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Bully Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Bully

We have 5 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Bully please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : PlayStation 4

You can also ask your question on our Bully Questions & Answers page.

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English Class Anagrams and Word Puzzle Answers

Enter the following solutions to pass the English class quickly.
English Class 1:
Puzzle - Create 7 words from the letters E, L, M, O, L, W.
Ole, Owe, Owl, Lowe, Meow, Ell, Elm, Low, Mel, Mew, Moll, Well, Mellow, Mol, Mow, Mewl, Mole.
English Class 2:
Puzzle - Create 14 words from the letters T, H, F, S, G, I.
This, Fight, Gifts, Its, Sit, Figs, Fish, Fist, Fits, Gift, Gist, Fig, Shift, Sight, Fights, Fit, His, Hit, Hits, Sift, Sigh.
English Class 3:
Puzzle - Create 15 words from the letters E, L, I, S, S, M.
Miss, Semi, Sims, Slim, Isles, Elms, Isle, Isms, Leis, Less, Lies, Lime, Mess, Mile, Mils, Limes, Miles, Seism, Semis, Slime, Slims, Elm, Ism, Lei, Lie, Mil, Smile, Slimes, Smiles.
English Class 4:
Puzzle - Create 19 words from the letters R, A, O, C, Y, N.
Coy, Cry, Nay, Nor, Oar, Ran, Ray, Roc, Yon, Any, Corny, Crony, Rayon, Crayon, Arc, Can, Car, Cay, Con, Corn, Cory, Cyan, Narc, Racy, Roan, Yarn, Acorn.
English Class 5:
Puzzle - Create 22 words from the letters D, G, R, A, G, E.
Raged, Gag, Rag, Red, Aged, Dare, Dear, Age, Are, Dag, Ear, Egg, Era, Erg, Gad, Read, Agger, Grade, Drag, Dreg, Egad, Gage, Gear, Grad, Rage, Dagger, Ragged.

Unlock Free Arcade Games

Play 'Consumo', 'Nut Shots' or 'Monkey Fling' getting hi-scores and finishing 1st in ALL the races in Future Street Race 3D' and 'Future Street Race 2165'.

Unlock Go-Kart

Complete ALL the Carnival Circuit races then complete the additional Go-Kart races to get the go-kart which you will find near your garage next to the autoshop.

Unlock Girlfriends

Successfully complete the following missions to unlock the corresponding girlfriend. When you kiss them you will receive a health bonus.
Unlock Beatrice:
In Chapter I complete the mission 'That Bitch'.
Unlock Pinky:
In Chapter II complete the mission 'Carnival Date'.
Unlock Lola:
In Chapter III complete the mission 'The Tenements'.
Unlock Mandy:
In Chapter IV complete the mission 'Discretion Assured'.
Unlock Zoe:
In Chapter V complete the mission 'Smash It Up'.

Unlockable Costumes

When you have successfully completed the requirements for the clothing they are automatically unlocked and put in your closet in your safehouses.
Unlock Wrestling Uniform:
Beat Gym 1.
Unlock Grotto Master:
Collect ALL G&G cards.

Unlock Gnome Costume:
Smash ALL the garden Gnomes.
Unlock Tiny Swimsuit:
At the Beach House location find the Preppie with a blue mission on the beach and beat his swimming time.
Unlock Jimmy's Skeleton Halloween Costume:
When you hav beat the mission 'The Candidate' the mission 'Halloween' will open up which unlocks the costume.
Unlock Pumpkin Head:
Destroy ALL 27 pumpkins during 'Halloween Event'. They are located around the school and inside the main building.
Unlock Dunce Hat:
Go to the boys locker room in the gym and turn on ALL the showers.
Unlock Red Ninja Outfit:
Complete the Big Prank task during Halloween at Bullworth Academy.
Unlock Boxing Outfit:
In Chapter 2 beat either 'Boxing Challenge' or 'Prep Challenge'.
Unlock Fast Food:
In Bullworth Vale complete the Burger Joint errand.
Unlock Crash Helmet:
At the Carnival place 1st in the Kart Race.
Unlock Edna Mask:
During Halloween destroy 19/19 Tombstones.
Unlock Green Ninja Outfit:
Make 1,000 projectile hits.
Unlock Gold Suit:
Buy ALL the clothing in the game.
Unlock Black Ninja Outfit:
Fill up your yearbook completely.
Unlock Black Skate Shoes:
Travel at least 50km on foot
Unlock BMX Champion:
Complete one of the bike races.
Unlock Firefighter's Helmet:
Pull the Fire Alarm 20 times
Unlock School Mascot:
In Chapter 4 beat 'Nice Outfit'.
Unlock Orderly Uniform:
In Chapter 5 complete 'Finding Johnny Vincent'.
Unlock Pirate Hat:
On the island near the Beach House beat up the pirate.
Unlock Prison Uniform:
Beat ALL the detention mini games at least once.

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