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LEGO Batman: The Videogame Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for LEGO Batman: The Videogame

Batman: Arkham Asylum Guide
LEGO Batman: The Videogame Guide
Complete guide to Batman Arkham Asylum with the locations of all 51 riddles and how to get them.
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Check out our cheats to find out how to unlock the Wayne Manor bonus level, the Villain Hunt mini, Batcave computer codes and unlocking bonus characters.

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We have 13 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for LEGO Batman: The Videogame please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : Wii : PC : Nintendo DS : PlayStation 2 : PSP

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Batcave Computer Codes

Enter the following codes at the computer in the Batcave to unlock the corresponding character or feature.
Unlock Alfred:
Enter the code ZAQ637
Unlock Bat-Tank:
Enter the code KNTT4B
Unlock Batgirl:
Enter the code JKR331
Unlock Unlock Bruce Wayne:
Enter the code BDJ327
Unlock Bruce Wayne's Private Jet:
Enter the code LEA664
Unlock Catwoman (Classic):
Enter the code M1AAWW
Unlock Catwoman's Motorcycle:
Enter the code HPL826
Unlock Commissioner Gordon:
Enter the code DDP967
Unlock Clown Goon:
Enter the code HJK327
Unlock Extra Hearts:
Enter the code ML3KHP
Unlock Fishmonger:
Enter the code HGY748

Unlock Characters

Beat the indicated level or chapter during gameplay to unlock the corresponding character.
Unlock Alfred Pennyworth:
Beat Hero Chapter 'The Riddler's Revenge'.
Unlock Commissioner James Gordon:
Beat Hero Chapter 'The Riddler's Revenge'.
Unlock Barbara Gordon (Batgirl):
Beat Hero Chapter 'The Riddler's Revenge'.
Unlock Dick Grayson (Nightwing):
Beat Hero Chapter 'The Riddler's Revenge'.
Unlock Man-Bat:
Buyable when you have beaten Hero Level 'Zoo's Company'.
Unlock Catwoman:
Beat Villan Level 'Stealing The Show'.
Unlock Clayface and the Riddler:
Beat Villan Level 'The Riddler Makes A Withdrawl'.
Unlock Dr. Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze):
Beat Villan Level 'On Th..

Unlock Wayne Manor Bonus Level

In the Hero storyline reach a 'True Hero' rank on ALL the levels and then go to where the vehicles are in the Batcave. Go to the far right and then down to the bottom and step on the elevator, this will take you to the memorabilia room and the Wayne Manor mission is in upper left corner.

Unlock Bonus Characters

Unlock Huntress:
Purchase for 200,000 studs at the Batcave when you have completed ALL 3 chapters in the game and viewed the end credits.
Unlock Azrael (Angel of Death)
Purchase for 1,500,000 studs at the Batcave when you have completed ALL 3 chapters in the game and viewed the end credits.
Unlock Hush:
Rescue ALL 25 civilians in the game. To find out which levels you still need to rescue a civilian look for the small face with either a happy or sad face indicating whether or not you still need to rescue them.
Unlock Ras Al Ghul:
Collect ALL 300 of the mini kits. There are 10 in each of the 30 levels.

Unlock Villain Hunt Mini Game

When you have completed ALL 3 villian chapters this feature will become an available option. The villain chapters are accessible from Arkham Asylum.

Achievement: League of Assassins

In this achievement you must unlock every villain character. Simply play through the villain story line. You will unlock all characters through this method except for Hush. Find and save all 25 hostages to unlock Hush.

Boy Wonder

To get the acheivement "BOY WONDER", try playing the board "Little Fun at the Big Top" and when you see the boats in toxin, do the 20 back flips as Robin. It is easy at this location because there is a big area to keep flipping, flip from one wall to the other. It is easiest to go from the right wall to the left.

defeat mr.freeze, pision ivy, & two-face

To defeat Mr.Freeze, Pision Ivy, & Two-Face you have to hit them in the back.
If your batman then start fighting either of these villians and hit Y to switch to robin. Make sure robin is DIRECTLY BEHIND the villian and start hitting X.

AWsomeness glitch

I was playing, with my friend, in the jocker's revenge part 1. I picked up the ice creame truck ( with jocker inside) and 1 was on the floor another was in the hand of the claw. Every time I lifted it the first jocker would act like he was dangling. I droped the icecreame truck and jocker2 fell out. When I lifted the truck joker2 outside the truck wwould lift up. I don't know if joker2 can be played with by a player three.

Achievement: Memorabilia

There are 10 pieces of memorabilia in each level which equals out to 300 in all. Collect them all for the achievement.

Achievement: It's the car, right?

Unlock all 22 vehicles. You must first complete both hero and villain modes and then it will cost somewhere around 500,000.

It's more of a glitch then a hint, free coins glitch!!!!!!

On some levels, if you use mr. Freeze, when you see a guy with a ? Above him, use mr. Freezes freeze gun, keep holding the button and coins should keep on coming out of the guy with the ? Above him. I only fond out about this by accident. So happy free coinage day to you all.

Defeating clay face

Sneak behind clay face and strike and do it again and he'll go in a cage then you can't get in the cage so you blow up where hes standing outside the cage with batman's suit then he'll move to another spot then do the same thing then use a boomerang by pressing x and direct it. MAKE SURE YOU DIRECT IT TO CLAY FACE 3 TIMES! Then you beat him

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