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Crackdown 2



by TheGum

                               *****   ****   *****
                              ****     ****     ****
                            ****       ****       ****
                           ****       ******       ****
                          ****       ********       ****
                          ****      **********      ****
                          ****     ************     ****
     ***********************************  *********************************
  *************************************    *********************************


                          ******                 ******
                         ********     222222    ********
                        ****  ****   22222222  ****  ****
                       ****    ****  222 2222 ****    ****
                      ****      ****    2222 ****      ****
                     ***         ****  2222 ****         ***
                                  ****2222 ****           

* Game:	        Crackdown 2               *
* Type:		Walkthrough/FAQ           *
* For:		Xbox 360                  *
* Author:	Brad Russell "TheGum"     *
* Email:	[email protected]  *
* Web:  *

Version 1.0 - Just completed the main objectives. Will fill in the side stuff

Table Of Contents
Use quick find (Ctrl + F) and type in the code or level. 

	Section:		Code:

1. A Brief Foreword
2. Controls			( CON2222 )
3. Starter Tips			( TIPS333 )
4. The Guide			( FAQ4444 )

	will fix all later, must sleep

5. Author Info / Copyright

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

Crackdown 1 was one of the best surprises in the early years of this gen of
consoles. It was one of the first games to make pure sandboxing an acceptable
gaming experience. Most sandbox games took the GTA3 route of being heavily
story driven and of course based mostly in the realm of reality. Crackdown
chunked the story and turned you into a super-human with guns and cars. The
major flaw with Crackdown was the objectives of the crime lords were not the
most imaginative and didn't provide a ton of challenge, and without any kind
of tangible story the game was pretty much a single playthrough affair until
100% completion.

This game does the same, but gives you more to do. The added touch of zombie
outbreak doesn't hurt at all, but only in the sense of providing half of a 
game day's worth of Dead Rising fun on the streets. That's almost it, a 
bigger sandbox than the first game as far as variety, but not as much as it
could have been.

The only question is after you play the objectives to the end, you wonder if
maybe some sort of story to connect the fights and everything being scaled down
a notch would have provided a more solid "hardcore" gaming experience. Could
you imagine a Giant just busting out of the streets and chasing you down 
before something important happens?

I think some effort in the story department will be required for the next game.
This game barely passes the "oh come on, this is the exact same game as the 
other one" knock, just barely. I say if you can wait for the price to drop
this game would be a perfect summer game. We all like the addiction that
free-roam games offer, but after a while we need more than just a sandbox to
get our fix.


* 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *

XBox 360

A - jump, handbrake
B - melee; lv5 strength=ground pound
X - swap gun, pick up new items
Y - turret wapon, special look, enter vehicle; lv5 agility=glide
RB - grenade, detonate, change radio station
RT - fire, throw, accelerate
LB - reload, fire vehicle gun
LT - aim, brake
RS - look around, precision aiming, rear-view
LS - move, click to crouch
D-PAD - command squad
BACK - progress menu, call in beacon
START - map, objectives, achievements, tracking

* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *

#1. Look around you. The achievement screen in the pause menu tracks everything
you've found, so you can grab whatever you want and if you find a map or 
something later to refer to, you'll be okay. Also, I don't really cover all
the agility orbs, so you're kinda on your own with those.

#2. Learn the jumping twirl, which is to jump up at a slight angle, and spin
so that you grab the ledge above you. This is used to help climb some 

#3. Use the precision aiming at your own risk. For one it takes time to focus,
and for two it could miss. Until you hit lv4 firearms you are better off just
shooting for their body. If close then go ahead, the focus rate is near

#4. If you lock onto somebody, you can go back behind cover, precision aim to
their head, and you'll be locked in for a clean kill when you jump out.

#5. It's easier to drop off a ledge by pulling back, rather than pushing the
button to let go. 

#6. This is almost a pure sandbox game, for better or worse. Your main goal
is the beacons and Cell Zones, but feel free to pepper in some of the other
stuff too, it's all tracked so you know what you've done. 

* 4. The FAQ  ( FAQ4444 )                                                     *

Welcome to the Agency

When starting out, choose the Tough difficulty, then a face (of evil Screech,
evil Samuel L. Jackson, evil Dr. House, and evil Bruce Lee), and give him a

Testing Grounds

The first test is to decide if you want inverted aiming or not. Then just jump
down. From here you just follow the blinking path through the jumps. Take note
that the orb you picked up boosted your jumping ability. For the timed door, 
just know that you can grab ledges and can jump, obviously.

Hit the weapon ahead and learn how to shoot and reload. You'll learn that the 
target-lock system allows you to further aim for the head or limbs. Use it for
headshots on the freaks with your shotgun, then move on.

Learn how to punch and make a few combos. Then grab the frags and toss them
into the slaughter pit (they fly to where you aim). And then move into your 
car for a little joy ride.

A Hopeless City

Growing Pains

You're dropped into combat, and you can run over a few enemies if you want, or
just hop out and start mowing them down, it's up to your. Once you get on the
red target on the ground and call for support, hop out and start killing guys
on both sides.

From here you'll find that the entire area is covered with pockets of enemies,
but nothing really serious until you get into the middle of all the containers
where your objective is. I highly advise you take this time to get familiar 
with the controls as you roam the area in search of tangos and agility orbs. 

No, I will not cover spoken word description of where to find all the possible
orbs, that is not reasonable when there are 500 of them in the game and the
basic description is "look up". All I will say is that there are at least 25
in this little area (this part of the docks surrounding and including the tower
of containers). You REALLY want to get at least eight because you'll get a 
fancy suit upgrade. But should grab as many as you can - it's sure to make the
late game easier when you can just jump somewhere.

*NOTE: Just a quick mention of how the jumping is sensitive to how long you
hold the jump button. If you tap it, you'll barely get off the ground; if you
hold it down you'll jump at max distance. You can jump from ledges, and get
good with the whole turning in mid-air thing to stick landings if you jumped
too far (it's just something you have to pick up on, hard to explain something
that should become second-nature).*

I won't go over how to get to the objective or how to grab all the orbs. There
is an easy hop at the back of docks, and when in the hornets' nest you can use
a ramp to reach the upper levels. But there are more creative ways to get up 
high. Again, I got 25 from running around this area; you may find more or less
but getting close to this number is good work.

*NOTE: You can track your progress of these in your Achievements tab in your
pause menu, under the "King of the World" name. It will track all the ones you
have found, which would be really helpful if there were just 100, but with 500
it's only mildly appreciated.*

As you kill guys around and in the mountain of containers, remember that the 
locking system is not required to shoot, you can shoot from the hip, especially
when your lock is going on something that is not an enemy. 

After you are done with orb hunting, go clear the middle of the container 
area. Get near the beacon and call for help. Enemies pour in around you, but 
you can and maybe should stay off the turrets as you clear them - if you really
want to I won't stop you though. Mop it up and the objective is clear.

If you look to the north you should see a bouncing green orb. This is a 
running agility orb, so go chase it down; it'll be hard to catch up with in a 
straight line, but it does slow up at times. No big deal either way, and you
either will or won't have the chance to chase the driving orb that spawns, so
oh well.

Connecting the Dots

There is little I can offer as far as getting around in the city. It is a
sandbox, a very grim and bleak sandbox, but I cannot expect that what you do
or what you find will happen in the exact order I say to find things. There are
tons of hostiles all over, as well as many allies and a few oblivious civilians
scattered about. Just know that a car is a very safe place in this neck of the

You must not make the link of three satellite units nearby. Let's start with
the one to the far east. Approach it, kill the few guys on the ground and the
two on the roof. Grab the orb in the corner of the roof and step on one of 
the blue panels to make the link.

Now you make the short trip a block northwest to the next spot. At the 
intersection to the west of our first link you will find an Audio Log. Up 
on the building near it you'll find an orb. Within this orangish complex, if
you go to it's inner part and hop up to the second level on it's west side,
you will find a Hidden Orb, of which there are 300. There is another aorb to
the north of this orange complex.

*NOTE: "Aorb" means agility orb because I am lazy like that, yes. I imagine 
anyone jumping into the walkthrough later will be very confused, but oh well.*

Getting the second link, which is the middle of the three, is pretty tricky.
One option is to get under it and use the window ledges to hop up, or use
the alley to the west of the building and jump to a railing. Both paths lead 
you to a ramp around a liquid container from which you can jump to the link
once you clear the roof. 

*NOTE: There are several Hidden Orbs in this alley, including one right next
to where you would jump from. You can get them or not.*

The last one is further down this alley. You'll find a ramp leading to a bridge
and from there you can hop right up to the four enemies guarding it. There is
also an Audio Log across from it.

*NOTE: Notice how I didn't really mention many agility orbs even though there
were several in the alley area. 

New Heights, New Depths

Approach the next marker from the ground, even though it's covered with 
freaks now. From this marker just follow the ramp all the way up, ignoring
freaks and gunfire until you hit the opening in the container. The building 
nearby has an orb and Audio Log if you can reach them.

Drop down, slowly, to the ground and run up to the marker to call in the 
beacon. DO NOT start killing freaks, it's pointless to waste ammo. All you
need to worry about are those marked with blips over their heads who also
appear on your radar. Those spitters will damage the beacon, all the others
are after you. You can outrun the normal ones all day, you just need to kill
the spitters ASAP. It starts easy enough, so save your frags for later. Your
radio voice will tell you when it's almost done, and that is when you want to 
unleash all your frags. Keep in mind there are more nearby (the orange markers)
and your shotgun is your best friend.

You can even just camp by the grenade spawn point and lob all over, and if 
you didn't slide a little you could post up on the beacon; you can still try
but it's really not a smart idea. The best thing is to keep in motion so that
the stationary spitters are in front while the mob is behind you. This clears
up locking issues for easy shotgun blasts if you can steer clear of the many
explosives. And once the spitters run directly to the beacon, just lob frags 
to the middle and you'll win.

It's not that hard, but if you do die just pick a spawn point and retry from
the ground marker.

After the short scene, reload and take the blue jump pads out of here.

The Island

The next absorbtion unit (AU) is to the northeast of the beacon. There are a
few ways to get up there, mainly from the west or east sides. Lots of 
explosives up there, so watch out. Once you turn on the AU, there are a few
Agi. Orbs around, including one to the south of the AU that you can get to
by hopping up the sloped surface.

The second AU for the island is to the northeast, on a bridge. Use the red
ledges directly under it to kill a few goons. 

The last AU is to the far south, on the oil rig that you may remember from the
first game. You'll hit the pipeline that extends to it from the corner of the
docks, just east of where your first mission was. There are a few Agi. Orbs 
along the rooftops, including one on the side of building at the corner and 
one on some tanks at the corner.

You can follow the pipe or swim out to the rig. A few enemies meet you, then
more up ahead at the section section, and to climb it there are steps at the
back - take the right corner. There are two orbs, one on the first part and
another at the top of the crane on the second. There is another Hidden Orb at
the very bottom, not hard to jump to from the water; even a hole above the orb
where you can get back up.

There is one more orb that is harder to get to. There is a second crane above 
the stairs that connect to the rig. There are two ways to get to it: either 
jump from the AU point down to it, or use the beams to jump up to it, probably
hugging closely to the corner where the crane extends.

Approaching the rig itself, you can use pipes a little lower to take the steps
up, or just use the stairs so long as you avoid the opening in the middle. It's
a pretty tough fight to get up to clear it. The most of them should be to the 
far right corner at the stairs, so it's better if you just jump up to the high
ground, clear the upper areas and then pick them off below. You could even 
just hit the AU and take a dive (don't miss) if you want. And yes, that's the 
best way to exit the rig unless you missed any of the three AOrbs.

*NOTE: You should hit the next tier of Agility at 42 orbs, which for me was 
at the corner of the pier, but you should hit that at least now.*

Head north to the island, swimming if you want. There are a good handful of 
Agi. Orbs all over, and easy to get. Just be careful of the ground as freaks 
do show up after dark. There is also a Renegade Orb that you can get if you
have over 42 orbs. There is even an Audio Log over to the right on the grass.
There are about 10 orbs to find, and you can get into the silo by ground if 
you want to.

Finally, hit the crane, climbing up the red ledges. At the top, there is a 
Hidden Orb behind the little structure, then just go to the end and hop 
(safely) into the silo.

Carefully hit the bottom, just make sure you aim for the side platforms toward
the bottom. This beacon is a little easier than the last just because there
are less attackers, but they are more dangerous and come from different 
elevations. Grab from frags and reload first. When you turn on the beacon, take
point on the ring above ground, that is where most of the spitters will post

Staying up here avoids the freaks attacking you, but it seems like they then go
for the beacon, so if you stay up here too long feel free to toss a frag or 
two at the beacon. Some of the attackers will explode when they die, so not 
only keep your distance but also you can hit them with one bullet, so an 
automatic gun is best here. That's about it, run around, jump up to ring to 
clear it every now and then, and it shouldn't be too hard. Take the blue pad to
get out.

The Quarry

On your way back to land, cross the broken bridge and there is an Agi. Orb 
at the top of the front of the bridge. Confiscate a vehicle and head northwest
to the AU at the very north of this section. I kinda over-shot it and hit the
building a little to its north, and from there I just when Agi. Orb hunting to
the west, hitting a Hidden Orb in a broken vent. I hit the building with the 
dome, which has two on it including at its back, and from there I hit the 
ground and climbed the building across the street from the north or west 

On this little block there was a Renegade Orb that kinda hit a dead-end, so it
wasn't too hard to catch. Heading south, I crossed the street and grabbed orbs
at the corner of where the Cell Stronghold point was near. The idea is that
I'm only going to circle this open square area. So now that we are as far as
I want to go, let's head back to the AU to the northeast. You should only
cross the street to go north so that you hit the block to the east of the 
square - I know it's tempting to go south for all the orbs, but let's stick to
the plan.

I won't go over all the details, just that after getting all I could see, my
total of Agi. Orbs was at 98 once I hit the AU. The block with the first AU 
has about 6 or so tricky ones, meaning you'll have to look a little harder 
than just up (mainly one just off the ground in the alley and one on the 
side of a building south of the AU). Of course don't forget to active at the 

The second AU is to the northeast, and the best way to get there is to go south
and get on the freeway that runs north along the east side of the city. It goes
right next to the AU. There is an Audio Log directly under the freeway where
it is nearest to the AU, and there is a Hidden Orb above the entrance to the 
tunnel just to the north. 

Getting to the AU is another story, it requires you to first get into the 
quarry, which you can drive to or get inside the freeway tunnel and hop 
through a hole and use the blue pads. When in the massive quarry area, there
are at least 5 Aorbs that are a little tough to get. Once you're ready to hit
the AU at the east side, just hop up to the very end of the path, hop the 
rocks, and you can turn on the AU.

*NOTE: At night, I must admit that it's one of the more impressive sights in
gaming to stand in the middle of the quarry and see hundreds of freaks all over
the place. Something to consider sticking around to see.*

The third AU is to the north of the quarry, and approaching from the second 
AU you should run into a large metal plate with a health bar. Blow it up with
a frag or two to pop a hole in it. Then proceed to clear the building below of
tangos. There are two orbs as well as an Audio Log at the back.

Now to get to the drop-zone, go south and get a ride, then hit the entrance to
the quarry and go to the east side of the circular part. Hop out and hop into
one of the holes. 

This defensive battle is the toughest yet. There are a few columns around the
beacon that will be occupied by big freaks who do spit. There are only four 
spots they take, and it would be best if you could just sit in one and pop
them as you see. But if you are not on the ground then all the ground freaks
will attack the beacon. It's a juggling act between hopping up to smack the 
attackers and running on the floor trying to mop up what you can. You'll note
that the grenades here are UV, which are strong against freaks only, so you 
may as well grab some. 

It gets tough closer to the end, and will be near impossible if you jump to a 
column and miss. Once things get too hectic, hit the barrels on the sides. But
once you hold off long enough, you can reload and hop out in either direction.
Getting back south to Hope Springs is a long walk, so just get going.

Cell Zones: Hope Springs

Now we're going to shift focus to Cell. Your first mission was to take one of
their zones, and we did. We've since only done the freak zones, so now let's
clean up the Cell strongholds. 

There are two at the pier, flanking the first zone we did. So let's do the one
to the west of it. Heading there, clear it of Cell and then go collect all the 
orbs you can, including a few on the ship, but watch out if you climb the
cranes and follow, you may leave the area and cause the Cell to respawn. 

When ready, call for help and defending the zone should be easy, it's just a 
few waves of enemies. 

Now feel free to hope the tall cranes and make your way east, even going back
over the container area for the ones you missed the first time; even doing the
racing orb near the street if you missed that the first time here. You want
to at least hit the silos to the east of the containers because there are a 
few orbs, including a Hidden Orb on the ground and an Audio Log, both at the 
middle silo. 

*NOTE: There are tall cranes that seem to not have easy ways up unless you can
jump really high. That's true, but you should be able to get on the beams and
do this jumping whirl to get the next beam. I believe there are at least two
of these kinds of cranes in the pier.*

When you reach the eastern pier Cell zone, feel free to hunt down orbs, maybe
even the ones along the line of rooftops going back west, then clear the area
of Cell. When you activate it, there will be about four waves in total, two 
from one side, two from the other. It's only difficult if you stay in the open
and let them gang up on you. Use all the gas cans you want.

Call in a drop for weapons and a car and head north. This one is on the roof
near where we hit an AU. It's only hard to defend if you stay in the middle, so
clear to one side and double back to clear the other side.

The next zone is west at the corner of the square we visited earlier. It's a 
tough clear just to defend, and then you have to defend from all sides. But
there is enough cover to hide behind if you get rattled.

The last zone does not trigger a drop point because there is another you must
hit in order to create one. It's to the northwest, on a tall cluster of 
rooftops. Up here you will deal with snipers and a ton of guys just hanging
around. There are also a ton of orbs, even some below the rooftops near where
the zone is. You can circle around to clear the roofs and grab as many orbs as
you can.

Come back and begin the defense. Kill the guys that spawn near the zone first,
then use the bridge to the other roof as a choke point, just don't forget
that quite a few will spawn at the doors nearby. When it's just the guys across
the bridge left, rush in and clear em out.

Now if you check the objectives on your map you'll see that you have done all
the Sunburst beacons and Cell zones for Hope Springs. 

Freak Breaches: Hope Springs (7)

Open your pause menu and scroll your objectives to find the freak breach 
map. There are three in this area, two downtown and one way to the north at
the quarry. 

It must be after dusk, so any time after the sun is setting and the breaches
will be active. And hopefully you can call down a buggy because it really makes
all of these much easier. That or explosives.

Taking them out is just a matter of survival and kill count. Once you hear the 
all-clear you can stop the slaughter, or watch the bar in the upper corner. 
Time is a factor is availability, so if you don't want to wait for get the 
rest, you should hit these up quickly. It's ideal to bring a fresh Buggy and 
frags, but sometimes you just have to go in hot and light.

The one furthest west in downtown Hope Springs is in an alley. Pretty easy, 
just stand in the corner of the building and mow them down as they approach.

The next is just to the east in the orange complex. You have a few spitters, so
you'll have to target them first. 

Two new ones should appear in the hotel area in western Hope Springs. One is
just north of your spawn point and the other is in the square a block east.
You should be dealing with ones that explode, so if they have no arms and glow
a little greener, that is a sign to lay off. 

If you want to get the quarry one, it's actually in the alcove area just off
the road, accessible by foot. Just make sure you get there in time or it's a 
long road back. 

With the quarry one gone, two more should pop up in the quarry area. The one
outside and more to the industrial isle is pretty tame, just some exploders and
spitters. The one inside the quarry introduces the big, hefty freaks that 
spit and can melee. It's pretty deadly if you stay on the ground the whole 
time and bring no explosives.

Rooftop Races: Hope Springs (3)

You can check these on your map, even after you beat them to see your high
score. You should resist the urge to grab Agility Orbs you pass while on these
races, but you can pick them up if you want. You don't need high agility to do
these either, but it certainly doesn't hurt. Use the jump pads provided.

Also, getting orbs just means completing them. The score doesn't really mean

Hope for Glory - At the north end of the main island, at the corner of that 

Speed's the Quay - This and the next are near the pier, hard to miss.

Spring Heeled Jacks - Like above, it's on your way to the pier.

Road Races: Hope Springs (3)

These are just standard time trials. Beat them for driving orbs.

The buggy and supercar should be open by now, and either one is a fine option.
Feel free to request them from drop zones before each race, but any decent 
car will do. The supercar gives you more room for error, but it's more built
for speed and stopping power. It's good to use though, no reason not to.

Bridge Run - Should pass by this one a lot heading to and from the quarry. It's
two laps around the waterway nearby.

Alleyway Rallyway - At the north end of the main island. One lap which the 
supercar is actually too fast for.

Square Go! Go! Go! - West of the square, it's a 3 short laps that again, 
you will overshoot almost all the turns in your supercar.

Stunt Rings: Hope Springs (6)

It's Always Greener...

In Hope Springs we did the beacons first, mostly because the enemies were all
pretty tame and there was not much of a need for drop points. 

In Green Bay, the island to the west of Hope Springs, we will go for all the
Cell strongholds first. 

And perhaps while on the Cell Zones we will also free up some AU's.

Cell Zones: Green Bay

Let's start to the far south, in the fun fair. Clear the entire area, noting
that some guys have grenade launchers. Be sure to pick one up. And I'm sure
by now you have enough strength to pick up the turrets (yellow dots on the 
radar) and carry them like normal guns, not even slowing you down, but you
can't grab ledges. And defending the point with a turret (it respawns) is 
quite easy, and again, you can't sit on the symbol and expect to faceroll to
victory - move.

Few Agi. Orbs about the entire park, need level 5 agility for the Hidden Orb
on the lighthouse, and hit up the orbs on the buildings on the west side of
the beach. There is even an AU for the Gym Beacon if you want to get it now,
and in fact I expect you to. Not hard, just clear to it and don't miss the 
Audio Log in the little domed structure in front of it. Lastly, there is a
Hidden Orb at the west entrance to a little tunnel which is near the cluster
of buildings at the west end of the beach.

Now bring up the map and head to the next southern Cell Zone, which is at the 
top of some very tall buildings. There is an AU up here for the Gym Beacon as
well, but this beam needs help which we will cover later. For now, just get up
there, clear enemies and take cover. They have sniper rifles and grenade 
launchers so for most of the rest of the game you can't be a stationary 
target - move. 

May as well clear a path up to the AU if you follow the ramps and link it. 
Before you trigger the zone, head SW to the missile turret and try not to 
lose it, it's a hot knife through butter while you got it. The enemies got
everything, so take the high ground and reign down missiles, just careful where
you aim.

Like before, this stronghold is tied to another, so head north and hop down
to the street. Clear the area, mainly the turret nest, but it's up to you if
you want to take the turret mobile or leave it in place. You're a sitting
duck if you don't detach it, so it's best to take it. The zone is on the 
street corner, but collateral damage is okay here, and you can literally fall
back to safety below if needed.

To the west, on the street in front of a parking garage, you'll be in a mess
just clearing the area. Snipers all over, so you have to hunt them down and
kill them. You'll find a Hidden Orb and two tough Agi. Orbs on top of the tall
west building; both orbs are on top of antennaes. Clear the streets, including
the turret gunner on the over-hang, and then climb under the sniper on the 
bridge to get him. While up here, hit the metal plate to clear a path for the
apartment beam so that the Gym Beacon has two AU's up and running.

The Cell Zone in front of the police station can be real tough if not done at
night with the assistance of freaks. You go incoming from the left, right
above, and on the streets. You'll have to take that turret mobile on the roofs.

Next hit the Cell Zone to the NW, but don't miss the Audio Log near the 
antennea on a nearby roof. There are several turrets in the surrounding areas
of the zone on the street, so feel free. The enemies you take out for the 
defense are spread out, so stay mobile and you'll have to move to the west to
finish it off.

The other half of this stronghold is to the east, but there is also a very 
deadly AU that must be taken, the Cell are just too pesty from it. It's one for
the Radio Station. Make sure to get the bad guy under the AU.

Back to the Cell Zone, it's one of the most deadly to approach, with snipers 
and two turrets. North turret is priority #1, and the snipers are not hard to
take out, especially if you take them out going north to south. This should let
you clear the second turret easier, by clearing the snipers before this one.
Clear the areas around the turret, including the mouth to the street, and 
grab the Hidden Orb just under this southern turret, which is a little south
of where the zone is marked on the map.

Defending the zone is heck if you don't take the high ground, otherwise it's
very easy. Again, they spawn at both sides of the alley, so you have to move.
And if you don't have the bright idea to jump into the helicopter blades, 
head to the last zone to the east.

The zone at the NE of the Green Bay is in front of the Royal Vista, and it is
covered by snipers and a missile turret. Clear the area, the roof at the back,
grab the turret, and unload on the Cell when you defend.

Now head to the second half of Green Bay, the mostly abandoned island to the
north. We'll start with the stronghold to the west. The first one approaching
the island is very easy, you can just camp on the garage roof; it's clearing
the area before the defense that is most difficult. If you want that orb on
the pole, you need at least level 4 agility. Watch the hole in the bridge up

Then approach the mansion on the island, which has a missile turret and two
grenadiers on either side. You'll notice a new type of cell here, they almost
look like Agents like you. There's at least one at the back of this area, and
you want to clear all of it before hitting the zone. When you want to do the
zone, be sure to grab the missile turret. 

This Cell zone is the hardest yet, as you must watch for incomings all over,
there are a lot to kill, and they switch to grenades toward the end. If you
didn't have the missiles this would be pretty tough. 

Don't forget to hit the AU for the Radio Station and grab the Audio Log on the
top level of the mansion. Now head east to the middle Cell Zone, which is also
by the plate blocking your villa beam, so hit that on your way to the shanty
town zone.

The Cell Zone in the middle is set in a shanty town, so clear the Cell while
avoiding civilians. May as well grab the Renegade Orb here as well as the 
Hidden Orb under a house on the east end of the town, on the cliff. Head north
to the last zone and AU.

The lighthouse is heavily fortified from the rocks all the way to the top, so
you must clear it all. One thing to watch out for are the big guys with
rocket launchers, straight line shots, and cluster grenades. You want to pick
both up and save at least one of each to store away. There are also
shrapnel grenades. Most likely all of these could have been picked up sooner,
but oh well.

The Cell Zone is not too bad, you can always fall back to the front for cover.
And two big guys will appear as the last wave. For the AU at the top, you can
climb the rock until you hit the platforms on the back of the lighthouse, 
then hop them to the top (there are no tricks, it's straight jumps). Two guys
up at the top. Link the AU and then use the chip in the over-hang to jump to
the Hidden Orb at the tippy top. Be sure you link the AU before you dive for
the cove of water to the east.

That should do it for all the Cell Zones in Green Bay.

Radio Station

We should have hit all of the AU's already:

	#1. Around the Hillside Cell Zones on the main island.
	#2. At the back of the villa island to the west of the radio island.
	#3. North of Green Bay, at the top of the lighthouse.

The beacon is below the little complex sorta in the middle of the big island.
If you got the straight rockets from the lighthouse, use that heading into
this battle. The sniper rifle or another low-ammo, high-impact weapon would
be nice, but the attackers here will not be set, they will keep coming. But 
about when I ran out of rockets and sniper rounds, the beacon fired, so it
may still be the best way to go. Cluster grenades if you got em.

This battle is difficult when lots of the big freaks are on the beacon, but
they are fairly easy to fend off. The hard part is dealing with the brutes
that appear, which are huge freaks that charge, very fast, almost anticipating
where you are landing after you jump. So staying in the air is good, but there
are so many on the ground as well as there being attackers charging from the 
ground. It's a delicate dance of fragging the ground freaks and hitting the
attackers before they gang up on the beacon, as well as staying airbourne to
avoid the brutes.

Sportiz Gym

*NOTE: This beacon may have brutes too, but I'm not sure if progress in the
game affects their appearance. I did these beacons backwards, so I'm leaving
the door for brutes being here open.*

We already took care of two of the AU's for this beacon while grabbing all the
Cell Zones. One was at a dock on the beach to the south and another was at the
top of a connected series of rooftops in the apartment complex on the east 
end of Green Bay. The AU at the apartments also required us to clear it's beam
path, which we did when we took a Cell Zone near the gym.

The gym is at the west end of the section, but we should need the AU behind
it, just on the little beach. Clear the guys on the rocks, blow up the 
barrels on the AU, and turn it on. 

Now, before we go for this beacon, you must be warned that there is a 
significant leap in difficulty from the previous beacons. We're talking that
you have to be killing the attackers before they hit the beacon even once or
else you'll be behind the eight ball. So if you need to stock up, bring 
any of the following guns in this order: rocket Launcher, Sniper, Machine
Gun, Ultra SMG. And bring proximity mines if you can, they stick - they 
require you to change tactics if you've been dropping frags at your feet up
to this point.

The beacon drop is under the gym, easily reached by dropping down the hole. 
The cavern is quite large and full of chances to drop down to the pit below.
Your platforming accuracy will be put to the test here as well. Get a layout
of the place and drop the prize. 

*NOTE: Rocket or Flocket launcher, either one works well. The Flocker is 
homing, but it takes a little extra time too.*

Remember, hit the big freaks before they get into position on a column. We 
almost need to ignore the ground freaks, even if they turn on the beacon, but
not entirely. Save your frags/mines for the beacon, but don't focus on this
task. Honestly, it's super easy with the rockets, you just need to lock onto
the incoming attacker, shoot, and a well-placed missile will almost always hit.
Otherwise you will take a little more time, but there are only so many 
attackers that spawn, so once they are all dead you're free to go zombie
massacre around the beacon.

Freak Breaches: Green Bay ()

Clearing the gym opens two to the south, one inside the fair and one just to
the north of it. Both are pretty tame if you don't have big freaks after you
for other reasons, but they should show up after you start.

Then head north of the main island for another breach on the top of the 
Royal Vista hotel. This is a tough one if you don't bring some missiles, as
you have quads of big freaks and some nasty normals. I just hopped back and 
forth between the two spawning points, blasting the opposite group.

Restock and head south of the Royal Vista and you'll hit another breach in
front of a church. This one is tough if you worry about the citizens. If you
don't then it's bombs away.

Lastly, two more at the SW end of the main island. One at the back of the gym
and one to the south of the gym. Both on the beach, both very easy, and 
both can be shooting galleries. Really, the one behind the gym you just need to
stand on the rock cropping and pick off the freaks.

Next are the ones on the north island. First is the one near the villa, which
is another shooting gallery if you're on the rock ledge above the hole. The
other one is to the north, in front of the lighthouse, which should introduce
some brutes. So stay on the rocks, toss explosives into the spawning points,
and handle the brutes first, always.

Rooftop Races: Green Bay (3)

Head Above the Parapet - North of the carnival. Should be noted there are a 
ton of Agi. Orbs in the area, also a freak breach.

Locked in a Vault - Found almost in the middle of the main island, this one 
is pretty short, but tough. You'll need precise jumps and patience or you
could get stuck on one checkpoint for a while.

Road Races: Green Bay (2)

Wheels on Fire - Also near the freak breach and roof race just north of
the carnival. This is a turn-heavy race circling the apartment complex, but 
also taking a few sharp turns up the freeway to the north. Two laps.

Flight Club - Just east of the Royal Vista hotel. It's a short three lap race.

Parking Pace - Must complete first 5 races. This is in the middle of the 
freeway along the south.

To New Heights

Unity Heights is the third zone of the city, the NE portion of the map. It's
also the most crowded section so far, with winding roads and many objectives 
crammed into small areas. The enemies are also packing serious heat. In 
Green Bay we saw glimpses of stronger Cell Soldiers and the makings of more
wicked freaks, which are common-place in this section. So in other words, if
you came here without working on your skills and have a limited arsenal, then
it could be tough sledding to make that progress now.

*NOTE: I had all my skills at level 4, with level 5 agility and strength. Even
skipping over some of the stuff we've covered like the races, you should still
be in the ballpark no matter what.*

Let us approach it from the south, from Hope Springs. This will let us have
the same starting point and put us right next to a Cell Zone.

Cell Zones: Unity Heights

I'll tell you right now that you should consider bringing a sniper rifle like
the Harpoon and a rocket launcher-type of gun. Yes, you'll run out of ammo
quickly, but the enemies are packing their own heat, so if you just down a 
few you will be set.

We will start with the one to the very south, just off the bridge leading to
the quarry. The roofs here are covered with snipers, so get used to it. You
will notice that there is an AU up here, so may as well get that, killing two
turret gunners. This AU goes to the Comm Center to the east.


Next you must clear the entire area around the zone, and it's quite a task
as there are plenty of turret gunners, guys will missiles, and everyone else
has these very powerful machine guns. Be sure to confiscate one and don't miss
the cluster grenades if you haven't stored those away yet. You don't need to
clear the area leading to the west, but you could if you want.

Activating the zone inside the complex spawns Cell in the immediate area,
from the corners of this parking lot. So the trick is to stay moving in the
air and bring plenty of bombs. 

But you're not done, you have to go west and claim the zone in the street,
and this is even tougher because the Cell cars have rocket launchers on them,
so have to watch out. There are snipers on either side of the building, enemies
all up and down the street, and this is all before you turn on the zone. When
you do they only spawn from the ground on both sides of the building, but
as mentioned, the cars with rockets may be a problem. I say may because often
the rockets from the cars or from the guys will hit the other. 


Then cross the west bridge and tackle the zone in the busy intersection, and 
it's pretty straight-forward. Just keep in mind this landing zone isn't always
safe when you return.


*NOTE: Be on the lookout for homing rockets, if you don't already have.*

Next one is to the north, at the tall building known as Hope Tower. Clearing
the ground first isn't hard, and even clearing the ground troops after 
assaulting the zone isn't too bad. It's the climbing that is tricky. 

Climbing Hope Tower requires that you stay in range of the narrow vertical
zone space while finding sure footing. There is almost guaranteed to be an
easier way, perhaps something happens later in the game, but for now all I 
found that works is to climb up the building to the south, to it's roof, then
look north and you can jump to the level with all the baddies. It's pretty 
rough if you lack the fire-power and aren't ready, but you can take refuge in
the walkways (click LS to crouch). 

But that is not it, there are more higher up. As far as I can tell, the only
way up is to hop the ledges and balconies from here to the next level. It's
easy to fall off, just be sure to do small jumps to balconies when you are 
stuck. Remember, the jumping twirl in the air is best at hopping tiny
ledges, rather than grabbing the ledges (most people who read that will be all
like "what?").

*NOTE: Grab the three hidden orbs and audio log up while going up; 1 orb on
the first level of Cell, two on the second plus the log, and I believe that
is as far as you can go with level 5 agility.*


From Hope Tower, go north a bit for the next Cell Zone at a barricade in the 
street, and it's pretty easy as there are two turrets to spend up and only a
handful of Cell. A far cry from the last one.


Cross to the final isle and hit the zone in the middle of a circle of modest-
sized buildings. Difficult to clear, but harder to defend if you don't move
to higher ground. Try a side roof as the long rooftop is a spawn point and
these guys pack homing rockets, something you may want to grab and turn into
the drop point.


The final Cell Zone is comprised of three. Let's head to the easternmost
one, and the approach is key. It's in the middle of an intersection and there
are plenty of snipers and homing rockets all over, so you really should try to
approach from the high ground. Once it's clear, just blast the guys on the 
ground as they exit the doors, then climb up to the rooftops to clear the
last guys up here.

Then head north for the other two, both of which are the same story of working
from the air down. The second one from the north has a missile turret, and
the final zone also has an AU for the Research Ruins, so may as well. This
third one is kinda hard because of the citizens, but if you ignore them or it
is night, then it's all good. It's only difficult because they are so spread
out, but if you got explosives it should be cake.

Comms Center

Now let's head back to the south landing zone and get both AU's, or all three
if you didn't hit the southern-most one already while getting the Cell Zone
a while back. That first one was fairly straight-forward but introduced the
level of enemies you would be facing in snipers and beefy soldiers. 

The AU to the west is a little harder to get to. It has a TV screen on the 
SW corner that you can jump on and then jump around the corner to the window
bars. The third AU is further north, and it's easier to reach, with sparse 

Make sure you bring cluster grenades, strongest explosive gun, and another.

With all three up, head east to the foot of the LZ and across the street just
climb up to the silo where the three beams cross. Glide down or whatever and
you're ready to go. 

*NOTE: Level 5 strength gives the ground pound (jump and hold melee) and
level 5 agility gives the glide ability (hold Y while falling). A panic pound
when cornered is always a good option.*

Get your trigger ready because a Giant Freak will rush the beacon and start
smashing it. Stand on the plateau above and toss down missiles which should be
enough for the first. You will melee the other attackers, so do not waste ammo
on them. There is a refill of grenades on the side, but only grab when
completely out. If you fall, there are jump pads to get you back up.

After the first giant is down, melee like crazy until the second one shows up.
You'll be around 75% on the beacon, so unload all you can on him. Try to use 
the clusters only when there are lots of freaks on the ground. Toward the end
a final giant will show up, but depending on how much health is on the beacon
you may just be padding stats as it should hit 100% soon after.

Unity Heights Square

Head NW to the bridge leading to Green Bay and hop up the supports way up near
the top, as if you are too far up and jump you will most likely fall off, so
get near the top and then jump to the platform. Smash two Cell and turn on the

Now go east for the next, which is just east of an LZ. A building just to the
east of the building with the AU is a good ladder up. I was ready to 
unleash hell but one of my guys was standing up there. Same with the other
AU to the north of Hope Tower, which has a few ways to reach.

Glide down into the hole when stocked up for a more confined battle than the
last. This will be the first time you'll be in such a small space, but
you can bring what you like best.

Again with the Giants, but only two. The lack of a third this round means
there are tons more small attackers, both big freaks and suiciders. No time
to hold back on the missiles, if you see a target, fire. Hopefully you have 
just enough to clear both Giants while taking out enough others.

Security Ruins

*NOTE: If you haven't gotten a homing rocket turned in by now, I guess try to
find some Cell to kindly hand one over because you really need it.*

Now head to the north isle and hit the AU on the SE corner of this isle, which
is in on tiny circular building just off the freeway. The next AU being way to
the NE, at the lonely dome building, and lightly guarded too. The last AU is
just near where the beacon will drop, on a tiny isle that gets mad props for
being very difficult to climb, so good luck is all I have to say. 

The beacon goes down into the hole just to the east, and if you are mostly
full on your explosives, head on down. You do have cluster frags and two
missile guns right? Well get those and come back. FYI for now or if you die,
you can barrel-roll off the freeway to the east of the drop point for quicker

Clear the area around the drop and call it in. Grab the missile turret now.
What will happen is a fresh Giant will spawn on the ledge that circles the 
room. He will toss boulders and run around, stopping at set intervals. If you
have the homing rockets then all you have to worry about is some rock in your
way; if you have normal rockets then you have to wait for them to come to a 
stop or anticipate where they will be (not wise if you don't actually know the
spots and it's too much to explain here).

That sounds good, but there are only a few seconds between them when one dies,
so it's a constant struggle. Then you have a ton of non-attacking freaks who
will be damaging the beacon all the while, especially as the fight drags on
they will really start to hurt the beacon. 

You also have to account for a Giant that will run the spiral path up to the
beacon, which a couple of cluster grenades should do him in, and there are 
plenty of the big and Brute freaks in play too. 

As far as ammo-management, we will use the turret rocket first, as it's the
hardest to pick up late into the fight; but since this will be your first time
in this fight you may not use this to its full potential. All I can say is 
that each Giant that circles the room will stop after he's passed something
in his line of sight on the beacon, and when clear he stops in about 50 yard
intervals or so (it's not very far is what I'm trying to say). 

The hardest part is using this rocket turret to its best, otherwise you'll be
behind the eight ball the rest of the fight. You need your homing rockets for
the middle portion of this fight. The other key is to toss grenades or do a 
melee sweep around the beacon to clear it of any un-marked attackers. One final
note, the spiral path is your best way to recover health in a snap if needed,
and you can keep hunting the stalking Giants for a part of this path.

Research Ruins

We already hit one of these way to the north, as it was just near a Cell Zone,
so hopefully we only need two AUs. Hit the one further to the west, on a tiny
isle, on top of a broken hotel with four enemies guarding. The third AU is just
next to the beacon drop point, but guarded by four enemies; two gunners near
the AU and two bombers to the north. If you've been following along, then you
just finished all the Absorption Units in the city.

Hop the roof and drop down the hole. Same setup as the others, Giants charging
at the beacon in succession, with just a few attackers up high making you move
to get LOS on them. Remember, clusters kill Giants, and you'll have to use your
missiles on the higher-up attackers, but don't forget to clear the middle when
it gets too crowded.

And if you've followed the order of this guide, you've just finished up all
the beacons. But we're not done yet. We would cover all the stuff left to do
in Unity Heights, but let's finish this up first.

The Oil Refinery

This final objective string opens once you've deployed all nine beacons.

Turning Point

Head back to Hope Springs and hit up the Oil Refinery area west of the quarry,
the place you may have noticed was always covered with Cell. Finally bust in
from any direction. 

Remember to slightly scale down your arsenal, so maybe go proximity frags,
sniper, and anything else. Many targets with guns.

Your goal is to hit the four valves spead at all ends. The hard part is 
clearing the side enemies, as the marked valves are of course prime for a 
nice explosive. Not much I can say about clearing enemies, they spawn all
over, so just clear the guys above you at the valves and turn them so you can
move on; don't try to full clear this place.

The final step here is to head for the north end and hit a valve on a pier.
Thing is, Cell have respawned all over and the pier is heavily entrenched with
the beefiest they got. If you can grab a grenade launcher off someone, do so
because it will make the path cutting much easier. Then just pop the pier with
an explosive to clear it; hide in the water if needed. Turn the valve, grab
some ammo and grenades, and get ready for the final main objective.

Agency Tower

Don't worry about game progress, when you beat this objective you will revert
back as if you hadn't when you reload.

Beacon of Light

Cross the pipe and get inside the perimeter. Follow the blinking path if you
want, it's just getting you to the starting point along the base. There are
some weak munitions if you need them, mainly the grenades. When ready, turn
on the final event (resist the urge to head to an LZ for ammo, it's not 

There are three phases, meaning there are three faces of the tower that need
to be defended. Each face has about three to four levels of walkways and ramps
that go upward.

The new enemies introduced are Super Freaks (and they're super freaky!). They
are more close to the big freaks that we've had since early on, but they also
have the charge of the Brutes. But they are not after you, they are after the
face of the building.

On each level of the walkway there will be sets of these freaks shooting at
the energy core. Your job is to stop the ones attacking the core, while 
smashing the few that target you alone. It's usually four attacking the core,
two on the platform and two on columns to the side. The two on the platform
can be smacked easily, or blasted with a single explosive. The two on the sides
usually have explosive units next to them for easy kills. 

The hard part is keeping the freaks off you, but you don't need to kill them
all, just clear the attackers on your current level, clear a path, and head
up to the next level. There are turrets if needed, but with the charges it's
hard to keep a turret for long. And you shouldn't need to hit the fourth 
level if you handled the others in a timely manner.

If you fall, use the jump pads. If you run out of ammo, have to grab a turret 
or melee the ones you can. There are three phases of this, so once one core
is clear, you hop down and head left to the next face of the tower. All 
phases are basically the same, maybe a slight increase in freaks after you, and
the third has freaks on the wall that must be shot down. But other than
that it's really an easy fight. 

Everyone will watch the scene and be all like "we should have fought that 
helicopter" but trust me, another helicopter boss fight we do not need.


And that's it as far as the main game, but as you can see from that last fight
the main objectives aren't really the selling point. Now we move onto focusing
solely on the side-objectives.

I had over 300 agility orbs, all skills at or very near to level 5, found about
30 Hidden Orbs, about 20 Audio Logs, we completed a few of the races, and we
did all Freak Breaches for the first two sections. What we have not touched on
are the stunt rings. There are two kinds, the car and flight suit rings. So
if you are after that 100% completion, there is much more to do.

* 5. Author Info / Copyright                                                 *





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"filler" that are so easy for the devs to make and so many of you suckers fall
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I hope you can learn to find things in this guide if you must (ctrl + F) and
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