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Wild Hearts Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Richard

Once you start playing Wild Hearts and get into the flow of upgrading your gear you'll soon find out that it takes a lot of resources to do this. So probably you'll need to find a great way to farm gold, ore and resources in the game.

Wild Hearts Beginners Cheats, Tips and Tricks

With the help of Karakuri Skill Tree upgrades and some well placed shrines, you'll be farming a ton of resources regularly and with little effort in no time at all.

Easy Farming Gold, Ore and Food in Wild Hearts

To start off this farming guide you'll need to unlock both the Tsukauo Ore Shrine, Tsukauo Food Shrine and Paddle Scoops in your Karakuri Skill Tree.

Then the idea is to place as many of these shrines as you can on each of the maps that you have unlock in the game.

Basically these shrines allow Tsukumo to come and stay and offer either ore or food in exchange, so in no time at all, as long as you have enough of these shrines you'll get a heap of these resources relatively quickly and easily.

The best place to put these shrines are close together near your base on each map, this way, you can efficiently gather from each one at regularly intervals.

It does take some time for the shrines to get resources, so you can go off and fulfill any pending quests, then come abck a little later. The shrines onoly gather while the game is active.

Paddle Scoops are another great way to gather food, unlock this ability in the Karakuri Skill Tree and then place some paddle scoops in the water for them to automatically gather fish for you to collect from them later.

Again, the ideal place for paddle scoops would be in water close to your base on each map for efficient gathering.

Now what about gold? Well you'll probably find yourself with too many of some types of resources because of your farming, so we recommend that you swap any excess resources for gold. Keep a little of each one.

Ore and Corestones Farming Tips

A great location to mine valuable ore and Corestones is the Kintodo Tower. Farm this ara by replaying it many times to get a good amount of ore and Corestones to help you upgrade your weapons and armor.

Kemono Orbs

Kemono orbs are essential to get in Wild Hearts. These help you with upgrades in your Karakuri Skill Tree. To get these Kemono orbs remember to regularly grind and hunt for Kemono. Check back with your Karakuri Skill Tree to see if you have gathered enough Kemono orbs to make new upgrades.

Grinding Tips

Things will get progressively more expensive in Wild Hearts especially if you want the best weapons and armor, we do recommend that you go back and grind through older hunts in order to bad extra resources easily. Choose you favourite ones that usually yield a good amount of resources in relation to the time it takes to complete them and head off and grind away.

Don't froget to build all of your basic structures such as smithies for making stronger weapons and armor, as well as hunting towers for finding Kemono. It shoudl go without saying that bonfires are pretty much essential too and the good thing is that if they get destroyed by enemy attacks they will rebuild themselves after taking damage.

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