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Metal Arms: Glitch In The System


Multiplayer Guide

by PSO_2

Metal Arms: Glitch in the System
Multiplayer Guide
 Andy McGinn 2006
[email protected]

Table of Contents
	1) Intro [MG01]
	2) Version History [MG02]
	3) Legal Stuff [MG03]
	4) Characters [MG04]
	5) Multiplayer Strategies and Maps [MG05]
		1) Big E's House [MM01]
		2) Mil Factory [MM02]
		3) Tanks A lot [MM03]
		4) Last Minute Effort [MM04]
		4) Mac Attack [MM05]
		6) Old Droid Canyon [MM06]
		7) The Trenches [MM07]
		8) Matt's Big Gun Fun [MM08]
		9) Morbot Land [MM09]
		10) The Reactor Factor [MM10]
		11) DMA Death Sphere [MM11]
		12) Ruins [MM12]
		13) The Coliseum [MM13]
		14) Corrosive City [MM14]
	6) More Legal Stuff [MG06]
	7) Special Thanks [MG07]

1) Intro [MG01]

	Alright, welcome to my very first FAQ! I decided to 
do a multiplayer FAQ for a few reasons. First, I still 
haven't actually beaten all of Metal Arms. I used my 
friend's memory card for the levels. Second, there's a bunch 
of other walkthoughs already. Last, multiplayer rocks. 
Anyone who doesn't think so either thinks the game sucks, or 
sucks at multiplayer. So I'm making this to make people 
better at multiplayer.

	Also, email me about any suggestions, strategies, 
typos, mistakes, questions, and such you find in this guide. 
Make sure you have "guide", "FAQ", or something similar in 
the subject.

	Lastly, I need someone's help. I need an ASCII 
version of the game's title, email me for details.

2) Version History [MG02]

Version 1.1 ->
First update. Original was rejected for "Lack_of_Content", so I added the 
Characters section. Resubmitted.

Version 1.0 -> 9/4/2006
First version, no updates. Obviously. Submitted to GFAQs.

3) Legal Stuff [MG03]

I wrote this FAQ. It is copyrighted by me, it is my work, 
YOU are not allowed to sell this. Use it, give it to your 
friends, I don't care. Just don't publish it as yours and 
change it a little. If you want it on your site, email me. 
I'll probably say yes. Anyways, in case you missed it 
before,  Andy McGinn 2006.

4) Characters [MG04]

Technically, there aren't any other "characters" you need to know about in
What I meant are the possesable bots.

Bot name: Name of the bot, or at least, what I call it.
Weapons: Weapons this bot has.
Description: Description of the bot.
Weak against: What to use to kill it.

Bot name: Grunt
Weapons: Red-SPEW; Black-Rivet Gun; White/silver-Toaster;
Green-Rocket Launcher; Blue-Mining laser
Description: Small, large torso'd bots. Pretty funny, actually.
Weak against: Just about everything. Except the Ripper, which is
ineffective only in the sense of damage. 
It's really good at disconnecting joints, though.

Bot name: Trooper(my name)
Weapons: Heavy Laser Cannons(splash damage)
Description: Blue head, has blades on its arms, and "wings" on its back.
Weak against: Rockets, grenades, fire

Bot name: Elite Guard
Weapons: Scatter Blaster, Mace
Description: Tall, red guy. STAY AWAY! His mace will kill you easily.
Weak against: Rockets, grenades, fire

Bot name: Titan
Weapons: Heavy chain guns, rocket launcher
Description: Big, blue, and fast. Can't turn well.
Weak against: Rockets, grenades, fire

Bot name: Predator
Weapons: Four arms, each arm has a laser and a rocket launcher.
Description: It flies, it shoots, it wins.
Weak against: Rockets, grenades, fire

5) Multiplayer Strategies and Maps

First off, you're going to need someone else with you. Got 
them? Okay. Moving on. Next, you're going to want ot beat a 
few levels in single player. You know, get some secret chips 
for some good multiplayer maps. I would suggest using the 
walkthroughs on GameFAQs. They're pretty good. Now that you 
are set and ready, go to multiplayer. Pick your profile, 
then hit A when everyone is ready. At this next screen, look 
at the bottom, and it says "Y to Edit Settings" or something 
like that. I can't check right now, the 'Cube is in the 
other room, and people are sleepin' in there. Set the kill 
limit, time limit and whatever. But look at the Possessable 
Bots and Bot State when Not Tethered. If you want the 
possessable bots(Predator, Titan, Trooper, Grunts) then 
leave this set to On. Now, if you want them to attack you as 
if you're an enemy without anyone controlling them, set the 
other one on. However, they have to notice you. Also, I 
haven't tested if these affect General Corrosive(see 
Corrosive City).

General Tips [MS01]

- Keep moving while changing weapons! I can't believe how 
many of my friends (whom I let play singleplayer beforehand 
to get used to the game) will stand there and change their 
weapon! I'd come running up, shooting, and they're just 
sitting there!
BAH! >_> Anyways, keep moving.

- If you want to tether a bot, pull out the tether on the 
way. That way you're not standing there waiting for him to 
change weapons.

- If you're in a Predator, try to stay as high as possible. 
It's easier for your foes to shoot you if you're lower.

- If you're in a Titan, try not to turn too much. Titans can 
be fast, but their turning sucks.

- For Troopers, shoot, jet into the air(L button), and zoom 
away(Z). Not too much health for these, really.

- For Grunts, just try to hit them as much as pssible before 
dying. These won't last long.

- For Elite Guards, use the mace if they're close, the 
blaster if they're farther.

- For a RAT, keep driving. Run over them as much as 
possible. If you know they are in a Titan or a Sentinel, hop 
into the gunner's seat. You're going to need the guns.

- For Sentinels, try to use these only on Titans. It's hard 
to hit Glitch when he's running zigzag and jumping.

- Don't try to hold onto someone and shoot them to death in 
a Loader. They can hurt you as you hold them. Throw them 
into a firefight of someone elses, or throw them off a 

- For General Corrosive, stomp the Titans and Glitches, 
shoot/smash the Troopers.

Maps and Strategies[MS01]

Map Name [numbers and letters]
Bots: What bots are in this level
Vehicles: What vehicles are in this level
Strategies: Ways to win in this level(assuming there are 
bots and vehicles on)
Notes: Other neat things in the level.
Overall Rating: Rating compared to other levels, and 
explanation why.

1) Big E's House [MM01]
Bots: 2 Titans, 1 Trooper, 1 Recruitable Gun/Missile 
Turret(can also be used like regular turret)
Vehicles: None
Strategies: If you want to survive, but don't care about 
killng much, then get in the Trooper and head to where the 
outside Titan is. If you Jet then Zoom Up to the waterfall, 
you can usually make it up there. That is the ONLY way to 
get up ther, and, you can't be hurt. Except maybe with the 
Slingshot, but this just came to mind as I was typing, so 
I'll check and update later.
Notes: Lots of passages. I still get lost in here, 
Overall Rating: 62% - Meh, could have been better, but 
still, pretty fun with lots of people.

2) Mil Factory [MM02]
Bots: All four Grunts (Black - Rivet Gun, Green - Rocket 
Launcher, White/Silver(it's one of those) - Toaster, Red - 
Vehicles: None
Strategies: Grab a Grunt, get shooting. Keep moving from 
room to room.
Notes: Some jump pads, but not much.
Overall Rating: 46% - Could have been LOTS better. Only 
thing keeping it this high is that it's the only place to 
find tetherable Grunts.

3) Tanks A lot [MM03]
Bots: 3 Titans
Vehicles: 3 Sentinels, 1 Loader
Strategies: I normally hide out in the secret base kinda 
thing they have. It's got two entrances, one on one side of 
the city, one on the perpendicular(ooh...big word...) side. 
Has a SPEW and Coring Charges in it.
Notes: Lots of buildings to hide out in, and a tower to 
shoot from.
Overall Rating: 82% - I like this level a lot, mainly 
because I can get from one side of the city to the other 

4) Last Minute Effort [MM04]
Bots: 2 Troopers, 2 Predators
Vehicles: 2 Loaders
Strategies: Get in a PRedator, get high, get shooting. If 
the Predators are taken, get a trooper and behind the wall 
to the hangar/brightlylit cave things. It's where the 
troopers spawn, so it's not that hard. ;). Anyways, get 
behind that wall and shoot the Predators if they come near 
Notes: Big hole in the middle. Fun to thrw enemies off of in 
the Loader.
Overall Rating: 77% - I really like those Predators.

4) Mac Attack [MM05]
Bots: 2 Elite Guards
Vehicles: None
Strategies: I'd grab a guard and start swinging. If they 
beat you to the guards, then get to the top level and jump 
on top of the machine, and into it.It's really hard for the 
Guards to get in there, though doable.
Notes: Three floored action! Pipes leading to the different 
floors, lava on the bottom.
Overall Rating: 68% - Okay, but I don't like being killed by 
Guards constantly. Fun when I have one, though.

6) Old Droid Canyon [MM06]
Bots: 2 Titans, 2 Troopers, 1 Elite Guard
Vehicles: 2 Sentinels
Strategies: Alright, say this level is a "U". Go to the left 
end of the U and find a jumppad. If you got the right one, 
it will take you to a tower with a Rivet Gun and Coring 
Charges. If you go all the way back, nothing can get you 
unless the use the jumppad.
Notes: Pipe leading from one side of the U to the other.
Overall Rating: 79% - I've always enjoyed filling my enemies 
with exploding arrows. From a tower. Where they can't get 
me. <_<

7) The Trenches [MM07]
Bots: 2 Titans
Vehicles: 1 Loader
Strategies: Grab whatever's at the top of your tower, switch 
your secondary to a grenade, and get the Loader. Use the 
Loader to get across the level, and grab a CLeaner from 
behind the towers and also a recruiter at the bottom of the 
underground entrance thingies, which never open. Recruit the 
Titans and kill your enemies.
Notes: Glitch-deep trenches crisscross throughout the level, 
containing 2 gun-only turrets, and well as health and 
Overall Rating: 84% - Very fun. Hiding out in the trenches 
and popping up is a great strategy as well.

8) Matt's Big Gun Fun [MM08]
Bots: 2 Titans
Vehicles: 2 Sentinels, 2 RATs
Strategies: Get in a RAT, run over your enemies. If they get 
in a Titan, hop in the gunner's seat and take them out. If 
they get in a Sentinel, drive away and get in the other one. 
Basically, utilize the RAT's speed as much as possible.
Notes: Two large Gun/Grendae turrets, one on either side. 2 
large walls, as well, dividing it into three sections.
Overall Rating: 100% - I never get tired of this level. 

9) Morbot Land [MM09]
Bots: 1 Titan, 1 Trooper
Vehicles: 1 Sentinel, 1 RAT, 2 Loaders
Strategies: Get the Trooper, chase them into the large 
chasm. Or run over them in the RAT. Or throw them into the 
chasm with the Loader.
Notes: Large chasm, teleport at the end of a hole in the 
ground, tunnel from one side to the other.
Overall Rating: 93% - The variety of vehicles and bots makes 
for a great game.

10) The Reactor Factor [MM10] - Still wroking on it! I might 
be wrong here!
Bots: 1 Trooper
Vehicles: None
Strategies: To be updated.
Notes: Cleaners in a hub-like room, a prism floor that can 
be deactivated via a red glowing cylinder.
Overall Rating: Unfair to rate at the moment.

11) DMA Death Sphere [MM11]
Bots: 2 Troopers
Vehicles: None
Strategies: Keep switching floors, try to take a trooper. 
Don't constantly be in the Egg.
Notes: Jump upgrade
Overall Rating: 27% - For some reason, I absolutely hated 
this level. Come to your own conlusions, but this is what I 

12) Ruins [MM12]
Bots: 2 Titans, 2 non-tetherable Predators(recruitable, 
Vehicles: none
Strategies: Hide in teh wreckage, shoot from the shadows.
Notes: Two gun-only turrets(may be wrong about this number)
Overall Rating: 74% - Pretty good, I was dissappointed by 
the non-tetherability of the Predators, however. Makes for a 
good brawl.

13) The Coliseum [MM13]
Bots: 1 Trooper, 1 Elite Guard(only show up one at a time, 
Vehicles: none
Strategies: hide behind the broken things, and shoot the 
pentagonal targetson the traps on the sides when opponents 
are near. It causes a strong magnet to activate, pulling 
them in and shredding them. Instant kill, inescapable.
Notes: Side traps
Overall Rating: 78% - Nice brawling, all-out shooting level. 
No place for snipers/campers.

14) Corrosive City [MM14]
Bots: 1 Titan, 2 Troopers, General Corrosive*
Vehicles: 2 Sentinels
Strategies: Without Corrosive, I would sugest the Titan or 
Sentinel. Crush the opposition. With Corrosive, however, I 
would recommend getting him. He's insanely annyoing to kill, 
and he's got homing rockets.
Notes: General Corrosive
Overall Rating: 100% with Corrosive; 75% without - Corrosive 
makes this a lot of fun, for both sides.

*General Corrosive can only be used if the vehicles are off, 
and you have every Secret/Speed chip in the game.Just follow 
the jumppads to he arcade machine. Only 1 Corrosive can be 
out at a time. Exiting him will result in him dying. More 
than one can be made, as long as it's seperate.
If the arcade machine says it's inactive, make sure your 
vehicles are turned off.

6) More Legal Stuff [MG05]

Metal Arms: Glitch in the System
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are 
owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.
(c) 2003 Sierra Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.  
Sierra, The Sierra
logo and Metal Arms are trademarks of registered trademarks 
of Sierra
Entertainment, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.  
Vivendi Universal Games
and the Vivendi Universal Games Logo are trademarks of 
Vivendi Universal Games,
Inc.  Developed by Swingin' Ape Studios.

7) Special Thanks [MG06]

Thanks goes out to:

Me, for making this.

Douglas, for letting me use his game to make this.

Nintendo, for the 'Cube.

Swingin' Ape and Sierra for the game.

And finally, my siblings, for being there for me to babysit, 
thus letting me earn enough money to get said 'Cube.

End Guide