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Red Steel Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Red Steel


We have 11 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Red Steel please send them in here.

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Unlock Secret Staff Photos

On the mission Reiko sends you on you'll find some lockers near the Geishers. Unlock and look inside the one with the darker door and you'll see some photos of the developers wearing blonde wigs.

Break Opponent's Sword

During a sword fight when your opponent starts blocking your attacks use 'Special' attacks to break their sword.

Unlock Hidden FMV Sequence

At the 'Title' screen allow the game to idle eventually you will see a FMV sequence showing a man playing the game.

Good way to kill your enemy at docks

Ok so find the white car find a good position (it's better if you have an automatic weapon) wait for your enemy to get near the car shhot the car alot until it blows up you should weaken it up first and your enemy will die note sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt you might have to do it a couple of times

Black Hole World

In a multiplayer game select the restaurant. Get to the area where the sniper rifle is placed. Jump onto the small crate by the entrance to the Buddha-looking statue. Jump onto the stone railing (you can use this new area to snipe) and proceed to jump onto the railing that is slightly higher than the one you are standing on. Carefully walk across this area or you will fall. When you arrive at the far corner, jump straight ahead. You should land in an area where you can kill people passing at the sniper rifle.
N.B. Unfortunately the only way to get out of this place is to gt a friend throw a grenade at you from afar.

Bypass the exploding bunnies in the Gaming District.

In the Gaming District level, as part of “The game II” mission, you will be forced to climb a slope with exploding bunnies raining down on you. On the left side of the slope is an escalator that’s moving downward and wont let you walk up. However, if you face the escalator and push the joy stick all the way forward then press the jump button with perfect timing (as soon as your feet touch the ground, jump up again), you can slowly hop up the escalator, thus bypassing the deadly bunnies.

Alternate ending.

Red Steel has 2 different endings. Which one you see depends on your actions on the final level (Final Fight). *spoilers ahead*
After your final battle with Toki, you will have to fight Otori. If you lose this fight and Otori kill Toki, you'll unlock ending 2. If you win against Otori (by breaking his sword), you’ll unlock ending 1.
Note: if you don't get the ending you want, you'll have to play through the whole game again to get the other.

A Pistol with you today keeps the grim reeper away

Pistols, espicialy fast firing ones are the best weapon to have on backup.

Walk into furiture

It is the first level there are some coffe table or desk like things. Crouch then walk into it on the right or left end and you will be inside of it and see outside of it if you go the reverse direction you entered.
You may see the men if you haven't killed them they will shoot but miss and you can't hit them either (if it didn't work for your game then mine must be a first edition). Hope you enjoy I know I did.

Respect Fountain

Whenever going to the dojo to learn new kata, simply use the hammer or baby scorpion move instead of using the move you are supposed to be learning. You will get 50 respects per hit and you can go on for as ong as you like. When you are finished, simply do the kata you are supposed to be doing and when you are done you will have a load more respect points.

Secret Staff Photos

When you first find the geishas on the mission Reiko sends you on, you will see some lockers near them. If you open up the one with a darker door than the rest you will see some photos of the developers wearing blonde wigs.

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