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Halo 2


Single Player Campaign

by superstyle4


Written by: Superstyle4

Special thanks to: Pug Lover 21


Sit back, relax, and pay attention.


Just follow the Gunnery Sergeantís orders and then step into the elevator when Johnson arrives.


The atrium:

 When youíre in it, youíll face off against some grunts, a blue elite, and (gulp!) a red elite. While you can certainly try to mele-combo the blue one if you can get the jump on him and you have the stones for it, DO NOT attempt to get within kissing distance of the red elite. Heíll crush you with his crimson-plated fist if he gets the chance.

Hanger 1:

Youíll be given more plasma grenades than bullets in here, and the bad guys all pour out of the same place. Lob those stickies liberally into the crowds until no more decide to come through.

Hanger 2:

Pick off the turret-operating grunts up on the catwalk first, then itís grenades, grenades, grenades. Go back to the first hanger to get more if you need to.


Youíll have to get through several elites in order to clear it (including an invisible one) but if you make good use of the plentiful grenades (see a theme here?), youíll be fine. And thereís a shotgun waiting for you in the Armory or, for you more confident players a pistol/SMG dual-wield option. No matter what your weapon of choice, though, thereís a ton of ammo on the tables. Grab it all.

Atrium 2:

Watch out for the enemies on the turrets, both close and on the opposite side of the room.


The special-ops elites arenít as scary as they look. Lure them inside if you can to take away their vertical advantage, then rip into their skulls with the versatile battle rifle.

Portside shipping:

Your first taste of the buggers! Have a battle rifle or a pistol ready, or else prepare to suffer.

Firing control:

So many elites, so little time. Grenades first, then close-quarters shotgun blasts when you run out.


Level start: Get to the second level of the building as soon as possible and get on the turret. Just first watch out for the red elite on top of the buildings. Keep gunning, and if your shields drop, back off and take cover. When you think youíve killed every wave (grunts, jackals, buggers, elites) keep your turret trained on the door straight in front of the emplacement. A pair of hunters will bust through. If youíre ready for them, you can chew them up rather quickly.

Sniper alley: If you donít have a friendly marine to take a sniper rifle from (hold the X button next your sniper rifle-wielding ally to swap weapons with him), kill the first jackal that comes across the middle of the alley. Run out, grab his beam rifle, then fall back and pick off the remaining snipers.

A day at the beach: Board the first Ghost or let your marines destroy it; thereís another down on the beach. Let the AI drive the Warthog and you take the Ghost. Proceed and relish the first big vehicle battle of the game.

The tunnels: Pilot Ghost. Shoot. Kill. Rinse. Repeat.


Tank on the bridge: If it moves, kill it. Use your secondary weapon (the chaingun) and its unlimited ammo supply. Watch for the Wraith in the middle of the bridge, and the subsequent Phantoms and Banshees that will come up on your six.

End of the bridge: Multiple Wraiths hover between you and the entrance to the next tunnels. Use the toll booths to shield yourself from them and take them down. Use your chaingun to soften them up.

City streets: If you can get the Gauss Warthog and its gunnerís chair, take it. If not, board a Ghost . When you encounter the Wraiths, take them down immediately after dealing with the snipers on the overpass.

The Scarab: Make sure you have lots of rockets and grenades. And donít fall off the moving mechanical menace.


Leading up to the elevator: Stab and grab a carbine to accompany the sword you start with.

Hanger: Use your cloaking device, and then kill what you can. Wait for the invisibility to recharge , then repeat. When the reinforcements arrive, let your allies do as much of the work as possible.

In the Banshee: Use your A button moves to perform barrel rolls and altitude climbs. Lead your shots carefully, and use your secondary-fire fuel bomb (B button) when youíre confident of getting a hit.


First Flood room: Kill the big guys, but let the little parasites (or ďpopcorn,Ē as I like to call them) explode on you. They cause minimal damage and your ammo is more valuable than your rechargeable health.

Giant elevator: Whip out the sword against the Flood and the carbine (and then sentinel beam when you run out of carbine) versus the sentinels.

The lab: While itís tempting to jump right in, let the Covenant vs. Flood battle play out as long as possible first in order to thin the resistance. Then get to the turrets at the end of the room, but be careful! If you fail to kill a combat Flood form before it gets to you, it can jump on top or behind you and deliver untold amounts of pain. And if you donít blast the carrier forms before they get to you, youíre doomed.

The cable tower: Once again, a sword to cut through the cables and the Flood combat forms and a carbine for the sentinels and long-distance death-dealing. Focus on the three cables when you get there; donít worry about any foes unless they get directly between you and your goal. On the way back down again, set your sights not on the enemies but instead on getting to the newly opened door and elevator.

Killing the Heretic: When faced with the Heretic and two holographic decoys, start slashing with a sword.


Landing zone: Proceed along the path, get the battle rifle, and go to town. Grenade or snipe the turret, then work on the rest. When the Phantom comes, note that you start with a rocket launcher. Target it, lock on, and let it rip. Repeat this for the next wave.

At the bridge: Let your marines do the Warthog driving while you man the chaingun. When itís clear, flush out the bridge-control room with grenades, then speed over in a Ghost and board a Wraith.

After the bridge: Take your Wraith and wreak untold havoc upon your foes. And when you reach the pillared complex entrance, donít think you canít fit your Wraith through. Take it through the first ramp (second gap) on the left.

Main complex exterior: Donít get out of your Wraith. Ever. Not until until itís dead silent and time to move inside.

Top of waterfall: Mele the jackal with his back to you, take his beam rifle, and tear it up. Again, when you think youíre done killing, youíre not. Pick off every last foe, and then hop down into the valley.

Overlooking the lake: Grab a beam rifle from the Covenant weapon station as you exit the valley. When you exit the canyon and reach the lake, snipe away.

Honor guards: As you enter the complex, creep carefully around the corner until you can snipe the honor guards with your beam rifle. If you miss and they come looking for you, stick them with a plasma grenade or two.


Moving through the towers: A beam rifle and a shotgun will take care of the sniping jackals and the elites, respectively.

Battling the hunters: There should be plenty of beam rifles around from the dead jackals. Get into a position where you can aim for the orange fleshy bits and drop the big blue beasts in one shot each.

On the gondola: Keep on snipiní, partner.

The Big Dark Room with More Hunters: It gets quite nasty here with a handful of buggers, sword-toting honor guards, sniping jackals, and a pair of hunters.

Second hallway: Itís filled with invisible guys! Pick off the elites first and leave the grunts for easy pickings later. Watch for an invisible sword-bearing elite to come through the door at the end of the hall.

The courtyard: Get what enemies you can with your long-range weapons (beam/sniper rifle, battle rifle), then when the Pelican drops a weapons cache, be sure to snag a shotgun.

The second gondola: Take a rocket launcher and a battle rifle before boarding. Use the former on the Banshees and the latter on the special-ops elites. Then grab the on-board sniper rifle to finish off the baddies at the end of the line.

Killing regret: Slice your way through Regretís bodyguards, then bum-rush the hoverchair-stricken old coot and board him. Then beat him down Ė literally Ė with your B button melee attack.


First hallways: Just run. Sure, it sounds like a copout, but itís completely unnecessary to battle the sentinels and the Flood. You can simply run through each level, then activate the piston that leads down to the next floor and repeat.

The guardian: When you encounter the first guardian Ė the floating two-armed spheres with front-facing shields, either get behind it and fire or aim carefully for their exposed arms. Once heís destroyed, hit each of the four ring locks, and you can move on.

Guardian 2: Ignore the Flood and sentinels and use your invisibility to get right up underneath the guardian and rip into it. Jump back down and let your shields and cloaking mechanism recharge when necessary. When heís destroyed and the door opens, gun it to the next piston.

The library: Cloak, run, proceed downward. Repeat as necessary until the finish of this section.

Guardian 3: You can battle him or just run through. Your choice. But if you run through, keep an eye out for the shotgun-equipped Flood. You should kill him and take his shotgun.


Choices, choices: At the beginning of the level, you can choose to drive the Covenantís answer to the Warthog Ė the Spectre Ė or you can hop in its turret seat and let the AI drive. Alternatively, you could take the ghost and let the AI take the Spectre (not recommended). Or if you get carsick, you could go on foot.

Huge vehicle battle: Everything and the kitchen sink gets thrown at you here. The easiest way to crush all opposition Ė the handful of guardians, the sentinels, and the Flood Ė is to take a Ghost, make a beeline to the opposite end of the massive battlefield, get in the Scorpion tank before the Flood does, and then use it to blast everything else to smithereens. And youíll want that tank anyway, becauseÖ

Quadruple guardian fiesta: The next area features four guardians that come looking for you, one after the other. Stay behind the protective glass and blast them when they get high enough in the sky.

Wraith Canyon:   Youíve got a choice here: Keep your Scorpion or take the Wraith theyíve left you. I recommend the human tank as itís easier to hit things from long distance than with the arc-firing Covenant behemoth. 

Burning, broken Flood canyon: Running is not cowardly. Itís smart.

Out of the fire and into the snow: Sneak toward the Wraith. Board it and destroy everything else for the next couple of areas.

On the gondola: Back into a corner away from the action and let your Covenant friends eliminate as many Flood as possible. When theyíve all heroically given their lives in pursuit of the highest Covenant goals, jump in and finish the job. Pick up a sword from a corpse if you donít already have one.


Starting out: This is the only point in the game where youíre forced to use a needler. Sorry. Hereís something to make you feel better: When the level starts, turn around. Thereís a second needler you can dual-wield. On the bright side, you do get rewarded with a brute shot at the end of the needler action.

The long purple hallways: Lots of jackals, brutes, and grunts in here. Stick to the carbine and the brute shot. Use the former to snipe brutesí heads from a distance, and the latter to melee-combo them up close. Youíll actually get more use out of the brute shot as a melee weapon, thanks to the curved blade on its underside.

Rescuing the marines: A brute will make life a bit difficult when you first come down the gravity lift. Once heís dispatched, pick off the rest on your level, then snipe whomever you can on the lower two stories.

More purple long hallways: Your newly rescued marine friends will show you their gratitude by actually being quite helpful here. Let them help you out and use your carbine to snipe what you can.

Hunters!: Youíre in a very tight spot with no room to back out and snipe and no real          sniper weapon to harm the hunters. You may want to consider just running through the room. Seriously. If they follow you out at least youíll be able do deal with them on open ground (and there are beam rifles out there).

Yay, fresh air!: Time to ride some horizontal gravity beams and kill more of everything. Keep that carbine and brute shot handy. And at the end of it all when youíre about to enter the tower, watch out for the pair of invisible sword-wielding elites.

The big elites vs. brutes battle: Do as Cortana suggests and let them slug it out. Itís going to be tough enough when you get in there. Hope you picked some heavy artillery, like the fuel-rod cannon. Youíll need it for the hunters.

Elites vs. brutes 2: Again, take Cortanaís advice and let your enemies thin out each others numbers. Then get in and clean up the mess. You may want to throw some grenades in the direction of the fuel-rod-toting elite.


Brute-tastic: Youíll be fighting a lot of brutes early on. The first one Ė youíll notice him on your motion sensor before you actually see him Ė will turn his back to you. Melee him and take what he drops. Youíll need his plasma grenades. And donít forget to pick up the energy sword youíll walk right over.

Inside and on the way down: At the three-story platform portion that leads down to a bottom level, take notice of in-between platforms. You can jump onto them and snipe or hurl grenades at enemies as they pour out of each door.

The great outdoors: Donít miss the fuel-rod cannon before you step outside. Take it and the carbine, and prepare for a brute onslaught. And thenÖ

Take a ghost: Prepare for brutes, snipers, and grunts in turrets. Giddy-up Ghosty, and try not to get your ride stuck with a plasma grenade!

Over the river: At the brute/jackal roadblocks, go for the snipers first, then worry about the big guys.

Fight club: This is not an easy chapter. Stop your ghost well short of the waterfall (to keep it out of grenade range), and snipe as many brutes and other foes as you can. When youíre done, look for the Wraith in the adjacent are, board it, and use it to kill everything else. Up above in the hallway between the two canyon areas, take whatever you like from the weapons cache.


The beginning: More Flood, and they donít like you now any more than they did before. Rush toward the Pelican wreckage and grab the shotgun, then go to work. Thereís a rocket launcher there too for those who like big explosions.

Through the door: More purpley goodness, and plenty more brutes. Get Ďem in a crowd if you can, and when the sword-equipped Flood wanders in, pick that little treat up.

Flood vs. buggers: Let them have it out. The platforms are too narrow and happen to reside over a bottomless void. The fewer enemies you have to dance with, the better. If youíre lucky, there will be literally one foe left standing when you take the gravity beam across.

The really dark purple hallways: bring a sword or shotgun (your choice) to go with your carbine. Proceed with caution, and watch your back. A couple of the Flood will drop rocket launchers for you, but it may not be a good idea to pick one up given the dark, close-quarters battlegrounds.

Flood battle from hell at the top of the elevator: Hide behind a pillar in a corner with your sword and wait for them to come to you (and destroy each other).


The beginning of the end: Saddle up, Arbiter. This is it. The great journey is almost complete. Jump in the Wraith and start blowing $&!# up.

Battle across the ravine: youíll face off against a horde of brutes and a few jackals. Snipe with your carbine or, better yet, take one of the beam rifles off the rack in the previous hallway and make quicker work of them. Then, when youíre done, go back and pick up your carbine.

The long bridge: Snipe the beam-rifle-toting jackal at the opposite end of the bridge, then grenade the shield-bearers. They should bunch up nicely for you.

The insane brute battle from hell: Eliminate the jackals first on the top level (the sword on the floor of the second level is handy for that), then start hurling grenades into the crowd of brutes Ė and snipe too. Use the corners as cover.

Escorting the Scarab: Stay in the banshee. Make liberal use of the fuel-rod bomb (B button) to dispatch the Wraiths, turrets, and Spectres, and other Banshees. There are fresh Banshees along the path if yours gets banged up.

Still more brutes: In the rampy room with the glass floors, you can stick and snipe who you can and duck into the area under the floor for cover if necessary. Caution: Brutes may come down there too.

Game over: Tartarus is no pushover, but heís far from a major challenge. Start by sticking one of his cohorts with a plasma grenade before jumping across to the platform. When youíre there, let your teammates work on his shields, and when heís vulnerable, take him out. Jump on top of the four concrete ledges so you have the high ground and can easily hop out of the way if he comes after you.

Congratulations on beating the Campaign part of Halo 2. I hope my guide helped you, and that there will be more to come in the future.

Happy gaming =)