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Wii Play Cheats and Tips

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Our cheats include how to tell when ducks are coming on the Shooting Range, change shape of hitter in Laser Hockey and how to get platinum medal.

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We have 12 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Wii Play please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Wii Play Questions & Answers page.

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Try for Platinum Medals

Play through the games really well and you will be gifted with a platinum medal instead of a gold medal. You will only be prompted to try for the gold medal, but if you perform the game really really well you'll get a platinum medal instead.

Below is a table with the scores needed to get platinum medals...

Shooting - 600 points +

Find Mii - Make it to the 100th stage

Table Tennis - Make 200+ returns in a row

Pose Mii - Get at least 1000 points

Laser Hockey - Score 16 goals or more and win

Billiards - Get at least 65

Fishing - Get at least 2500 points

How to tell when ducks r coming on shooting

ok when u hear a dog bark off in the back ground wait a couple seconds and the bonus duck(s) will fly out

Change shape of hitter in Laser Hockey

When you play laser hockey, press A and B at the same time at the countdown to the start of the game.

2-player 1-player on shooting range!

If you play one player shooting range, have a friend (player 2) press A or B on their controller. Instantly, another crossheir appears on screen, and both players can work together to win a platinum medal.

The platnum metal

To get the platnum metal in billiards all you have to get is a 63 cause thats all I had to get

Platnum metal in pool

All you have to get is a 63 but it aint easy


Knocking off the Table:

On the game of billards/pool, press up on the control pad and hold it until it stops. Then, put the cursor/wiimote on the middle of the ball. Hit it as hard as you can. There you go! You will get a foul for knocking the ball off the table.

Rapidly Spinning:

On the game of billards/pool, move the cursor/wiimote to the bottom of the ball. Hit the ball as hard as you can. The ball will start to spin rapidly! Enjoy!,


Laser Hockey Paddle

If you press A + B at the same time while the screen is showing start you'll be able to change Paddles from circle to normal

Platinum Medal in Charge!

To get a platinum medal in Charge!, (Cow Racing) just knock over ALL of the scarecrows, and it will say "Perfect!" at the end. My record is 328 or something... Try to beat it!

Shooting range

On the shooting range on Wii play, it's better to shoot more in a row, then just a lot. You get a bonus every time you shoot one right after another without a miss.

Wii Play "Machine Gun Shot," and "JumpBall"

Machine Gun Shot

In Pool, press up and hold it until it stops. Put the pointer on the very TOP of the ball. Hit it as hard as you can and observe. It should hit the wall, then keep on hitting it. Cool huh?


In Pool, press up and hold it until it stops. Put the pointer in the MIDDLE of the ball, and hit as hard (or light) as you want. If you hit it too hard, you'll get a foul and you'll get a message saying (You hit the ball off the table!" Pretty cool, huh?

Easy Mii Spoting Game

To get a higher score on the Mii Spoting game, have someone stand right next to the tv and help point out where the certain Mii you're looking for is

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