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Game Reviews for Sonic Advance 2


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gamer5734th Aug 2007, ID #664
To me, Sonic Advance 2 is basicallly a great game overall. Theres no real point to it though. You just start out in the first level, and aim for the last. It's pretty darn basic, if you ask me.

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Much better than the first!Added 9 Aug 2004, ID #3145
This game is actioned-packed! The same graphics as the first but different characters and of course levels. 8/10

ID #416

This game was suposedly the long-awaited sequel to Sega's first game boy establishment, Sonic Advance. Let me start by saying that HELL YEAH IT IS!!! this game greatly surpasses SAdv.1 in many ways. the replay levels are much higher since you can unlock multiple characters, but the producers may have gone a bit overboard by locking up the Tiny Chao Garden and the Sound Test. The intoduction of Cream the Rabbit, an enthusiastic little rabbit who tags along with her tiny chao, was also a good idea, but she makes boss levels much too easy with her special attack that lets her chao do all the work, giving you tens of thousands of not-so-hard earned points. on the subject, the bosses have also been revamped, introducing a run-and-hit system after each level. overall, i would give this game a rating of 8.7 out of 10. NICE WORK, SEGA!!

P.S.- whoever created Sky Canyon zone had crap lodged in their brain. =)

ID #415
Sonic Advance 2 is a wicked cool game until Egg Utopia! That level is sooooo hard to beat!

I know that I am not a pro at games, but this level is so hard.

I think that Sonic is not very good in this game.

I have only gotten far with cream. If any1 has any tips please submit them cause I need help on this game.

The other levels are mostly challenging, except for the bosses, which cream's chai can beat easily.

On a rating from 1-10 I would rate this game an 8.

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