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Wii Sports


Training WalkThrough

by blazeken200

This is my first walkthrough submmitted. So lets start to first traing is in tennis. The first is in retening balls.You simply
hit the balls she throws at you. If you miss once the session ends the medls you can win are

bronze10 balls hit
silver30 balls hit
gold 50 balls hit 
platinum70 balls hit
I know this sounds like a pain but if you win medals you will feel good.The next one is also tennis it is controling your hit.
And this is for rightes hit early for it to go left and late for it to go right and on time for the midlle and hit it in the moving
thing.And the medals are
bronze10 balls hit
silver25balls hit
gold30balls hit
platinum50 balls hit

And the last one FOR TENNIS is target practice. You have to hit the target and if it gets past
you then the session ends and the medals are:
bronze5 targets hit
silver10 targets hit
gold30 targets hit
platinum50 targets hit

the next sport is in baseball the first is hitting home runs. You have to hit it directly 
when it is the closest to your bat and hit homeruns and the medals
gold10 homeruns
platinum10homers and 6662 distance

the next event is controling your swing you earn points by getting the ball in the markers 
the and you get it to the sides the same way in tennis the medals are

The last event for baseball is hiting practace all you have to do is hit balls but they keep going faster
and I always get 24 and the medals are 
bronze15 hits
silver 20 hits
gold 25 hits 

And now bowling the first one is picking up spares. You have to hit all the pins placed and the
medals are
bronze10 lanes
silver15 lanes
gold25 lanes

the next one is power throws- it puts more and more pins every time and if you get a strike
then it doubls the medals are

the last one is called spin control and you have to spin to get past the barriers
and hit the pins and the medls are


and lets start golfing

the first is called putting and that is what you do so you just have to make putts but they
get on hill so you will have turn. the medals are
bronze3 cupins
silver5 cupins
gold7 cupins
platinum10 cupins

the next on is hitting the green and the score here is based on how much feet you got away
from the hole so get close to the hole and the medals are

gold 200feet
platinum100 feet

and the last one is target practic it is where you try to hit the bulls eyes on the targets
and see the wind so you can turn or hit soft or hard the medals are

last but not least boxing

the first training is working the bag you knock over as many bags as you can in 60 seconds the
bags are weak and 1 or 2 punches should knock them over the medals are

bronze10 bags
silver20 bags
platinum50 bags

the next one is dodging the trainer throws balls and you lean to dodge them but if you get hit you lose points
i do not know the medals for this

the last one is throwing punches you have to hit the mits the trainer holds but if you
hit the trianer, you lose points. i do not know the medals for this