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Spring Valley: Farm Adventures Cheats and Tips

Android, iPhone/iPad
Last Updated: by Dennis
Spring Valley: Farm Adventures

Spring Valley: Farm Adventures is available on Android and iOS. Take a look at our cheats, tips, and strategy to get help in this RPG building game where you play the main character in a stirring story. Solve addicting puzzles on expeditions, fix up buildings that hide new secrets and collect rare resources. Spring Valley belongs to the category of relaxing and fun farm RPG casual games. Enjoy idyllic family farming, collect mobile harvest, build connections and fall in love. Live life to its fullest in a dreamy fairy village.

Spring Valley: Farm Adventures Trailer

Spring Valley: Farm Adventures Cheats, Tips Strategy

Below is a collection of hints and tips that will help you to progress in the game. These include how to speed up gameplay and why you should purchase the Research Station as soon as possible. As well as these cheats and tips, we also have a beginners guide here which goes into more details on some of the tips we have below:

Speed things Up

You can speed up plants growing or animals giving products using fertilizer for plants and speed'ups for animals. Alternately, you can use coins for both. Check out our Character Meetups Guide to find out how you can play a mini game in Spring Valley: Farm Adventures that will enable you to earn additional coins and XP points.

Cure Sick Animals

When animals are sick you need to spend coins on buying treatment for them. Treatment is basically getting some energy in exchange for the coins which will then make your animal healthy again so that they are able to give you resources. Pay attention to the number of times remaining that you can collect from an animal before it gets sick and won't be able to provide products anymore.

Use Dynamite

Dynamite becomes available after starting at Madeline's house in the chapter entitled 'Stan Fogg's First Clue'. Dynamite can be used to clear a bigger area faster than it would normally would using energy. To use dynamite you simply tap on it and choose the best spot where you want it to detonate. The spotlight will tell you what obstacles will disappear when it explodes.

Move your Buildings

If you decide you have placed a building in a wrong spot you can move it to another location by performing the following. Tap the building, hold it for a second, and then slide the building with your finger to where you want to place it. Keep in mind that the area you intend to move it to must be clear, this means there must be no stones, grass, or other obstacles. When you are happy with the new location just tap the green checkmark to confirm. You can also do the same with fields you have placed and want to move to a new location.

Purchase the Research Station

Try to reach level 10 in Spring Valley: Farm Adventures as soon as possible, so you are able to purchase the Research station from the construction menu for coins. Once you have the Research Station you will be able to place orders for resources that you need, but don't have available on the map. The orders will take some time to be fulfilled, and they will cost you some energy and coins.

Check out our How to get Energy Guide to find out how you can get this essential resource in Spring Valley: Farm Adventures that allows you to progress in the game.

Spring Valley: Farm Adventures Guide

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Spring Valley: Farm Adventures FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

How do you get more wheat/corn to plant when no seeds
Even though the inventory says 0 wheat you can still plant and grow it.
Is the golden ticket permanent?
No! Golden Tickets are for special events ONLY! They have an expiration date which is the countdown timer. Sometimes, like with "Farmer's Season" it's worth it because you can produce feed twice as fast meaning more eggs and milk, but also you have to stay on top of growing the wheat and corn for the feed. But you also get "Crafty Hands", aka an extra production slot to set up for producing lots of made goods ranging from hot water to bakery items and more. If you like the bonuses and can afford it, it can enhance game play. If you can't afford it, be strategic about energy consumption.
What do you do with the 'aromatic herbs' ? They don't go in the tea, so I have not seen any use fo..
You can make herb cheese at the dairy.
Where do you find collection items?
Collection items can be found in chests. Don't confuse them with the treasure chests as this is something else.
What are 'collections'?
You will earn collection items for completing excursions. If you gather a collection of these items you can exchange them for something that will be useful for your farm. You can access your collections by tapping the backpack icon.

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In 'An Unexpected Metting' is there a glitch? I have feed the bear. At the last gift box I get a..
How do you get gold keys
How can you get gold keys
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