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Cheats, Tips and Strategy

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Walkthrough for Tiny Gladiators 2

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Tiny Gladiators 2 is a free-to-play action packed fighting game that has RPG elements. The objective of the game is to enter the arena where the greatest warriors from all around the world battle it out until only one gladiator is left standing. There is a single player mode and a PvP mode in which you fight against enemy teams comprised of evil creatures such as undead orcs for the chests and coins.

You can play as an warrior, mage, and warrior and winning battles in the tournament will enable you to upgrade your character with new skills and gear that will help you defeat all of the enemies and become the legend of the arena. There are over 20 skins available to unlock for the characters which is achieved by progressing through the levels.

Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Upgrade Heroes

The warrior is the only member of your team available at the start of the game, the archer becomes unlocked at the 3rd stage, and the mage at the 5th stage. All three character classes can carry four type of gears (armour, weapon, helmet, and accessory) and the grade or stats of these items impacts the overall stats of the hero. You can further develop these gears by upgrading and evolving by using the gold coins you earn.

Fighting Strategies

If you are using a melee hero such as the warrior you will need to get as close to your adversary as possibly, this can be accomplished by jumping over the opponents attacks and using skills to close the distance. If you have chosen to be a mage or archer your tactics will be the reverse as these ranged heroes need to put some distance between them and their foe before they can deal with them effectively. Archers have a diagonal arrow attack when airborne that enables them to keep the pressure on while maintaining distance and mages have a teleport move that can be performed by jumping, then jumping again mid-air. This move is particularly useful for getting them out of dangerous situations.

Keep Jumping

Although the strategy you employ for each of the three heroes is different the one thing that is the same for all three is to keep jumping to stay airborne as much as possible. This tactic is effective as most attacks are performed on the ground so jumping to become airborne can throw off your opponents.

Reduce Damage

If you find you are struggling with an opponent who is constantly bombarding you with attacks you may want to try blocking and then counter when the opportunity presents itself. You can block attacks by holdng 'Back' which will automatically make your character assume the the guarding position as they slowly back away, although they will still take damage it will be greatly reduced.

Repeat Campaign Stages

Consider repeating the campaign mode stages. Although they will not give you additional skill points, diamonds, or coins they will however enable you to earn the regular chests which you can instantly open by watching the advertisement video. Inside each chest you win you can expect to get 60 coins, 10 diamonds, and 97 cards.

Raid Mode

To be able to play Raid mode you must join a clan, you can do so this as soon as you have 400 team power. In raid mode clan memebers fight against a powerful boss to earn diamonds. The HP of the boss is very high and you have a limited amount of time to achieve victory. You will get the diamonds when the boss has been defeated, if you fail you can either wait 4 hours or spend diamonds to have another attempt.

PvP Arena

Once you think you have assembled a decent team you may want to consider participating in the arena where you can go up against other player's teams and earn League points for every fight you win. As you accumulate League points you will rise up through the divisions and earn rewards such as treasure chests. The higher the division you are in when the league is over (usually 1-2 days) the better the rewards you will receive at the end. If you find that you are struggling against other teams you may have to return to the story campaign to power up your team before trying again.

Daily Deals

Make sure you regularly check the 'Daily Deals' tab in the 'Shop' menu to see if there are any useful items you can get for your heroes in exchange for coins and diamonds.

Free Diamonds

If you go to the 'Shop' menu and the 'Diamonds' tab and and watch a short video advertisement you will earn some diamonds in exchange.

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