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Sparklite Walkthrough and Guide

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Walkthrough for Sparklite

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Sparklite Walkthrough and Guide

Sparklite is a top-down roguelite brawler-adventure game with an art style that is reminiscent of early Legend of Zelda games. Sparklite is set in the world of Geodia where everything is tied togeter by Sparklite, the life force of the planet. Your objective is to stop Geodia’s self-titled 'Baron' who has devised a plot to mine the world’s Sparklite ore to fuel his powerful war machines. Tthe pollution from the consumed Sparklite is corrupting the world, turning animals into violent monsters, and rotting away the environment. In order to save the Sparklite you will have to explore dangerous corners of the procedurally generated world and take down titans of the mining industry using an arsenal of gadgets, guns, and gear.Check out our Sparklite Walkthrough and Guide to get help saving the planet of Geodia.

Sparklite Walkthrough and Guide

Grind for Upgrades

The difficulty of Sparklite is basically determined by whether you decide to grind for upgrades or not. Every upgrade necessary to progress into the next zone comes from defeating bosses. If you are having a hard time beating a boss may need to keep exploring in order to get enough Sparklite to purchase an upgrade that will make the fight easier.

Explore the Zones First

Make sure the first thing you do when you enter any of Geodia's five zones is to fully explore the area to see if there are any easily accessible, one-off chests and collect as many Beats as possible. Also find each area's respective NPCs, some of which will give you useful rewards like patches and find the Vault as this will contain a gadget puzzle which when you solve will grant you a new gadget to research. Complete these things first before attempting the boss battle.

Finding Sparklite

Once you find the temple that contains the Boom Balloon you will be able to use this flying machine that is packed with explosives to break open any rock that is flecked with gold to either find Sparklite or reveal a secret cave. Also, keep an eye out for mutated bulbs on trees as they will often contain useful items for your supply or Sparklite.

Wingnut Upgrades

Wingnut is your flying robot companion and co-partner throughout the game and brings a new set of utilities for exploration. Wingnut joins you after you have defeated the first Titan boss and becomes the character the second player takes control of if you decide to play local co-op. Listed below are the three abilities that can be unlocked for Wingnut by defeating bosses:

• Claw Digger

This default ability enables Wingnut to dig up the items buried in the ground that are indicated by discoloured spots. These items are worth digging up as they will be Sparklite, chests and Beats.

• Flare Bang

After defeating the second boss Wingnut will obtain Flare Bang. This ability gives Wingnut a light aura which is useful for illuminating any dark caves you need to explore.

• Muck Buster

After defeating the third boss Wingnut will obtain Muck Buster which is his final upgrade. This ability lets Wingnut suck up slime and poop out Sparklite. It makes cleaning up any muck you see worthwhile as it can reveal secrets and puzzles.

Collect Beats

In Sparklite Beats are the little singing creatures that can be found in each region under rocks, in bushes, and buried in the ground. Collecting them will grant you useful health-boosting patch rewards. Beats are not easy to find, the best way is to listen out for their chirps which will give away their location. If you have to leave a Beat behind because you lack the item necessary to get it you will still be able to find it in the same location during your next run. Beats are colour coded and organised in The Refuge to help you see which zones still have Beats to find.

Upgrade the Medical Facility Early

Although distributing your Sparklight evenly is the safe option when investing your rewards there is one key upgrade you should focus on early as it is more impactful than others. This is your medical facility, the place where you assign your patches to your build. Your medical facility starts with 9 slots and by upgrading it to level 2 you can increase that number to 16 slots, capping out at 25 slots at level 3. The benefit of increasing the number of slots filled with patches is that it will provide a significant power boost. Only upgrade the workshop once all the gadget slots are full as there is no benefit without first finding schematics.

Upgrading Patches

When you venture into the later zones of Sparklite you need to make sure you only have important patches like health, wrench damage, and map markers in your slots at the medical facility. Gadgets which have low damage output can be left out.


Hearts are not easily replenished in Sparklite so it is essential that your boost you max health and defense patches. Defence patches are especially useful as they provide a significant damage reduction down to a quarter heart.

The Widget Shop

The Widget Shop in The Refuge lets you choose one item to add to your supply for the next run. The Founder's Ankh is by far the most useful, granting you a second life on defeat with 5 hearts.


You will not be penalised for dying in Sparklite. Each time you die you get to keep your Sparklite which means that you will consistently get stronger. You will however respawn at another location on the map, the locations you found previously will still be marked on the map and if you missed a secret chest because you didn't have the right item or ability it will appear again on the map in a different location.

Boss Fights

There is no time limit in Sparklite so there is no need to rush the boss fights. All the bossses have set patterns and movements which do not change regardless of the state of their health so once you have figured out what they are you should not have too many problems taking them down.

Sparklite Walkthrough and Guide


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