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Follow the dark path or use the light

LEGO Batman: The Videogame Cheats for Xbox 360

We have 6 cheats on Xbox 360
We also have cheats for this game on:   PlayStation 3   Wii   PC   Nintendo DS   PlayStation 2   PSP

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Defeating clay faceAdded 8 Jul 2012, ID #8502
Sneak behind clay face and strike and do it again and he'll go in a cage then you can't get in the cage so you blow up where hes standing outside the cage with batman's suit then he'll move to another spot then do the same thing then use a boomerang by pressing x and direct it. MAKE SURE YOU DIRECT IT TO CLAY FACE 3 TIMES! Then you beat him

Unlock Wayne Manor Bonus LevelAdded 1 Jun 2010, ID #5855
In the Hero storyline reach a 'True Hero' rank on ALL the levels and then go to where the vehicles are in the Batcave. Go to the far right and then down to the bottom and step on the elevator, this will take you to the memorabilia room and the Wayne Manor mission is in upper left corner.
Unlock Villain Hunt Mini GameAdded 19 May 2009, ID #4448
When you have completed ALL 3 villian chapters this feature will become an available option. The villain chapters are accessible from Arkham Asylum.
Unlock Bonus CharactersAdded 19 May 2009, ID #4447
Unlock Huntress:
Purchase for 200,000 studs at the Batcave when you have completed ALL 3 chapters in the game and viewed the end credits.

Unlock Azrael (Angel of Death)
Purchase for 1,500,000 studs at the Batcave when you have completed ALL 3 chapters in the game and viewed the end credits.

Unlock Hush:
Rescue ALL 25 civilians in the game. To find out which levels you still need to rescue a civilian look for the small face with either a happy or sad face indicating whether or not you still need to rescue them.

Unlock Ras Al Ghul:
Collect ALL 300 of the mini kits. There are 10 in each of the 30 levels.
Unlock CharactersAdded 21 Apr 2009, ID #4339
Beat the indicated level or chapter during gameplay to unlock the corresponding character.

Unlock Alfred Pennyworth:
Beat Hero Chapter 'The Riddler's Revenge'.

Unlock Commissioner James Gordon:
Beat Hero Chapter 'The Riddler's Revenge'.

Unlock Barbara Gordon (Batgirl):
Beat Hero Chapter 'The Riddler's Revenge'.

Unlock Dick Grayson (Nightwing):
Beat Hero Chapter 'The Riddler's Revenge'.

Unlock Man-Bat:
Buyable when you have beaten Hero Level 'Zoo's Company'.

Unlock Catwoman:
Beat Villan Level 'Stealing The Show'.

Unlock Clayface and the Riddler:
Beat Villan Level 'The Riddler Makes A Withdrawl'.

Unlock Dr. Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze):
Beat Villan Level 'On The Rocks'.

Unlock Harley Quinn and the Joker:
Beat Villan Level 'A Surprise For The Commissioner'.

Unlock the Joker's Helicopter & Scarecrow's Bi-Plane:
Beat Villan Level 'Biplane Blast'.

Unlock the Penguin's Sub and Killer Croc's Swamp Rider:
Beat Villan Level 'Harboring A Grudge'.

Unlock Two-Face:
Beat Villan Level 'An Enterprising Theft'.

Unlock Penguin and Bane:
Beat Villan Level 'Rockin' The Docks'.

Unlock Poison Ivy:
Beat Villan Level 'Green Fingers'.
Batcave Computer CodesAdded 23 Sep 2008, ID #3161
Enter the following codes at the computer in the Batcave to unlock the corresponding character or feature.

Unlock Alfred:
Enter the code ZAQ637

Unlock Bat-Tank:
Enter the code KNTT4B

Unlock Batgirl:
Enter the code JKR331

Unlock Unlock Bruce Wayne:
Enter the code BDJ327

Unlock Bruce Wayne's Private Jet:
Enter the code LEA664

Unlock Catwoman (Classic):
Enter the code M1AAWW

Unlock Catwoman's Motorcycle:
Enter the code HPL826

Unlock Commissioner Gordon:
Enter the code DDP967

Unlock Clown Goon:
Enter the code HJK327

Unlock Extra Hearts:
Enter the code ML3KHP

Unlock Fishmonger:
Enter the code HGY748

Unlock Freeze Girl:
Enter the code XVK541

Unlock Garbage Truck:
Enter the code DUS483

Unlock Goon Helicopter:
Enter the code GCH328

Unlock Harbor Helicopter:
Enter the code CHP735

Unlock Joker (Tropical):
Enter the code CCB199

Unlock Joker's Van:
Enter the code JUK657

Unlock Joker Goon:
Enter the code UTF782

Unlock Joker Henchman:
Enter the code YUN924

Unlock Mad Hatter:
Enter the code JCA283

Unlock Mad Hatter's Glider:
Enter the code HS000W

Unlock Mad Hatter's Steamboat:
Enter the code M4DM4N

Unlock Man-Bat:
Enter the code NYU942

Unlock More Batarang Targets:
Enter the code XWP645

Unlock Military Policeman:
Enter the code MKL382

Unlock Mr. Freeze's Iceberg:
Enter the code ICYICE

Unlock Mr. Freeze's Kart:
Enter the code BCT229

Unlock Harley Quinn's Hammer Truck:
Enter the code RDT63

Unlock Penguin:
Enter the code NKA238

Unlock Penguin Goon Submarine:
Enter the code BTN248

Unlock Penguin Henchmen:
Enter the code BJH782

Unlock Penguin Minion:
Enter the code KJP748

Unlock Poison Ivy Goon:
Enter the code GTB899

Unlock Police Bike:
Enter the code LJP234

Unlock Police Boat:
Enter the code PLC999

Unlock Police Car:
Enter the code KJL832

Unlock Police Helicopter:
Enter the code CWR732

Unlock Police Marksman:
Enter the code HKG984

Unlock Police Officer:
Enter the code JRY983

Unlock Police Watercraft:
Enter the code VJD328

Unlock Riddler Goon:
Enter the code CRY928

Unlock Riddler Henchman:
Enter the code XEU824

Unlock Riddler's Jet:
Enter the code HAHAHA

Unlock Robin's Submarine:
Enter the code TTF453

Unlock Sailor:
Enter the code NAV592

Unlock Scientist:
Enter the code JFL786

Unlock Security Guard:
Enter the code PLB946

Unlock S.W.A.T:
Enter the code HTF114

Unlock Two-Face's Armored Truck:
Enter the code EFE933

Unlock Yeti:
Enter the code NJL412

Unlock Zoo Sweeper:
Enter the code DWR243

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