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Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut Pack Shot

Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut

Game Reviews for Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut


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Cronic22nd Jun 2007, ID #647
This is a review of Sonic adventure 2 battle for the nintendo gamecube,By Cronic This guide will tell you if this this is a good game or not, if you don't like sonic click the little red X in the t..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review
bs510212th Jul 2008, ID #901
Hi, this is Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. I'm bs5102, I'm going to tell you about this really exciting game made by Sega. If you listen, you just might want to play this really exciting game f..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review

Quick Reviews

Added 15 Nov 2007, ID #8024
Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut is a fun game.It has a multiple assortment of characters.A lot of the characters are Amy Rose, Sonic, Tails, E-102 Gamma, Big the Cat, Knuckles, and the secret unlockable last character.A feature I like about this is Big the Cat's fishing missions.The object of these missions is to catch a certain amount of grams of fish then catch his pet, Froggie.The last person you get to play as is a secret but gets to face Perfect Chaos.It is kind of hard but has a slight twist to it.Your life runs on rings.This game has an awesome feature called "Chao World."You get to raise little fluff ball things called chaos.There are races you can enter them in ,or you could buy stuff at the Black Market.When a chao matures,you can breed it to get a "Chao Egg."In the chao races, the more you win, the more medals it wil win.You power up your chao by finding little animals in the levels as main characters and give them to your chao.There are three different chao gardens,each with a different setting.One is the beach.The chao's look really relaxed in there.The graphics of the game are pretty cool.It gives you the feel that your playing a new-generation Sega.The graphics get a six out of ten.Well overall the game is good.The only bad thing about this game was that it was kind of short.That is all I can think of.

Added 24 Jun 2004, ID #2096
Oh yes, another game made by Sonic Team of our blue little hedgehog along with the usual collection of emeralds before the scientific genius Dr. Robotnik (Dr. Eggman) can get his evil hands on them for the purpose of dominating the world! All of the Sonic the Hedgehog games have proven themselves to be very worthy from in the days with 2-d style and maybe its best if Sonic Team stayed that way. But do not think too badly of this game just yet. There are certain aspects of the game that makes things interesting up to a certain level untill it starts to get frustrating. Good things to mention about are like the graphics. The graphics are good in some parts and others just a mere average. For example the beach scenery. Running at top speed with your favorite hedgehog and you still have the time to notice the sparkly water and dolphins that make there appearance out of the water. But in my point of view that is mostly all to be said about the graphics. Okay so this is where I come to the frustrating parts of the game. You start the game off with the main character which is Sonic and you have five other characters to unlock as the gameplay progresses. In time, once you have unlocked these characters (regardless of the order) you can play with them at anytime. The gameplay on the whole is not so bad. The idea is that Dr. Robotnik made friends with a water lifeform creature called Chaos. (Starts as Chaos 0 -6 then becomes Perfect Chaos). He feeds it an emerald and there is mutates into another form depending on the number of emeralds it had. So Sonic is the first to encounter such a foe and well discovers what Dr. Robotnik is after and tries to stop him. From there the game unfolds and other characters become necessary to complete the game 100%. The main objectives are not very hard but expect some frustrated sessions when playing the other two objectives for every other character. Sonic is basically getting the emeralds in his main objectives and sometimes destroying a capsule to free those animals.

Tails is more or less the far by easiest to play with for all he has to do is just win stages by beating either Sonic or Dr. Robotnik in a race to what ever the objective is. Amy is simply running away from a robot name Zero who tries to capture (by order of Dr.Robotink) a bird who befriends Amy in her attempts to prevent the bird from getting captured and to find its missing family. Knuckles the echidna is the same as always basis which is treasure hunting. It so happened that when Knuckes was guarding the Master Emerald on an auspicious day on Angel Island, Chaos broke free from within its seal and the Emerald's fragments were dispersed far and wide. So as soul protector of the Master Emerald he vowed he would restore it before Chaos could do any harm. E102 Gamma was created by Dr. Robotnik as one of the E-series. His first mission was to capture a frog with an unusual tail. Big the cat is the last character of the five and the most frustrating to play with. His basic role is fishing with his trusty rod and lures. His interest came about when his frog called "froggy" grew a tail. Well thats as much to talk about with the Characters with about 50 levels to play and in this version there is the all new mission mode. Sixty missions to be completed. By playing these missions in mission mode and completing the game as you go along you will uncover minigames. Depending on how much emblems you have (130 to uncover all). These classic games bring back wonderful memories but only sad to know that to play them you MUST acquire 130 emblems.

Now I come to the musical part in which I must state that it a good thing that the game has text so that gamers can read because the audio is so loud that its impossible to fully understand what they are saying without the text. A good feature of this is that the text is available in many languages. The controls are easy to manage and to perform.
All in all Sonic Adventure DX would have been a good game if wasn't for the main disaster feature called the camera. Even though in this one you can control the movements of the camera to your disposal or allow it to be done so automatically but despite that being done it still behaves rather unco-operatively and thus players tend to fall off into bottomless pits and cliffs more times than they have to. If Sonic team only focus more on the weak areas such as these (camera angles and the serious glitches that follows) then life for the Sonic fans would improve drastically. Sonic fans have alot to look forward too and this is just the start. Gamers should still give this game a try and only then will you be able to fully enjoy the fast, blue, little hedgehog that we have all come to know and love so much.
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