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MySims Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

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A large collection of cheats that includes making money, mini games, Tac Tac Trump coin trick, free items and getting max points in the casino.

More MySims Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

We have 16 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for MySims please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Wii : PC

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Tic Tac Trump Coin Trick

This trick invoices going into the casino with 10 coins and going to play Tic Tac Trump. First bet six coins and lose. You'll be left with just four coins but you should be able to still bet six, so do that and lose again. You'll be showing as having -2 coins, quit tic tac trump, then play again and bet a large amount and win and you should have a healthy stack of change.

Making Money and Mini-Games

Making Money

The following are three ways which you are able to make money in MySims.


Score points by playing mini-games to make you money.


When you cheer up tourists that are feeling miserable you are rewarded with money.


Make money by selling things you don't want or need.


The following is a list of all the mini-games which are available in MySims and the object of each game. The more points you score in the mini-games the more money you will make.

Scuba Diving Mini-Game:

Take photos of Aquatic Life.

Casino Mini-Game:

Make money by playing Casino games.

Paragliding Mini-Game:

Collect Jewels while you fly through the sky.

Hidden objects

I don't know if anyone has noticed but as you walk around the different places you can find hidden objects or money. They are easier to find at night. You have to look for a little sparkly spot on the ground. Walk around slowly though because you can miss them. I usually find them in the port area, highlands and mountains. Once you find one walk over the spot and tap. It may take several attempts. If you remember where they are you can go back night after night collecting everything. Good luck.

Finish up the fourth star

If you don't know what to do to fill up the fourth star and you are all ready half there then try talking to Helen(Town mayor) and she will tell you something about putting up a town symbol, you have to choose a head and a body for the statue which can be obtained when you have the dowsing minigame by exchanging points for prizes.

To do dowsing just keep clicking on the red spot..

To do dowsing just keep clicking on the red spot and you will eventuly get it also buy a head and a body and then go to the mayer and you will then have do go to the rock that says ''something big can fit on here'' or something (its in the town) and your head and body will become the town statue! HAPPY GAMEING

OK, some people might already know this, but I'm..

OK, some people might already know this, but I'm putting it anyway. Before you try to cheer up someone or do a mini game, save. Then, play the game or attempt to cheer up someone. If it doesn't go how you wanted it to go, turn off you DS WITHOUT SAVING. Turn it back on, load, and you'll see that it's like you never even did that.

(I have tested it, and it works)

Max Points in the Casino

1. You need to have 11 points

2. Then go to tick tack trump.

3. Take the challange of 50 points

4. You will now have a negative number of points.

5. Win and you get the maximum points that you can get.

6. Now you can get all the stuff from the casino inlcuding the throne the king's bed, and the queen's bed.

Free Items

When it hits the nightime, the last cycle of the day, you will see little sparklies in certain areas. What you do is run up to them and start hitting the A button. You can get many different items from surf boards to food to other house items.

How to make your sim topless

Go up to the clothes guy and if you unlocked make a custom design. When it comes up don't draw anything a click on the check. Then talk to him and hit make clothing and pick the topless pattern . Then he will ask you if you wanna try it on say yes.


When sims are mad do not get angry at them because they will be furious. If the sim so get away leave. They will then say sorry and the pink bar will fill up. Or you can cry if they are made and they will get happy. Then use listen, talk, listen, encourage, listen , talk anything friendly untill they are happy.


Walk around at night (just by the bus stop at town)then you might see some shiny stuff. Walk over to it and press A and you'll recive a gift (It varies from small leis to fish).

Fish money

If you goo to the fisherman and get a fishing rod

U can go fishing I dnt matter if you get the smae fish twice you still get moneyy woopwoop

Cheat Codes

Okay, well I have heard about all the cheat codes to enter and get free stuff or what ever. I do not know where to enter the codes! Someone help!

Name Sophie's Furniture Store!

You can name Sophie's Furniture Store on ANY part of the game as long as her store is available.

1. Walk into her store.

2. Make sure she is asleep.

3. Stand there for a few minutes.

4. She should be mumbling in her sleep.

5. She should say " My store's name is......"

6. Then the game takes you to a screen that has letters and numbers and you can name the Furniture store anything you want!

Thank you,


Get a Video Game Company


The island

5,000+ simoleans

1) Go to the island at night.

2) Go into the casino and buy as many tokens as possible.

3) Play Tic Tac Trump, betting 10 tokens and doubling it each time.

4) At some point, you should be able to bet 30 and 50 tokens if you play a lot. This will help you accumulate tokens.

5) After you have 10,000 tokens, go to the token machine and exchange your tokens for a video game company.

I don't know what it does, because I only have 7635 tokens.

Max casino c ash

All you need to do is go to the casino (it is only open at night) then play tic tac trump keep beting 50 each time then once you are lower then fifty bet fifty and you should get max casino cash! Hope this helps someone please let me know if it won't work!

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