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Trophies for Wild Hearts

There are 49 Trophies for Wild Hearts
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Land of the Rising Sun
Successfully reached Azuma, where kemono roam free
Mountain Splitter
Successfully hunted the earthbreaker that appeared along the Harugasumi Way
Bonds of Enmity
Successfully hunted the deathstalker ensconced in Fuyufusagi Fort
Axer of Auspice
Successfully downed Amaterasu following the attack on Minato
Commencing of Quests
Successfully completed your first quest for a citizen of Minato
Budding Conjuror
Successfully conjured 200 basic karakuri
Karakuri Minato
Successfully conjured 15 dragon karakuri in Minato
Karakuri Trail
Successfully conjured 30 dragon karakuri along the Harugasumi Way
Karakuri Isle
Successfully conjured 30 dragon karakuri on Natsukodachi Isle
Canyon of Karakuri
Successfully conjured 30 dragon karakuri in Akikure Canyon
Karakuri Fortress
Successfully conjured 30 dragon karakuri at Fuyufusagi Fort
Fusion Conjuror
Successfully conjured a fusion karakuri 50 times
Memory Rouser
Successfully awakened 20 types of karakuri
Distance Devourer
Successfully traveled a distance of 10,000 m by karakuri
Master of the Skies
Successfully flew 150 m with a glider
Man-Machine Master
Successfully used a karakuri attack 100 times
Counter Specialist
Successfully deflected 20 kemono attacks using fusion karakuri
Subsistence Skills
Successfully completed your first food processing
Left Arm Leverager
Successfully activated your “hunter's arm” 30 times
Kemono Hunter
Successfully finished 30 kemono
Mighty Marmelizer
Successfully finished a mighty kemono inside 5 minutes
Fair Means or Foul
Successfully inflicted a status ailment upon a kemono 20 times
Tender Touch
Successfully petted a small kemono 30 times
Snare Specialist
Successfully caught 100 creatures in the wilderness
Style Seeker
Successfully dyed armor for the first time
Human Believer
Reach the limits of human-path affinity by modifying armor
Kemono at Heart
Reach the limits of kemono-path affinity by modifying armor
Bewitched by Bathing
Successfully developed every different restorative bath
Hidden History
Successfully obtained your first document
Big Spender
Spent 30,000 on goods from the store
Jack of All Trades
Successfully obtained 90 seals from Nobumitsu
Quintessence of Form
Successfully enhanced one tsukumo form to the maximum
Team Hunter
Successfully completed 20 quests online
Artful Assister
Successfully provided assistance 5 times
Helpful Heart
Successfully revived a fellow hunter online for the first time
Charmed by the Hunt
Successfully gathered your first talisman from the wilderness
Reincarnation Cycle Stopper
Successfully hunted the source kemono, deep inside the sacred mountain
Expert Conjuror
Successfully conjured 1000 basic karakuri
Relentless Kemono Hunter
Successfully finished 300 kemono
Single Minded
Successfully finished 50 kemono with a single weapon type
Volatile Vocation
Successfully hunted your first deeply volatile kemono
Flawless Crystal
Successfully finished a kemono before it could land a single attack on you
Unrivaled in Arms
Successfully obtained an extremely valuable weapon
Superlative View
Successfully completed all building extensions and restorations
Threaded Harmony
Successfully enlarged a single dragon pit as much as possible
Haven Hunter
Successfully opened up all possible camps
Vanquisher of the Volatile
Successfully hunted a deeply volatile kemono in all areas
Tsukumo Whisperer
Successfully befriended 200 tsukumo
Obtained all trophies