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MySims Cheats for Wii

Cheats and Tips for MySims

We have 16 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for MySims please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Nintendo DS : PC

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Unlockable Uber-Sims

When you have raised any of the 6 towns Interest levels to 100% you will receive a message telling you about a special guest in the hotel waiting for you. The special guest will be an Uber-Sim and who it is depends on what town you have the 100% Interest level.
Unlock Amazing Daryl:
Have 100% Interest level with Fun Town
Unlock Chancellor Ikara:
Have 100% Interest level with Tasty Town
Unlock Hopper:
Have 100% Interest level with Cute Town
Unlock Mel:
Have 100% Interest level with Spooky Town
Unlock Samurai Bob:
Have 100% Interest level with Studious Town
Unlock Star:
Have 100% Interest level with Geeky Town

Unlock Tools

The following tools are unlocked when your town has reached the corresponding level. You will then receive a message informing you of the tool you've earned.
Unlock Crowbar:
Your town reaches 1 Star.
Unlock Saw:
Your town reaches 2 Stars.
Unlock Pickaxe:
Your town reaches 3 Stars.
Unlock Blow Torch:
Your town reaches 4 Stars.

Unlock Special Outfits and Items

To access the hidden password system in MySims to enter the following unique item codes press the '-' button and then on the Wiimote when you are running about town press 2 button, 1 button, D-pad Down, D-pad Up, D-pad Down, D-pad Up, D-pad Left, D-pade Left, D-pad Right, D-pad Right. If you have entered the code correctly a special keypad will appear on screen which you can enter the following case sensitive codes to unlock the corresponding clothes and furniture.
Unlock Racecar Bed (Furniture):
Enter the code Ahvmrva
Unlock Funky Hipster Suit (Outfit):
Enter the code Tglg0ca
Unlock Kimono Dress (Outfit):
Enter the code l3hkdvs

Unlock Tools

The following tools are unlocked when your town has reached the corresponding level. You then receive a message informing you of the tool you've earned.
Unlock Crowbar:
Your town reaches 1 Star.
Unlock Saw:
Your town reaches 2 Stars.
Unlock Pick Axe:
Your town reaches 3 Stars.
Unlock Blow Torch:
Your town reaches 4 Stars.

Elevator entrance mystery solved

When you are in the hotel and you try to go to the elevator and it says inspect but it is only for hotel guest you need to help everybody in town and get 100% on every interest then you talk to buddy the bellhop and he will tell you that you have been such a great help that he wants to show his respect and let you stay in the hotel so after that you may access the elevators in the hotel I hoped that helped you and good luck on your game and give this a thubms up Smile


You can not save your game till you have completed the intro which is when you go to town hall, build your house, collect appples, build your workshop, and finish the chair, and put it in your house.
COOL! I'm the first poster!

Unlimited video game essence

When you have got to the part where you get townies in the hotel every morning keep checking until there is Vic.He wants you to build him a arcade.Build him one then he will go inside.Keep talking to him until he gives you a task.He wants you to get him the new arcade game.Go to your workshop and press create new item.Go on arcade game then build it.Dont give it vic but put it in your house.Keep playing on it for about 2 seconds then walk away.About 1-3 essences will come out of the machine every time.
Thanks for reading.

2 good cheats

1)When you see sims doing a seance, join in and in a little bit, a ghost will appear! Her name is Cassandra. Be nice to her alot. Slowly your friendship points with her will grow. When you become best friends with her, she will give you 3 blueprints. 1. Chair-monster head 2. Chair-monster paw paw 2(basically monster paw 1, just with 1 or 2 pieces in a different spot)
2)Are you tired of keep having to gather eccenses to make 2 100% objects to become best friends with every townie sim? Then keep reading. Whenever you give 2 100% objects and go out of give stuff, go back and take back the 2 100% objects. It won't say your best friends any more, but you keep th blueprints. Hope this helps.

How to get and Uber sim in less than 10 minutes!

To get an uber sim (samuri bob, mel, star, etc.) find a neighbors house that was easy to remodel on the outside. Add many bricks that match the uber sims essence favorite.
Ex: Mel: Town 100% spooky. Make all hoses exterior 100% spooky. Do until You get uber sim into hotel. Ta-Da! Ive already got Samuri Bob, Hopper, Mel, and The Amazing Daryl!

Rubber Duck

This is more of a glitch than a hint, but here it is. When you are in a bathtub, wait until the rubber duck comes above the water; then, get out of the water. The rubber duck will stay in between your feet for about 1 second. It's not much, but it's my first glitch. That's all!

Quick Organic Essence

Once you find a tree, fertilize it. Loads of essence will pour out, but the tree will get sick. Fertilize it one more time and then more essence will come out but it will die. Chop it down then plant a new essence. Water it until it grows then repeat.

How To Get Robots&Spring Early In The Game

When you start a new game become best friends with buddy and then go into give gift and steal his sculture fireplace and then delete it and then he will not be friends with you anymore but did you know that if you dump it you get robots&springs! well plant them and give another sculpture to buddy with 99 robot and keep doing it until he is best friends with you again I hope this hint or cheat works for you!

Building hints

-You can build outside the ghost peices shown in the blue print while making an item. This way you can make an item that suits you or the amount of peices needed in an assigned task.
-By pressing the "C" button on the wii-mote you can enter slide mode where you can slide certain blocks onto the ground were they should be placed... This makes things easier for blocks down below.
-By Holding the B-button you can duplicate the item your using after placing it in it's place (this works with housing too).
-By pressing the 1-button while building you get rid of the ghost grid for building Free style, as long as your peices cover the stars in the blueprint.

House Hints

These are a few House Hints I put together while playing.
1. Make your house as big as you want! When building your house, don't just use one tiny little block as your house! Use all the blocks to take up all the available So your house would look huge from the outside!
2. This hint helps you get anything you want! After you complete a task for a sim, whatever you built for them appears in your inventory of things you can build for yourself. So after doing a task for a sim, build whatever you just built for them for you! Soon you'll have turntables, salons, and pizza ovens in your house!
Well, those were all the tips I have for today, See Ya!

Stealing Stuff.

When decorating another persons house, you can steal their things. REMEMBER YOU NEED THAT ITEMS BLUEPRINT.

pickaxe tip

When you get to a three star town go to your house or any place where you can get the loading screen then one tip should say wow you got a pickaxe I wish I had a pickaxe...

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