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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

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We have several cheats for this game and includes unlocking equipment, alternate costumes and getting the Monster truck. We'll also tell you how to repair vehicles instantly and get 100% completion.

More Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Cheats and Tips

We have 22 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Mercenaries 2: World in Flames please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : PlayStation 2 : PC

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Unlock Equipment

The following equipment becomes available when you complete the indicated task.
Unlock Ambassador Gunship:
Complete level 3 of the Helicopter Flying mission.
Unlock Carpet Bomb:
Check Commander Leviathan's job list before the final Allies or China mission. When the job has been completed the Carpet Bomb will be available for purchace.

Getting 100% Completion

This is accomplished by completing ALL the Outpost missions before you initiate the final mission in Story mode. The Outpost missions must be done first because they can no longer be accessed when the game has been completed and will prevent you from getting 100% completion.

Weapon Challenges

Whenever you win a level 3 weapon challenge bet at the PMC Villa with Fiona one of three alternate costumes will become unlocked. Bet the maximum money for the level 1 and 2 challenges then save and reload the game until you win. On the level 3 challenge only bet the minimum money.

Cheat Mode

The following codes are only available after the October 31, 2008 online update has been applied to your game. Once the update has been added and cheat mode activated you will not be able to unlock any achievements. During gameplay press Back to activate your PDA then press LB, RB(2), LB, RB, LB(2), RB(3), LB to enable cheat mode. When you now press 'Back' a message will confirm that the code has been entered correctly and you will be able to add the following codes at the PDA screen while the PMC on the map is highlighted.
Unlimited Ammunition:
Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Left(2).
Press Up, Down, Left, Down, Right(2) (this code will affect both players if enabled during Co-Op mode).
Grappling Hook:
Press Up, Left, Down, R..

Unlock Monster Truck (Cacharro de Muerte)

Find Eva the mechanic and test drive the custom built monster truck with built in jump jets that she has been working on. Once you've run a check-point race you'll be able to purchase the car from her.

Unlock Alternate Costumes

Each Character has 4 costumes (incuding the default costume). To unlock them for each character beat Fiona's Level 3 challenges: Gun Emplacements, Grenade Launcher, Pistol and Sniper. The Pistol challenge is the easiest to complete while the Sniper challenge the most difficult.

Repair Vehicle Instantly

This glitch which will come in useful during the game is performed by parking your Vehicle outside of a building that you can enter. Go inside the building and then exit it and your Vehicle will now be completely repaired with full ammunition.

Unlock Equipment

If you want more firepower in the game then complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding equipment.
Unlock MOAB Bomb:
Complete ALL HVT missions for the Allied Nations.
Unlock Ambassador Gunship:
Complete level 3 of the Helicopter Flying mission.
Unlock Diplomat Heavy Tank:
Destroy the targeted buildings for the Allied Nations.

Cheat Codes for Mercs 2

Here is a list of some (I think all) of the cheat codes in the game along with a warning.
If you enable cheat mode YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE to unlock and more achievements ON THAT ONE file.

To turn cheat mode on: open up your PDA (back button) and then enter the following:
And then close your PDA (back button).
To enter codes after it is enabled open up your PDA (back button) and then enter the code and close your PDA (back button).
Invincibility - Up Down Left Down Right Right (one of my favs)

Infinite Ammo - Up Down Left Right Left Left (my fav cheat)
Give All Vehicles - Up Down Left Right Right Left

Give All Supplies - Left Right Right Left Up Up Left Up

Free Fuel

Here is a great way to get easy fuel. Make sure you have recruited the jet pilot in your PMC, then go talk to him inside the PMC headquarters(he has a couch set up on the right side of the upper-floor). He will offer you the option to do his air-strike challenges. Complete the air-strike challenges and after EACH time you complete one, exit the PMC, walk out the FRONT door and continue straight down the main entrance to the PMC, until you reach a grassy hill, walk over this hill and slightly to the right until you reach the same area were the air strike challenges take place, it's just over the top of the hill. There should be lots of oil cans laying around from the air-strike challenge. Enjoy your free oil!

chinese tanks are funny

Find a chinese tank and if ther is a person driving it,slowly walk towards it. The tank should retreat! P.S. It wont work if the chinese are hostile. So have fun

Spare Part At The UP HQ

From the PMC go to the UP HQ. When the gates open walk strait on the left side of the road, untill you get to the wall. Turn around and you should see a red box (if you havent got it yet) walk up to it and press Y. Collect more spare parts so that Eva (the mechanic you hire) can make custom vehicles that she sells to you.

radio controled missels

if you have the satesmen allied apc you can select missels and these missels go were the cross hairs are.
may work with other simmler tanks/ apcs

Destroying the PMC

NOTE: You must have a jet pilot and a bunker buster to do this!
1. Have your bunker buster in your selections.
2. Get out your bunker buster.
3. Aim the bomb at the PMC.
4. When the bomb comes down, The PMC will get bombed and will be destroyed after a few seconds.
Hint : You can get back in. Just go to the entrance and enter.
The building will be respawned once you die, or go back in and out.


To get the nuke, beat all of the contracts from either one of the two final factions to play the final mission. After the final contract is beaten, Eva in the PMC will sell you the nukes for about one million dollars per nuke. Make sure you are stocked up on fuel because nukes cost about five hundred fuel per bombing.

Devlin vs. Garret?

More of a glitch than a hint really but, if you did not notice, when you first recruit Ewan he mentions that his last name is Devlin ;however when he delivers a helicopter to you in the field use your binoculars and you will discover that according the the binoculars he is in fact Ewan Garret. So I will leave you with the evidence and let you decide Garret or Devlin?

Ok Here Are A Few glitches

Ok there are some glitches never reported that I found. Just for the record.
1. Walk On Water
To Do This,
Stand Near Any Lake Or Water,
Get A Enemy Shooting At You Perferable Rpg but Grenades will do
Ok heres the tricky part, Right As The Grenade or rpg blows up run into the water
By doing this, you body should fall in water and doing correctly will have you walk on water.
2. Never Die
Ok this may only be done on the first PLAV HQ mission. This also requires your xbox power pack to get really hot.
First Start Mission
Second Save And Quit
Third Continue From Last Save Point
Fourth Let You Xbox Powerpack Overheat To The Point It Is Hot To To..

funny mercs 2 glitch

Go to PMC's front courtyard and there will be two staircases. Summon the norse wind,and drive up the stairs.You have to wheelie, or it wont work. If you do it right,you should fly off the bike.But,you fly througn the wall at the top of the guard tower!!MAN CANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Easy Money, Fuel, and Airstrikes

There is an easy way to get as many airstrikes as you want.(and it's free!)Just get all of the nearest fuel tanks, Money wads, and air strikes as you can, save and restart.All of the resources you picked up are back, and you have the ones you collected earlier! Happy spending and exploding!

how to get all shop items for allied nations & china

To get all the shop items you must work for both and finsh everything for them before beating the mission "Battle for carucas v.s (allies or china).if you beat the mission before you do this then you can't get them.if you do this for all the contacts you will also get the acheviment :Digital man:.

holster 2 weapons at the same time!

Find some water to swim in. Then equip two weapons that are easy to see,such as an assault rifle or a sniper. Remember to get two of the large guns. Then jump into the water and summon an object that says you need to throw a smoke grenade,get out of the water, and both guns will be holstered at the same time! P.S: to unholster a weapon, pull the right trigger and then you will throw the smoke grenade.

get all guns

Press Up, Down, Left, Left, Down, Right.

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