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Follow the dark path or use the light

Enemy FAQ

by munkanikal_man_56

Bully Enemy FAQ
By Pointyhair01
Time spent on FAQ:7 hours stuff
2.Version history
3.Groups of enemies
3h.Changes in respect
7.End note/ contact info

1.Legal stuff

     This FAQ is for personal use ONLY and may not be 
or printed or distributed for commercial purposes.
You may print this guide as long as you do not distribute or 
sell it further.
If you do not abide by these guidelines, you will be 
prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In other words, 
I will sue you.
Bully and its contents is copyright (c) 2006 Rockstar Games, 
 Rockstar Games, Rockstar Vancouver.
 The only web sites allowed to use this guide as of now are:

If other sites are using this guide, please contact me via 

2. Version history
-Version 1.5: Prefect and cop info, Credits, and 1 FAQ added.
-Version 1.0: Bully enemy FAQ completed! First version 

3. Groups of enemies

All of the students in Bullworth academy are potential 
enemies because if you hit them , they'll hit you back. If 
they don't respect you, they will also fight you, or at 
least push you around.


    Preppies are rich kids, simply put. They wear Aquaberry 
vests, a shirt with a pattern of blue and light blue 
diamonds. They box, and act like snobs. They usually hang 
out in the Boxing club in the city. They sometimes carry 

How to defeat: Preppies aren't very tough. Just block their 
combos and hit them with yours and they will fall quickly. 
In a group of them, your best strategy is to run, but if you 
don't want to, try to knock out one at a time using the 
strategt above, while dodging other's blows. You can also 
start using a weapon against them at point-blank range 
(Mostly the spud launcher or slingshot) but you will get 
interrupted a lot. If you are near lockers or garbage cans, 
make sure you stuff a Preppie in. That's about it for 
Preppie fighting. 

3b. Bullies

Bullies hang out around the school and, well, bully 
classmates. (Wedgies, stealing books, etc) They normally 
wear white shirts and jeans.

How to defeat: They are very weak, and can be dealt with 
using 5-8 good punches. If you are facing a group, fight 
each one separately. There is little chance others will 
interfere, as they hesitate 5-10 seconds between combos. If 
you are low on health, just use your slingshot. 

3c. Greasers

     They dress in black suits, and their hair is slick and 
black. They hang out around a part of town called New 
Coventry. They are the third toughest enemies to defeat.

How to defeat: Greasers are like Preppies, but they block 
more and some use a technique that jocks use commonly 
(leaping on you and pinning you to the ground.) Basically, 
try to pin them to the ground and do as much damage as you 
can before they push you off. If you are facing a group of 
Greasers, it is an excellent idea to use your spud gun. If 
you don't have it- RUN LIKE MAD! It is immensely difficult 
to fight a group of 3+ Greasers with your bare hands. 
Luckily, they tire out quickly.

3d. Nerds

They are almost all fat, and are all pathetic fighters. They 
mostly wear green shirts and jeans. They can be found at the 
library and the school. They are very commonly armed with 
stink bombs.

How to defeat: 3-5 punches. Nerds never come after you in 
pairs of more than 2, so you don't have to worry about 

3e. Jocks

   The most difficult enemies to defeat. Jocks hang at the gym 
commonly. They are never armed. They wear sports jackets. 

How to defeat: They are exactly like Greasers, but most have 
more health. The Spud Gun works well. Again, grabbing them 
and pummeling them while they are in your grip is a good 
idea. Regular punches don't work well, as they normally 
block them. If there are 5+ in a group, it is near 
impossible to beat them all. So run! Again, the Spud gun 
works well against them.


These guys are quite strong. Well, not really- 
It's just if they grab you, they can KO you instantly. 
See FAQs (5) for info on grabs. 
How to defeat: If you want to do it by hand-to-hand combat,
 get in trouble and run. Soon they will tire. Wrestle them to the ground
 when they do this, punch them a few times, and run away.
 They will get tired again, and repeat about 5 times to KO them.
 If you aren't in trouble but you just want to KO a prefect for being such 
a jerk,
 insult/ push them. Run near a Trash can or locker,
 not a toilet because if other authorities come you'll be trapped. When 
they catch you,
 get away and, while they are doubled over in pain, Grab them and 
throw them in!
For Cops, generally the same rules apply. The 2 differences are:
1: If you are on a vehicle, Cops will hop on their Motorcycles and come 
after you.
Prefects obviously don't have motorcycles. 2: If they bust you,
 you will be sent to school or to the nearest police station, but never to 
NEVER try to take on groups, even with weapons you're no match for 

3h. Changes in respect

Doing missions will gain or lose respect for you from each 
group. The highest respect can go is 100%, the lowest 0%. 
More respect decreases the chance a group will pick a fight 
with you, and less improves the chance. This will not cover 
missions that do not earn respect.

Chapter I: Making new friends and enemies

The Setup: Bully Respect -5
Slingshot: Nerd respect +5
Save Algie: Bully Respect -10; Nerd respect+5
Russell in the hole: Nerd respect +5; Bully respect +100

Chapter II: Rich kid blues

Tad's house: Preppy respect -15
Dishonorable fight: Preppy respect -100; Nerd respect +10

Chapter III: Love makes the world go around

Bait: Preppy & Greaser respect  -5
Tagging: Preppy respect -5; Greaser respect -25
Wrong Part of Town: Greaser respect -5; Nerd respect +5
Lola's race: Greaser respect -20
Tenements: Greaser respect -10
Fighting Johnny Vincent: Greaser respect +100; Nerd respect 
+ 100

Chapter IV: A healthy mind in a healthy body, and other lies

Stronghold assault: Nerd respect -100, Jock respect +5 
Nerd Boss: Nerd respect +50
Paparazzi: Jock respect -10; Nerd respect +5
Funhouse Fun: Nerd Respect +5; Jock respect -10
Defender of the castle: Nerd respect +20; Jock respect -10
Nice outfit: Jock respect -10; Nerd respect +5
Discretion Assured: Nerd respect -5
The Big Game: Jock respect -10
Jock boss: Nerd respect +10; Jock respect +100

Chapter V: The fall and rise of Jimmy Hopkins, age 15

Making a mark: Jock, Preppy, Nerd, Greaser respect -75 
Townies respect +25
The gym is burning: Jock respect +15
Rats in the Library: Nerd respect +15
Finding Johnny Vincent: Greaser respect +25
Preppies Vandalized: Townie respect -25; Preppie respect +15
Busting in, part II: Townies respect +100
Final Showdown: All groups +100


Note that a good strategy for almost every boss is to lock 
on to them, take out your slingshot, and fire continuously 
at them while backing away  simultaneously. Some bosses are 
too quick for this and will hit you even if you are backing 
away, in which case you should use the specific strategy I 
describe for each one.

1.Name of mission: Russell in the Hole
Boss: Russell (Bully leader)
Difficulty: 7/10

This is difficult for the first boss battle. Refrain from 
using weapons apart from firecrackers.
Here are some tips you'll need:
1.Don't let Russell grab you.
2.Sprint away from Russell when he does his bull 
impersonation (Charges at you)
and he will smack into the wall and lose health. Repeat this 
to KO Russell.
3.Don't use charged uppercuts, as they leave you open for 

Just use tip # 2 to do damage, and you'll do fine.

2.Name of mission: Dishonorable fight
Boss: Derby (Preppie leader)
Difficulty: 4/10

First, you have to take out the other preppies before you 
get a shot at Derby. Try to take one at a time down. They 
drop sodas, so make sure you collect them if your health is 
getting low. Then Derby will fight you. Just use all the 
combos you've learned from gym and the hobo to bring him 
down. (He is like a Preppie and Greaser at the same time.) 
Once derby goes down, the mission is complete.

3. Name of mission: Tenements
Boss: Norton

Throw firecrackers at him until he is KO'd. If you run out, 
break the crates that are lying around for more Firecrackers 
to throw at him. And stay away from him while throwing 
firecrackers, as he is holding a sledgehammer that can 
really hurt you if he hits you with it.

4.Name of mission: Fighting Johnny Vincent\
Boss: Johnny Vincent
Difficulty: 5/10

Use your slingshot and, while avoiding Johnny who is on a 
bike, Shoot the 6 Greasers who are standing on top of the 
huge pile of rubbish that marks the boundary of your fight. 
Petey runs to the crane and takes away Johnny's bike and 
pipe. Johnny is like a normal greaser now- just more 
stamina. Punch him around until he is KO'd.

 5.Name of mission: Nerd Boss
Boss: Earnest
Difficulty: 8/10

At first Earnest will be standing on a platform above you, 
manning a spud cannon. Pull out the slingshot and aim for 
the things above earnest with red arrows pointing at them 
while behind a pillar to shield yourself from the potatoes. 
Once both are destroyed Earnest will fall down to a second 
platform and start throwing firecrackers. As before, aim for 
the things above Earnest. When you destroy both, he falls to 
a third platform and mans another spud cannon. Do the exact 
same thing you did at the beginning of the battle, and 
Earnest will fall to the floor, and you will win.

6. Name of mission: Jock Boss
Boss: Ted

Off-field players will toss Ted explosive footballs. He will 
throw them at you. Dodge and throw the footballs at the 
jocks next to him. When you defeat them he will run backward 
and acquire new jocks, and you have to take them out the 
same way you did the first ones. Repeat 2x. Ted will be 
running away from you. Sprint after him and do a running 
tackle (square while running) to take him out in one hit.

7.Name of mission: Busting in, part 2
Boss: Edgar
Difficulty: 6/10

Pull out your slingshot and fire it at him while backing 
away at the same time. He will run downstairs after a minute 
of this. Follow and grab a pipe from the wall. Relentlessly 
lay into him, blocking any counterattacks. After 10 direct 
hits, he will be KO'd. 

8.Name of mission: final showdown
Boss: Gary (you finally get revenge on that double-crosser!)

Follow Gary up to the top of the building. There will be a 
cut scene and the battle begins!
Use all the moves you learned from gym and the hobo, as well 
as grapple attacks. Every time 1/4 of Gary's health is 
knocked out of him, you both fall down onto a below 
platform. Once you deplete 3/4 of his health, you both crash 
through glass into the Principal's office. Gary is knocked 
out, and you are victorious! Congratulations, you have 
completed story mode!


Q:It seems like sometimes Prefects grab me and I
 can quickly tap triangle and get out of it.  Other times it seems
 like they just grab me and bust me regardless of how quickly I tap
 my traingle button.  I don't understand why this is. 

A:It is because of your alert meter. As you probably know,
when you get into a bit of trouble (Tresspassing, Harassing girls, etc)
 your alert meter will fill up 1/3 of the way. Cops and Prefects will
 not get on vehicles (Prefects don't anyway) to chase you;
 they will run after you, and if they catch you you can tap triangle to get 
If it is filled 2/3 of the way, Basically the same as above happens.
 If it gets anything over 2/3, the meter turns red,
 Cops will chase you with their pesky 
 Prefects are slightly faster runners,
 and if either catches you, you will not be able to escape. Note that a 
good place to
 run is in one of your save places, as Prefects and Cops are not allowed 

I would like to thank:
-Me, for making this FAQ
-CjayC for creating Gamefaqs
-Joe Haroldsen, for bringing to my attention 
the need of a Cops and Prefects section.

End note/ contact info

If you have any questions or comments regarding this FAQ, 
feel free to send them to [email protected] Good luck 
on getting 100% on this game!