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Ninja Gaiden 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Ninja Gaiden 2

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Our collection of cheats includes how to unlock difficulty modes, unlock New Game+ and unlocking bonus features like the Black Jaguars costume.

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We have 11 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Ninja Gaiden 2 please send them in here.

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These bonus features become unlocked when you complete the corresponding task in the game on the indicated setting.
Unlock Black Jaguar Costume:
Complete Path of Mentor mode.
Unlock Camoflauge Ninja Costume:
Complete the game on Warrior mode.
Unlock Red Ninja Costume:
Complete the game on Acolyte mode.
Unlock Golden Ninja Costume:
Complete the game on Path of The Master Ninja mode.
Unlock Music Test:
On any difficulty setting beat the game.
Unlock Old Film Filter:
On any difficulty setting beat the game.
Unlock Gamerpic;
Collect ALL 30 crystal skulls.


Press the 'Up' key on the D-Pad and go to 'Weapon' select. Then pick a different weapon but press A + B instead of just A. When this code has been enabled you will be invincible but will only be able to attack with the guillotine throw.

Hidden Silver Xbox

In Chapter 4 enter the Statue of Liberty museum across from the Test of Valor. Slice open the wall that looks like it is made of straw to find a silver Xbox. This item has the ability to fully restore your health an unlimited amount of times.

Unlock Difficulty Modes

When you complete the game on the indicated setting the corresponding mode will become an available option.
Unlock Survival Challenge Mode:
Complete the game.
Unlock 'Path Of The Mentor' Mode:
Complete the game on the 'Path Of The Warrior' difficulty.
Unlock 'Path Of The Master Ninja' Mode:
Complete the game on the 'Path Of The Warrior' difficulty.

Avoid Enemies

To perform this trick you trigger an enemy and then retreat to a 'Save' spot and save your game. If you now reload the game and return to the location where you triggered the enemies they will no longer be there. Due to 'Save' spots being blocked off this cheat will not work in some locations.

Unlock Gamerpics

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding Gamerpic.
Crystal Skull Gamerpic:
Collect ALL 30 Crystal Skulls.
Unlock Ryu Gamerpic:
Complete the game under the Path Of The Master Ninja difficulty setting.

Hidden Weapons

When you complete the following tasks you will obtain the corresponding weapon.
Lunar Staff:
In Chapter 1, there is a statue in a shrine holding that weapon after the halfway point.
Falcon's Talons:
In Chapter 2, you will see another building just before you go to the Dragon Shrine. Kill the ninjas there.
Dragon's Claw and Tiger's Fang:
In Chapter 4, take those weapons from the glass display case in the first room at the Statue Of Liberty's base.
In Chapter 5, a dead ninja will be holding this weapon on the second bridge you reach on your right.
Eclipse Scythe:
In Chapter 6, defeat Volf.
In Chapter 7, this weapon can be t..

Managing Health

It is only possible to hold a limited amount of health restoratives, these are the 'Grains of Spiritual Life' and the 'Herb of Spiritual Life'. If you use a 'Lives Of The Thousand Gods' however you will notice that it will restore and increase your health meter.

Unlock New Game+

When you have completed the game on any difficulty setting and saved it when you are prompted you will retain ALL weapons, life, ninpo, items and essence you had in that game when you begin a new game on the same difficulty setting using that saved file.


A good way to kill Alexi is to use all of your fire ninpo on him. Make sure

Helpful Hints

Everyone knows this game is hard so here are some hints to help you win it-
1. Dont overkill, when you see your enemy lose his head or BOTH arms stop attacking him, hes dead.
2. Save your lives of the thousand gods, if your about to die in a boss fight use it, increases your max health and restores it!
3. Dont upgrade the sword, at around chapter 9 you get the dragons eye which will max it out for you
4. Save your money, don't just upgrade sometimes you will need food too
5. Best Hint, When you fight the skeleton mini boss(forget the chapter) you then fight little skeleton dogs, kill them all then run up the wall to the cliff and then jump back into the bone pit the dogs will SPAWN AGAIN, you can now farm as much gold essence as you want!

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