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Cheats, Tips, Strategy

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The Occupaton is a first-person 'politically-driven' narrative game where you play as a journalist in 1987 England who has to search for the truth behind a terrorist bombing.

The story starts with a terrorist attack which kills 23 civilians. In response the UK goes the same route as many modern countries, creating the Union Act, a sweeping piece of legislation that tramples over existing privacy laws and threatens the foundations of democracy.

The entire story plays out over the course of four real-time hours in a single government building and you either get to the truth and become a whisle blower, or the government will pass a restrictive new set of laws unopposed.

Cheats, Tips, Strategy

Pause Time

If you need to think about anything at any time during the game you can always pause time using the 'Options' menu.

Environmental Cues

It is advised that you keep the subtitles enabled so that you are made more aware of environmental cues. This includes things such as guards discovering your positon or leaving an area.

Getting Caught

When you get caught being somewhere that you are not supposed to be and don't vacate immediately you will be given a warning. If you leave immediately, more often than not you will be let off the hook. If however you are caught three times you will be removed from the area and continue on to the next area and it will prevent you from getting the 'best' outcome.


Remember that you can always store things in your briefcase simply by opening it.

Entering Charles Bowmen's Office

The door code into Charles' office when using Alex Dubois' purple keycard is 5959. Alternately, if you do not have the keycard you can use the fuse box to trip the power allowing access through the door or you can enter the store room to the left of Bowman's door and access a vent passage into the room.

Vent Safe Code

If you enter Charles Bowmen's office through the vent in the store room a safe can be found before coming out behind a pinboard in the office. The safe's code is the same as the door code: 5959.

Silhouette Server's Password

You will find the password written on a note that is on the desk in Scarlet's Carlson's office. The password is SPUFF7

Avoiding the Guard in Dubois' Workshop

To avoid the security guard Steve Crow when the alarm is triggered after inserting the Silhouette Disk into the server you need to go upstairs or into the vent system above Dubois' workshop, which links to the central area upstairs.

Hidden Vinyls

The following two vinyls can be found be searching the indicated locations

New Age Republic:

Found in the safe behind Charles Bowman's office.

Billy Echo & The Sugar Gang:

When you reach the bottom floor, you can duck under a barrier and find the vinyl propped against a blackboard.

'Trapdoor' Floppy Disk

The floppy disk named 'Trapdoor' that is in the package that is slid under the front door can be inserted into the floppy drive of your PC and the program can be run.

Alex Dubois' PC Password

Dubois' password for his PC is spuff7

Extracting 'Union Act for Good' Email

A floppy disk is required to extract the email labelled 'Union Act for Good' from ALex Dubois' PC. This can then be taken to the public printer and can be printed by using a token.

Fixing Corrupt Floppy Disks

You can fix a corrupt floppy disk using the Data Doctor in the Lost Property.

Retrieving Carla Burman Email

The email Alex sends to Carla which proves his innocense can be found either in Dubois' PC or in the deleted emails on Carla's PC. The password for Carla's PC is geo. You will find an empty floppy disk next to the PC which you can copy the email from her deleted emails onto and then print from at the public printer with one token.

Accessing Debbie Locke's Office

You will not be able to enter Debbie's office via the vent as it has a lock on it. You can enter it by turnng off the power to her room. Doing this however makes accessing her PC harder.

Finding the Message Recording

The message recording which proves Alex Dubois' innocence can be found in Carla Burman's safe locker which can be found in the storage room which can be accessed by a vent above it.

Finding a Tape Player

There are several tape players, the easiest one to get is the one in the attic which can be accessed using the scaffolding.

Check out our Video Walkthrough Guide page if you need more help on any of the different scenarios in the game.

Check out our Achievements and Trophies page to find out how to earn them.


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