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Sonic Colors Cheats for Wii

Cheats and Tips for Sonic Colors


We have 17 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Sonic Colors please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Nintendo DS

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When you complete the following tasks as you progress through the game the corresponding cutscene will become unlocked.
Cutscene 1:
Complete Tropical Resort Act 2.
Cutscene 2:
Complete Tropical Resort Act 4.
Cutscene 3:
Select the first boss.
Cutscene 4:
Complete the first boss.
Cutscene 5:
Complete Tropical Resort.
Cutscene 6:
Select the second boss before completing Starlight Carnival or complete the game.
Cutscene 7:
Select the third boss before completing Sweet Mountain or complete the game.
Cutscene 8:
Complete the second boss before completing Starlight Carnival or complete the game.

Secret Minigame

At the end of each stage, you are able to move Sonic around the scoreboard. Go into it and through the numbers to get extra rings and even more lives.

Unlock Credits

Complete the Final Story and allow the credits to end. A Rainbow Star will then appear on the 'Map' screen which you can select anytime to re-watch the interactive dredits sequence.

Unlock Second and Third Sonic Simulator Acts

These features become available when you collect ALL 180 Red Rings from ALL 36 Main Acts.

Change Simulator Colors

You can change the color of Sonic in the simulator by pressing Z or C (L or are on the Gamecube controller) to change colors.

Unlock Super Sonic

Collect ALL 180 Red Rings from each of the 36 main acts to unlock ALL of the 2nd and 3rd Sonic Simulator acts. Then complete ALL 21 Sonic Simulator Acts at least once. When you have achieved this the options satellite on the 'Main' screen will glow and allow you to play as Super Sonic. When playing as Super Sonic you can collect 50 gold rings and activate the wisp abilities. The Special wisp abilities though will be disabled and the level designs will change. Super Sonic cannot be used in challenge mode.

Change Sonic's colour in Sonic Simulator

If you press Z or C at the 'Character' selection screen in the Sonic Simulator you will be able to change Sonic's colour to blue, red, pink, black, or green. Note: Press L or R when using a GameCube Controller.

Extra Lives on Results Screen

To do this complete a level and when your rank and score appear at the 'Results' screen repeatedly jump and dash through the numbers until they break. Gold rings and extra lives will then appear.

Unlock Super Sonic

When you have completed ALL 21 Sonic Simulator Acts in Single-Player mode the 'Options Satelite' at the 'Main' screen will begin to glow indicating you can play as Super Sonic. If you collect 50 gold rings playing as Super Sonic you will be able to activate the Wisp abilities. Note: Special Wisp abilities will be disabled and the level designs will change. Super Sonic cannot be used in Challenge mode.

Title Screen Easter Egg

While on the game's title screen, use the joystick to move the camera around the environment.

Unlock Mii Character for the Sonic Simulator

Collect 30 Red Rings to unlock the Mii character for the Sonic Simulator game. This feature is a Multiplayer mode that can be played as a form of co-op. The playable characters are a variety of differently coloured Robo-Sonics and Miis.

Super sonic unlocked wihout 180 specal rings

When game is complete also coplete eggman shuttle
1 time then go to sweet monten act 1 press the
2 botten then press b+c botten together then go
To the settings then the lock will dissaper and
It will say super sonic then enjoy!!!

Super sonic at the beggining of the game

If in act 1 collect 100 red rings or get a A or B
Rank then press the Z botten on any act and first
Collect 50 rings then super sonic form happen but
Don't forget to complete all act ones in sonic
Simulator first

Get hyper sonic in sonic simalator

Collect just 35 special rings go to sonic simalator press c+z then you see sonic turn into just black sonic when you start with him you'll see rianbow sonic enjoy!

Special Rings

If your wondering about how to reach the rail with the red special ring in tropical resort act 1,you collect the white wisps[just get the capsule]and press the B button to boost of,you should get enough velocity to make the rail[you might have to boost on things like further on]

Play as Shadow the Hedgehog

To play as Shadow the Hedgehog in the simulator, follow the instructions below:
While playing as Sonic in the simulator, press 2 to switch to Shadow.

Under Water Tip.

If you are running out of breath and you need to get air have a drill wisp in your item pocket and use it.It will stop the 54321 thing.

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