Click your Tafly and direct it to the tiki torch! The tafly will catch on fire, when it decides to land make sure you have your watering can! Before the fire goes out and it gets sick, water the tafly and it will evolve into a Reddhot! These things cost tons!!! When its a Reddhot put your cursor on it and pres..

How to get various Pinata and other hints

Twingersnap = Breed 2 Syrupents and then watch the egg. It will do a random number of small jumps then one big jump. As soon as the egg makes the big jump, smash it with you're shovel and a Twingersnap will appear.
Fourheads = Breed 2 Twingersnaps and then watch the egg. It will do a random number of small jumps then one big jump. As soon as the egg makes the big jump, smash it with you're shovel and a Fourheads will appear.
Horstachio = Buy a Ponoky from the Paper Pets. Leave the Ponoky in your garden for a while and then a Horstachio will appear. Next for the Horstacio to visit you have to keep the Ponoky in your garden and have 500 square pinometers of grass, (that's not that hard just grass your whole garden). And finally to make the Horstachio a resident it has..

Some more varietys

Here are some more.
Species variants for the Candary
Feeding it a water lily seed changes it's color to pink.
Feeding it a bluebell changes it's color to blue.
Feeding it a gooseberry fool changes it's color to light green. info.The gentle Candary is evolved from a Sparrowmint by eating a Buttercup. A Candary will have to eat a Flutterscotch of it's same color, yellow. You'll need quite a few Candaries, five to be exact, to obtain a Buzzenge.
Species variants for the Jameleon
Feeding it a bluebell seed changes it's color to blue.
Feeding it carrot cake changes it's color to red.
Feeding it an orchid flower and a bottle of medicine changes it's color to white. Species variants for the Sweetooth
Feeding it a bluebell chan..


CAUTION: You will need:
At least 1209 coins.
Orchid Seed (1)
Firebrand (1)
Ability to go to Ivor's Shop (Give Ivor 1000 coins)
Ivor's Fertilizer
Watering Can (Everpour 5000 Reccomended)
O.K. Now, you can dig a hole for the Orchid and plant it. Use Ivor's Fertilizer 3 times on it and pour water on it. Wait until the Orchid is fully grown with 4 heads and tap it with the shovel 3 times (We'll use the 3rd one later). Sell the Orchid heads, but not the seeds (you can plant the seeds and restart the prosses). A Taffly should come and eat the 4th flowerhead. Sell the main plant and plant the seed. Direct the Taffly to the Firebrand and water it. It should become a Redhot which you can sell for 2100 coins. Keep repeating this with the other ..

Fast Money the Easiest Way!

You will make more $$$ if you make a new garden that is just for this.
Please note that having 2-3 Sprinklings helps a lot and having a Gold Water Can Upgrade is highly recommended.
Here is What to Do:
Go to the shop and select the Chili seeds. When you get to your garden start planting them like crazy, you can buy and plant as many as your garden will allow, you just have to buy them by the 10's, but as soon as you paid for them you can continue to plant some more. We are going to be buying them in groups of 9. As you are buying them make sure you are choosing the plant option. Planting them like this allows you to plant them closer together. Plant them in groups of 9 as close as you can get them to each other. You will be planting them in sections that..

Lost of Money, FAST!

First of all you need to have unlocked Ivor's Store. This is the essential thing. Second, create a patch of soil and dig rows of five holes for seeds to be planted. Next, Buy Chilli seeds and plant them in ALL the holes that you can afford, (remember to leave a bit of money). Now go to Ivors store and purchase his special fertiliser. Sprinkle the stuff on all the chillis, (as much as you can afford) and they grow MASSIVE! When your done remember to water the beasts. Once they are grown, you should get a growth bonus and the Value of theses beasts is great! Sell them all and keep repeating this process to make a considerable profit and gate lots of money!

Easy money

If your'e level 35 or higher, you can get money incredibly quickly.
This may sound complicated, but it isn't at all. You need a few things:
1. One pour wonder watering can (not essential but helpful)
2. A bit of space that's not hard soil
3. A bit of cash to start off with.
Ok, first dig 10 holes that are well spread out. Go to Costalot's and buy 10 orchid seeds straight into the holes. Go staright to Ivor's and give all 10 plants 3 doses of special mix fertiliser as quick a possible. By the time youv'e done this, you should have just enough time to water them all before they finish growing. Then you can sell them for 1,800 coins each. Thats 18,000 coins in a couple of minutes. Easy money.

Flutterscoth varients

-Blue Flutterscotch-eat bluebell
-Yellow Flutterscotch-eat buttercup
-red Flutterscotchp-eat poppy
-green Fluttersctch-eat watercress flower
-to change back to White Flutterscotch eat daisy

Flutterscotch transforms

Red Flutterscotch=poppy
Blue flutterscotch=bluebell
Yellow Flutterscotch=butter cup
Black Flutterscotch=tolip

Tons And Tons Of Money!

Alright I have 2 ways to get money, one way is for beginners (About level 5+) and the other is for experienced players (about level 40+). Well here they are!
1)Beginners- If you have a Chili Seed Available in Costa lots Store you can do this cheat,
A)First, Go to the menu and pick "Village" Then "Costa Lots Store".
B)Second, Go to the seed category. Find Chili Seeds and Pick it.
C) Press "X" For every seed that you can buy(it will set down the seed not plant it), they are about $22, Pay for it.
D)Forth Dig holes and plant them. (Or if you don't want to take that time just plant them.
E) and last, Wait for them to grow and sell them for $100. (Repeat as needed)

2)Advanced-If you have the "Bird Of Paradise"..

how to get lots of money

are you at level 17 or better good.
1.first make a new profile that is named pinata people
2.and then go to pinata credits
3. whven your in pinata credits profestor pestor said smack all the pinatas to detah then do it!
4.then go to your mind garden and get the well from the store
5.when you hve placed it put 1000-10000 coins in it
and walla!! you got muuuuch! i have 50000 and higer!!

Quick Money

If you see the beggar don't hurt him, just give him about 1000 coins everytime you see him until he opens up a shop.
Once that happens make sure the lady at the general store is selling orchid seeds in the seed catagory. Buy a bunch of orchid seeds, (preferably as many as you can) and plant them in the ground. Then go to the beggar's shop and use his secret fertilizer (it's the best in the game) and use it 3 times on each orchid.
This should give the plant more flowerheads. When each plant is fully grown, tap each plant to knock off their flowerheads and seeds.
Note: you can sell the plants as wholes for money, but the best profit is to sell the plants piece by piece.

Syrupent Evolutions

For the Syrupent evolution, romance two Syrupent's and when the egg comes it will start moving. Hit it with your shovel once and a Twigersnap will hop out of the egg when it hatches. When you have two Twigersnaps romance them and do the same with the new egg, this time a Fourhead will come out of the egg.

How to make medicine

First you make honey from the buzzlegum(feed it a buttercup) call the magic dude enhance the honey and you get medicine

Lots of money

Make a new garden with no pinatas and plant venus pinata traps wait till they've grown then smack them with the shovel and sell the flower heads $350 each and you either re-plant the seeds or sell them as well


I have many ways of getting good money I find that getting one taffly, then direct it into a fire, and once it has landed pour your watering can on it. It will then change into a redhott. These are worth 2100 don't bother to do any thing with it just sell it.
Then go to the hunter and order a taffly and once you have one redo the directions above.
My second advice is to create about 3 gardens, 1. Your normal one, 2. Your pond one (mostly water about 80%), 3. Your earth one(most grass around 80%). Once you have made these get some good animals in gardens 2(pond one) and 3(earth one). Then once you have lots of good animals and plants, sell the lot! All the money goes to your whole supply. Your then filthy rich :-)
I think that all those plans ones are poopie so ..

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