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Dead Space Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for Dead Space

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A collection of cheats for you to check out and includes keeping military suit for 'Impossible' mode, unlocking New Game+, and codes for unlockables.

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We have 18 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Dead Space please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : PC

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Unlock New Game+

This feature is enabled if you save the game when you have completed it and then load the 'Cleared Game' save and start a new game. In New Game+ you will retain ALL your upgraded equipment from your original game along with 10 extra power nodes, 50,000 extra credits, and the schematic for the Military suit (a Level 6 suit that costs 99,000 credits).

Cheat Codes

If you're struggling with the game and could use some extra help then pause the game and enter the following codes to activate the corresponding effect. When a code has been entered in correctly and you have heard the confirmation sound press 'Start' to resume the game with the desired effect enabled (Some codes may only be enabled once per game).
Refill Stasis and Kinesis Energy:
Pause gameplay and press X, Y(2), X, Y.
Refill Oxygen:
Pause gameplay and press X(2), Y(3).
+2 Nodes:
Pause gameplay and press Y, X(3), Y.
+1,000 Credits:
Pause gameplay and press X(3), Y, X.
+2,000 Credits:
Pause gameplay and press X(3), Y(2).
+5,000 Credits:
Pause gameplay and press X(3), Y, X, Y.


Complete the game on any difficulty setting to unlock the following features.
Unlock 10 Power Nodes:
Complete the game on any difficulty setting.

Unlock 50,000 credits:
Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
Unlock Impossible Difficulty Setting:
Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
Unlock Level 6 Military Suit Schematic:
Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
Unlock Backstory Logs:
Complete the game on any difficulty setting.

Keep Military Suit for 'Impossible' Mode

To make this work you must first beat the game on New Game+ mode with the Military Suit purchased and equipped and have the game saved just before the last boss. When the game ends skip the credits and do not save when you are prompted but instead start a completely new game on 'Impossible' difficulty and you will begin the game wearing the Military Suit.

+5 Nodes

Pause the game and enter: Y,X,Y,X,X,Y,X,X,Y,X,X,Y
This only works once per game.

Peng's Treasure and Secret Achievements

Pengs treasure can be found in the hanger bay when you first arrive on the Ishimura. You won't be able to get it until chapter 11 though since you won't start off with Kinesis. Its in between the two walkways and it's a small golden statue.
Secret Achievements: Don't get cocky, kid: You have to make it through the ADS Cannon part in chapter 4 with over 50% shield remaining on any difficulty.
Slugger: Beat the slug boss with over 50% shield remaining. Good Luck.

Weapon Kill Achievements

Make sure to get the one gun achievement (only plasma cutter) on your first playthrough because it is the easiest to use and pretty much the most effect for a large part of the game. And a quick deterrant. Dont even buy another weapon on the first playthrough. If you shoot ANYTHING from any gun besides the plasma cutter, it will deactivate the achievement. I'd know. I just beat it today killing only with the plasma cutter and still didnt get it. As for the rest of the "30 kill with this weapon" achievements, carry around stasis packs and use stasis before trying to get the kill. Most guns besides the plasma cutter take a while to get the enemies down. The contact beam charges, the line cutter is a slow projectile, the flamethrower takes a bit of time, and the ripper is a bit confusing to..

You guys need to know something!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I'm going to tell you guys some stuff that helps you stay alive-
-If a necromorph is laying down, don't turn your back unless you shoot one off the limbs because if you do, they'll get up and attack you from behind.
-Always watch the oxygen tank on your back. Here is a cheat to refill it continually- Pause game and press X,X,Y,Y,Y and you will have full health.
-Don't be fooled, the energy slicer may be the first weopon, but it is one of the best weopons you can use against the necromorphs!
-The best weapons against necromorphs are the energy slicer, the ripper, and the line gun, because they rip off the limbs the best.
I hope you enjoy these tips!


Probably the only times you'll ever be safe throughout this game are the times when there's a store near, or a bench. Enemies will rarely, if ever come near you when you're within range of one of those devices. Just a safe thought so you can finally have a moment to relax should you need it. There is, however, one exception. Mining Deck, near where you have to run around a massive round chunk of rock to place a device on the outside. There is a bench in that area that will activate a Necromorph if touched. Be careful.

Pulse Rifle

A great, if near best, weapon in this game. Only true weapon, and only automatic one in this game. If used correctly, you could blow through the entire game on this weapon alone, as it's ammo is plentiful and it's fire is highly damaging.
Primary Fire - High accuracy, high rate of fire, high damage. It just doesn't get much better than this. You can take out a Necromorph with only a few well placed shots. Aim carefully, master this mode of fire, and you'll have no problem at all with this game.
Alt Fire - Not all THAT useful unless you have Necromorphs coming at you from all angles. Your character will duck down and have the gun spray bullets in all directions. It'll get you out of tight spots, but wastes ammo rather quick in the long run. Also, it only really works..


Well, for anyone having trouble with the end boss of this game - The Hive Mind - I'm here to give you a bit of help on it. Your best bet at beating this boss is to have two weapons in your inventory, the Contact Beam and Pulse Rifle. The Pulse Rifle will do you well when dealing with the pods around the Hive Mind's mouth, especially when it picks you up as you'll most likely be missing a lot. However, when it's chest opens up, you need to do a lot of damage in as little time as possible. This is where your Contact Beam comes into play. If you charge it up and fire off a round into it's chest, it should kill one pod, and damage, if not destroy, others around it. The fastest way to get your business done, guaranteed.

Yellow Spots

For the newcomers to this game, there's one thing that will probably help you out the most if you do it. Shoot the glowing yellow spots. Bosses, common enemies, whatever. If it's yellow and glows, that means it's perfectly fine for you to wail away on from a distance with your weapons. Shoot away, but never be close to one with they take too much, as they are explosive most of the time. Weakness of all bosses.

Against A Wall

Though it may not happen all that much, if you ever are thrown into a corner with enemies all around you, go crazy. Don't bother with precision weapons such as the pulse rifle or plasma cutter. Either swing your way out, or use the Force Gun to throw them all a ways back. As soon as they're all off, run. Run far away to where you can shoot at your enemies, and use those precision weapons again.


Always keep in mind that it's a needed to always have a Power Node on you. Never use them all on the Benches or sell them all should you choose they're not needed. Scattered throughout the game are certain rooms that can only be accessed if you give up a Power Node to open the door. These rooms generally contain a wealth of ammo, or schematics that could produce helpful items. Unlock ever one of these rooms that you can. They're more important than the nodes themselves, especially on the harder difficulties.


Never let the background music leave your mind, as it could be one of the biggest helps to you in this game that there are. If it's anything above subtle, then there's most likely an enemy near that should be avoided or killed. Only when the music dies down can you know that you're momentarily safe.

Silent But Deadly

Necromorphs have a bad tendency to lay around and wait until you're close to them before leaping up and sinking their claws into you. If you happen to come across one that looks relatively intact, and you're not sure if it's still alive or not, use your abilities. The Kinesis Module does a world of help if used correctly. Simply aim it at the enemy to test it. If the Kinesis Module has no effect on the enemy, then it's still alive. At that point, feel free to pump it full of as many rounds of ammo as you want.


For as much ammo as it uses, this is probably the most powerful and practical weapon in the entire game. One single shot can take out multiple enemies, and the ammo for it is well beyond plentiful. Only real downside is that it's a very short range weapon that could take some time to master. Buy it, and use it. Use it whenever you know there's a load of enemies around.
Primary Fire - Fires a spinning saw blade held a few feet in front of the character by a gravity tether. Spins for over 10 seconds and can devastate enemies no matter what type they are. Will do a lot of damage for roughly no ammo at all.
Alt Fire - Fires a single saw blade off in one direction and can cut through multiple enemies. Will take one ammo, and can't do all that much damage to enemies in th..

Plasma Cutter

Really the only free weapon in this game, and the first one you obtain. Is about mid range on the practicality scale and can be used to some quite devastating results if mastered. It's mainly a short to mid rage weapon, and can be used to get out of some tight spots. Ammo is somewhat plentiful throughout the game, and if you don't feel like buying other weapons, it's a must use.
Primary Fire - Fires a single plasma cutter round out that has little to no trouble cutting through flesh and bone. If aimed right, it can take down an enemy in 2 to 3 shots. Use it to your advantage.
Alt Fire - Changes the fire blade from vertical to horizontal. Not damage effecting at all, just helpful to the primary fire.

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