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Pokemon Yellow Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Pokemon Yellow

Pokemon Yellow Digital Walkthrough and 100% Guide
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Some info on getting game coins, Missingo and getting to Glitch City are some of the tips found here.

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We have 28 cheats and tips on GameBoy. If you have any cheats or tips for Pokemon Yellow please send them in here.

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The Best Way To Catch Any Legendary Pokemon

1. Make the Legendary Pokemon have barely any HP
2. Make it Fall Asleep.
3. Throw Ultra Balls at it.
4. If the Legendary Pokemon wakes up, make it fall back asleep and continue to throw Ultra Balls.

Get onto Cycling Road without a Bicycle!

Okay, so you may have deposited your Bike in your PC or never even bothered to get one, and you really can't be bothered to pick it up so you can get on Cycling Road.
There's a simple solution. When you enter either of the guardhouses that separate Cycling Road from Celadon/Fuschia City, walk so that you that the counter is right next to you. When the guard stops you and says that you need a Bicycle, keep on pressing Left on the D-Pad and after he's finished speaking you will walk past him anyway.
A very convenient and useful glitch!

How to Obtain Every Kanto Legendary Pokemon

Articuno - Articuno can be found deep inside Seafoam Islands. It is an Ice / Flying Type Pokemon. It will be at Level 50.
Zapdos - Zapdos can be found inside the Power Plant. It is an Electric / Flying Type Pokemon. It will be at Level 50.
Moltres - Moltres can be found deep inside Victory Road. It is a Fire / Flying Type Pokemon. It will be at Level 50.
Mewtwo - Mewtwo can be found deep inside the Cerulean Cave. It is a Psychic-Type Pokemon. It will be at Level 70.
Mew - Mew cannot be found within the game. Mew can be obtained by an Event or by Trade.

Get Pikachu To Love You!!!!!

All you have to do is get a simple potion and make sure Pikachu has full health,then keep giving him the potion,even though it has no effect.Do it about 6 to 20 times (that is what I reccomend) and click on Pikachu to check his status and if you see hearts above him he loves you! ^_^

Easy Critical Hit

Any Pokemon with slash has a really high ratio with slash. The critical hit chance is determined by (Pokemon's speed)out of 264. With a normal type move like slash that has a high critical hit ratio the odds are speed out of 132. Charizard and Persian are two Pokemon I know that learn slash so they are really good

Pokemon walks in you .

Go to lavender town and go to the healing blocks in the tower let your pikachu faint and then walk into the block and when your Pokemon is healed quickly run aroun a tome stone and it will walk into you

Fly to viridian city and talk to the man who tea..

Fly to viridian city and talk to the man who teaches you how to catch Pokemon, and watch him catch or miss a Rattata, then fly to fuschia city and along the water that leads to the Cnnabar Islands, but keep to the very right of the screen until you get to an island.
Keep on surfing around the island until you bump into something called a M Lv0 or a Missingo Lv40. Defeat it and you will get over 100 master balls and over 100 rare candys and beats me what else but what ever you do, don't catch it. It will completly mess up your game.
P.S: my friend took about 20 minutes to find his.
P.P.S: this cheat works for blue and red users as well.[QUOTE]
Could someone please give me some help on this, been to Viridian, talked to the guy. Flew to Fuschia, went st..

The super glitch

Okay,with this glitch you can catch any pokemon!!!First find a trainer you didnt battle.Next make sure they can see you with at least 1/2 of the screen.Stand in front of him but in a place where he don't appear in the screen.Walk to him but,when he appears,press start and fly teleport to somewhere else.Then battle someone else and go back to the place where the trainer is.When you enter in the area,the menu will appear and a Pokemon will batle u!The Pokemon depends on the special of the last Pokemon you battled.If you want,after you battle the trainer,fight a ditto and it will copy the special of you're pkmn(to battle Mew,special of 21,to battle mewtwo sp. Of 131,missingno there are a lot of sp. But I know that you can get by sp. Of 61,62 and 63).Believe,i got 3 mews with this!

How to get to Glitch City

SAVE WARNING - Once inside Glitch City, DO NOT save your game. If you save your game within Glitch City, the save file will become corrupted and you will not be able to load it properly, forcing you to abandon your playthrough and start a new game. As utilizing this glitch involves Flying to Cinnibar Island, an area only explored during the latter half of the game, it means you'll probably have played for numerous hours that you don't want to lose, so use caution with this glitch.
Follow these steps for the only known way to access Glitch City, a 'city' comprised entirely of 'glitched' pixels:
1. Enter the Safari Zone in Fuschia City. Pay $500 to play the Safari Game. Once inside, exit. The clerk will ask if you're "Leaving alreadY?". An..

How To Get Mew And MagMar

To get the two rare Pokemon you need to battle players that you haven't fought before then just simply fly to lavender town go beside Pokemon tower and go directly t the left of it....
I'm not sure what Pokemon would come out but it is according to how strong the opponent that defeated....
You have 50% chance to get magmar or Mew and another 50% chance that you won't but there is a big chance if you defeat gary at the Pokemon league and go back to lavender town. There is a posibility that a magmar or Mew would appear....
I HAVE COMPLETED MY POKEDEX..... Hehehehehehehehe byebye

How to get Mew on Red, Blue, and Yellow

Here's the Mew Glitch:
Stand in front of the entrance to the Celadon City-Lavender Town Underground Path. (You're on Route 8, which is west of Lavender)
Save the game. Step down and press "START" really fast. If he saw you, reset. Go to "POKéMON" and use Fly. Fly to the town where Misty is the Gym Leader. Go up Nugget Bridge. Go the way to Bill's house and battle the Youngster with a level 17 Slowpoke. (Make sure he walks to you or the game will freeze)
After beating him, Fly to Lavender (the Start button brings up the Menu now)
Walk west of Lavender and your Menu will pop-up. Press the "B" button. Mew will appear. He is level seven. Enjoy.

Fushia Gym Secret

In the Fushia gym, there are invisible walls. If you look closely, there will be little white lines. The white lines indicate the location of the invisible walls, which means there is no wall in the way if there is no white line.

Pokémon Yellow Glitch

I have absolutely no idea how I did this, and my Pokemon yellow was lost long ago. However there is definately a glitch.
It involved talking in the city where the water gym is and then flying to where the first gym is. Wonder around outside of the grass above the forest and enter. The music Stopped and my Pikachu stopped.
He had a blank face and would not follow me. Every few seconds my character dissapeared on screen and some japanese symbol replaced him, before going back to him. In this form I was able to walk THROUGH objects like trees and the signpost.
Unfortunately I freaked and switched off the game before exploring. I think this only occurres in the forest. (Memories of something to do with a 'bills secret garden' pop up in my head).

Mew Glitch(works for 3DS download too)

Before you begin this in game glitch, not a cheat with codes and such, you will need to have beaten the Nugget Bridge trainers, have not beaten the swimmer in the gym, and have caught an Abra(in the grass below the city where the Daycare is[you can catch a Bellsprout in the grass left of the bridge to use Wrap to prevent it from using Teleport to get away, but be careful not to battle the trainer there because he's part of the glitch. I just had Pikachu in the lead and used it to paralyze Mew. Also have at least 10 Pokeballs and a low level Pokemon to weaken Mew, since it will only be level 7.
With all that said and done, start the glitch by healing at the Pokemon Center and head to the bridge. Don't make eye contact while doing this. Walk up the bridge, snaking around the train..

double pikachu

First you need a flying Pokemon you must not have defeated the fushia gym leader! Do
The Mew cheat but fly 2 fushia and battle the first trainer on the right and fly back to lavender and you ill find pikachu lv 7 hope I helpped!!!!


Press A,B,Select and Start all at the same time to reset the game

How to get lv 100 mew before mistie

Well I don't care if I haven't spelled the name right I haven't played in awhile.
Half of you may already know the cheat of Mew in misties town.
Step 1:ok so beat nugget bridge and go to the left and save then go down to where the guy can see you but you press start before the guy sees the way you have to have an abra and jigglypuff would help...if you picked up a moonstone in mt. Moon then evolve your jigglypuff. It helps for it to have more hp.
Step 2:so you teleport back to misties town and fight slowpoke kid with 1 slowpoke lvl NOT kill it right away. Make sure you have a Pokemon that has the attack growl or something that takes the pokemon's opponent's attack stat use growl 6 times because it will lower the stat to 1 and the stat is w..

230 free Game Coins

In the Game Corner in Celadon City, you can obtain 230 free Game Coins without even playing the slot machines. If you walk around inside the Game Corner pressing A, you will occasionally find some Coins on the floor. In total, you can find 180 Coins. In addition, you can gain an extra 50 free Coins from people around the Game Corner playing the slots machines. One of the guys to the far left will give you 10 Coings, and the two guys to the far right will give you 20 Coins each. You now have more than enough Coins to purchase an Abra without even having to play the slots machines or buy the Coins beforehand from the guy behind the counter.
You'll need the Coin Case to even be able to pick up the Coins. It can be obtained by the guy at the back of the diner.

Revisit the S. S. Anne!

There's a glitch which you can use that enables you to revisit the S. S. Anne. In order for you to actually be able to get to the S. S. Anne, however, you'll need Surf and the Soul Badge, so that you can use it outside of battle.
Okay, head down to Vermillion Harbour. The Sailer hanging around at the bottom will do what he usually does and stop you from going down into the harbour because there's no ship there. Walk up so you're directly in from of (or, technically, above) him, and face right. Save your game and turn the power off, and then start it up and select 'Continue'. Because the game is programmed so that you's automatically facing downwards when you select 'Continue', you'll end up facing down, but ON TOP of the sailor, rather than facing him. Face to the right toward..


If you want to easily get a bulbasaur, you can go to Cerulean City, there is a house beside the pokecenter. Talk to the girl inside the house, she'll give you a bulbasaur.

Get bulbasaur easy

All you have to do is make pikachu happy or put him on lvl 20 when you are
On cerulean city and go to that little girl that have pokemons on her house
And when she see that you pikachu is happy she will give it to you sounds easy hmm

Recomended team

Try to mix your Pokemon team around
EX; have all your Pokemon in your team a different element (fire, water, electric, grass, etc) that way you will have weakness on your side no matter who your fighting.
Another thing you should do is to make sure you level up each of you Pokemon equally. Tust me, it helps.

Get Hit By Confusion Less

When the game says you are confused, press A. Before the question marks pop up, hold A until it says your Pokemon hsa attacked. There you have it.


OK. Anyone who has a Zapdos can proove this. It is true but I'm not exactly sure what it means. Do the MissingNo., or =+M'+= cheat and listen closely to it's cry. Then go look at Zapdos's stats and be amased. The cry Zapdos makes is the same. Ssuussppiicciioouuss. LOL!
OO Whoa!
| /

Rare Candies!

Mt. Moon: First Floor S.S Anne: Second Basement Celedon Game Corner: Third Basement Pokemon Tower: Sixth Floor Silph Co.: Tenth Floor Fuchsia City: Wardens House Power Plant: Upper Right Hand Corner Pokemon Mansion: Basement Victory Road: First Floor

Pokemon Type Match-ups

Okay, this chart will display what type of Pokemon moves are super effective and not very effective on Pokemon types.
Bug - Super Effective against: Grass, Poison, Psychic. Not Very Effective against: Fighting, Fire, Flying.
Dragon - Super Effective against: Dragon. Not Very Effective against: (nothing).
Electric - Super Effective against: Flying, Water. Not Very Effective against: Dragon, Electric, Grass. No Effect against: Ground.
Fighting - Super Effective against: Ice, Normal, Rock. Not Very Effective against: Bug, Flying, Poison, Psychic. No Effect against: Ghost.
Fire - Super Effective against: Bug, Grass, Ice. Not Very Effective against: Dragon, Fire, Rock, Water.
Flying - Super Effective against: Bug, Fighting, G..

How to get 255 missingno and 203921 Mews in your party NOT BOX

Before you battle the guy with the slowbro to get the Mew glich have 6 lvl 255 missingnos also have 203921 poke dollers. When the guy puts out his slow bro it should be level 2013922 capture it with a master ball it sould go down a lvl so it will be lvl 203921. Every step you take it will lose a lvl. When it hits level 7 look at your Pokemon party you will have 255 missingnos and 203921 Mews

Defeat misty

To defeat misty(second gym leader!) you must raise pikachu to at least lvl. 19 because she uses:
1) Staru is between lvl 10-20
2) Starme is lvl 30 so U need 2 raise pikachu pretty high to defeat this powerfully packed gym leader!! ^_^

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