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Tony Hawk's Project 8 Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for Tony Hawk's Project 8

We have 11 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Tony Hawk's Project 8 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : PlayStation 2 : PlayStation 3 : PSP

You can also ask your question on our Tony Hawk's Project 8 Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Characters

The following skaters are unlocked by completing the corresponding tasks in Career mode.
Unlock Lyn-z Adams Hawkins:
Complete Pro Challenge
Unlock Daewon Song:
Complete Pro Challenge
Unlock Dustin Dollin:
Complete Pro Challenge
Unlock Mike Vallely:
Complete Pro Challenge
Unlock Nyjah Huston:
Complete Pro Challenge
Unlock Paul Rodriguez:
Complete Pro Challenge
Unlock Bam Margera:
Complete Pro Challenge
Unlock Bob Burquist:
Complete Pro Challenge
Unlock Rodney Mullen:
Complete Pro Challenge
Unlock Travis Barker:
Complete Pro Challenge
Unlock Ryan Sheckler:
Complete Pro Challenge
Unlock Stevie Wi..

Unlock Shaba Collector's Deck

Get a 'Sick' rating in the bonus level 'Downhill' by completing the 10 classic mode objectives and you'll and get the message 'Sponsor Gear Unlocked'. The Shaba Collector's deck is then near the bottom of the list in the skateshop.


At the Cheats menu in Options enter the following passwords to unlock the corresponding effect.
Unlock Full Stats:
Unlock Perfect Manual:
Always Special:
Unlock Perfect Rail:
Unlock Unlimited Focus:
Unlock Travis Barker:

Unlock Inkblot Deck:
Unlock Jason Lee:
Unlock Kevin Staab:
Unlock Mascot:
Unlock Nerd:
Unlock Anchorman:
Unlock Big Realtor:
Unlock Bum:
Unlock Twin:

Unlockable Videos

Beat the following parts of the game to unlock the corresponding video.
Unlock Sponsor Movies:
Get them from The Start
Unlock Bam Margera Pro Footage:
Beat Bam Margera Pro Challenge
Unlock Bob Burnquist Pro Footage:
Beat Bob Burnquist Pro Challenge
Unlock Daewon Song Pro Footage:
Beat Daewon Song Pro Challenge
Unlock Mike V Pro Footage:
Beat Mike V Pro Challenge
Unlock Paul Rodriguez Pro Footage:
Beat Paul Rodriguez Pro Challenge
Unlock Pro Bails 1:
Beat Tony Hawks Pro Challenge
Unlock Rodney Mullen Pro Footage:
Beat Rodney Mullen Pro Challenge
Unlock Ryan Scheckler Pro Footage:
Beat Ryan Scheckler Pro Challenge
Unlock Nyjah Huston P..

Invisible man

Go the training warehouse and press "x" to enter. When you are inside, pick any male skater. Then pick any "mission" your heart desires. Then skate around the outside about 3 or 4 feet arond the outside. Then youll find out thaT YOURE PLAYING AS THE PRO SKATER THAT YOU PICKED. Then press start and go to skater options. Then go to "your room". Then "edit skater". Then "face" and pick one. There you go YOUR INVISIBLE.

Travis Barker

To Unlock Travis Barker as a character the cheats section in options
Type plus44 and he will be unlocked in the secret skaters list.

Big combos.

When you are landing off a vert ramp always revert(RT) and manual when you are landing. This will keep your combo going and works great in a half pipe or bowl.

Big air

In the fun park enter the gint skull go though the brige down the QP and you'll go up twice as far.

Training Yourself in the art of 'Nail The Trick'

There are alot of missions that require you to do tricks in Nail The Trick mode. These are the best times to train. You can learn how to use both sticks at one time and how to time new tricks. There are a few to do. One of the best spots to train is in the City Center (the place with the general and the big government buildings). You start on top of a building and have to jump off of an air vent that shoots you higher.
Also, you can go to the Fun Park and launch yourself at the RollerCoaster. This is pretty high, too, but the first one is the best.
Hope this helps.

Big points

Now to get big points read on.
Pick up enough speed and go up a ramp (Halfpipe e.t.c)
Then do a backflip LT+down. You should go into slow motion.While in the air
Jump off your board, LB+RB the do a manual you still should be in slow motion.
If you are in manual while in slow motion,pull of as many tricks as you can.
It will be much easier.
Good luck!

a help full cheat

At the main menu on cheat mode type
In AINTFALLIN and you wont fall of
When doin a grind

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