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Follow the dark path or use the light

Super Smash Bros. Brawl


dwalk asks:
Added Apr 4th 2008, ID #114747


How do you beat tabuu and what characters should I use bc I'm stuck and I've tried everything


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Best Answer

King of Hell answered:
Added 5th Apr 2008, ID #246992

I use Marth, since his aerials are easy, insanely powerful, and are accurate as far as him floating in the air goes. To beat Tabuu, all you need to do is avoid his attacks.

Dragonhead Cannon: Summons a dragon head, and fires a powerful beam of energy. Double jump + optional Up+B to avoid.

"Get over here": Mimics Scorpion's fatality. Shoots a whip into you, and brings you into him, does some damage and throws you. Dodge the whip or get out of range.

Sword: Jump over the arc.

Prism: Roll or jump to make sure you don't get trapped in it.

Shuriken: Jump, land quickly and jump again to avoid both the forward and backward motions of it.

Chaos Wings: Be very lucky. It's hard to dodge, and it's an instant kill over 35%.

Hope I helped. Also, list of characters that are good against Tabuu:

Meta Knight
Pokemon Trainer

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Guest said: 8th Nov 2014 | REPORT
I have all character. Lol
Guest said: 23rd Nov 2014 | REPORT
Who and were is wolf? where do I find him o-o
Guest said: 23rd Nov 2014 | REPORT
And also, I keep going to the door in the throon room where u meet Marth, then theres a purple arrow pointing into the purpely subspace Rea.
i go to Donkey Kongs forest on the right, but theres just te arrow ponitting to the door again. I go in, I dont have all the characters, and the doors to Tabuu is open! it wont let me in icbe tried almost everything.. PLEASE HELP!
Guest said: 23rd Nov 2014 | REPORT
And btw I play Wii version.

Other Answers

LugiaMaster101 answered:
Added 5th Apr 2008, ID #246995

Use Fox, he's the best. When Tabuu uses that dark circles attack(he goes off stage, to the center and does that attack), use the mid-air dodge to avoid the attack.


marielue5 answered:
Added 5th Apr 2008, ID #247017

Well I used fox because he has great in air moves, like a up in the air really can hurt tabuu, also his a side in air is really good to.

Another good factor about fox vs tabuu is, when tabuu uses that one hit ko move(I forget what it's called)you can jump off the stage, then hit B down over and over again while still off stage in the sky, and fox will hang there till the move is fineshed, it's really usful, so yeah I like using fox a lot, but a lot of it depends on your playing style.

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Guest said: 1st Dec 2013 | REPORT
use meta knight his spin attack puts some serious hurt on tabbuu
nuclear distruction answered:
Added 5th Apr 2008, ID #247035

Alright first of all pick your favorite character first. Then I would go with quick hitters. These include people with moves like pits angel ring (side b) or somebody that has a quick hitting a attack such as kirby's punches. Also look for somebody with a powerful attack so you can bring his damage down quick. This will include people that have strong attacks such as ike, samus's gun (charged) or lucarios arua (charged). Here is what I came up with.
-fav character- you are good with this person and will this allows you to kno the combos and be able to put together some good hits
-ike(any one else that is really strong will fit here too)-he has very strong attacks that will bring down your opponents energy bar
-pit(anyone with quick attacks)- I found that his up a will bring down tabuu and using his side b will do the same
Lucario(samus or dk work too)- with him you can just stay a distance away and when your ready unleash a powerful attack that will knock your opponent's energy meter down

Those are the main ones that helped me out I did choose others but those are the ones that will help you the most

Yes it will take you a couple trys but you will beat tabuu

soccerpokemon answered:
Added 5th Apr 2008, ID #247103

I used pikachu(thunderbolt),kirby(hammer),dk(puch b),lucario(aura shrere),pokemontrainer(squitle surf) and olimar(throw pikmin).

soccerpokemon answered:
Added 5th Apr 2008, ID #247104

Oh you can use ike instead of lucario because Isometimes switched them but I got tubuu with lucario.

Arron Strife answered:
Added 7th Apr 2008, ID #247483

No man S-T-I-C-K-E-R-S all the way, without stickers he is hard on easy, with I murdered him on hard

Ike, Marth, Sonic are all good, PIT, LINK and FOX are must haves in this fight

thingone answered:
Added 8th Apr 2008, ID #247634

Try some of these charecters, ike, pikachu, sonic, fox, pit, link, or marth, lucario. Plus don't forget the stickers.

MarioHSF answered:
Added 8th Apr 2008, ID #247651

You can use Fox and Falco. Their B-ups are the attacks I used. While he's in mid-air, use B-up when in contact with him, and tilt the Control Stick in his direction to deal even more damage. For the red circle-ish attack, use midair dodges, sidestep dodges, or momentary invincibility while climbing up the ledge (side of the stage). I never used stickers throughout Subspace, so Tabuu was kind of hard on easy. Use Fox and Falco for maybe the last two characters, so that if you run out of hope of beating Tabuu, you have their B-ups to help.

Dozin26 answered:
Added 19th May 2008, ID #255313

I suggest quick players who can cover the stage quickly because Tabuu does not give much time in between attacks. Pit is great cause you can continuously use his up A and because he is very quick and hard to knock off the field. You also need to be able to dodge and jump well which is why I recmmend Fox/ falco. Samus is a good choice because of her size/speed/jumping combo. You should probably play as guys that have good control because you cannot afford to miss when you attack, so I don't recommend sonic or pikachu even though everyone says they are good. The team I beat him with was (in order) pit, marth, fox, ike, samus, mario. Pokemon T., kirby, diddy kong, link, and lucario also good. U MUST HAVE PIT!!!!!!

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Guest said: 5th Dec 2010 | REPORT
Every time i used pit i lost and when i didnt have him i didnt lose any of my people. i recommend (in no order) kirby, yoshi, olimar, zero suit samus, sheik and mr game and watch. to get zero suit samus and sheik, when you select the characters before facing tabuu, move the cursor on to them and press minus or z.
mewtrainerlovah answered:
Added 21st Feb 2009, ID #302508

It's weird none of you guys have R.O.B. On there. He is one of the strongest character if you know how to use him sortof like kirby on the other games and also I killed more than half his health without getting past 40% with only R.O.B.

The ones that I used were
Meta knight
*didn't use*

Guest answered:
Added 24th Jun 2010, ID #334470

I would use
Meta knight

Guest answered:
Added 23rd Jul 2010, ID #342980

It took me hours to beat Tabuu. Here's the team I finally beat him with-
pokemon trainer
Marth didn't help much, and neither did ness. But it worked out in the end. The ones that helped the most were metaknight, fox, and falco with stickers because of their quick attacks. (punches, kicks) Pokemon trainer was really helpful in avoiding the 'Wings of Chaos' because if you time changing pokemon perfectly, you can remain in a pokeball throughout the attack.

Guest answered:
Added 10th Aug 2010, ID #348347


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Guest said: 8th Dec 2010 | REPORT
no, i have too and it was fun while it lasted
I am the only one who beat him with olimar and ice climbers
Guest answered:
Added 13th Aug 2010, ID #349029

I used:

  • Kirby

  • Pit

  • Ike

  • Fox

  • Pokemon Trainer

  • Lucas (believe it or not)

I recommend that you have stickers on your characters. Without them you're screwed! And please, please, give them stickers that raises their defenses too, not just their attacks!

Guest answered:
Added 17th Aug 2010, ID #350094

I still find it hard on easy with all this help because I can't get them or find the characters in subspace

Guest answered:
Added 5th Sep 2010, ID #354465

Adding a bunch of stickers and really help! i still haven't beaten tabuu but the charters got way stronger with the right stickers. Ne and my friend been trying forever to beat him.wish me luck!

Guest answered:
Added 9th Oct 2010, ID #360117

I used Fox
Pokemon trainer
Donkey kong
The moves i used for each one are
Fox-gun and the fire move
Falco-same as fox
pikachu- thunder
pokemon trainer-venusuar bulletseed
donkey kong- arm tornado(up special)
Bowser-shell spin(up special)
donkey kong and bowser helped the most, bpth moves are strong and hit quick and long

Guest answered:
Added 17th Oct 2010, ID #361512

to beat him i had a ton of stickers and i used fox pokemon trainer kirby samus.those were the only ones i can remember and they were really good

Guest answered:
Added 18th Jun 2011, ID #413834

My brother and I used

Guest answered:
Added 4th Aug 2011, ID #428848

You need to be!
Meta knight
Toon link
I've beaten tabuu like 50 times on intense with these people and gotten tabuus trophy twice! To get tabuus trophy get him down to 1 hp on intense and throw a trophy stand at him.(trophy stands only appear on intense)

Guest answered:
Added 25th Aug 2011, ID #435775

Well I would use 2 beat tabuu would be:(I havent fought tabuu yet I'm in the great maze still but I had the game 4 only a week so :P)
Marth,link,fox/falco,are.O.B,samus,ike,lucas,ness,ice climbers,capt.falcon or wario (some of these ppl are based on some responses)and remember plz use stickers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest answered:
Added 31st Dec 2011, ID #468688

My Bf & I have been trying to beat this level for a while now, and you all have said marth & ike have been good characters, is this all true? & yes we are using stickers

Guest answered:
Added 27th Feb 2012, ID #486362

My sister and I haven't beaten him yet, but we almost got him with Link, Sonic, Pit, Marth, Fox, and Falco.
Link- Up + B and various midair combos
Sonic- All of his attacks work pretty well.
Pit- Up + A, light arrows, various midair combos
Marth- Up + B and various combos
Fox- Up + B, gun, pressing A repeatedly, Left/Right + B (be careful not to dash off the edge when using this one)
Falco- Same as Fox
Most of beating Tabuu is dodging his attacks. The 'Wings of Chaos' will kill you inevitably if your damage is about 40% or higher. It is possible to survive if you do it right, though.

Guest answered:
Added 12th Mar 2012, ID #489463

I used fox, pit, ike, samus, mario, and king dedede

Guest answered:
Added 26th May 2012, ID #510139

Well, I have already beaten it,but try the charaters:Sonic,Fox,Meta Knight,and Lucario. This is how I beat the game.

Guest answered:
Added 4th Jun 2012, ID #512786

I did it using only four characters:

Donkey Kong's awesome spinny thing (Up + 1)
Squirtle's Surf (Up + 1) and Ivysaur's Bullet Seed (1)
Ike's sword throw spinny thing (Up + 1)
King Dedede's ground pound thing (Up + 1)

Official terminology of course :L

Guest answered:
Added 8th Aug 2012, ID #530322

You should use sonic because he is fast, bowser because he is strong, yoshi because he throws eggs and jumps high, kirby because when he dogges he is flat as paper and tabbu shoots a laser big as giga bowser, meta Knight because he attacks fast, pikachu because his thunder bolt attack is from high above and yes you have to use it in the exact order

Guest answered:
Added 14th Aug 2012, ID #532137

I used dk jump spin move and ness thunder and kirbys jump nd kick

Guest answered:
Added 18th Oct 2012, ID #545284

I used people with good air combos

I used

Meta Knight

Don't forget the stickers. They help a lot. They helped me because I beat Tabuu on my first try and on other bosses it took me more trys because I didnt have that much stickers

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Guest said: 18th Oct 2012 | REPORT
I did the exact same thing and i did it on my first try
Guest answered:
Added 11th Nov 2012, ID #550408

I just beat Tabuu a couple hours ago and it took me about 5 or 6 tries. It's definitely not easy. I you dodge his attacks and hit him at the right time, you will be succesful. Always remember that when he teleports he normal teleports 4 times so wait until he's done so you're not running around trying to catch him. The characters I used were (in order):

R.O.B. (I didn't actually get to him because I killed him with Link)

Pit, Marth, and Link were life-savers in this fight, especially Pit, because they throw multiple strong attacks at once. It worked for my playing style but whatever works for you is what you should go with. Choose a character that you know well, or train with some new characters in Brawl mode so that you can get used to them and they're attacks.

Guest answered:
Added 6th Feb 2013, ID #569420

I use yoshi since he deals a lot of damage and he has quick attacks theres a video on youtube about someone beating boss battles without taking a single hit and just in case against porky use yoshis breeeeee HAAAAAAA!!!! (b+down) on top of him and quickly tap up to go over him again beacause he regains his second jump again this makes things much easier against porky

Guest answered:
Added 13th Mar 2013, ID #576553

It matters on which ones your most comfortable with. In my case,I used (in this order): Zelda,Pit,Peach,Zero Suit Samus, Falcon, and Lucario. Pit did about a fourth of the damage and Zero Suit Samus destroyed him. She is helpful when you go under Tabuu and has quick strikes and fast movement to avoid many of Tabuus attacks. I've played many times ams NEVER used her but the moment I did, I won.

Guest answered:
Added 30th Mar 2013, ID #579850

I would suggest using Zelda and Pokemon Trainer. Their "down B" move allows them to transform or switch Pokemon. The handy part of this is, so long as you don't use the move too often, it takes a while to transform, and either one is invulnerable while the transformation happens. This means that you can avoid Tabuu's most devastating attack, his "Chaos Wings" with ease simply by switching characters at the correct time.

Matt77 answered:
Added 2nd Apr 2013, ID #580642

To have a chance at beating Tabuu, you need to be able to dodge his blast that usually kills you. You need to dodge just before they're going to hit you. With some luck, you should be successful and not be killed.

Another thing you should use is stickers. They can boost your attack, your defense, your launch and flinch resistance, sticker drops, trophy stand drops and much more. Try to pick up as much stickers as possible whether it'd be in brawls, in Adventure Mode( The Subspace Emissary )or online spectating or brawling.

Hope this helps!

Guest answered:
Added 13th Apr 2013, ID #582631

Use the characters that are very strong. The characters I would use would be:





Meta Knight


Guest answered:
Added 23rd Jun 2013, ID #593448

I used meta knight, pit, Kirby, Zelda, Samus and Donkey Kong, also, USE STICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest answered:
Added 17th Nov 2013, ID #608649

I think the best characters are Meta Knight, Kirby and Pit and the worst characters are Jigglypuff, Bowser and Mr. Game and Watch


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