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Character Optimization FAQ

by SirCerberus

Player Character and Party Optimizing Guide

StarWars: Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith Lords
Platform: X-Box
Created: 5-26-05
Created By: SirCerberus
                  [email protected]


Table of Contents

I. Introduction
      1. Why this guide is useful to you
      2. Why this guide is different than most other guides.
      3. How to easily navigate this FAQ

II. Story Incidentals
      1. Who was Darth Revan?
      2. Is the Training Sequence with T3-M4 worth your time?   
      3. New Feature -- Creating and Breaking Down Items  
      4. The two most important skills to have in the field during combat

III. Your Main Character
      1. Male of Female?
      2. Light of Dark?
      3. Which Class?
      4. Attributes
      5. The best skills
      6. Feats you need
      7. Spiffy Force Powers
      8. The best weapon for you
      9. The best Armor, Head-wear, Implants, Gloves and belts 
IV. Picking your Party
      1. General Tips
      2. Your choices... who is good and who is worthless
      3. Picking your party
          3.1 Optimum party under a normal situation
          3.2 Optimum parties for the Dxun / Onderon seige
            (its a very special and difficult scenario, so it warrents
             its own section).
          3.3 Optimum party for Goto's Yacht

      4. Equipping your Party
          4.01 Intro to the Party Equipping section
          4.02 Lightsabers and crystals
          4.03 Melee Weapons
          4.04 Pistols
          4.05 Rifles
          4.06 Armor
          4.07 Head Gear, Belts, Implants
          4.08 Shields
V. Legal Stuff
      1. Why you shouldn't plagerize me
      2. What I will do to you if you do plagerize me
      3. A description of how uneventful my life is to prove that I have 
           nothing better to do than what I said I was going to do in the 
           event that you do plagerize me. 




This guide has but one purpose: to help you beat the final boss in KOTOR II; 
he/she is difficult and he/she doesn't play fair.  This guide will tell you 
which characters, weapons, armor, and accesories are the best to accomplish 

Everything that I suggest to you in this guide I have tested myself.  If you 
follow my instructions, you will be able to hack your way through all your 
enemies and make the final boss beg for mercy.  Everything I suggest goes 
towards the end result of beating the final boss... not necessarily how you
get through the game.

Just a note, I will really try hard not to give out spoilers.  If you want 
plot spoilers, there are plenty of free walkthrough guides posted that you 
can look at.  If I do need to give a semi-spoiler out, Ill try to keep the 
details to a minimum and warn you first.

A writer loves to know his work is appreciated.  If this guide has been 
helpful to you, or if you have any suggestions for how to improve it, 
please email me at [email protected]

Seriously though, knowing that people actually read this thing and 
appreciate it is a lot of the motivation for writing Game FAQs.  And that
doesnt just go for me, most other authors feel the same way.  So do us a
favor, if you were at all helped by a FAQ Guide, drop the author an email
and just say you read it and enjoyed it.  It doesnt have to be a long email
and you dont even have to put your name.  But knowing that these things
actually get read encourages us to write more of them.

... ok, sorry about that.  I think you can tell by now that I am needy and
an attention seeker.  My bad... enjoy the FAQ.


If you have taken a look at some of the other Game FAQs for KOTOR II... I 
feel your pain. Most of the other ones I have seen posted so far are either 
walkthroughs or very specific little side-guides.  I have seen nothing that 
gives details on how to build up your characters.

This guide is simple to follow and easy to understand, I promise.  

I just took a look at some of the other guides at GAME FAQS and they went
on and on about roll saves and statistics and such.  Those are so hard
to read and understand.  And by the off chance you are the kind of person
who does understand them, its probably very boring anyway.

I personally get very annoyed trying to figure out all that DC 20 or 
whatever its called stuff anyway.  It just looks like a bunch of numbers
to me.  

None of that here.  THis stuff is easy to understand.  It doesnt just tell
what stuff is, it tells what you should do and why.  

3. How to Easily Navigate this FAQ

Im not going to lie, this thing is long.  Very long.  If you only need one
key piece of info, trying to find it in this insanely long document will 
probably just be an annoying waste of time.

So, I'd just like to remind you about the "Find" function of your computer.
By pressing CTRL + F, a window will pop up asking which text you want to
find.  It works just the same way on webpages as it does in WOrd Documents.

Anyway, use the table of contents above to figure out which section you
want to read -- I have clearly indexed everything with many levels of
organization.  Just type the number code into the text box and press find
twice (once will highlight the text in the table of contents, the second
time will bring you to the actual section) and boom, you are there.

So yeah, if you want to quickly jump to the section on what Feats your
main character should have, just type in III. 6. and it will take you
right to it.


Section II.  Story Incidentals

II. 1. Who Was Darth Revan?

Believe it or not, but how you played through in KOTOR I has some small 
effect on the events of KOTOR II.  

Throughout the course of conversations in this game, you will be asked to 
describe what you know about Darth Revan.  Boy or girl, Light or Dark, etc.

I thought this made a difference, but apparantly I was told it does not
make quite as big a difference as I thought it did.  I originally thought
that who Darth Revan was impacted what kinds of cameos you get from KOTOR I
but apparantly, your actions throughout the story really determine that.

Ill have to write another section about cameos when i figure it out.

II. 2. Is the T3-M4 Training Mission Worth Your Time?

Well that depends, have you played KOTOR I?

If you have KOTOR I, than no, the training mission at the very beginning is 
not worth your time.

All the beginning is is you as T3-M4.  You run around the Ebon Hawk and 
have one silly little mission that does nothing more than teach you what
the controls are.  So like I said, if you played KOTOR I like you should 
have, you will already know the controls.

If you have not played KOTOR I, then you may want to run through this to get 
familiar with the controls.  However, if you are playing this game and have 
not played KOTOR I, then you probably wont understand a good chunk of the 
story anyway, so it doesnt really matter.  Play KOTOR I first.  

II. 3. New Feature - Creating and Breaking Down Items

An interesting change from KOTOR is that now your skills are good for more 
than just their inherent abilities.  KOTOR II enhances the usefulness of 
the workbench by allowing characters to create items and upgrades from 
scratch, or to break down existing items.  *NOTE that the Persuade skill 
does not apply to breaking down or creating items.

The good thing, though, is that each of your characters is able to use his 
or her individual skills to do this.  This means that you can use one 
character to
 specialize in each skill, so that you will always have the 
greatest ability to create or break down the best items.  And don�t worry 
about who you are going to have at your party � you are able to switch out 
party members at most spots where there are work benches to use.

For your player character, the Persuade skill is probably the singularly most 
important.  For KOTOR, I was a huge advocate for the Computer Skill, but that 
one really isn�t as important for your player character to have in this game.  
Persuade is the one you want to put most of your points into, regardless of 
your class.  When spending your other points, its probably a good idea to 
pick one or two other skills (depending on how many skill points you get per 
round) and specialize in those.  Probably go with the skills that you only 
have to invest 1 point in to level up.

For creating and breaking down items, here is what each skill is good for�

	Ranged weapons: targeting scopes
	Melee weapons: none
	Lightsabers: lenses
	Armor: underlays
Computer Use
	Ranged weapons: power packs and firing chambers
	Melee weapons:  energy cells
	Lightsabers:  energy cells and lenses
	Armor:. none
	Ranged weapons: power packs and firing chambers 
	Melee weapons:  none
	Lightsabers:  emitters and energy cells
	Armor:  underlays and overlays
	Ranged weapons: firing chambers
	Melee weapons:  grips and edges
	Lightsabers:  emitters
	Armor: overlays
	Ranged weapons: power packs and firing chambers
	Melee weapons:  edges and energy cells
	Lightsabers:  emitters
	Armor:  underlays
	Ranged weapons: targeting scopes
	Melee weapons:  grips and energy cells
	Lightsabers:  emitters
	Armor:  underlays and overlays
Treat Injury
	Ranged weapons: none
	Melee weapons:  none
	Lightsabers: lenses
	Armor: underlays

II. 4. The most important skills during combat

First let me explain what this means. "During Combat" are those areas of
the game that are so unfriendly that you are not able to switch out party
characters whenever you like.  This is usually in most overly hostile areas.

Ok, so on to the two most important skills to have.

1. Security.
      THis is a little different than KOTOR I.  In KOTOR I, you could just
      use your weapon to "Blast" open a door or a storage container that was
      locked to obtain an item.  You can still do that in KOTOR II, but for
      some items in storage bins or lockers or whatever, the item is fragile
      so bashing the container open actually breaks the item and renders it
      useless.  So having a character who has the security skill will save
      some good items for you.

2. Persuade
      Important for obvious reasons but not anythign to worry about.  This
      is the only thing your player character has to worry about specializing



III. 1. Male of Female?

Like KOTOR I, whether you are male or female affects some aspects of the 
story.  No, there is no predetermined love destiny, meaning you dont 
automatically get to hook up with one of your crew like you did in KOTOR I.

However, your character is free to try to fall in love with any of your 
crew.  Depending on your relationships with them, you may succeed or fail.
  If you play as a male, there will be at least 2 (possibly 3) characters 
you can try to fall in love with.  If you play as a female, there are 2 
characters you can try to fall in love with.  This is a fairly small aspect
 of the game, so don't base your decision on this.

Also, if you are male or female determines who your company will be.  If you
 are female, you get the Disciple from Dantooine (he is a soldier).  If you 
are a male, you get the Handmaiden from Telos (she is a soldier).  They are 
both more or less equal in terms of capabilities and skills and feats.

III. 2. Light Side or Dark Side of the Force?

I decided to write this section ahead of the "WHich Class" section, because 
in my opinion, which side of the Force you want to play on should determine 
which class of character you pick.

There is no secret that everything you say and do in KOTOR II leads you 
either down the path of the light side or the dark side.  The side you 
choose to follow will affect the ending sequence of the game (somewhat), 
as well as some of the side quests you are able to do.  It also affects 
which characters you get to use and, to some respect, which Force Powers 
you will have.

Dark Jedi get discounts for using Dark Side force powers, just as Light Jedi
get discounts for using Light side force powers.  The reverse is also true.
If a Dark Jedi tries to use a light side power, he has to pay significantly
more force points to use it than would a Jedi.

Most people dont think about this, but the side you choose will determine 
which characters you get to take in your party.  I will get into that during 
the Party Selection section.  Note though, you get a better character with 
Dark Side

** This is different from KOTOR I, but in my opinion, your adventure will be 
more or less the same in terms of difficulty no matter if you choose light or 
dark (assuming you have picked the appropriate class).

If you choose to play through as the Dark Side, you will have more money 
than if you play through as the Light Side.  However, for KOTOR II, money is
 not as important as it was in KOTOR I.  What I mean by this is that you will 
probably either find or make most of the best items you are going to use 
yourself.  So the fact that Dark Side will give you more money throughout 
the game is not a good enough reason to pick Dark Side.

One suggestion though....... decide which side you want to play as before 
you begin the game, and then play through the entire game only selecting 
options that add to that side.  Here is the reason... Let's say you choose 
the Dark Side and want to use some Force Lightning.  The more evil you have 
been during the game, the greater discount you get when using force 
Lightning.  If you have only been a little evil, you only get a little 

III. 3. Which Class
(if you only read one section of this FAQ the whole way through, this is the 
most important one.  This alone will determine how easy it is for you to get 
through the game.  If you choose poorly, you will have a lot harder of a 

There are 3.  If you played KOTOR I, then these will look familiar to you.  
The classes are:
           Jedi Guardian
           Jedi Sentinal
           Jedi Consular

Once you hit level 15, you can speak to Kreia and choose to take on an 
advanced Jedi Form.  Technically you can pick whatever you want, but the 3 
advanced forms match up with the 3 original forms.  Do yourself a favor and 
stick with the suggested matchup. They are:
       Jedi Guardian<-> Jedi Weaponsmaster / Sith Maurader 
       Jedi Sentinal<-> Jedi Watchman / Sith Assassin
       Jedi Consular<-> Jedi Master / Sith Lord

Now remember, I put the section on whether you should go Light Side or Dark 
Side first because I said that this should influence which class you want to 
pick.  Now I am sure that many people out there have beat the game with any 
of the combination options.  HOWEVER, I have tested it a few times, and 
there are 3 of the 6 options that will absolutely allow you to hack all of 
your enemies to shreds with ease.  They are:
        Light Side: Jedi Weaponsmaster
        Dark Side:  Sith Maurader or Sith Lord

Now let me explain.  In my opinion, all derivatives of the Jedi Sentinal 
are worthless in KOTOR II.  If any of you read my FAQ for KOTOR I, I said 
that the Sentinal was the best.  Well he was.  But for KOTOR II he is the 
worst.  Funny how that works out.  The reason is that the Jedi Sentinal 
gets the best skills, and in KOTOR II, skills are less importnat for your 
main character to have.

If you absolutely want to play through the game as the LIGHT SIDE, you 
will have the easiest (and most fun) time leading off with the Jedi 
Guardian and then picking the Jedi Weaponsmaster as your presteige class.  
With this class, you will use your impressive lightsaber skills to hack 
your enemies to bits.  Its really fun and satisfying in an odd sort of way.

If you absolutely want to play through the game as the DARK SIDE, you have a 
little more of a choice.  If you are really looking forward to using your 
lightsaber and bringing on the hurt in a physical way, you want to pick the 
Jedi Guardian to start off with and then choose the Sith Maurader at level 

If you want to decimate your enemies with force powers (believe me, this is 
fun), then you want to lead off with the Jedi Consular and then pick the 
Sith Lord. Basically this boils down to whether or not you want your main 
character to focus on Lightsaber or Force Powers.  There are advantages 
and disadvantages to each.

In my opinion, all 3 choices are poised to be equally easy to get through 
the game with, but the different forms are best at different times.  This 
means that no matter which class you pick, part of the game will be very 
easy for you and part of the game will be a little harder.

***If you pick the Jedi Weaponsmaster or the Sith Maurader, then the first 
part of the game (until you get to level 18 or so) will be easier than if 
you picked the Sith Lord.  This is because some of the earlier items you 
pick up will give you some good bonuses to hit, AND because the Jedi 
Guardian has a lot better hit points and defense than does the Jedi 
Consular, so you will be more durable while you are building up your 

HOWEVER, once you hit level 18, the Sith Lord becomes a golden-god.  What 
happens at level 18?  You can learn the Force Storm force power.  Now 
combine this with the huge amount of force points you get for being a Sith 
Lord, and you are unstoppable.  If you have enough Wisdom-increasing 
items, you should be able to take out an entire roomful of enemies with 
2 attacks.

The drawback to the Jedi Consular - Sith Lord?  It takes a little while for 
his/her power to grow enough to be really devestating.  So the first half of
the game may be a little harder for you, but once you get Super Lightning 
(as I like to call it) you are a god.

Now, a note on the other 3 classes. As I said, skills are less important 
for your main character in KOTOR II, so you really dont need to be the Jedi 
Sentinal.  As for the Jedi Master, light side force powers are just a lot 
less effective and less fun at killing enemies than are Dark Side powers.

And as Ive said before, the point of this guide is to provide you with 
the EASIEST means to beat the game.

Go with the Sith Lord.  I know you are looking at the Guardian and dreaming 
of hacking your way through the game, but you and your spiffy force powers 
will be able to destroy your enemies a lot easier towards the end of the 
game (when the
 enemies get tougher) than you would have as the 
Weaponsmaster or Maurader.

The reason behind this is simple numbers ratios.  
   As a Jedi Weaponsmaster or Sith Maurader, you will still be uber-powerful    
with your lightsaber.  This means that once you get all of the necessary    
feats and powers, your character will be able to kill any enemy in 2    
rounds or less.

   This is the same with the Sith Lord.  Lots of Wisdom-modifying items and    
armor will allow your Super Lightning to kill any enemy in 2 rounds or less.

Whats the difference? The Sith Lord can kill a WHOLE ROOMFUL OF ENEMIES in    
2 rounds or less, while the Guardian can only kill a single enemy in 2    
rounds or less.  As the Sith Lord, I have literally walked with just my    
main character into a room full of really strong and angry enemies on the    
last map, cast Super Lightning twice, and killed the whole room.

                 ***For defeating the last boss***
the Sith Lord is easier too.  THe last boss fight has 2 stages -- you fight 
the boss and then you have to fight a bunch of objects the last boss uses 
the force to throw at you (4 angry lightsabers that attack for like 80 HP 
per round).

For attacking the last boss, the special power you get for being a Sith 
Lord, FORCE CRUSH (not to be confused with the other special power, crush 
opposition), can single handedly destroy the boss if you cast it enough 
times.  It really works (if your Wisdom is up high enough)

For the second phase, attacking the lightsabers, Force Wave and Super 
Lightning work really well because they attack all the lightsabers at 
once.  Force Wave even paralyzes them for a time (if your wisdom is high 

III. 4. Attributes

When you see the attributes screen while creating your character, you may be
a bit overwhelmed at first -- as you should be.  Your gaming experience will
not be fun if you mess up and pick the wrong things.

All of the attributes are equally important in their own ways.

What I am going to do here is just tell you what would be good to start off 
with (this is just a suggestion, by all means, do your own thing if you 
feel so inclined) and then Ill explain it point by point below

     If you are going to play as a JEDI GUARDIAN and then become a JEDI        

                  Strength ------ 14
                  Dexterity ----- 14
                  Constitution -- 16
                  Intelligence -- 8
                  Wisdom -------- 12
                  Charisma ------ 10

STRENGTH: Strength is the most important to you as a Jedi Guardian.  After 
you create your character, every other attribute you get during the game 
(1 every 4 levels) should be put into strength.  Strength affects the 
chance of your lightsaber hitting your opponent.  As a rule, your strength 
can never be too high.  This ensures that all of your attacks will hit your 
opponent.  Your base strength will start out as 14, but by the end of the 
game, your base strength will be around 20 or so.  And that is really 

DEXTERITY: This makes it harder for enemies to hit you.  14 gives you a 
+2 bonus, which is good enough.  Plus, some of your items you will equip 
will beef this up too.

WISDOM: Whatever affiliation with the force you have, any Jedi Character 
will at least want to be +1 or +2 for Wisdom.  As a Jedi, you are going 
to get a lot of force powers, and whether you are Light or Dark you will 
still probably get some offensive ones.  A +2 to Wisdom will make a good 
number of them hit.  You may have trouble using offensive force powers 
against boss character sthough.

INTELLIGENCE: For your main character, this is worthless.  Some of you out 
there will disagree with me, but the only skill your main character 
absolutely needs to learn is Persuade.  You dont need a high Intelligence 
attribute to do this, 8 will do.

CONSTITUTION:  The Jedi Guardian gets the most Hit Points during level 
ups, so you really don't need a high constitution.  Why did I tell you to 
put 16 points into it then?... Because some of the better implants (and 
there are some good ones) you need to have a constitution of 16.  The best 
implant for the Guardian gives your character +3 to strength... but you 
need a minimum constitution of 16 to use it.  This is helpful.  Also, a 
high constitution combined with the high number of Hit Points you get at 
level up will make you a tank.

CHARISMA: is better now than in KOTOR I.  Your bonus to charisma helps 
out the rest of your party by adding to their roles for saves.  However, 
there are more important things to spend your attribute points on, so 
just get it out of negative numbers. 

          If you are going to play as a JEDI CONSULAR -- SITH LORD

                  Strength ------ 10
                  Dexterity ----- 14
                  Constitution -- 16
                  Intelligence -- 8
                  Wisdom -------- 16
                  Charisma ------ 10

After creation, you will get an attribute point to use at level up.  For 
the Consular, put ever single point (after creation) into WISDOM.

STRENGTH: Probably dont need too much in the way of strength since you are 
going to  be relying on your Force Powers.  The more points you put into
Wisdom, the better.  If you just get Strength out of negative numbers, you
will be fine.  The feats you will be getting and some of the early items
you can wear will do a lot to help you increase your chance to hit.

DEXTERITY: +2 to Dexterity should be enough. Some of your items will add 
to this.

CONSTITUTION: is a big one if you are a Jedi Consular.  You dont get as much 
HP as the other classes,so you will need as much of a boost as you can get. 
The best implant for the Consular doesn't need a base of 16, but still, the 
16 will be helpful since you dont get as many Hit Points at level up.

INTELLIGENCE: Dont worry about it.  You will still get 1 or 2 skill points
per level regardless of what your intelligence is.  This will be enough to
do what needs to be done.

WISDOM: Wisdom is as important to the Jedi Consular as Strength is to the 
Jedi Guardian.  You will want to spend the most points on this ability. As 
I said above, during level ups, put every single point into wisdom.

CHARISMA: Being able to persuade others is central to the Jedi Consular.  
However, you dont need to go crazy with Charisma points to make it 


To Keep this section short, Ill just tell you the best skills to invest and 
why the others aren't as good.

For your main character, only bother investing HEAVILY in Persuade.  You 
are the only one who will be doing persuading, so ever level (if you only 
get 1 skill point to use) use it on Persuade.  This goes for Guardians or 

Security is an important one in this game, but your other characters will 
handle it.  However, there will be some parts where your main guy/girl is 
alone and should use the security skill instead of smashing the door 
down.  You will pick up a lot of "Security Tunnler" items in the game, and 
to use them you need to have at least one skill point invested in Security.

Now, Security is not a natural skill for either the Consular or the 
Guardian.  But when you first create your character, you should still get 
a minimum of 4 skill points to spend.  Go ahead and spend your first 2 
points to get 1 skill point of Security.  After that, dont worry about 
it.  1 is enough to use the items.

If you did not take my advice above and put more points in Intelligence, 
you will get more skill points.  If so, invest most heavily in 
Persuade.  Use your other points for whatver else you want.  Persuade 
is only the truly vital one.


--------------------FEATS FOR THE JEDI GUARDIAN----------------------------

Guardians get the most feats.

There are lots of feats for lots of purposes.  Only bother investing in the 
ones that will aid you in combat. There are really only 4 feats that are 
essential for your main character.  You will be able to invest in others,
but make sure you invest in the following 4 as fully as you can.  These 
feats will make you more deadly in combat by ensuring that you will almost 
always hit your enemy.  Without them, you will miss like crazy.

Flurry (levels 1 2 and 3)... invest in all.  Lets you kill enemies faster.  
The other essential feats will compensate for the penalty to hit you incur 
when using flurry.

Critical Strike (1 2 3)  Good against the tougher bosses in the game that 
need to be paralyzed.  Get Flurry first, though.

Two-Handed Fighting (1 2 3)... invest in all. You are going to want a 
double-saber, trust me.  This feat can go up to level 6 if you want to take
 it that far, but levels 4 5 6 aren't available until later in the game.  
They are good to invest in, so do it if you have the points to spare. 

Lightsaber Proficiency ... invest in all.  However, you won't get your 
lightsaber right off the bat, sorry, so you can hold off on these for a 
bit.This feat can go up to level 6 if you want to take it that far, but 
levels 4 5 6 aren't available until later in the game.  They are good to 
invest in, so do it if you have the points to spare. 

.....What do  I do with the rest of my feats?.......
Above are the main ones that you need.  After you have gotten those (or 
while you are getting them), go ahead and experiment with whatever sounds 
good to you.  Just make sure you get the ones I suggested as soon as you 

------------------------Feats for the Jedi Consular -----------------------

The Jedi Consular gets a lot less feats than the Guardian.  And since the 
COnsular is focused more on Force Powers, they need different feats than 
Guardians.  This should have been obvious. Anyway, here are the big ones:

Critical Strike (1 2 3): There are times when you will be up against a 
single tough enemy and you will need to use your lightsaber.  Using this 
feat will knock them unconscious and let you maximize your force powers 
against them.

Weapon Proficiency: Lightsaber (1 2 3): See above description.  Getting 
all 3 of these will make up for the fact that you only have a base 10 of 

Toughness (1 2 3): to make up for the fact that you get less vitality 
points than Guardians.

Dueling (1 2 3): you're probably going to want to stick with the single 
saber with a Consular since your strength is so low.  This will help make 
most of your attacks hit.

Regenerate Force Points (1) : JUst because you are a Force User and you 
can use all the force points as fast as they come to you.  This should 
help you out some.

--- these should be most of your feats.  You may have some left over, and 
invest them in whatever you want to.


Obviously the side of the Force you choose to follow during the game will 
determine which Force powers you should select.  And whether you are a 
Guardian or a Consular will make a difference too.

You will get to choose a lot of force powers.  So, I am just going to tell 
you the ones you absolutely want to get for each class.  Feel free to 
invest in whatever else after that.

------------Powers for the Guardian ------------------

   ---Universal--- (whether Weaponsmaster or Maurader)

Always overlooked, but truly the best power in the game.  Here is why... 
there is the obvious bonus of being able to navigate areas quickly.  But 
the true beauty of Mastery of Speed is the effect it generates for you in 
If you cast Mastery of Speed on yourself during combat, you gain 2 attacks 
per round.  That means if you are using a single lightsaber (which you 
should not do) and you do an ordinary attack swing, you will damage your 
opponent three times instead of one.  

Here is the ultimate combo.  Mastery of Speed and Master Flurry.  This 
attacks your enemy 6 times in 1 swing (if you use a double saber)!! I have 
tested this over and over again.  Very rarely do you not kill your opponent 
in 1 round when you use this combo.  Bosses like some of the Dark Jedi 
Masters or maybe the wild rancors will take 2 rounds to beat using this.

FORCE PUSH (1 2 3)
Probably one of the most effective offensive force power in the game.  
What it does is attack anything in front of you (like the lightning) but 
it also paralyzes anything it hits for 6 seconds. If you cast this 4 times 
or so in a roomful of enemies, you can kill them all yourself. Only the 
Mastery version of this is good.

If you are Light Side, this is your best offensive power.  And even a 
Weaponsmaster needs an offensive power.

Extremely useful later in the game when you are going up against lots and 
lots of Dark Jedi.  It nullifies offensive force powers cast against you.  
There are only two levels of this, but you could invest in some other powers
 first if you prefer.  Just make sure you have it after you have gotten the 
4th star map.

Heal (1 2 3)
You are going to get the snot kicked out of you.  Even if you are dark 
side, suck it up and invest in Heal.  Its better than having to keep using 

Destroy Droid (1 2 3)
Ok another light side power.  Here is why even dark siders can use this 
too.  In KOTOR II, this power can be used to destroy most mines in the 
field.  So, having this power negates the need to worry about the 
Demolitions skill.  There are also some pretty nasty turrets that this 
is good against too.  Dark Siders can just suck it up.

Light Side Powers
Most Jedi can't wear armor without sacrificing their force powers.  Casting 
this on yourself before combat will give you the armor you need.  In fact, 
this in combination with a good personal energy shield makes you nearly 
    If you are Light Side, one of your Special Powers is "Force     
    Enlightenment". When you cast this, it automatically casts Force Speed    
    and Force Armor and Force Valor (which i dont really care about) all at   

Um, if you have invested in the other Force Powers I have recommended and 
have some left over, you should probably get this one.  It paralyzes all 
the enemies in your path making them really easy to kill with your saber.  
However, it usually only works on the easy enemies you would have no problem
 killing anyway.  Try this on a boss, and you will not like the results.  
However, its useful on big groups.

Dark Side Powers

Force Storm (lightning)
Oh yeah.  This is probably the whole reason you are playing the game as the 
Dark Side.  It pretty much decimates any enemy you can see.  It usually 
takes about 4 or 5 castings to wipe out a group of enemies though. However,
for knocking out a room of enemies I still prefer Force Wave.

This one is fun.  Picture Darth Vader doing the force grip in Episode IV... 
thats what this is.  1 casting of this paralyzes any enemy while inflicting 
damage on them.  To kill them faster, cast this multiple times.

------------Powers for the Sith Lord------------------

As a Sith Lord, you are pretty much going to be able to get whatever powers 
you want, so Im not going to waste a lot of time telling you which ones are 
best.  I will give some suggestions though.

Force Storm (lightning) (1 2 3)
Once you get the final level of this, you are unstoppable.

Force Crush (free)
YOu get this one for free.  It is the best power against a single enemy.

Heal (1 2 3)
It helps to be able to heal yourself.  Dont worry about being Dark Side, 
you have a lot of force points.

Force Immunity (1 2)
You really only need this for the final battle and most of the boss battles.
You can get this later on.

Force Speed (at least level 1)
Just to help navigate areas.  Unfortunately, there is no cool combo like 
there is with the Guardian.

Force Scream (1 2 3)
Good against large groups until you get level 3 lightning.  Good for early on.

Destroy Droid (1 2 3)
Good against mines and turrets

Battle Meditation (1 2 3)
Not necessary for your main character to have (other party people will get 
it for you.  But you have a lot of powers to spare, so you may want to pick 
it up.

Dominate Mind (1 2)
lets you get a few more Dark Side points through conversation.

---- you get a lot more powers than this.  Feel free to invest in whatever 
else you want.


Since you are a Jedi, you only really get one choice.  Lightsaber.  I can't 
imagine anyone who buys this game and doens't want to use a lightsaber for 
their main character. 

For GUARDIANS, use a double saber, or a 2 weapons until you get your saber. 
 Do not use 2 sabers.  I will explain in a sec.  Having a high strength 
lessens the disadvantage for using a weapon in your off hand. 

For Sith Lords, go with a single saber.  YOu dont have the strength 
modifiers to make a double-saber effective.  Dont worry, your single will 
be just fine.

Now I know what you're thinking.  "If I use two separate lightsabers, then 
I get to use twice as many modifying parts.  That's better, right?"


There are a few really really great parts in the game.  The rest arent 
worth the effort.  If you use a double-saber, both of your hands get the 
benefits of your best parts.  With the other option, you have to 
portion out your parts so you end up with either one really stacked 
lightsaber in one hand and a really weak lightsaber in the other hand.  Or, 
if you try to balance it out, you end up with two mediocere sabers.  Go with
 a double and use your best partsfor your main character. YOu will 
have other good parts left over, use them in sabers for your other Jedi, or 
scrap them.

So this begs the question, which parts should I use?  Well, this depends on 
your class:

The lightsabers in this game are much more complicated than in KOTOR.  For 
one, instead of 3 modifiers per lightsaber, there are now 6.  

In KOTOR II, you are a Jedi from the beginning.  However, you aren�t going 
to get your lightsaber until about the 4th level.  You have to build the 
stupid thing yourself from parts that people give you for performing tasks 
for them.  It is completely random which tasks you are given a lightsaber 
part for completing � so don�t worry about it.

Note� In the very back of the Crystal Cave on Dantooine, each character can 
obtain a �PERSONAL CRYSTAL� that is supposed to reflect their own 
individual character.  The benefits for these crystals vary based on your 
character, and it is probably recommended that this crystal be used as one 
of your power crystals.  However, in case you don�t get a very good personal
 crystal for whatever reason, I have suggested 2 other crystals in case you 
don�t like your personal one.

Below are my suggestions on how to construct your lightsaber based on what 
kind of Jedi or Sith you are.  For the lightsaber parts (noncrystals), in 
parenthesis is how many component parts it takes to construct the piece.  
The skill number is how high of a skill you will need to construct your 

NOTE: any character in your party can construct any piece.  If the piece 
you need needs a high computer skill, have someone who has a high computer 
skill construct it for you and not your main character.

Lightsaber: Jedi Weapons Master
	Color Crystal :  Your call� go nuts
	Power Crystal 1: Ankarres Sapphire: STR +2 DEX +1 Reg +2
	Power Crystal 2: Solari Crystal� DAM +3 (+1-8 extra vs Dark side) 
                          ATT  +3 (Light)
        Lens: Enhanced Byrothsis Lens ATT +3 Damage +4 (blaster -4) 
                          Awareness 29 (450)
	Emitter: Expert Fencing Emitter Damage +3 Defense +2 (blaster -2) 
                    Repair 27 (407)
	Cell: Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell� Damage +5 � Computer 29 (495)

Lightsaber: Sith Mauarder 
	Color Crystal :  Your call� go nuts
	Power Crystal 1: Ankarres Sapphire: STR +2 DEX +1 Reg +2
	Power Crystal 2: Qixoni Crystal: Damage +5 Force Regen +1 (Dark)
        Lens: Enhanced Byrothsis Lens ATT +3 Damage +4 (blaster -4)
                     Awareness 29 (450)
	Emitter: Expert Fencing Emitter Damage +3 Defense +2 (blaster -2)   
                 Repair 27 (407)
	Cell: Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell� Damage +5 � Computer 29 (495)

Lightsaber: Sith Lord
	Color Crystal :  Your call� go nuts
	Power Crystal 1: Kaiburr Crystal � WIS +3 CON +3 REG +3
	Power Crystal 2: Upari Crystal� ATT +3 Dam +1-8
        Lens: Enhanced Byrothsis Lens ATT +3 Damage +4 (blaster -4) 
                Awareness 29 (450)
	Emitter: Expert Fencing Emitter Damage +3 Defense +2 (blaster -2)   
               Repair 27 (407)
	Cell: Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell� Damage +5 � Computer 29 (495)

II. 9. Armor and Accessories

Im going to make this section really easy for you and just tell you what the
best armor and accessories are for your main character instead of discussing
it.  Please trust me.  If you stock your character with this you will be 
able to kill anything.  I promise.  I have tested all of this.

Note: Im not entirely sure where all of this is found.  But most of it is 
either found or made, not bought.  There is very little cool stuff that 
you will have to actually buy for yourself.

Note: Supposedly, there is a lot of better armor in the game.  Ive never 
found it and I dont know anyone who has.  This is the best of the stuff I 
have found.  Also, this is only the best stuff that will not restrict Force 
Powers.  If you dont care about restricting Force Powers and want to wear 
real armor, go ahead.

Most of the coolest stuff you find will be found in the last 3 maps of the
game.  So, after you have completed the main quest of the game and located
all of the Jedi Masters on various worlds, you will be summoned back to an
old planet to begin the last quests.  It is here, after you are called back
to an old planet for a second time (I dont want to spoil it and tell you
which one) that you start to find the really cool items.

Sith Lord
	Armor: Ossus Keeper Robe : CHA+2 INT+4 WIS+4
	Underlay:  Biorestorative Underlay Mark V: REG 3 CON +3 (Treat 27)
	Implant: Insight Implant: Will+1 Wisdom +2
	Headgear: Matukai Meditation Band: Will+2 Wisdom+2
	Gloves  Jal Shey Meditation Gloves: DEX +2 WIS +2
	Armband 1: Verpine Prototype Shield
	Armband 2: Ludo Kressh's Armband Defense +1 Strength +1
	Belt: Jal Shey Mentor Belt  � Force Resist +20 WIS +2

Jedi Weapons Master
        Armor:  Matukai Adept Robe � Con +2 Dex +2 STR +2
	Underlay:  Biorestorative Underlay Mark V: REG 3 CON +3 (Treat 27)
	Implant: Bavakar Strength System (Strength +3) 
	Headgear: Target Assessor  ATTACK +2 DEX +2
	Gloves: Dominator Gauntlets STR +5
	Armband 1: Verpine Prototype Shield
	Belt: GNS Strength Enhancer � STR +4

Sith Marauder 
        Armor: Matukai Adept Robe � Con +2 Dex +2 STR +2
	Underlay:  Biorestorative Underlay Mark V: REG 3 CON +3 (Treat 27)
	Implant Bavakar Strength System (Strength +3) 
	Headgear: Target Assessor  ATTACK +2 DEX +2
	Gloves: Dominator Gauntlets STR +5
	Armband 1: Verpine Prototype Shield
	Armband 2: Ludo Kressh�s Armband (STR+1)
	Belt: GNS Strength Enhancer � STR +4


Section Iv.  Picking the Rest of your Party



Everyone else is going to feed you the same lines about how every playable 
character you encounter is useful in his/her own special way.  While this is
 true, its also a bit of an overstatement.  The sad truth is that only
about half of the characters you get to have in your party are worth 
anything.  The rest you might as well just leave behind at headquarters.  
The game is designed so that each of the worthless characters is useful in 
one part.  But other than that, you'll never need them.

IV. 1. General Tips

Balance is good.  That is the first general tip.  What this means is to try
and pick a party full of people who are all awesome in different areas. The
theory behind this is that if you combine all of these different advantages
together, your party as a whole will be awesome with almost everything. 

THerefore, try to maximize your party potential by using different types of
characters.  KOTOR II, in their character descriptions, offers lots of 
different character classes.  But these are just for show I think.  I will
list the real character classes below.

Melee characters
        These are characters who fight their enemy close range with a
        lightsaber or a sword or something.  They are tough and get close
        and personal.

Ranged characters
        These are characters who fight from a distance. KOTOR II describes
        these characters as people/aliens/droids who use guns and blasters
        and therefore attack from a distance.
        For all intents and purposes, Jedi Consulars who are awesome with
        the force but not so good with lightsabers fit into this category
        since they too mainly attack from a distance, but with force powers.

Skill characters
        These are characters who gain an insane amount of skill points per
        level up but who do not get many feats.  This produces a character
        who is awesome with skills but not as well suited for combat.

        Now, there are some characters who get a lot of skill points and
        who also are good in combat situations too.  Since KOTOR II has
        the ability to use your skills to create and break down items, you
        want to be sure that at least one character maximizes each of the 
        skills.  This isnt hard, though.  Two of your pure skill characters
        can accomplish this.


Well, this is kind of a relative question.  Obviously, characters who would
be good for some things are bad at some other things.  But for the purposes
of this section, I am going to put the question of who is good and who is
worthless in the context of actual fighting ability and usefulness to have
in your party.  Ill begin by giving a brief description of the abilities
of each character.  Ill list it out first, and try to put it in order of
who is best to who is least useful in combat.

Melee Characters                     
  Your main player character (if Jedi Guardian)
  Hanharr (dark side only)
  Disciple / Handmaiden
  Visas (force user)
Ranged Characters
  Your main player character (if Jedi Consular)
  Kreia (heavy force user)       

Skill Characters
  Bao Dur

Your player character
   He/she will be in your party at almost all times.  But take into account
   what strengths your character has.  THis should play some role in 
   determining who else you use to balance out your party.

   The first character you meet.  She is a Jedi Consular with unclear
   affiliation to the Force.  As a consular, she is awesome with Force
   powers and gets a lot of them.  Since she can have so many different
   force powers, she is really awesome at standing in the back and using
   the force to destroy enemies and enhance your party.

   ***SEMI SPOILER*** (read it anyway)
              In the game, Kreia and your player character are said to
              share a special bond.  This has its own implications for the
              story, but what it means for combat is that whenever either
              you or Kriea casts a force power on yourself (like valor or
              Force shield, etc.) it automatically casts it on the other as
              well.  Example... if in combat Kreia casts FOrce Speed on 
              herself, your main character gets the benefit of it too.

   A scoundrel.  You remember scoundrels from KOTOR I, right?  Well they
   haven't changed much here.  For Atton, imagine the abilities of Mission
   with the attitude of Carth.

   Basically, Atton is really great on the skills but gets so few feats he
   isnt as good in combat as some of your other characters.  He is best
   suited for ranged combat.

Bao Dur
   This is one of the pure skill guys I was talking about.  He gets so many
   skills in so many things, but almost no feats.  He can't wear most armor
   either.  My advice for Bao is to just leave him on the ship as much as
   possible.  In safe areas where there is a workbench, you can temporarily
   import him into your party to make an item for you.

Handmaiden / Disciple
   These two are pretty much the same, so Ill describe them together.  These
   two are both best as melee characters, although you could certainly make
   ranged characters out of them if you wanted to (some of their feats will
   indicate this).  These two are both soldiers and get a lot of feats
   making them both really good frontliners for your party.

   Ok, think Episode IV: A New Hope.  Remember when Leia is in prison and
   that funky little round black droid with the needle floats up to her?
   Well, G0T0 is that funky little black floating droid.

   Being a droid, he gets a lot of skills.  He actually isnt bad in combat
   either (he can sport 2 pistols pretty well).  He could be best used for
   his skills and as ranged support if you already have a really strong 

   The wookie.  YOu only get him if you are going Dark Side.  Like the
   wookie from the last game, this guy is a powerhouse. Because he is a 
   Scout, a lot of the free feats you will automatically get for him would
   indicate that he is good at Ranged combat.  And he is.  But he is a lot
   stronger as a melee fighter.  Him with a 2-handed sword is nearly 

   He cant wear armor, which sucks, but his unique feat (Wookie Frenzy) 
   does a lot to protect him from damage.  In my opinion, he has potential
   to be the best melee character next to your Jedi Guardian.

   He also gets a good number of skill points, enough to at least maximize
   one or two of the skills.

   This is who you get instead of Hanharr if you go Light Side.  Mira is a
   scout and not a wookie, so she is best suited for ranged combat.  A lot
   of the free feats enhance her ranged abilities.  She also gets a good
   number of skill points, enough to maximize one or two of the skills 
   while still being useful in combat.

   Pure skill character.  Awesome at skills but not so great at combat
   (although, he is pretty good against other droids).  Treat him like Bao
   Dur.  Leave him on the ship and only use him to create items for you.

   A Jedi Sentinal.  Being a sentinal, she gets a good balance of Feats, 
   Powers, and Skills, but this balance means that she is just ok at all
   of them and not awesome at any one of them. 

   Nevertheless, she can still be an important member of your party.
   she is pretty good with a double lightsaber in melee combat.  Her force
   powers can be used to help out your party and she gets enough skill
   points to maximize a few of the skills.

   He plays like Canderous from KOTOR I.  He is a soldier, so he gets a 
   lot of feats.  Some people say to treat Mandalore as a melee character.
   But honestly, he is really great as a ranged character with a 2 
   handed gun. And, you really have enough good melee characters anyway.  
   Take advantage of this opportunity and put him as a ranged character.

   Ah, I love this guy.  To all of you wondering, yes, he is the same droid
   from KOTOR I, and he is still just as funny.  He is pretty good at ranged
   combat and the number of skills he gets ensures that he could maximize
   one or two of the skills for you.

   HK-47 is the only truly optional character in KOTOR II.  YOu dont have
   to buy him like you did in KOTOR I, but you do have to build him. You
   will find parts for him all over the galaxy (I think 3 you find, 1 you
   have to buy) so ultimately it is your choice whether or not you want him.
   In my opinion, you should spend the credits and buy the last part to
   rebuild him.  He has good potential as a ranged character.

Ill list it out first, and then give a better explanation.
NOTE: some characters can be suited for either ranged or melee attacks. 
But I am writing out what I have found to be the most effective positioning
for them.

IV. 3. Building your Party

Ok, now to do this we must first understand a few things about party
building.  For most of the game, you will have complete freedom in the 
two characters you bring along with your player character.  However, at
other points in the game, this will be decided for you (either partially
or fully).

Sometimes, there will be areas where one or more of your party characters
will not be able to go for one reason or another.  If you liked using them
regularly, you will have to find a replacement for them.

Obviously, whether you are a Jedi Guardian or a Jedi Consular will have
an impact on who is needed to balance out your party.  So Ill give alternate

***Now before I get into picking parties, I want to say a quick note about
skills.  While all the skills are useful in their own right, there are only
a few that are good to have with you under heavy combat situations in the
   First ..... Security
   Second ..... Computer
   Third ..... demolitions
In picking a balanced party, its not a bad idea to pick characters who at
least take care of the first two.

Lets start with a normal sort of situation where you have complete control
over everyone who you might want in your party and all characters at your

IV. 3.1 Optimum party under a normal situation

If you are playing as a Jedi Guardian / Jedi Weaponsmaster or Sith Maurader

  1. Your Player Character 
          Great melee ability (but lets face it, you dont have a choice)
  2. Kreia
          Great ranged force user.  Also, the ability for Kriea to cast 
          powers on herself and you simultaniously is a real advantage.

          However, you will not be able to use Kreia when you go to 
          Korriban or after you visit Dantooine for the second time. 
          So Ill give you some alternates.
  3. HK-47 or Mandalore
          For the most balanced party, you should probably grab HK-47. 
          THere are probably more powerful characters you could grab, but
          for the most balanced and efficient party, you will probably want
          HK-47.  He is one of the best ranged weapons users (I put him 
          behind Mandalore in my lineup) but I would pick him instead of
          Mandalore because he can knock out that all important security
          skill.  He may even be able to take computer for you.  However,
          if you arent worried about skills, go with Mandalore.  He is the
          strongest ranged character in my opinion. 

          I was thinking about suggesting G0t0 here for the same reasons,
          but HK-47 can take punishment a lot better than can GOT0.

          If you really want a more heavy front line, go with Hanhaar if
          you are going Dark Side or Disciple/Handmaiden for Light Side.

     For this party with your Jedi Guardian, power is the name of the game.
     But when you can't use Kreia and if you havent gotten HK-47 built yet,
     good substitutes would be characters who complete the balance.
           If you dont like HK-47, Mandalore provides the best ranged 
           capabilities I have found.

           Visas could take Kreia's place.  She gets good force powers, 
           good melee attacks and some good skills.

           If you wanted more raw power on the front line, put in Hanharr
           if you have him.  Or even Disciple / Handmaiden would work well

If you are playing as a Sith Lord
  The point of the game here is to have characters who take pressure off of
  your main character to allow him/her time and space to cast force powers
  like crazy.
     1. Yourself (obviously)
     2. Hanharr 
          If you are going as a Sith Lord, Hanharr is the best melee fighter
          in your group.  He will make short work of people on the front
          line and give you space to work your Force Mojo.

          He is also good at taking care of the Computer Skill.
     3. HK-47 or Mandalore
           Im picking him here for the same reason I picked him above.  He
           is not the best ranged user, but using him really lets you have
           the most balanced mix.  Since Hanharr will take care of the 
           Computer skill for you, HK-47 could work on Security and maybe
           even Repair if you felt you had to have that in the field. What
           I said about Mandalore above still holds here.

      Handmaiden / Disciple would be a good sub for Hanharr

For alternates as a Sith Lord, you really want one powerful melee guy on the
front line.  IN fact, you could really have two if you really wanted to, but
I like the added balance of throwing in a ranged guy.

IV. 3.2 Optimum party for the Dxun / Onderon Siege

Ok, this is going to be a little bit of a spoiler, but in terms of picking
parties, this is the most important moment in the game, so its necessary.
Ill try not to give too much away.

After you have completed the main game quest and found all of what you were
supposed to be looking for, you are called back to the worlds of Dxun and
Onderon.  (Dxun is a moon of Onderon).  You will have been here before and
seen the sites.

What makes this scenario so unique is that there are two sieges going on
at the same time, which means that you have to split up your party.  Two
characters will go with your main character to Onderon, and three others will
form a separate party to Dxun.  In the scenario, Dxun goes first, and then

****Note****  **** Tip ****
  The Dxun siege happens first.  When your characters have beaten it, you
  must speak to Kelborne to end the scenario.  

  BEFORE you speak to him to end the scneario (he will ask you if you are 
  ready to leave), go into the party equipping screen and strip all of your
  characters of all weapons armor and items.

  WHy? IF you used some of your good weapons and army for the Dxun siege,
  your characters on Onderon won't get to use it unless it is up for grabs.
  If it is still attached to your Dxun characters after the mission is over,
  it wont be available for your other characters.

For the ONDERON SIEGE, your main character must lead that one.  Kreia must
be your #2.  THe first decision you get is to pick the leader of the Dxun

You get a choice of three (I would have picked someone different, but what
are you going to do?)
          Dxun leader choices
             1. Atton
             2. Visas
             3. Disciple / Handmaiden

I would avoid Atton at all costs.  Without your buffed up main character, the
Dxun assault is probably the hardest part in the game.  YOu dont need a 
weak scoundrel slowing you down.

Visas is a good choice to have in your party, whether she is the leader or
not.  You will want at least one Jedi to cast protective powers and heal the
party.  Ideally, you will want your strongest melee characters and your
best ranged character to be in the Dxun assault.  Why? Because by now your
main character is about as strong as he is going to get.  The Onderon assault
will be a cakewalk for him.

But yeah, Visas would be my top pick because she is a Jedi.  But if you
really hate Visas, Disciple / Handmaiden is a good choice.

If you have any other Jedi, they would probably work best here too.

Your next choice is to pick the rest of your party for the Dxun mission.
Your leader is set, so keep that in mind.  We'll just pretend for now that
you saw the benefit to having a Jedi and went with Visas as your leader.
       1. Visas

       2. Hanharr (if dark side)
          Disciple / Handmaiden (if light side)
            Definitely definitely Hanharr if Dark side.  He is strong and 
            scary.  YOu will want him.  If you are going Light Side, you
            will have to settle for Disciple / Handmaiden as your second
            front line melee character.

       3. Mandalore
            My favorite ranged character.  YOu want him here instead of
            HK-47 here for four reasons.
                 1. He is a little better with ranged weapons
                 2. He is more resilient than HK-47
                 3. YOu dont really need to bother with too much security
                    during this mission.
                 4. He can be healed by Visas healing powers where as droids
                    can not.


Your final decision is to pick who will join you and Kreia on the Onderon.

If you are playing as a Jedi Guardian...
         You will want a ranged character to support your scariness on the
         front line.

Go with HK-47 since Mandalore will have been on Dxun.

If you are playing as a Sith Lord....
  Honestly, it doesnt really matter who you pick.  You could go with just
  you and Kreia if you really wanted to.  By the Onderon Siege, your Sith
  Lord is so freaking powerful that he can literally take out entire rooms
  of enemies with two lightning strikes.

  So pick whoever you want.  You will probably have put your best melee
  characters on Dxun, so you might have to settle for another ranged user.

  In that case, HK-47 is fine.  If you wanted to give G0T0 a try, now would
  not be a bad time.  Honestly, your Sith Lord is just that good by this

IV. 3.3. Optimum party for Goto's Yacht
Ok, sorry but I forgot this section in my original FAQ.  Thanks to whoever
emailed me and reminded me.

THis is sort of another semi-spoiler, but its not that revealing I
promise.  During your first visit to Nar Shadda, your main character will
be incapacitated and captured by the Exchange boss Goto.  You will be 
taken aboard his yacht and held there.  Two of your other characters will
have to come to rescue you.  So who do you pick?  There is a lot of

Ok, this is the first and only time I have ever said this in either my
KOTOR I or II FAQs, but your first and best choice is T3-M4.

Yeah, Ill say that again just to make sure there is no misunderstanding.
THe best choice for this mission is T3-M4.  And yes, I am aware I just
said there is a lot of combat.  Here is the reason, before you rescue 
your player character, you will be fighting exclusively droids.  And
T3-M4 with his shock arm does really really good against droids.  Also,
his computer skill and ability to produce spikes will come in handy.

For your other character, I would suggest a Jedi first because of the 
Destroy Droid power, which will be needed.  Because of this, Visas 
would be my second choice. 

A lot of players pick Nar Shadda as the first planet they visit, so I
am aware if you do this your selection of characters will be more
limited than the full party you will get later.  If Nar Shadda is your
first planet, Visas is probably your best bet.  She has the destroy 
droid power and her melee skill is better than Kreia.

So to summarize -- 
   1. T3-M4
   2. Visas

IV. 4. Equipping your Party

IV. 4.01 Intro to this section

Ok, Im really going to try to save some space on this section by not going
into too much detail other than telling you what I think works best for
each of your characters.  You will, no doubt, begin to see patterns forming.

It is usually unlikely that you will have more than one gun character and
more than one sword melee character, so I usually pick out my favorite
weapons and armor for different occassions and trade it around when needed.

Ive decided thats the most efficient way to do this section too.  Since I 
know a lot of you out there are going to argue with me about who should be
a melee character and who should be a ranged character, what Im going to do
is just list the best of each category, and then you can put it where you
want to.  Sound good?

Also a quick note about upgrades.  Im not going to bother talking about them.
There are so many, and each of them are suited for different purposes, you
would be better off deciding for yourself.  Its really easy to do.  Pretty 
much every type of unique upgrade you could want comes in a few different 
qualities -- the lesser costing less componenets to put together.  You'll
be able to read about them all on them in the game, so that should be fine.

IV. 4.02 Lightsabers and Crystals

For the sabers you pretty much have your choice of a single or a double
blade.  There are I think 3 unique sabers in the game -- Visas', Freedon
Nad's, and Malak's (although ive never seen this one).  Stay away from 
the unique ones -- they can't be upgraded.  You are better off finding a 
common one and just upgrading it a bunch.

Now, single or double?  For your Jedi Consulars, I would recommend single.
The different crystals and parts can do a lot to add modifiers to your hit,
which Jedi Consulars really really need.  This should help to make up for
a lack of feats.  However, you probably wont get enough feats as a Consular
to take care of all the Two-Handed Fighting feats.  I mean, you could if
you wanted to, but Consulars have other feats that are more important to

Jedi Guardians and Jedi Sentinals should get enough feats to be able
to weild a double saber effeciently.  I have always been a big fan
of a double saber instead of 2 single sabers because you make better use
of crystals and parts.  

Crystals -- 
This is a pesonal choice for you.  It does not affect the quality of the
saber, so go nuts.

    Upgrade Crystals
         Now I have already listed a bunch your main character should 
         probably get.  But which ones you use will depend on what type
         of character you have, so ill just list my favorite ones and let
         you put them where you want to.

Damind Crystal
   Gives you +3 to attack
      This would be something you might want to put with a Consular.  
      Honestly, for the Consualr, your biggest problem with the saber is
      just whether you hit or not because Consulars dont have the strength
      modifiers that Guardians or Sentinals do.

Upari Crystal
    +3 to attack and +1-8 to damage
      An uber-strong saber isnt any good if it misses.  This one gives you
      a big boost to attack and a good boost to damage as well

Solari Crystal (Light Side Only)
    +3 to attack +3 Damage +1-8 Damage vs Dark Jedi

ULtima Peral
     +3 attack +2 damage  Massive Criticals 1-6

Qixoni Crystal (Dark side only)
    +5 Damage  1 Regenerate FOrce Points
You can trade a Star Port Visa for this on Onderon

Kaiburr Crystal
    Strength +3 Constitution +3 Regeneration +3

Ankarres Saphire
     Strength +2 Dexterity +1 Regeneration +2

Iv. 4.03 Melee Weapons

Echani Vibrosword (single weapon)
  Damage 4-14
  Attack +2
  Bonus +2 Cold Damage
     Fully Upgradable

Sith Tremor Sword  (single weapon)
  Damage 4-14
  Attack +2
  Bonus +3 Sonic Damage
      Fully Upgradable

Trandoshan Double-Blade
  Damage 6-20
  Attack +2
  Not Upgradable (its ok, you'll deal).  This works awesome
  on Hanhaar

Sith War Sword (double blade)
  Damage 3-17
  Attack +1
  Upgradable Edge and Grip

IV. 4.04 Pistols

Pistols usually work better in pairs, if you are using the
two handed fighting feats.  If you dont want to get those, 
you should probably stick with a rifle.  A single pistol
isnt as good as most rifles.

There are sometimes duplicate copies of a couple of these
in the game.

Zabrak Heavy Pistol
  Damage 5-14
  Attack +2

Mandalorian Disintigrator
  Damage 6-16
  Attack +2

Micro-Pulse Blaster
  Damage 4-18
  Attack +2

Zabrak Blaster Pistol
  Damage 4-11
  Attack +3
  Not Upgradable

IV. 4.05 Rifles

Better than a single pistol, and not near as many feats
to use as two single pistols

Mandalorian Heavy Ripper
   Damage 3-24

Droid Assassin's Rifle (Hk-47 only)
  Damage 1-10
  Attack +5
    Bonus Feats: Sniper SHot
                 Improved Sniper Shot 
                 Master Sniper Shot

Zersium Rifle
  Damage 3-25
  Attack +1

IV. 4.06 Armor

Personally I dont use that much armor myself.
My main party people are usually Jedi, Wookies or Droids,
so I dont really have a use for it.

I break all of mine down into components so that I
can make upgrades to all my other stuff.  

Ill list a couple of the better pieces

Krath Holy Battle SUit
  Defense 9
  Max Dex Bonus +2

Verpine Fiber Ultramesh
  Defense 10
  Max Dex Bonus +3

Sith Battle SUit
  Defense 7
  Max Dex Bonus +7
Not as good of protection as the others, but
a nice bonus to Dexterity
Droid Durasteel Plating Mark II
  Defense 10

Droid DIatium Plating
  Defense 13
  Dex +2
  Immunity 90% vs bludgeoning, stabbing,piercing

There is a good chance that you will have a mix
of Jedi Consulars, Guardians and or Sentinals.
I've listed the best armor for Consulars and Guardians 
(Sentinals and Guardians benefit from the same stuff).

Go back up there for Jedi armor suggestions.  Give
whatever your player isnt using to others.

IV 4.07  Other Stuff

Ok, all the gloves, headbands, implants and belts are too
numerous to name.  DUring the game, you are going to 
collect heaps of this stuff.  My advice, dont get rid of
any of it.  

Save it all, and equip it depending on what the situation is.
Just remember, Strength bonus is good for melee, Dexterity
bonus is good for ranged and Wisdom bonus is good for Force

Just take into account of what kind of character you have
and equip him/her accordingly.  You will really get so
much of this stuff you wont know what to do with it all,
but I guarantee you will be able to tell what is the best.

IV. 4.08 Shields

The basic rule of shields is that some shield is better than
no shield.  You get to wear 2 at a time.  So its suggested
that you have one shield that takes care of Energy types 
of attacks and one shield that takes care of melee types
of attacks like stabbing, bludgeoning, piercing

Mandalorian Power Shield
  Best Shield against Melee attacks

Verpine Prototype Shield
  Best shield against all other types of attacks



V. 1. Why you shouldn't plagerize me

YOu shouldn't plagerize me because its morally, ethically, ecumenically, 
politically, legally, and gramatically wrong.  Plus its kind of creepy, and 
a little sad... but mostly its illegal.

I put my time and effort into this (I never claimed to have any form of a 
life), so I deserve my credit.  If you want to use any portion of my FAQ on 
your own sites or anything, go ahead.  However, attribute anything you use 
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To plagerize me is to use something of mine on your own site and pretend 
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V. 2. What I will do to you if you do plagerize me

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V. 3. A description of how uneventful my life is to prove that I have
       nothing better to do than what I said I was going to do in the
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Thank you for reading my FAQ... this is the end.  IF you liked it, thought 
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