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Cheats, Tips and Strategy

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Walkthrough for World War Rising

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World War Rising is a MMORTS that gives you the opportunity to mix your fantasy gaming with real-world battles as different eras of war collide. Troops and war machines from World War I to Modern Combat are ready at your command.

You play the role of a top-ranked general whose objective is to build a powerful military force, this involves building a base on the map and looting other players for resources to develop your base. You will also need to train your troops, upgrade buildings, and increase your hero's power as you lead your base to victory by controlling the land, sea, and air with iconic weapons, troops, and vehicles from different theatres of war.

Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Upgrade your Base

You main priority is to continually upgrade your base and level up all the buildings in order to increase your power, unlock better troops and weapons. This means keeping everyone around the base busy doing something whether its building, researching, or training.

Upgrading Buildings

In the early stages of the game it is not important what order you upgrade your buildings but as the timers start to grow and you need to wait longer you should then start prioritising the buildings that offer an immediate benefit.

Upgrading the Command Center

The Command Center is the most important building in the game as it determines what you can build and what the maximum level for your structures will be. Therefore it is more beneficial if you only upgrade your Command Center when every other building in your base has been maxed rather than progressing through the levels in order to get better things. Upgrading in this manner will ensure you have an evenly balanced base that is easier to defend.

Other main buildings in World War Rising and their purpose are listed below.

Research Center: Research buffs.

Training Grounds: Train the troops here.

Armoury: Manufacture items for the hero.

War Room: For group attack/rally attack.

Hospital: Heal injured troops.

Trading Post: Transfer or send the resources to alliance members.

Radar Station: Notifies the player about incoming reinforcement, attack.

Missile Silo: Targets syndicates, enemy bases, resources tiles, water tiles, outposts, the alliance member bases.

Embassy: Send reinforcement

Complete Missions

Make sure you try and complete as many missions as you can in order to reap the rewards they offer. It is recommended that early on in the game you follow the base missions as they will guide you in the right direction as you progress in the game. It is advised that you start with the short duration Hero and Alliance missions as they are easy to complete and will constantly give you decent rewards.

Use Speed-Ups Early On

Don't hoard on the speed-ups you earn as rewards from the missions you complete. It is more beneficial especially in the early stages of the game to use them to complete everything faster. Speed ups will have much less of an impact in higher levels as the timers increase considerably.

Launch Missles

There are several types of missles you can build and launch from your Rocket Silo and each with different results. Although launching missles takes time and preparation they can significantly weaken the forces of your enemies and give you huge rewards. Missiles you can build include: Syndicate Attack, Resource Destroyer, Supply Drone, and Troop Attack

Train Troops

It is important that you train varied types of troops so you can adapt to various types of enemies. The troops you can train in World War Rising follow the rock, paper, scissors rule which means that one troop is strong against another, but weak against a third. The only exception is the Operative, which are PvP focused troop which targets the enemie's wall. A strategy some players adopt when training troops is to focus on training just one or two types of troops knowing that this will give them an advantage over players who train all three troops equally. The downside of this tactic though is you become more open to attacks from players who have trained the type of troops you are weak against.

Build Up your Hero

Make sure you are always developing the commander of your troops by equipping them items and working on their skills. This is done at the 'Hero' menu.

Free Gold

If you deposit some of your Gold (premium currency) in the Treasury you will be able to get a 10% bonus after 2 hours. This is basically free money. Although this is not a lot at level 1 it still means you can get 10 free Gold every 2 hours, or a maximum of 120 per day. You can increase the rewards you recieve from the Treasury by upgrading it using real money.

Join an Alliance

You may want to consider joining an active alliance as doing so will give you many benefits that includes fellow alliance members being able to help you speed up construction and research. You will also be able to take part in Wars and recieve reinforcements to protect your base and the Loyalty points your earn can be spent getting things to improve your base.

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