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Cheats, Tips and Strategy

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Walkthrough for Utopia: Origin

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Utopia Origin is an adventure survival game on mobile that is set in an anime universe where you explore a beautiful land that is full of material and resources you can collect while you learn skills that will enable you to craft it into weapons and armours, as well as build shelters to shield you from mysterious monsters that prowl during the night. To survive in this world you will need to take care of your health, hunger and thirst levels, this will involve hunting animals and roasting the raw meat on a campfire, picking berries from bushes and filling up your waterskin in lakes and rivers. The longer you play, the more you will flourish.

Cheats, Tips and Strategy


One of the first objectives you will have is to gather the materials necessary to build a campfire and a waterskin. This is important as the campfire will enable you to cook meat, vegetables, and fruits which you can acquire from your surroundings and the waterskin enables you to carry water when you venture away from a water source. It is advised when you build the campfire that you choose a location that is near the sea as doing so ensures you have a constant supply of water.


Although there is a wide variety of materials you can gather to use for crafting you should always prioritise finding sources of food and water as they are the utmost essential. As there may be areas that are far from sources of water you should always ensure that the waterskin is full before you venture out. The waterskin can be filled with water instantly by going to any body of water. As it can only hold a limited supply of it you need to ensure you gather berries as an alternate source of water. Some food you eat will make you thirsty so be sure to keep an eye on the food you eat and the effect it has on both your hunger and thirst levels.


Whenever you go near any campfire a message will often appear on screen saying that you feel a lot safer there. Keep this in mind when it gets dark as being near a campfire will keep away any threatening creatures that may be prowling nearby.


At the start of the game the tools you will have in your possession are the club, axe, and pickaxe. Each is able to get the simple tasks done at the start of the game with varying efficiency. Use the club for slaying monsters, the axe for cutting down trees, and the pickaxe for breaking rocks. Make sure that you keep an eye on your tool's durability as once it drops to zero it will be unequipped and you will have to use your hands which will reduce your health. You will be able to acquire more advanced tools as the game progresses.

Keep Active

Your success in the game is directly proportional to how active you are. The more active you are the more experience points your character will earn and the quicker you will be able to level them up and increase their stats. Your character should never be idle, there is always something that can be done to keep the materials and necessities you need to survive flowing. It is important that you earn experience points because your character will need better stats as they progress through the game.

Early Storage

You need to be mindful of what materials you collect because there is only so much wieght you can have in your inventory before your character finds it difficult to move. A way to get around this when you begin the game and do not have your own house is to craft Wooden Chests as these can be used to temporarily hold some of your heavier items so you can continue on gathering other materials without having to worry about how much wieght you have on. Make sure though that you leave the Wooden Chests in a location you can easily go back to and remember that they can only stay deployed for a 24-hour period.


Once you have explored the small starting island click on the minimap at the upper left side of your screen. This will enable you to see a beacon icon on the map with the name of the area it's in. If you travel to this location and interact with the blue light you will be able to instantly warp to other locations in the map.


Make sure before you travel from one location to another you take plenty of resources with you as the new area will have different trees, animals, and objects. Although the most basic necessities are available on all areas in the map you will discover that there will be several items that are exclusively found in each area.


When you begin the game your stamina is very limited and swimming can take its toll on it. If you do decide to swim for whatever reason you should keep it to short distances and most importantly make sure you save more than half of your stamina for the swim back to land. It is advised that you wait until later in the game when you have reached a high enough level to craft your own boat so you can visit places across the sea safely without fear of drowning. If you die in the sea you will find it difficult to retrieve lost items.

Reclaim Lost Items

Whenever your character dies in the game you will be penalised by losing some random items from your inventory. You can however when you respawn always go back to where you met your demise and claim the items that you dropped. It is advised that one of the first things you craft when you begin playing the game is a sleeping bag. The reason being is not to sleep on it but to use it as a respawn point in case your character dies instead of spawning randomly across the map.

Complete Daily Events

Although you will acquire materials through killing monsters and farming it is recommended that you complete the daily objectives whenever possible so you can get some additional rewards such as caps and food items. These daily objectives can usually be accomplished by being online for about 2 hours. The caps you earn from the daily objectives can be used to buy unique items from the shop so make sure you claim your earned rewards. For the items to make it to your inventory you need to check your messages and claim the reward.


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