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How to get Gold Coins

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How to get Gold Coins in Sunrise Village: Family Farm
How to get Gold Coins in Sunrise Village: Family Farm

In Sunrise Village: Family Farm the two currencies that are used are Gold Coins and Diamonds. The Gold Coins are a free currency which you can earn by completing general tasks in the game while Diamonds are the premium currency and as you would expect more difficult to acquire, they will be awarded when you complete specific quests. Take a look at our How to get Gold Coins guide to find out how you can obtain this currency.

It is essential that have a steady income of Gold Coins in Sunrise Village: Family Farm as you will need to purchase buildings and upgrades in order to progress and the cost of these things will rise as your level increases. Keep in mind that although Gold Coins seem plentiful during the early game this will not be the case once you reach Level 10. Listed below are the different ways in which you can acquire Gold Coins in the game.

Order Board

The best and without the easiest way in which to get Gold Coins in Sunrise Village: Family Farm is the Order Board. This small shack with a notice board with posters pinned on them can be found near the entrance to your farm. You will be able to see the requests from the market by clicking on the Order Board and by submitting the indicated resources you will be rewarded with both Gold Coins and XP. The resources required tend to be organic products created or grown inside the farm. The orders will have different difficulty levels, the darker the shade of the poster, the more complex and difficult it will be to get the resources you need. It is important that you complete orders anyway as you need to gain the XP they grant to unlock new features in the game.

Story Missions

Story missions are quests that involve completing tasks to construct a new building or unlock a new zone. This is not the fastest way in which to farm Gold Coins because as you level up it becomes difficult trying to keep up with the Energy requirement. Story missions must be completed as they are tied to the progression of your account. Keep in mind that not all the Story missions reward Gold Coins.

Selling Items

A quick way to get Gold Coins in Sunrise Village: Family Farm is to sell items in your inventory. You can access your inventory on the lower-right side of the screen, next to the map button. You will only have a limited number of things you can sell, these will be the items that you acquire when you clear materials using Energy. The crops or products that you produce inside buildings you will not be able to sell. It is not recommended that you sell items to get Gold Coins as the prices are extremely low.

The Crucible

Later in the game you will be able to unlock the building that is called The Crucible, here you will be able to go and convert a certain number of gold ore into Gold Coins. This is a good trade when you consider the amount of Gold Coins you get for the energy you expended to get the resources. Gold ore is acquired by clearing gold veins or opening crates and boxes on the field. Once you have done three exchanges the Crucible will overheat, and you will not be able to do any more exchanges until the cooldown timer has expired. This time is relatively short which means it is recommended that you exchange your gold ore at The Crucible regularly.

Treasure Containers

Scattered throughout the world of Sunrise Valley: Family Farm are treasures, these include boxes, pots, crates, and any other type of container that you can click on to redeem a random reward. Two of the possible rewards are gold ore and Gold Coins and although this is a good way to get Gold Coins, but you have to remember that it is not a reliable way as there is always the possibility that you will get other items of Energy instead when you find a treasure container. The other thing you need to take into consideration is that treasure containers can only be claimed once, and they will not respawn once they have been collected.

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