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Pokemon Emerald | Gameboy Advance

The problem with emulators and it's ROM is that some of them are damaged/tampered/broken/etc.

If the game itself is broken or the data program is acting up. The only thing you can do is download a new game or something that is updated and compatible to the version of emulator you are using.

Keep the save data and try to load the save data on your new emerald. Smile

One thing though, you wouldn't have this problem if you're playing Pokemon: Emerald with GBA, legitimately. It doesn't cost that much nowadays

1 Thumbs | 0 Comments Added: 21st Oct 2011 by cyber_john3000

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Pokemon Yellow | GameBoy

Just train in the caves, if you have tried to challenge the elite four before, you will notice their weakness based on Pokemon type and attacks, I would suggest that you bring a team that has a very broad and versatile skills that can do big damage

No thumbs | 0 Comments Added: 4th May 2011 by cyber_john3000

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas | PC

There will be a mission where you need to take control most of Los Santos,but taking control over it is easy enough, kill any gang member that isn't a part of greenwood until a war rises and then you have to make it through alive in all the 3 waves

No thumbs | 1 Comments Added: 4th May 2011 by cyber_john3000

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Pokemon Ruby | Gameboy Advance

Ok...since he uses the "sleep" technique, I advise you to bring a lot of ultra balls and great balls. Also bring atleast lvl 55 to 60 Pokemon that can withstand it's attacks, bring a lot of revives because he can use a ONE-HIT KO move. Try to paralyze it then weaken it's HP bar to red but not too little. Good luck

0 Thumbs | 0 Comments Added: 4th May 2011 by cyber_john3000


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