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Army Of Two Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

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We have a collection of cheats that includes unlocking ALL the secondary weapons and ALL the special weapons, unlocking Professional difficulty and getting 30,000 cash very easily.

More Army Of Two Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 14 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Army Of Two please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3

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Quick Cash

There is a little trick with which you can accumulate quite a bit of cash, you just have to be prepared to do the same thing over and over again... Ok, here is the deal.

In China, complete the taasks at the beginning of the level, blow up the bridge and get to the hovercraft. Here the game will auto save your money. Now quit out of the game, reload and go back and do it again... And again... And again... Well as many times as you want.

China: Easy Money

Start the China mission and complete the first objective for $30,000. When you have completed the objective, quit and reload the mission to get another $30,000 (to get the money you may have to walk back down the mountain). You can repeat this as many times as you want.

SSC Challenge Pack DLC Achievements

To go with this downloadable Challenge pack there are four more achivements, they are as follows:

Barrel SSC Challenger (25)

Destroy 500 barrels in ranked SSC Challenge matches

SSC Challenge Marksman (25)

Achieve 75% accuracy at the conclusion of a ranked three round SSC Challenge match

SSC Challenge Win (25)

Win a ranked SSC Challenge match

True SSC Challenger (25)

Win every stage of a ranked three round SSC Challenge match

These achivements are only available with this SSC Challenge Pack.

Unlock Professional Difficulty

To unlock this mode you just have to complete the game once on either recruit or contractor difficulty.

Switch Characters

When you are in 'Campaign' mode and you want to switch character go to the 'Campaign' menu and select 'Start New Campaign' followed by the character you want to play as. Then return to the 'Campaign' menu when you now choose 'Continue Campaign' you will start with the character you selected.

Unlock all secondary weapons and all special weapons

If you are able to complete the game in professional difficulty you will unlock all the secondary and special weapons. Pro difficulty is unlocked after you have completed the game in either recruit or contractor difficulty

Unlock all primary weapons

After you have completed the game in either recruit or contractor difficulty all primary weapons will become unlocked when you play through the game again. It also unlocks the professional difficulty mode.

How to get easy money in one level

You need xbox live to do this. Go to the market place and for free download the free map pack from pontiac and yout get 2 campain extra levels. Go to miami alternat version and get 75,000 by killing last boss. It's easy cause you can get same money on recruit it's that easy!!!!!!!

Save your Money

While doing the campaign mode for the first time purchase the AUG and upgrade this most of the way, as this weapon has high damage and accuracy.

Then for the sniper rifle purchase the SVD.

Save your money and don't bother purchasing any other weapons as when you pass it you will unlock all the primary weapons. Then when you pass it on Professional you will unlock all the weapons.

This way you can upgrade the weapons you have and also use the extra cash to unlock the Mask (purchase all Masks) achievement.

Easy way to get mind is the mind killer acheivment

Easier to do it on either contractor or pro and with a freind tell him not to shoot and get on a turret when a bunch of pepole come shoot and miss on purpose it will take 3-5 minutes


You can also unlock the following achievements when completing the campaign mode with the professional difficulty.

Complete level 1. 30G

Complete level 2. 30G

Complete level 3. 15G

Complete level 4. 15G

Complete level 5. 15G

Complete level 6. 15G


When you beat the first mission it's preety good to get the ak-47 it should last you about 3 4 rounds to get more money


To do a backflip press the back button 2 times and thenpress a and x

Get 30,000 very easy

Get a sniper and start a new game on china. Go and destroy the bridge and get to the air boat and get past that part and get to check point and end game start over and you should have money and be able to do it again. Its that easy!!!

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