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Tips and Tricks in WWE 2K19

WWE 2K19 Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Tips and Tricks in WWE 2K19

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Entrance Attack

If you use the breakout feature you can interrupt your opponents entrance to attack them with weapons before they get in the ring and you won't have to worry about the referee disqualifying you as the match won't have officially started. The contest will only commence when both superstars are in the ring.

Save Reversals

If you are playing the game with the limited reversals options on you need to make sure you keep an eye on the yellow bar at the bottom of your superstar's health meter as this shows you how many reversals you can pull off. The number your superstar has at the beginning of a match is determined by the reversal stat of the character you are using. Most superstars have at least 2-3 reversals with some having as many as 5. As you only have a limited number of attempts to pull off a reversal in a match it is important that you manage them effectively by saving them for when you really need them, this means not wasting them on moves like a strike or an Irish Whip which will not do you much damage. You want to save your reversals for stopping an opponent who is closing in on a finishing move.

Refilling Reversals

Although reversals do regenerate they do so slowly, the rate of which will depend on your character, difficulty level, and overal gameplay sliders. Once you have executed a reversal the progress of filling up the reversal bar is completely reset and because this is a slow process there will be times you will find it more beneficial to take some minor punishment from your opponent to ensure your next reversal meter is filled.

Bait Opponents

You will find that your opponents will be able to consistantly reverse your finishers, specials, and big moves so always look for opportunities to bait out their stock of them before you attempt to perform your most devestating moves. You will be able to see exactly how many reversals your opponent has and how close they are to getting their next one so make sure you use this information to your advantage.

Use Crowd Taunts

Taunts are not just showy moves, they can be used to provide bonuses such as a boost in momentum for your superstar. The wake-up taunt for example can be used to devestating effect when used to force your opponent to stand up all groggy and vulnerable for a finisher.

Save Paybacks

As with reversasl you should look to save your payback moves and comback abilities until you really need them. Although it is tempting to use these moves early in a match you will find that they will be more beneficial in the later stages when you find yourself suffering a severe beating and in real danger of losing.

Invest in Stamina

One of the most important stats in the entire game is your superstars stamina as it dictates you ability to perform in a match. As you create your player and begin investing points in the skill tree it is essential that you focus on their stamina first and foremost. This includes both the base stamina and the stamina regeneration.

Conserve Stamina

It is important that you always keep an eye on your stamina gauge so you know exactly how much you have left at all times. Stamina is a resource that affects the way your character performs in a match. Basically, the less you have the slower your character will move when they strike and grapple. When your character slows down it gives your opponent a bigger window to reverse your moves or recover from attacks. If you allow your stamina to become 100% depleted your character will be too exhausted to pull off specials, finishers, top rope moves, and certain abilities. To avoid this from happening try to conserve your stamina in the late stages of a match by spacing out your attacks.

Pin Attempts and Kick Outs

Don't get into the habit of trying to pin your opponent too early in a match because last-second kick outs by your opponent will allow them to generate a significant amount of momentum that will enable them to get their special and finisher moves faster, something you want to delay as much as possible.

Leave the Ring

Although it may appear a cowardly act you may want to consider jumping out the ring and running away if you need time for reversals to regenerate, recover stamina, prevent your opponent from pinning you, or just need some time to gather yourself and figure out a strategy.

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