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Metal Arms: Glitch In The System Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Metal Arms: Glitch In The System

We have 9 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Metal Arms: Glitch In The System please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : GameCube

You can also ask your question on our Metal Arms: Glitch In The System Questions & Answers page.

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When corrosive is shooting missles at you there will be a yellow box with 1 stanstard energy pack in it.Try and get corrosive to shoot the box 2 times and you will also find a wrench in some of them (hint:look on the right of the coloseum!).After that go into one of the small huts in the center of that area and dismantle youreself then that idiot (corrosive!)will think you're dead when he blows up the hut then go to the last level (BUT...that's part 1!)


On the level (tanks a lot) when you are being a titan, you can warp to random parts of the level, just by going to the tower and going up the right part of the level, jump up on top of the trash can and going to the edge. When you kook right there should be a gap fall in (as a titan) and you shoube stuck. It should take about 5 secondsbut you will fall in random parts of the level try falling in at different stots to got to different places.

Using the slingshot

When you are using the slingshot, the best way to aim is with your antennae
(spelling) When you pull back your slingshot, line up your target with the tip of the antennae and let go. Your ammo should fly and hit your target, but be warned, it doesn't work at long range.

Mil's limbs heal from limb damage

If you melee or use the ripper on a mil, be aware that when it's lims swing around they will regenerate after time. So make sure to kill it.

Get To The Bottom of Morbot Land's Cliff And Survive

To do this you have to have 2 people playing. Don't have the "Bot State When Not Tethered" on. Get one of the players to a loader and hover over where another player should be standing right behind the sentinel, with the control tether out green and have them fire it. The exact time they fire it the player in the loader should grab the player who fired the tether, then the loader player should keep holding down the right trigger and fly off the edge horizontialy, don't hit a wall or it won't work, when the loader player kills himself, the sentinel should fly off the edge of the cliff. When he/she dies, they should appear a little higher off the ground all the way down at the bottom of the cliff. Then your can just run around there. Oh, and the other player can keep jumping down the cliff with the secondary weapon as a hand and the primary weapon as any gun the player at the bottom of the cliff wants. It works the same way with empy primary and equiped secondary hands. Hope it Works!

Multiplayer levels

Collect the amount of chips to unlock the level
Old droid canyon = 4 chips
The trenches = 8 chips
Matt's big gun fun = 15 chips
Morbot land = 25 chips
The reactor factor= 40 chips
DMA death sphere = 60 chips
Ruins = 85 chips
The coliseum = 110 chips
Corrosive City = 138 chips

How to be disassembelled while floating

During the multiplayer level tanks a lot, get the loader and go on top of the bridge where there is a titan next to you, go in the center of the bridge. Jump onto the loader and tether the titan, make the titan quake next to the loader, you should be in the air in pieces.

Beat Zombiebot King

In order to beat the Zombiebot King use rockets to reduce his energy wait until he doesn't move then throw a grenade (coring charge) into its mouth. On Normal, it takes five grenades to kill him and after the 3rd and 4th grenades there are regular zombiebots that swarm the arena.

Defeating Zombiebot King

There is a sweet spot under the pipe close to the gate where you first enter the level.
You can hide safely under the pipe to defeat the king. The minons will not bother you under there.
The only way to defeat him is to use the rocket launcher to tire him out, when he stops to catch his breath, run out a little and throw a genade in his mouth.
Then run back under the pipe and rocket him some more. The napalm gernades will help you defeat him faster.

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