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Follow the dark path or use the light

Weapons Guide

by superstyle4

Gears of War 2 Weapons Guide
Superstyle4 (Gamertag ILINI)



Table of Contents:

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*: Denotes sections coming soon.

Small Arms- (SAW)

- Lancer Assault Rifle (SA1)

- Hammerburst Assault Rifle (SA2)

- Gnasher Shotgun (SA3)

- Longshot Sniper Rifle (SA4)

Pistols- (PW)*

- Snub Pistol (P1)

- Gorgon Pistol (P2)

- Boltok Pistol (P3)

Heavy Weapons- (HWW)*

- Scorcher Flamethrower (Hw1)

- Boomshot (HW2)

- Torque Bow (HW3)

- Hammer of Dawn (HW4)

- Troika Turret (HW5)

- Mulcher (HW6)

- Mortar (HW7)

- Boomshield (HW8)

Grenades- (GW)*

- Frag (G1)

- Smoke (G2)

- Ink (G3)


Small Arms- (SAW)

- Lancer Assault Rifle (SA1):
  * The workhorse Coalition weapon.
  * Fully Automatic.
  * Intended for mid-range combat.
  * Deadliest melee weapon.

  To activate the Lancer's Chainsaw Bayonet, press and hold B. This unique melee attack is designed to take out most enemies in a single cut, but can also be used to clear certain obsticles.

- Hammerburst Assault Rifle (SA2):
  * Standard-issue Locust Drone Weapon.
  * More powerful, accurate than a Lancer.
  * Zoom capability.

  Superior to the Lancer when it comes to firing, but lacks the melee capabilities of the Chainsaw Bayonet. Can be fired faster by rapidly pulling Right Trigger, though this also reduces accuracy.

- Gnasher Shotgun (SA3):
  * Excellent stopping power.
  * Eight round capacity.
  * Extremely deadly at close range.

  Small ammo capacity, but its power more than makes up for it. Can kill a Locust Drone in one shot at point-blank range, but is not nearly as powerful at farther distances.