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Call of Duty 3


Weapons And Vehicles

by superstyle4






Call Of Duty 3 features over a dozen historically-based weapons that you can find on your campaign through France.

Managing your inventory is an important part of the game, since you can only carry two weapons at any given time. While traveling as infantry (which you do in all but one of the levels), you should always have one long-ranged rifle, and one fully-automatic or assualt weapon.

Long-ranged rifles entail: bolt-action, semi-automatic, and scoped weapons. These weapons all have different advantages and disadvantages that will be discussed in this walkthrough.



Assualt weapons are designed for short to medium ranged encounters with the enemy. Most can be used over long-ranges if needed, through the use of the Aim Down Sight function of the weapons.

Thompson M1A1
Submacine gun .45ACP

Description: The "Tommy Gun" was blow-back operated with a cyclic rate of 700 rounds per minute. Wartime M1A1 were fed by 20 or 30 round stick magazines and generally issued to officers and NCOs.

Strategy: You gain access to the Thompson on all of the American missions. It is an incredibly effective weapon not only for clearing rooms, but also for picking off Germans at medium to long range by aiming down the sight.

The version of the weapon you fire in Call Of Duty 3 employs 20 round clips, but that should be plenty for taking out even large groups of enemies between reloads.

The only real drawback is on most levels, finding more ammunition for the Thompson is rare, so you're usually stuck with however much you started with. Fire in short, controlled bursts of two or three bullets to increase accuracy and conserve ammo.

Caliber .303 Light machine gun

Description: Based on the Czech ZB vz.26 light machine gun. Employs a top-feeding 30 round curved magazine. 450 rounds per minute with a range of 300 yards (900 feet).

Strategy: The Bren is a very powerful assualt rifle. The rate of fire is fairly low, but the power of the shots definitely makes up for it. Firing two or three shots at the head of an enemy almost always kills them, and the sight makes targeting enemies from a long distance much easier.

The only real draw back to the Bren is the large clip that appears on the right half of the screen. This can make looking around an spoting things on your right more difficult.

Sten MK2
Submachine gun 9mm

Description: A quick and cheap weapon created to arm British troops after Dunkirk. The Sten used a horizontally-mounted 32 round magazine chambered for 9mm, so captured German ammunition could be used.

Strategy: The Sten is a powerful submachine gun. It does more damage than the MP40, but not as much as the Thompson. The biggest drawback to the Sten is that you don't find any extra Stens throughout the levels where you start out with them, and you can't use MP40 ammunition with this make of the weapon. This means you have to switch it out early on the chapters where you deploy with this weapon.

M1918A2, caliber .30-06

Description: The Browning Automatic Rifle was a robust, fully automatic, gas-operated light squad machine gun with a detachable 20 round box magazine.

Strategy: The B.A.R. is probally the single most versatile and useful weapon in the single player campaign. It does extremely high-damage and is accurate from both short range, firing from the hip, and long-range  looking down the sight.

The only limitation of the B.A.R. is that it is available in only two missions, and in both cases the ammunition is a rarity. You should always fire the rifle in short, quick bursts to conserve ammo.

Winchester M1897 Trench Gun
Trench Gun .12 gauge

Description: Powerful .12 Gauge pump action shot gun with six round capacity first issued to U.S. troops in World War One for trench assualt and clearing. Brutal at close range.

Strategy: The trench gun is a unique weapon. If you have played other FPS (First Person Shooter) games you are probaly familiar with this type of weapon being reffered to as a shotgun.

Up close, the Winchester is the most powerful weapon in the game; however, it is practically useless against enemies at medium to long range.

(Maschinepistole 40)
9mm submachine gun

Description: Infamous submachine gun developed and used extensively by the German military during WW2. 32 round detachable stick magazine. 500 rounds per minute. 100 meter effective range.

Strategy: The MP40's biggest advantage is that it is the most readily available weapon in the game. In almost every chapter, you can find MP40s lying on the corpses of your defeated foes.

This is a great automatic to fall back on when you have run out of ammo for the short-range weapon you usually use.

STG44 (MP44)
7.92mm (Kurtz) assualt rifle

Description: Worlds first assualt rifle employing a shortened version of the German 7.92mm rifle cartridge in a 30 round detachable magazine. 500 rounds per minute. 300 meter range.

Strategy: The MP44 is the best Axis assualt rifle. It can be used at all ranges, short, medium, and long; and on the levels that it is available, there is plenty of ammunition to be found.

This is a recomended weapon to replace the Thompson and the MP40, however the Bren is more accurate and able to do about the same ammount of damage.

(Fallschrimjaeger Gewher 42) 7.92mm

Description: Automatic rifle developed for German paratroopers after the invasion of Crete. 20 round side-mounted detachable box magazine. 900 rounds cylic rate. 500 meter effective range.

Strategy: The FG-42 can also load out with a scope. With or without the scope however, the FG-42 is a devastating enemy weapon to acquire. It's an assualt-rifle class weapon, so it is much more damaging than most submachine guns; the scope adds tremendous versatality to the weapon, making it second only to the B.A.R.

(Maschinengewher 34) 

Description: Adopted for squad support roles by the German army in 1934. 7.92mm rifle cartridge belt or drum fed. 900 rounds per minute. Effective range of 1000 meters.

Strategy: The MG34 is a devastating machine gun that is best used to keep back advancing waves of Germans. It is only available in a couple of chapters, but when you do gain access to it, you should pick it up.

The MG34 has large clips, but very long reload times, and because of the extremely high rate of fire, you can blow through a 75 round clip very quickly. It's a good idea to keep another automatic weapon as an alternative in case you run out of ammo at a bad time.

You must deploy the MG34 before firing our your shots will be wildy inaccurate.



Both sides of World War 2 commonly used semi-automatic rifles on the battlefield, and they were the staple of the infantry. While generally less powerful than bolt-action weapons, semi-automatic rifles can be fired as fast as you can pull the trigger, with no delay between shots.

M1 Garand
Caliber .30-06 semi-automatic
gas operated rifle

Description: The brainchild of John Garand, the M1 was powerful, accurate and reliable. Chambered for the venerable .30-06 cartridge, the M1 was the first semi-automatic rifle in military use.

Strategy: The M1 Garand is the most common weapon you load out with throughought the American campaign. It's a reliable and quick-firing weapon, but it is out damaged by all of the Bolt-Action rifles.

The biggest drawback to the Garand is that due to its unique clip style, you can never reload it without using the entire magazine. You can get around this however, by firing rounds into the ground between enemy encounters to ensure you always enter combat with a full clip.

Gewher 43
7.92mm self-loading rifle

Description: The first succesful semi-automatic rifle adopted by the German army in WW2. Based on captured Russian Tokarev SVT40 rifles. Reloads quickly from a 10-round detachable box magazine.

Strategy: The Gewher is only available on a couple of levels, but it's an excellent alternative to the M1 Garand. Its rate of fire and damage is about equal, but you can reload the weapon whenever you like.



Bolt-action rifles are extremely powerful, long-range weapons that require the manipulation of a bolt between each shot. Reloading these weapons also takes longer than semi-automatic weapons.

Springfield M1903 M4
Caliber .30-06 sniper rifle
with telescope

Description: This accurate and powerful bolt-action rifle has an effective range of 600 yards. Due to its scope placement over the reciver, cartridges must be loaded individually.

Startegy: The Springfield is the primary allied sniper rifle. While practically worthless at close range against enemies, it makes picking off enemies from 500 yards a piece of cake. Headshots instantly kill any enemy.

Be aware of the lengthy reload times on this weapon. Depending on how many bullets you have chambered, it can take as long as 10 seconds to reload the weapon.

Lee Enfield No. 4
Caliber .303 bolt-action rifle

Description: The mainstay of the British Army during WW2, this 10-round bolt-action rifle is rugged, accurate and reliable.

Strategy: The Lee Enfield is a respectable, but low damage bolt-action rifle. Generally, you'll want to replace this weapon with the more powerful Kar 98k that you can find on the level that you are equipped with the Enfield.

There is also a scoped variant of this weapon, but the ammunition is not interchangable with the regular Lee Enfield.

KAR 98k
7.92mm bolt-action rifle

Description: The standard German bolt-action rifle of WW2, Powerful and accurate, but slow firing. Five round internal magazine fed by stripper clips. Effective range of 500 yards.

Strategy: The Kar 98k has a great sight that makes it easy to pick off enemies from a great distance. Due to its rate of fire and accuracy unsighted, it is practically useless at close range.

The Kar is a common weapon you can find in almost every chapter, and a great weapon to master for picking off enemies, second only to scoped weapons for taking down long-range foes.



Throughout the campaign, you encounter various sorts of weapons that you can Activate to fire from a stationary position (unless the weapon is mounted on a moving vehicle.)

Browning M1919A6 (.30 cal)
.30 caliber machine gun

Description: Reliable belt fed, air-cooled, recoil operated squad machine gun employed by U.S. troops in WW2. Cyclic rate of 400-600 rounds per minute with an effective range of 1000 yards.

Strategy: Like other mounted weapons, .30 Cals have no limitations on ammunition, but can overheat if you fire continuously for too long of a time. Fire in short bursts in order to avoid overheating the weapon.

Browning M2 (.50 cal)
.50 cal machine gun

Description: The Browning M2 is an air-cooled, belt-fed, recoil operated heavy machine gun designed after WW1 and used on vehicles and aircraft. 550 rounds per minute, effective range 2,200 yards.

Strategy: The .50 cal cannot overheat, but it has a very slow rate of fire, it's vital for you to ensure every shot counts while firing at the enemy.

Vickers K
Gas operated machine gun,
.303 Caliber

Description: Originally designed for aircraft, the Vickers K was mounted in pairs by british S.A.S. to their jeeps for hit-and-run tactics during WW2. Distinctive 60/100 round drum magazine.

Strategy: The Vickers K is side-mounted on "Vera" a jeep you use throughout the S.A.S. campaign. While the powerful machine gun never overheats, it's very difficult to see where you're firing due to the muzzle flash.

Fire in bursts until your target explodes, and then pauze firing until you find another target to blaze bullets into.

(Maschinegewher 42) 7.92mm LMG

Description: Made from stamped steel and famous for its distinctive 1200 rounds per minute rate of fire, the MG42 was designed as a replacement for the MG34. Belt-fed and recoil operated.

Strategy: The MG42 is similar to the .30 Cal mounted machine gun and is commonly found mounted in windows of buildings. This is a great defensive weapon and can stop hundreds of Germans literaly dead in their tracks.

The weapon can overheat very quickly however, so be sure to fire in short bursts when attacking the enemy with it.

Granatwerfer 34
81mm mortar

Description: Heavy mortar developed by the German army prior to WW2. Indirect artillery firing a 3.5kg 81mm round over two kilometers. Effective blast radius of 50 meters.

Strategy: The mortar is a special weapon that is operated via a Battle Action. Follow the on-screen directions to line up the mortar. The further down you point the mortar, the closer the explosive will land.

Lining the mortar blasts up with your targets can only be done through trial and error.



Grenades are easy to overlook, but in fact are one of the greatest tools in your limited arsenal. New to Call Of Duty 3, you can "cook off" frag grenades and toss enemy grenades back. These new features turn grenades into one of the deadliest weapons in the game.

RETURNING ENEMY GRENADES: Germans frequently throw grenades at you and your squad. When a grenade lands near you, a small grey icon appears in the middle of the screen. When this happens, you have two options: run up, grab the grenade and toss it back at the enemy, or run away and get clear of the explosion. You need to make this decision very quickly, so it's good to have a guideline.

If the grenade icon is light gray, this means it's far enough away that you can probaly easily get out of the way of the blast. When you see the light gray icon, run away in the opposite direction of the grenade until the icon disappears from the screen in order to get clear of the blast.

If, on the other hand, you see a solid gray icon, that means the grenade is right nearby. If this is the case, the best thing to do is run up to the grenade and toss it back at the enemy. To do this run up to the grenade until the icon changes to a hand grasping the grenade icon, and then hit the Activate button.

Once the grenade is in your hand, you only have about 3 seconds to toss it back at the enemy before it blows up in your hand which will always kill you. Do this by hitting the Frag Grenade button before the timer expires.

Turning the enemy's weapons against them can be a huge help when clearing out pockets of Germans, so mastering returning grenades is essential, especially on harder difficulties where the enemies throw more of the "potato mashers."


The second part of mastering frag grenades is learning how to properly cook them. To "cook off" a grenade, hold down the Frag Grenade button until you see a red semi-circle of lines where your crosshair normally is.

These red lines are a timer that counts down, a bar at a time. When there are no more bars one the screen the grenade explodes.

For enemies at short range, you should wait until just after the last bar dissapears  before throwing the grenade. At mid-range you can go to one or two bars.

After you master the speed and arc that your character throws frag grenades, you'll find that taking out enemies hiding behind cover is a cinch. Explode a grenade over their heads, and it can kill even the toughest and most stubborn Germans.


Frag grenades aren't the only type of grenade in Call Of Duty 3, you also can acquire smoke grenades. Smoke grenades are a battlefield tacticians' dream. It allows you to instantly generate cover in open fields, and when they're used wisely allows you to flank or even completely avoid enemies.

Smoke grenades have other uses as well. You can toss them at groups of enemies in order to prevent them from firing upon you or your squad (they can't see through the smoke). You can also toss them on the ground to quickly generate confusion in your enemy ranks as you advance on them.

Throughout the single player campaign, you get access to plenty of smoke grenades, and what you do with them is up to you. On the Hard and Veteran difficulties, effective and creative use of smoke grenades is vital to survive and advance on enemy positions, and can mean the difference between life and death.




You can only control a couple of different vehicles in the single player campaign, but the missions that you do use them, they are vital to success.


S.A.S. Assualt Jeep
Assualt Vehicle "Vera"

Description: A Willy's Jeep modified by the British S.A.S. with up to 6 Vickers K fast-firing MGs for assualt and defense. Used in long-range patrols and air-dropped for operations in German-occupied France.

Strategy: In the British S.A.S. missions you use "Vera" a special jeep built by the spec ops to aid in the missions you run for the French Resistance.

The jeep is fast, but can't take damage from tank rounds. Speed and maneuverability are your primary assets while you are driving the jeep.

Infantry can also be run over, and the Vickers machine guns makes non-tank enemies, even at range, a rare problem.

Sherman VC1

Description: M4 Sherman tank fitted with the British army's 17-pounder (high-velocity 76.2mm) anti-tank gun. This gave it the ability to engage and defeat heavier German Panther and Tiger tanks.

Strategy: The "Firefly" variation of the German tank is a maneuverable and powerful tank. You control the Firefly in chapter 7, and get to prove its effectiveness against all variations of the German tanks.

The Firefly not only has a powerful anti-tank cannon, but also has a mean machine gun that can shoot down fleeing infantry.

It is vulnerable not only to other tanks but infantry armed with Panzerschrecks.


General purpose vehicle

Description: The Kubelwagen was designed as a compact, light military transport vehicle. Nimble, reliable, and easy to manufacture, over 55,000 served the German military during WW2.

Horch 1A/KFZ 18
General purpose vehicle

Description: Light utility truck built by the Horch automobile company and employed by the German military from 1938-1945. Four to six passengers.

Opel Blitz
Transport truck

Description: Three ton military truck used by the German military during World War 2 for troop transportation and supply duties.


Description: This armored fighting vehicle's open top and thin armor offered only marginal protection from small arms fire and shell splinters. Twelve passengers and crew maximum.

Armored car

Description: 4x4 light armored reconnaissance vehicle used by the German army from 1935-1945. Indestructible against normal weapons, but vulnerable to anti-tank weapons such as rockets and cannons.

Panzer IV
Medium tank

Description: Most common tank of WW2; initially used for infantry support and tank battles. Over 9,000 units produced with many variants from 1939-1945.

Panzer V "Panther"
Medium tank

Description: The Panther was designed to counter the Russian T34 tank. Its unique sloped armor and powerful, flat trajectory 7.5cm cannon made it more than a match for Allied tanks of the war.

Tiger I
Heavy tank

Description: Infamous and feared heavy tank (58 tons) the Tiger had thick 102mm armor and was armed with a powerful 88mm cannon. It took five Shermans with 75mm cannons to take out one Tiger.

Tiger II "King Tiger"
Heavy tank

Description: Combining the thick armor of the Tiger with the sloped design of the Panther, the "King Tiger" was the most formidable and heaviest (70 tons) tank used by the German army in WW2.