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Cheats, Tips and Strategy

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Walkthrough for Soul Seeker: Six Knights

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Soul Seeker: Six Knights is a strategy RPG and sequel to 2015's Soul Seeker. You are part of the Sixth Order, the Albion Knights and your objective is to prevent the comlplete destruction of the great continent of Hermes. To achieve this you must assemble a team of six heroes and beat the other five factions to the Soulstones that contain the power of the gods.

There are over 150 heroes in Soul Seeker: Six Knights and each has their own unique skills and abilities that includes an elemental power in their arsenal. The game features four different game modes to search for the following resources.

Temple Armes:

In this mode you earn elemental stones and EXP items. Elemental stones are required to summon heroes and using EXP items enables you to level up a hero fast.

Abandoned Fortress:

In this mode you must battle against waves of enemies for the gear items.

Dungeon of Demons:

In this mode you collect runes which can then be equipped to the heroes in your team to increase their stats.

Tower of Heroes:

In this mode you will be rewarded gold for defeating the elite monsters you encounter on each floor.

Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Team Balance

When putting together your team of heroes the most important thing is making sure you have a balanced team. Heroes come in six different roles: Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Marksman, Mage and Support. Each of these roles has its one strength and weaknesses so having characters from each role will ensure you have a well-rounded team.

Team Elements

Another aspect you need to take into consideration when balancing your team is the elemental property each hero in Soul Seeker: Six Knights is assigned. The five elements are Fire, Water, Air, Light and Dark and each is strong against another.To avoid being vulnerable to a single element you need to make sure you change your heroes accordingly when you have the opportunity.

Strengthen your Team

Your main priority once you have assembled your team is to strenthen them. There are three different ways this can be done in Soul Seeker: Six Knights.


Continually using a hero in battle will earn that character EXP and level them up.


You can equip, combine, and upgrade your hero's gear in order to make a hero stronger. This includes weapons, boots, gauntlets, and body armour.


Upgrade your runes. You can combine the runes that you find in order to increase their quality rating.

Plan Battles

Try to figure out a strategy before a battle begins that will take advantage of your opponent. Look to see if your opponent is weak to a particular element and plan how you can make efficient use of the Link system so your heroes work together as a team during the fight.

Keep Recruiting

Even if you are having success with your starting team you need to make sure you keep on recruiting new heroes so that you are able to keep up with the increasing difficulty levels of the game. New heroes are recruited using Soul Stones, the higher the rarity of the hero the more Soul Stones you will need. Your aim is to have full lineup of five-star heroes as this will enable each character in your team to have up to five skills.

Rare Items

You may want to consider playing some of the other game modes such as Temple of Hermes and the Devil's Dungeon in order to get goodies that would not normally drop in Adventure mode.

Complete Daily Quests

Try to complete all the daily quests as doing so will reward you 100 diamonds. Additionally, weekly mission milestone rewards 500 diamonds, monthly milestone rewards 1000 diamonds. You may also want to consider doing story quests when they are available as they enable you to obtain EXP items, gold, crafting material, diamonds, and heroes.


Pay attention to the event missions when they become available as these give you the opportunity to earn weapon tickets, hero tickets, coins, and skill Beanny tickets as rewards when they are completed.

Join a Guild

It is recommended that you join a Guild so you can earn guild coins, these can then be spent in the guild shop to purchase rune tickets, skill Beanny tickets, and Beanny tickets.

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