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Follow the dark path or use the light

missing characters and gold brick

Guest asks: Jul 3rd 2010, ID #155153

missing characters and gold brick

I'm missing 2 characters (voldamort - I know you need to collect all the golden bricks for this one), but I think I need madame maxime but I can't find the token for her (i assume the last gold brick is near her token)


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Guest answered: Added 10th Jul 2010, ID #339166

I was thinking the same thing when I had two characters left but Madame Maxine is not a playable character in the game. In my case I was missing Rita Skeeter who you find using Hagrid in the commons area of the slythering dungeon like before you enter the actual dormitory. On either side of that entrance are levers hidden under the water pull them both and then get Rita unless you already have her in which case i don't know who you are missing.

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Guest said: 13th Feb 2013 | REPORT
to get madam maxime go to boys bathroom you need redecto which you get in year 4 use on lock breck somthing to get her or maybe thats madame hooch but can you tell me how to get voldomort my son wants him but he cant find the gold bricks he got only a few please help hes driving me insane ... thx as ummm sombody can you tell me who though said a penny saved is a penny earnd
Guest said: 24th Jan 2015 | REPORT
I need 8 more gold bricks. I've gotten every one in the school. Do I need to buy all of the gold bricks to?😐
Guest said: 24th Jan 2015 | REPORT
I need 8 more gold bricks. I've gotten every one in the school. Do I need to buy all of the gold bricks to?if I do please tell me!
Guest said: 21st Mar 2015 | REPORT
Yes you do!
Guest answered: Added 12th Jul 2010, ID #339627

what are all the location for the golde bricks i can't find the last one i have spent four days trying to find the last brick i have started new game three times and still not found it plz give me all the location for the bricks

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Guest said: 25th Jul 2012 | REPORT
the same thing is happening to me
Guest said: 19th Aug 2012 | REPORT
i assure u that I have done everything possible in the game yes even the sweeping thing in diagonal alley. Plus hold brick detector doesn't pick up anything. Also done all student in perils true wizards and house crests. AND the statues under the leaky cauldron. Gotten the one in bovine and buries too. Suspect last ones MAYBE in hogwarts. Help please!
Guest said: 21st Apr 2014 | REPORT
one gold brick is missing. It is a glitch in the game. It is in flitwicks office where you learn wengadium leviosa. You go under the trap door but for some reason it wont let you in. I looked it up and everyone else says that.
Guest said: 9th Dec 2014 | REPORT
Hiw do I get the o e in bovibe and buries??

Guest answered: Added 15th Jul 2010, ID #340451

did you check behind the counter at borgin and borkes

Guest answered: Added 24th Jul 2010, ID #343029

I'm missing 4 bricks and 3 students in peril, and one character (voldermort) and yes i know how to unlock him, but i need the 4 bricks to do so. care to help me with the last 4 bricks and 3 students in peril?

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Guest said: 25th Nov 2011 | REPORT
i have 186/200 gold bricks how do i get the rest i have everything but gold bricks
Guest said: 9th Dec 2011 | REPORT
Do you get a gold brick when you buy/unlock all the characters?
Guest said: 22nd Dec 2012 | REPORT
I need one more student in peril to get the last gold brick to get voldemort and finish the game I tried all of the walkthroughs to find the last guy but it isn't anywhere. It may be in the clock tower but I don't know where that is so if anyone can help it would be most appreciated
Guest said: 5th Nov 2014 | REPORT
Leaky Culdren.. Room with scattered pieces for each level ... Leveosa them and you'll earn a gold brick for each level.
Guest answered: Added 24th Jul 2010, ID #343262

I'm with you I can't get the one that the squid has or the one that the Dragon has with the xylaphone (Sp?) well that's where the gold brick dector points too and I have tryed every spell and person. Going to try hitting the eye of the squid b/c that's all I have read but I really don't think that's it.

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Guest said: 18th Apr 2012 | REPORT
idk about the sqiud but the dragon is making z"s while he sleeps so tap the yellow one a few times till u get the item Smile
Guest said: 26th May 2012 | REPORT
antone please help me i need 50 more gold bricks HELP Smile
Guest said: 26th May 2012 | REPORT
to get them you need to play yellow on the xylaphone when he is snoring and use lumos to clear all the ink and it should appear!
Guest said: 6th Aug 2014 | REPORT
the dragon "sings" colored notes. Play the xylophone in the same order and you'll get the brick
Guest answered: Added 25th Jul 2010, ID #343304

for the dragon you have to hit whatever colour its sleeping zz's are, and the squid u must use lumious to get rid of its ink, im like you guys, 1 gold brick and 1 student in peril, my detector says hogwarts is clean but im still missing one, ive been to the emporium and nocturn and i still have no idea where the last one is :/

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Guest said: 27th Aug 2011 | REPORT
i have 50 student in perils and 199 gold bricks looking for last one and i got one more charcter too unlock (voldamort)
Guest said: 2nd Oct 2011 | REPORT
did you check the boom feild
Guest said: 30th Nov 2011 | REPORT
Wow i didnt know that! Cheers 100% complete now :D
Guest said: 11th May 2012 | REPORT
I zapped all the hats too but there's still that stupid detector pointing in the corner! Is the gold brick in another room or what?
Guest answered: Added 25th Jul 2010, ID #343305

Dragon with the xylaphone: tapp jellow sleeping notes. ;)

Guest answered: Added 26th Jul 2010, ID #343703

you have to hit the yellow one five times to get the gold brick with the dragon.

Guest answered: Added 26th Jul 2010, ID #343740

The dragon with the xylaphone you have to play the color notes that corespond with the color that the dragon sings (watch the dragon first and then play the notes on the xylaphone)

Guest answered: Added 27th Jul 2010, ID #343887

There is a gold brick in the gold brick chamber where you build them up to get vpldermont if that's any help

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Guest said: 16th Mar 2011 | REPORT
Guest said: 25th Mar 2012 | REPORT
i cant find it
Guest answered: Added 28th Jul 2010, ID #344360

dude student in peril is a gold brick inside hogwarts, so just find last student in peril.
there are loads of guides tellin u where they are.

Guest answered: Added 31st Jul 2010, ID #345277

i can't find the last gold brick to, but, i got all the sudents in peril. hogwarts is clean to and ive shreach every were! the "gold brick" in the dragons level is a hogwarts shield, not a gold brick.

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Guest said: 9th Apr 2012 | REPORT
Yes, but you get a gold brick for putting the crest together, so...
Guest said: 15th Jul 2013 | REPORT
if u still need to know where the last one is it's in the room where u use harry or the other two on the singing picktuer
Guest answered: Added 3rd Aug 2010, ID #346115

I too have not found the last gold brick yet have gotten EVERYTHING else. I think maybe there is none? lol

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Guest said: 22nd Apr 2014 | REPORT
Have you done the bonus level. You get a gold brick for completing it. It's on the second floor of baudman and burkes

Guest answered: Added 7th Aug 2010, ID #347225

How to get the gold brick in the clock tower

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Guest said: 27th Feb 2011 | REPORT
there is a glitch. sometimes if you do something funky the gold brick from putting in the purple gear in the clock tower will not appear. ever. so you're screwed : /
Guest said: 19th Aug 2011 | REPORT
use the gold brick detector
Guest said: 25th Mar 2012 | REPORT
Hovw it:D
Guest answered: Added 9th Aug 2010, ID #347992

i have 20/20 red boxes, 49/50 students in peril, 24/24 true wizards, 198/200 gold bricks and all the house crests... anyone know were a really hard student in peril is???? and i went into the library and a gold arrow is pointing at the left corner of the library but i have no idea how to get the brick... any help?????

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Guest said: 27th Aug 2011 | REPORT
go up on the floor with the ladder and there will be a house hat then shoot it
Guest said: 2nd Sep 2011 | REPORT
u need to go to through the age line and go over to the red brick under the shelf on the right then use WL and it will appear in the middle of the room
Guest said: 4th Jan 2012 | REPORT
That means it's in the restricted section. I came across that!
Guest said: 7th Feb 2012 | REPORT
I have the Exact same problem. I know one brick is the student in peril so i'm assuming i'll find that. but there is still 1 brick and i can't find it even with the brick indicator. i have all the gold bricks in all the levels, it's not behind the counter at borgin&burkes (sp?), its not in the basement of the leaky cauldron, i just have no idea!!
Guest answered: Added 13th Aug 2010, ID #349124

wtf i found the last student in peril that i needed in the room behind the herbology greenhouse where you need a strong charater to open the door nad there is also a mandrake in there, it came up but one of the mandrakes disapeared so i couldnt get the gold brick so i whent to the leaky couldren then whent back to there, the mandrake reapeared and i got the gold brick but the student in peril counter whent down and he wasnt there, i then left the room and whent back in and he was there but has yellow concssion stars swirling round his head and
i cant rescue him, ive tried every spell on him and i have moved the mandrake away from him but no luck. whats really annoying is that it said i rescued him and i even got the achievement before i whent back to the leaky coldren but now its the only thing preventing me from getting 100% and the last gold brick, which i know ill get from rescuing him. any help please


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Guest said: 4th Aug 2011 | REPORT
there's a gold brick in the underground room under the ridikkulas classroom. u need a dark wizard, u open the gate then go down(: hope it helped
WOW!55555 said: 20th Dec 2011 | REPORT
i so close to beatin the game. 5 people, and 2gold bricks!this is my first comment. just started 5 min agoSmile!
Guest said: 2nd Jan 2012 | REPORT
Same issue here, i have one last gold brick that I just cannot seem to find... Is the game glitched, or does someone know where it is?
Oh, and there's a gold brick arrow in the Eyelop's Owl Emporium even though I bought all of the bricks. Does that signify something...? :/
Guest said: 11th Jul 2014 | REPORT
Gold brick arrow in owl emporium, use reducto on the birdcage, build the sweeper and sweep up the mess
Guest answered: Added 28th Aug 2010, ID #352419

i need help gettin this gold brick u know the bit at the top of the clock tower wher the time turner is. it is saying there is a gold brick there but i have no idea how to get it plz can some 1 tell me.

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rowdycrowdy1 said: 30th Sep 2010 | REPORT
There are 2 yellow bricks around this area. I've read a lot of places and sites where people say there is a glitch with a yellow brick by the swinging pendulum in the clock tower - if this is your missing one then make sure you are harry and go and collect the studs in the air. You find they'll be like a flower, a blue in the middle and yellow around the outside. As yo collect one another will appear and when you have collected them all then a gold brick will appear which you can fly into and collect. we now have all 200 yellow bricks, all red bricks, all crests, all characters and completed 100% - we're just finishing the last of the achievements. Please spread it around about this yellow brick though - a lot of people are saying it's a glitch but I wonder if it's just a misunderstanding. Good Luck
Guest said: 21st Dec 2011 | REPORT
Aparently this doesn't work if u have the stud magnet on as the studs come u and u don't follow the path! We turned the magnet off and it worked but if u accidentally leave it on u can't go back and try again!!
Guest said: 25th Aug 2015 | REPORT
Turn off your Stud Magnet, use Harry to get in the broom and fly around the courtyard. Just keep trying a you should find the formation of coins (1 blue surrounded by 4 gold). Follow these and you'll get the brick. Remember to turn the stud magnet off!
Guest answered: Added 23rd Sep 2010, ID #357506

im missing 2 gold bricks i have all red bricks allstudents in peril all true wizard all crests and missing four people. my gold brick locator says there is one in the second libary room (other than the hats one) and everything online says there isnt HELPB ME PLEASE!!!

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Guest said: 23rd Dec 2011 | REPORT
You cant be missing 2 bricks and 4 people! 1 person = 1 brick!
Guest said: 18th Feb 2012 | REPORT
no you only get gold bricks if you get all the people
Guest answered: Added 24th Oct 2010, ID #362726

i have 189 gold bricks 47/50 students in peril 15/20 red bricks but i can`t find the other students in peril or the other gold bricks plz help!

Guest answered: Added 25th Oct 2010, ID #363018

Owl room in Diagon Alley..... hop on the sweeper and sweep for several minutes and a gold brick will appear. Not sure why it takes so long, but it is there.

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Guest said: 17th Dec 2011 | REPORT
You rock! That was it!
Guest said: 23rd Dec 2011 | REPORT
me and my bro have found everyone exept voldermort and we need to find the 1 brick in the present time clock tower how do i do it?
Guest said: 2nd Jan 2012 | REPORT
Oh my god... x3 I got the last brick when I tried this. Lol, thanks so much dude!
Guest answered: Added 1st Nov 2010, ID #364461

eeylops, just sweep all teh green bits off the floor to get a brick.

Guest answered: Added 18th Dec 2010, ID #373667

for the clock tower you need to go up the stairs and go right. hit the portrait and put the gear in the spot.THEN ACTIVATE THE PARSLTOUNGE DOOR. If you did that first, start a new game

Guest answered: Added 29th Jan 2011, ID #384222

I hav 199 gb 20 rb 50 sip please where is the last one and the gb in the library is NOT a glitch I got it ok and I did everything in the owlry and I have prof snape dumbledore(grey)and all the other people except voldmort

Guest answered: Added 7th Mar 2011, ID #391282

You have to use the street sweeper in the owl emporium to clean up the green spots on the floor. The guy in there will give you a gold brick for it!

Guest answered: Added 4th Apr 2011, ID #396722

Just to let you know I have the voldamort character token and I alsways play as him on freeplay but I don't yet have all of the gold bricks

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Guest said: 17th Aug 2011 | REPORT
where was he
Guest answered: Added 14th Apr 2011, ID #398742

If you want a gold brick go to the eeylops owl emporium get on the sweeper thing and sweep around the shop for a few mins
That will get you the gold brick the arrow in the shop is pointing at and there doesnt have too be green sluge on the floor for this to happen
Please spred this around so people know

Every brick counts!

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Guest said: 13th Feb 2012 | REPORT
Thanks that got me the last gold brick.
Guest answered: Added 17th Apr 2011, ID #399657

To all of you who have a glitch at 49/50 SIP and 199/200 Gold Bricks, I think I found the problem. I know this happened to me, but I'm not sure if it happened to you. When you first went back in time in Hagrid's Garden, was Harry there? Or was it just Hagrid and Fang? Beacuse when I did it, Harry was not there. Because of that, my game got glitched up. Sure, I exited Hogwars, came back in and Harry was there, but the deeper problem was the SIP glitch as a resault.

Now every time I return to Hogwarts, I start back in time at Hagrid's hut. If this is happening to you too, sorry, but your game is glitched. If you leave the area, come back, and go back in time, you'll see the student standing there. If you approach him, the music will play as if he's been rescured, and he'll jump up in the air and run over to the gate entracne, but won't leave. No gold brick will appear, and you won't get the credit for saving him.

I haven't found a way around this, but if someone else wants to investigate further, please post here if you find a solution.

Guest answered: Added 4th May 2011, ID #403466

For those who say they start back in time, it's not a glitch. Its saved where you enter so if you do start back in time using timeturner, just exit the area and you'll be back in present.

Guest answered: Added 2nd Jun 2011, ID #409210

Is there a way to get lord voldomort WITHOUT getting all gold bricks?

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Guest said: 24th Jul 2011 | REPORT
Guest said: 3rd Sep 2011 | REPORT
helppppppp i cant find the gold brick in the clock tower
Guest said: 20th Nov 2011 | REPORT
you have to play all 3 records in time turner mode
Guest answered: Added 9th Jul 2011, ID #420224

You can get voldermort by getting all the gold bricks.

Guest answered: Added 8th Aug 2011, ID #429954

I'm missing one gold brick 199 out of 200 gold bricks 50 out of 50 students 24 out of 24 crests 24 out of 24 true wizards and all the red bricks and I've checked hogwarts about a thousand time HELP

Guest answered: Added 12th Aug 2011, ID #431685

I Have All Red Bricks 20/20,All Students in Peril 50/50,All True Wizards 24/24,All House Crest 24/24,& I Have 167 Character Tokens,And Have 199/200 But Were's The Freaking Other One??? :[

P.S I Think It's At Borgans & Barks In The Game???

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Guest said: 20th Nov 2011 | REPORT
its in the restricted section when your not in a level
Guest answered: Added 15th Aug 2011, ID #432631

Once I made I managed to skip a level it was the tom riddles diary one I thought it was a good thing but I could not do freeplay on that level because it was not even on the board so I started a new game and ihave 198 gold bricks 20 red bricks 49 student in perils and I just need 2 more chareters includeing voldemort

Guest answered: Added 27th Aug 2011, ID #436109

I got every student in peril, every house vrest and almost every character, but I can't find the last gold brick, the detector is blinking with the door to the mirror room in the restricted section and in the library, but already found one there so .. Ive been searching for the last one like 3 weeks and can't find it :/

Guest answered: Added 28th Aug 2011, ID #436734

My last Student in Peril was at the quidditch grounds. Harmonie had to turn back time. It was to the right in front of the tent in a locked box

Guest answered: Added 30th Dec 2011, ID #467991

I also needed the gold brick in front of the clock tower and I had already been there with my stud magnet on so I went back with it turned of and started flying around. If you fly around the courtyard at about the height that the gold arrow is pointing the studs that you need to collect will show up again. I "discovered" this by just flying around at different heights. Also there is a gold brick at the owl store in diagon alley you do have to sweep up the store for a while but don't give up it's there.

Guest answered: Added 4th Jan 2012, ID #470374

Help!! I have 24/24 house things, 20/20 red bricks, 49/50 students in peril, and 199/200 gold bricks. Also I just need 2 more chaecters. (Voldemort is one of them) Please tell me where the last brick is!!

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Guest said: 15th Jan 2012 | REPORT
Me to
Guest answered: Added 9th Feb 2012, ID #481142

I got my last student and peril (and as a result the last gold brick I needed) in hagrid's garden in present time - if you lift up the picnic basket again and you'll see the student inside.. He throws something out that you cast a spell on and it turns into an upside down pumpkin hot air balloon and carries him off.. Yay! I shall venture to borgin and burkes tomorrow to reap my rewards!

Guest answered: Added 19th Feb 2012, ID #484320

I have everything except 2 characters one between Stan Shunpike and Cornelius Fudge and the other is between. James Potter (ghost) and professor Quirrell (Voldemort)

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Guest said: 23rd Feb 2012 | REPORT
You're looking for Rita Skeeter, and Voldemort himself!
Guest said: 28th Mar 2012 | REPORT
im really confused in the restricted section it says there are 2 gold bricks i ve got one and i need help. is it glitched
Guest said: 2nd Sep 2012 | REPORT
I'm missing one gold brick. The detector is pointing to the left in Diagon Alley past the Leaky Cauldron where it's impossible to go! It does also point over the shopkeeper in the emporium but I swear I already got that one. Can anyone help?
Guest answered: Added 4th Aug 2012, ID #528691

I have all the house crests, 24/24 true wizards, all red bricks but am missing one SIP and hence one gold brick. My last student in peril is stuck in the boy's bathroom glitch. Any way to fix it without starting a new game?


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