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Full Review for Super Smash Bros. Melee by Zelda_Fan

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Super Smash Bros. Melee is the second in the Super Smash series and it has shown great promise. Super Smash Bros. Melee is basically a game where all the Nintendo characters fake sick from their usual jobs of protecting or attempting to rule the world, go into little arenas and beat the living crap out of each other. And it works.
The characters use most of there attacks from their original games and use it to continuously damage each other until someone goes flying of stage in a gravity-defying feat. It is very fun and I am sure anyone who is reading this and has the game agrees with me. I hope I encourage anyone who, for some absurd but hopefully explainable reason, does not have this game to run down the shops with some money, go buy this game, come back and continue reading this and then go play Super Smash. But enough with the Intro, now for me to tell you how good this game REALLY is.



The graphics are good but they could have tried harder. With Link, hes face looks like they did random image projector on the computer and then put it on the place where his face should be. But the graphics are pretty good I have to admit. Things like C.falcons Up+B attack are good at making him look like he is having a good time. But hey why I am I being critical about my favourite game. For the Gamecube I am not sure they could have got the Mario Bros and Pikachu more perfect. Actually almost all the characters were made near perfect. I am probably just critisizing Link coz I have every single Zelda game and they look better on the games (Most of em anyway). Yep thats right (even though a couple I can't play coz I don't have SNES and stuff like that anymore). The Graphics are pretty good and i'll just leave it at that.



The sound is heaps good. I don't think I could ever get sick of that Fully Sick sound track. Also the sounds all the characters make with there attacks. And also Dash-dancing that sounds. If you have ever done this trick you have to admit it sounds alright. Alright critisizing time hmmmm, ummmmm nope sorry can't think of anything. You could almost just buy the game just to listen to the soundtracks, (well not really). Anyway i'll leave it at that while it's still good.



The gameplay is good. It is not one of those games with a plot (you know *You have beaten this level now you must go here with no sidesteps on the way* the asterix meant robotic voice by the way) All you have to do is some easy levels. There are these Events, ou can even Smash a sandbag with a baseball bat (hmm thats gravity defying isnt it now) Oh and I almost forgot the most important thing. But just before that I must ask a question. Do you have any friends?? Well if you don't go out and make some because this the word multiplayer game was made BECAUSE of this game. That means that it is so much fun to smash your friends out of the game with someone like Link, Mario or Kirby.



The Lastibility is pretty much for ever because you can always battle against your friends (If you don't have any you spend you need to experience this new area called outside) You can also try to get all the trophys, smash sandbag, do all the events, get all the characters and get all the Beat the shit out of each other places (Also known as Arenas lol). Ummm I'm not sure what else to say I guess you can try to do beat all of your highscores. I'll finish on that note.



This game is worth going out and buying a Gamecube just for this game, seriously. If there was an 11 in that little slot where it says what do you want for the score guess wha i'd put in. Still 10. No i'm joking i'd give it an 11. You really should go out and buy this game it's worth any price tag sticker thingo they put on it and I advice you to get it. Well hopefully this convinces some people to buy it and gets me up two or something in the ranks.

Final Score: 96%

Review by: Zelda_Fan


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