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Trauma Center: Second Opinion Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Trauma Center: Second Opinion

We have 5 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Trauma Center: Second Opinion please send them in here.

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The Scalpel Cheat

Take your Scalpel and before it melt's press z or c on your nunchuck and it'll make it faster on [/quote] the mission Death Await's all I used it so if it help me it'll help you. ^_^ ()_() from Kiana Soto aka Sakura Dohan Haruno or HakuraKage Tachibana

Episode 3: Defusing the Bomb

To defuse the bomb in Episode 3 while the conference is going on you have to unscrew the top, take your scalpel and turn the top left to the right, the top right to the left, the bottom left to the left, and the bottom right to the right. To level the power, take a peg and insert it into the first hole on the left side. Take the other peg and insert it into the third hole on the right side and if you have done it correctly the bomb won't explode.

How to get rid of the TRITI

In the walk-throughs & hints I have seen for this game, they have all suggested that this can't be done unless you are some sort of gaming *expert*. Well, I am no expert and I have done this twice...In order to get rid of the TRITI, I used the Healing Touch as soon as the nurse stopped speaking. I then started removing only the thorns, from left to right - and in rows, top to bottom. Then move on to remove the darkened triangles. You do have to work quickly, but it can be done by even us novice gamers. This works on both TRITI levels. One other thing to remember when removing the thorns(especially the top ones)is to use an 'up-and-over' motion so you don't *miss* and knock the vitals lower.
Have fun!


Unlock X Missions for both Doctors:
When you successfully complete an 'X Mission' using one Doctor the next mission will be available to both Doctors.
Unlock Episode 6:
In episodes 1-5 and Z complete ALL operations to unlock episode 6.

help on death awaits all

on the operation called "Death awaits all" after you in ject the sirum into the guilt and the healing touch thing comes in you use your healing touch which stops time completely if you haven't used it alredy if you have start the operaition over and try again. have fun on the rest of the game Smile

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