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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Cheats and Tips

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Check out our collection of cheats which includes how to level up easily, infinite EXP in Nar Shadaa's refuge sector and regenerate Force points fast.

More Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Xbox Cheats and Tips

We have 43 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Different Characters

By making decisions you will have a choice of different characters.

Unlock Disciple:

Select a female character at the beginng and the Disciple will join you once you meet up with him on Dantooine.

Unlock Handmaiden:

Select a male character in the beginning and the Handmaiden will join you once you leave the Telos Jedi Academy.

Unlock Hanharr:

Align yourself with the Dark Side before the fight between Hanharr and Mira and Hanharr will join you.

Unlock HK-47:

Collect the 4 different HK parts that are scattered across the worlds and talk to the broken HK droid near the bridge and when he is fixed he will join you.

Unlock Mira:

Align yourself either in Neutral or with the light..

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Cheats

Light Side points:

On the secret Jedi base on Telos, speak to the handmaiden repeatedly and you can gain infinite light side points.

Unlock 1st Person Camera

During game play enter Y, Left, A, Y

Security Code to Turbolift

Code is 7, 5, 13, 17, 3

T3-M4 and the Warehouse: Secret Door Code

You know the part where you have to be T3 and move the blocks of letters so the top 8 figures matches perfectly the bottom ones? Well, I'm going to make it easy for you: there are three ways to open this door.

First, you can bash it open.

Second, move the center block counter-clockwise, the left block counter-clockwise, and the right block clockwise.

Third, move the center block counter-clockwise, the right block clockwise, and the left block counter-clockwise.

OK, so the second and third are pretty much the same, I just wanted to give you the option of doing it either way--it mattereth not, I think. But if it does, go with the second one--I haven't actually tried option 3 yet. ^^"

Regenerate Force Points Fast

Wherever you go take Atton the Pazzak playing scoundrel with you, the reason being is that he is very useful when your Force Points start getting low and you need to regenerate quickly. Play a game of Pazzak and your Force Points will be regenerated when you complete the game.

100% Non-Random Way to get a Silver Lightsaber Crysatal

On Nar Shadaa there are two merchants, Geeda and Oondar. If you talk to Oondar he will complain about a Not-male Rodian. Ask him why there is no line and he will tell you about Geeda after that, choose the dialogue option about her. If you help him he will give you a discount. Talk to Geeda about Oondar and she will give you a discount. Talk to Oondar and he will threaten you. Tell Geeda about the deal, and she will say you have to choose between Oondar or herself. Side with her and ask about opening trade routes. She will tell you that she can trade with Dantooine and Onderon if you resolve the situiations on them. Complete Dantooine then talk to her about opening trade routes then about Dantooine. She will have more items to sell, including a Silver Lightsaber.

VERY easy xp

In the tomb on Korriban there is a dead Jedi where if you take things from him 2 hissis will spawn. Kill them then receive your xp. Then "open" up the jedi again and 2 more hissis will appear. You can spawn a lot of hissis' at once and the easiest way to kill them (I've found out) is the use the force power death field on a large group of them.

Infinite EXP in Nar Shadaa's Refuge Sector


Good persuade skill

Low treat injury skill(3 and under is best)

1. Head to Nar Shadaa's refugee sector and look for the Serroco gang and defeat them.

2. Talk to Hussef (in the center of the refugee camp) and get a quest from him to convince the Exchange to lessen their pressure on the refugees.

3. Find Geriel, he's the sick refugee. Talk to him to get a journal entry ("Plague Carrier"). You can attempt to cure him but you must be unsuccessful or the whole method for the glitch would end here, hence the low treat injury skill requirement.

4. Talk to Saquesh, the squid-guy boss of the Exchange for that sector. You can talk to him about several things but the following topic is essential for the glitch.

(conversation p..

Infinate influence with kreia

After Visas attacks you when you board your ship go talk with Kreia and tell her that when visas attacked that she did something to your sight, she will then tell you that she did nothing that wasn't already there and will tell you to close your eyes, do as she says and a cutscene will start, when it's over your conversation will end. You will then be notified of an influence gain. Repeat that exact same conversation to gain more, and more influence. You will know when your influence is maxed when your not notified of an influence gain then you will be able to ask Kreia anything.

Light Side Mastery

Did you know that if you completely master the Light Side (110% Light, it seems on the scale thingy), you get an attribute bonus? True story. Which particular attribute depends on your class, however--your current class. If you are a Jedi Consular or Jedi Master, you get a +3 to your Wisdom. If you're a Jedi Sentinel or Jedi Watchman, you get a +3 to your Constitution. If you're a Jedi Guardian or Jedi Weapon Master, you get a +3 to your Strength. If your influence is great with your companions, and they're a Jedi, they'll get the bonus too, when they get full Light, as well.

I'm not sure if this works with the Dark Side as well--I'm testing that right now. Dark Side Mastery to get a bonus to your attributes; nothing like that to get the heart pumping.

Dark Side Mastery

Like I said I would, I have found that when you max out the Dark Side, you get a power boost. I've only got this with Jedi Sentinel and Sith Lord, so I can only give you those stat increases: Sentinel gets a +3 to DEX, and Sith Lord gets +50 Force Points. With this new information, I'm not sure my last hint was entirely accurate--the one mentioning "Light Side Mastery," if it did indeed get accepted (too lazy to look right now... ;) )

Anyway, now you know.

Easy level up

Believe it or not I've found a cheat for this game well it's more of a glitch but when you go to the secret tomb on koriban when you can go left to kreira go to the right and there will be a body every time you click on it more and more hissis will come just kill them and walla

(i did this for about an hour and got from lv 24 to lv 44) after this you will beat the game really easy so have fun owning the game

See Your Character On The Main Menu!

This isn't really a cheat but it's quite cool. Notice when you are at the main menu there will be a person at the left of the options, it usually starts with Nihilus but as you go on further it changes to Sion and Traya. If you're smart then you will notice that all of these people are Sith Lords. To get your character on the front screen all you do is be a real bad boy (or girl) until you reach full Dark Side points, sometimes it only works if you are a prestige class, my character is a Sith Assasin with full Dark Side alignment and whenever I go on he is standing in the black smoke with his Dark jedi Master robes on (which I don't actually have in the game). This is quite cool. Anyhoo. . .

May The Force Be With You!

Must Haves!

I found everything/everybody to be extremely easy with these must haves:

Make sure your FP maximum is as high as possible i.e. On Nar Shaadda right before entering the cantina Kreia contacts you. Say things like "you can feel the force flow through you" and your FP maximum will be increased.

These Force Powers are an absolute must have:

Force Storm

Force Crush

Master Force Scream

Master Force Heal

Also you gotta have Ataru lightsaber form. You learn this by watching Master Vrook as he fights you.

Double lightsabers

To get double lightsabers what you do is you type- giveitem g_w_dblsbr00#

# = any number 1-10 or 9 I think

Sentinel vs. Master Vrook

If you're a Dark Side Sentinel and hafta kill Vrook on Dantooine, here's what to do:

Get Prestige class first,

Learn Force Storm

Get high stealth

When fighting, run away behind a tree and lose him. Then turn on stealth, sneak up to him, and use force storm. Run away and lose him again. Repeat. Stick with it! This is how I won.

X lightsabers = lots of credits

Once the sith woman has joined your party and you have a lightsaber, goto your workbench on the ebon hawk and click on to the equip screen then give the sith your lightsaber, make sure that the upgrades in the lightsaber don't include your crystal.

Then exit the equip screen and use the workbench to upgrade items, forgot to mention that you also need a few diferent colour crystals. Also allways rember to save game just incase it gose kaka.

Now if the lightsaber is blue change it to red and press x to assemble then select it again and press x again to assemble without changing anything. You will now note that you have anouther lightsaber exit the workbench and save, then load that save, this will make the cheat stick, what you can now do is give both lightsabers t..

Max health force power glitch

Okay, I found this out on accident when I was playing the game.

You have to have the final healing force power for this to work, trust me it does, because this helped me beat Kreia.

Anyway, when you click the healing power right before it activates click an attack that you do without force powers and it will heal you and hurt your opponent.

Mandalore's Room

On Dxun, when you meet up with Mandalore, get someone with good stealth and a stealth field generator. There is a room in the back of the place that Mandalore is in. When you sneak up the catwalk you must have a lightsaber or good security to open the door. Once you get in, there are metal boxes with valuable items in them. This code also applies to the PC version of the game.

Jekk'Jekk Tarr Tunnels

The tunnels under the Jekk'Jekk Tarr on Nar Shadaa are kinda tough, right? Well, so long as you have a fair Demolitions skill and a slight sense of direction, it's not all that bad. But, the easiest way to get through the tunnels, I think, is to go...

1. Forward once

2. Turn left

3. Charge ahead!

You should come to the end of the tunnels pretty quick. If you don't want to do that, you can just hug the wall--go straight until you can't go straight no more, then turn left, or turn left then go straight till you can't go straight no more, and...yeah, stuff like that. But the most effective is to open the door straight ahead of you when you enter, turn left, and charge.

You're welcome.

How to survive longer in Ithorian compound.

After you get the message that the Ithorians are under atack go to the place by the cantina and buy alot of med packs from the first brother. Hope this helpsSmile

Red saber crystal

Do some side jobs for Geedo and ask for the special reseves and there will be a red crystal.

Less hits in handmaiden fight

When fighting the handmaidens attack once and then run away but not off the mat, if your lucky you won't get hit, when you are fighting all of then use force lighting until it runs out and then keep using granades.

Keep Blasters, Parts, Spikes, and Mines and any other items you

Okay so you start the tutorial and you get all the items you can without wasting most of them. You do all the jornal entries for the exp. And when you're ready to use the star map don't. Instead go to end tutorial so you can have the items, weapons and misc. Stuff you got in you're inventory. After you go through the mini showing of you getting out of the kolto tank then go to inventory to equipped items. The weapons suck so sell the ones you got from tutorial. The only good items are parts spikes comuter spikes. And once you save the doid you get all the items you have so you have double (only try to see items after you get off peragus and get you're stuff back on telos. Hope I helped. Yes I love this game. Love you always,

Darth Trayus

Onderion Hints

In the Tomb of Freedon Nadd, when you turn right at the beginning and there's the equation, right? It is (6 * 2) - 8 + 9 */ 1 = 13. I say times or divided by because in my game, it's times, but in my mate's game (he's a mathematician), it's divided by. Dunno why it's different, but oh well.

Still in the Tomb, when you turn left at the beginning there's the situation there? You put the C one back in and you're good. At least, you do in my game.

In the Royal Palace on Onderon, there's the door that's all securitied up with the console? The numbers you put in are 66, 45, and 39, in that order. In this room (I think it's Talia's bedroom), there's a massively hard-to-open box. I had HK-47 with a Security skill of 27 and a Security Spike Tunneler open it. You may have to ..

Low-pitched voices

Plug another controller into the forth port and press the black button

Change Voices- Add a controller to the fourth po..

Change Voices- Add a controller to the fourth port and press Black or White to raise and lower character voices.

Happy gaming =p

Real quick way to get................

A real quick way to get a silver crystal is go to Dantooine and Then go to crystal cave and on one of the crystals is a silver one along with other upgrades for your lightsaber

A way to get a lightsaber is to do dantooine first.

A way to get handmaiden be a jedi(which rocks by the way)is be a really good friends to her(i forgot how to)

Darth Eon saying May The Force Be With Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Detecting Remains

If you wanna find remains and don't fell like wasting time, read this. Every time you kill an enemy, if they dropped remains, the game will pause for a brief moment.

Characters who can be converted to jedi


Visa mar


Bao dur





Visa mar


Bao dur




Can learn abilitys from atton kreia and visa

And handmaiden if a guy

Easy Experience

On Korriban in the tomb of Ludo Kressh, there is an area with a dead jedi in it. If you serch this jedi, two hssiss will emerge. The more that you search the corpse, the more hssiss will emerge. If you are a light side jedi, you want to have master force drain and death field. Use death field three times then switch to force drain so neither your health or force points go below a critical level. I f you are a dark jedi ;however, you only need death field because your force points comeback as fast as you use them.

Some easy ways to kill enemies.

Below are some ways I used to kill certain enemies, like Jedi, or as Atton on Nar Shadaa, attacking the Twileks.


WHAT YOU NEED--- LOTS of mines, Demolitions skill

When you are attacking jedi (Vrook for example) run around until you manage to get him to stop chasing you (run behind a planter or something). After he stops chasing you, put a long line of mines next to you, preferably frag, plasma, sonic, or anything else that causes damage (no concussions). Then, get him to chase you again, and lead him into your mine trap. He should walk through them, and if you placed enough, it WILL kill him.


WHAT YOU NEED-- good blaster skill and feats. Grenades?

When it starts, run behind the counter and just sho..


REQUIREMENTS: lots of mines and grenades. (especially mines) this is very convinient if you don't have alot of health packs. Its also fun. Before you open a door to any room with enemies, lay down a trail of mines that lead to a cleared room then open the door assasins or dark jedis will most likely chase you. Run through the trail of mines and they will follow you they will be wounded so it will be easy to finish them off. But any soldiers with guns will stay stationary. If there are allot of soldiers in one room (this is where the grenades come in) just throw some grenades in there but it would be useful if you use a shield so all the firing wont do as much damage and if your health is low just go into a cleared room and revive y..

Dark side-Light side

Depending on the side you choose the story changes. Like the first game there are alternate endings. They also play a part in who joins your party. On the dark side you have the option to kill all the Jedi that you are searching for.

If you do Dantooine first ,on the dark side, you go to the crystal caves after the enclave, I suggest tying up any loose ends, there you kill Jedi Vrook,( be sure to allow him to teach you his form first) the mercenary's then take over Khoonda and you get to help enihilate the rest of the population. On the good side of course you save them.

On Nar Shadda,before you go to Viquis at the Jekk Jekk Tarr, if you are on the dark side and you go to see Vogga the Hutt first. It will give you the option to make a deal with the Wookie Hanharr. ..

Security fails

If something says security faliure then just use security again on the object


Everyone says to get a lighsaber you need to complete all missions on nar shadaa. But if you just follow my guide lines you don't.

You should already have one part from telos. I got mine from the ithorians.

In nar shadaa go to the docks, (when you land follow the path to the big area and stick to the left), when in the docks follow the left wall and stop when at a door with what is called the flophouses inside. Go to the end of the hallway and on the left hand side go in the second to last room, a man called lootra will be inside tease him to attacking and kill him. You now have 2 lightsaber parts.

Next part is slightly longer. Get a slealth belt thingy and go to the entertainment module, on the right is the cantina, go inside and activate your stealth, w..

Easy gaming

If you skip Nar shadaa (spelling) the game will be much easier, go to onderoon(spelling) and korribean(spelling) just skip nar shardaa (spelling) and the game will be alot easier I did this and nar shadda (spellin) was very easy.

Happy gaming!!

Neverending Experience

To do this correctly, you will need darkside power , Force Storm ,Drain Field, Go to Korriban , to the caves , into the place you have to go to alone , keep doing what you have to do to get further into the cave until you come across three pathways.

Go right untill you see a door open it , a body should be lying on the midddle, select then two hssiss arive kill them, keep selecting the body for as long as you can then go wild with lightning , if you should lose health use drain, See how it works for you.

Max Experience

Go to korriban, go to caves ,must have storm and drain field for this to work, When you come across the three passageways go right go through the door Keep picking the dead body and a whole army of hssiss should appear.

Keep on clicking it fgor as long as possible before being overrun,drain to storm to kill! Enjoy!

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