The Best Ship Weapons in Starfield

Space exploration is the main objective of Starfield, however, once you are done with the activities on one planet and you journey to the next it is inevitable that you will experience hostile encounters where you will be forced into dogfights with other ships. It is therefore crucial that during your journey between planets you install the best ship weapons you can buy in order to make your journey safer.

There is an arsenal of 109 ship weapons available in Starfield which means the customization options for your ship is huge. However, you can only install three modules, each from a different category. This guide will help ensure you turn your ship into a deadly dreadnought or ferocious fighter, with a range of lasers, missiles, cannons, suppressors, turrets, particle beams, and more.

Ship Weapons

Aside from particle beam weapons, there are other categories of ship weapons you can equip to your vessel. All of these ship weapons serve different functions in combat against enemy ships. The different categories of ship weapon modules are listed below along with a brief description of their capabilities.

  • Turrets:

    Turrets are fully automatic weapons that shoot will fire at enemy ships in your path. They have low accuracy and high fire rate but are consistent in their attacks. The downside of turrets is that you don't have control over them, and that they tend to be less accurate than a skilled player.

  • Cannons:

    Cannons are short-ranged weapons that shoot ballistics that damage the ship's hull armor. They have a high fire rate but are ineffective against shields. Depending on the cannon, they might fire fast (autocannons), or do a shotgun spread (shot-cannon).

  • Gauss/Railguns:

    Gauss/Railguns are like semi-automatic cannons but with increased accuracy and range. They are also usually more expensive than most ballistic weapons. They can be used to damage the ship's hull.

  • Lasers:

    Lasers have a higher range than cannons and Railguns. Keep in mind they are only useful for damaging the ship's shield.

  • Missiles:

    Missiles and Missile Launchers are ballistic weapons that shoot on impact. They have a high range and a low fire rate and can target specific systems like weapons and engines of enemy ships.

  • Suppressors:

    Suppressors are Electromagnetic (EM) weapons that don't have any damage output. What makes them effective is their ability to temporarily deactivate the enemy ship so that you can steal or destroy it with other weapons.

  • Particle Beams:

    Particle Beams are hybrid weapons with long-range and medium damage. These weapon systems damage both the ship's shield and hull simultaneously.

The Best Starfield Ship Weapon

Without a doubt, the best Starfield ship weapons, unless you are going for a specific build, are particle beam weapons. These weapons are designed to prioritize either hull or shield damage and will do damage to both in equal measure. This type of weapon is so lethal a valid strategy is to drop all other kinds of weapons and equip three particle beam weapons. Particle beam weapons are generally sold at higher-end Starfield shipyard locations like those in Neon. Below is the best Particle Beam weapon in Starfield.

PBO-100 Auto Neutron Beam

Damage: 14 Hull DMG, 14 Shield DMG

Fire Rate: 5

Rapidly destroys shields and hulls

Needs a powerful B-class reactor

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