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Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Wii Cheats and Tips

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We have plenty of cheats for you to look through including infinite ammunition, unlocking bonus scenarios, unlocking the Special Stage mini-game and unlocking items from previous Resident Evil games.

More Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Wii Cheats and Tips

We have 16 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles please send them in here.

You can also ask your question on our Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Questions & Answers page.

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Weapon Glitch

This is a great way of getting weapons, all you have to do is go to the inventory screen and select the 'Stricker'. When you exit the inventory press the B button followed immediately after by the minus button and you will now be able to equip any weapon you want (except the Striker) and move and shoot twice as fast as normal. To deactivate this glitch just select the Stricker.

Easy Points

An easy way to get points is to repeatedly replay the first level of 'Train Derailment'. It is easy to earn an 'S' rank on this level and you will get 4 or 5 points for every 'S' rank you earn.

Defeating Chimeras

Shoot them in the head when they are on the floor to kill them. Use the shotgun or an automatic to shoot them when they are crawling on the roof as they are difficult to kill when they are there.

Unlock Bonus Scenarios

When you complete missions in the game with the indicated requirement the corresponding Bonus scenario will become unlocked.

Unock Beginnings 1 Scenario:

Complete Train Derailment 3.

Unock Beginnings 2 Scenario:

Complete Beginnings 1 with an 'A' or better rank.

Unock Fourth Survivor Scenario:

Complete all scenarios.

Unock Rebirth 1 Scenario:

Complete Mansion Incident 3.

Unock Rebirth 2 Scenario:

Complete Rebirth 1.

Unock Nightmare 1 Scenario:

Complete Mansion Incident 1.

Unock Nightmare 2 Scenario:

Complete Nightmare 1 with an 'A' or better rank.

Unock Death's Door Scenario:

Complete Racoon's Destruction 3 with an 'A' or better rank.

Unock Dar..

Unlock Infinite Ammunition

Get an 'S' rank in ALL the scenarios so the message 'Unlimited Ammo Deactivated' appears on the screen. Ignore this message as it is a mistake as the word 'Deactivated' was used instead of 'Unlocked' and go to the 'Customise' menu and buy the Level 5 (Unlimited Ammunition) upgrade.

Unlock Special Stage Mini-Game

When you have completed ALL the scenarios including the bonus sub-scenarios the Special Stage mini-game will become an unlocked.

Unlock Co-Operative Mode in ALL Missions (Including Wesker's Sub Mission)

On any difficulty setting complete 'The Fourth Survivor' sub-mission and an option when selecting characters that resembles two pistols and says 'begin play with 2 players' will appear on the right side of the screen. In this mode both players play as the same character and there are only two aiming reticles on the screen to play with.

Unlock Hidden Handcannon

To get this hidden weapon you must first unlock 'Hunk's scenario - Fourth Survivor' and play through it until you reach the Police station. In the lobby of the Police station there is a secret room next to the front doors which will open if you shoot it. On the left side of the room on top of the desk is the handcannon.

Defeating Cerberuses

Aim for the head or kill them with one shot by firing at them when you see their faces open in your face before they bite.

Unlock Items from Previous Resident Evil Games

These items are unlocked when you have earned an 'A' or 'S' rank on the indicated Chapter.

Unlock Death Mask:

Complete Rebirth 2 with 'S' rank.

Unlock Emblem/Gold Emblem:

Complete Nightmare 2 with 'S' rank.

Unlock Battery:

Complete Dark Legacy 2 with 'S' rank.

Unlock Medium Base:

Complete Dark Legacy 1 with 'S' rank.

Unlock Valve Handle:

Complete Beginning 1 with 'S' rank.

Unlock Microfilm A/B:

Complete Beginning 2 with 'S' rank.

Unlock Slide Cartridge:

Complete Rebirth 1 with 'S' rank.

Unlock Film A/B/C/D:

Complete Umbrella's End 1 with 'S' rank.

Unlock Book of Wisdom/Future Compass:

Complete Raccoon's Destruction 1 with 'S' rank.


Always a way out

When you have no ammo for your gun and no time to change it,and zombies are about to eat you. You should use you nife to slash your way out

ps. Aim for the head

Ok heres a little tip. When your in the derailed..

Ok heres a little tip. When your in the derailed train one. Shoot all the windows and shoot the zombies right in the brain.

Beat the scorpion

Use the machine gun to shot in the head don't stop dodge his attacksand you will kill him.

Quick Reload without shaking the remote

Apparently if you guys have known it or not you can do this trick easy. While on your current weapon, do this: up to down or down to up on the d-pad or C button. Your gun ammo bar on the reticule has been restored. Note: This will work on your miscellaneous weapons but not your handgun. Go ahead and unleash some destruction and your welcome


Heres a way to make it start of with a very good gun.than save it till you play ageist a boss than you it.

From hard to expert

First get the mission you want to be two player next get two wii zappers set it on 2 player with one player with a gun in each hand

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