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Call of Duty 3 Cheats for Wii

Cheats and Tips for Call of Duty 3

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A collection of cheats which includes unlocking all chapters and bonus content and how to get a quicker reload. We'll also tell you how you get the FG42 scoped in The Island mission.

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We have 13 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Call of Duty 3 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : Xbox 360 : Xbox : PlayStation 2

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Unlock ALL Chapters and Bonus Content

At the 'Chapter Selection' screen hold 'Plus' and press Right, Right, Left, Left, 2, 2.

FG42 Scoped in 2nd Mission - The Island

There is a man under the second bridge with a FG42 scoped, when you get that gun you will get ammunition every time you kill someone. The gun starts with 96 Ammo and not including melee you can kill 150 people with it. When the 2nd mission is completed you will retain the gun for the third mission but from the 3rd mission on you must save the gun to keep it.

Unlock Veteran Interviews

Complete the game to unlock interviews with veterans Gordon Boulton, Sgt. John D. 'Bud' Hawk, and Sgt. Stan Markut.

Unlocking all Levels

Go to the Scene/Level Selection, hold + and then press: left, left, right, right, 2, 2

high ammo

In "the forest", level 7, when you get to the point that huxley yells, "Dix we've got a live one here" restart the checkpoint. If you kept the springfield, you will now have the maximum ammo for it.
Note that the ammo is not unlimited.

Easy Ammo

If you're running low on M1 Grand, Thompson ammo etc your allies might have some, look for the ones whos names come up in orange or red - this means they don't have much health left so melee attack them with your gun and take the ammo, don't worry as more allies usually respawn at check points or regroups.

Good Tips

Here are some tips.
If your pinned by a machine gun or two use a smoke grenade to find cover closer to it.
When throwing a frag grenade conisider the timer at all times. Just because it disapeared after you threw it it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It will still explode when the timer would've went up.
Always snipe as many enemies as you can from a safe spot before trying to enter the area. You may find yourself pinned!
Reload everytime your not fighting.
Always have 1 shotgun/sniper rifle and 1 machine gun.
The MP40 makes a good machine gun because ammo is easy to find.
Try to get good at using German rifles because German ammo is common.
I hope my tips benefit you because using these tips helped me beat the game on hard level!

Unlock all levels and bonus content- At the Chap..

Unlock all levels and bonus content- At the Chapter Select menu, press and hold the PLUS button, then using the control pad hit: RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, 2 BUTTON, 2 BUTTON quickly.
Happy gaming =p

Quicker Reload

When you are reloading your weapon you can cut part of it out, look at the amount of ammo in the clip, when it's at the maximum number hit UP on the D-Pad to switch to your other weapon then hit UP again(quickly) to get back to your first weapon it's clip should be full.

If you have smoke grenades

Throw smoke grenades then throw steelhandgrenades etc. I use that when there's allot of people

Unlock All Chapters

Choose chapter select and hold down the arrow button and press right, right, left, left, 2, 2.

Last level

At the beggining of the last chapter lie down and you will find a gap in the wall shoot through there but if you stand up you will be killed.

veteran interviews

Successfully complete the game to unlock interviews with veterans: Gordan Boulton, sgt. John D, "Bud" Hawk, and sgt. Stan Markut. Enjoy Smile

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