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Sonic Advance 2 Cheats and Tips

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Find out how to get a quick start and unlock characters including Cream and Knuckles.

More Sonic Advance 2 Gameboy Advance Cheats and Tips

We have 5 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Sonic Advance 2 please send them in here. For more Codes for Sonic Advance 2 go to:
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You can also ask your question on our Sonic Advance 2 Questions & Answers page.

All Sonic Advance 2 Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

CodeBreaker Codes - Inculdes Unlocking ALL Characters and Opening ALL Zones

Master Code (North America)

00002738 000A

10001FB2 0007

Enter the following CodeBreaker codes to enable the corresponding effect.

Maximum Rings

This code gives you the highest possible amount of rings.

830053F0 03E7


This code makes it so that Sonic is invisible and can't be hit by anything.

33005A0C 0002

Infinite Lives

This code, as the title states, gives you unlimited lives.

33005448 000A

Multiple Jumps

This code allows the player to jump more than once.

74000130 03FE

830059F2 FDD0

Stop the Timer

This code stops the timer in whatever level you're playing on.

83005490 0000

Unlock ALL Characters

This code unlocks ALL of the characters available to play in-game.

A200266C 1C18

8200266A FFFF

Open ALL Zones

This code unlocks ALL playable areas in the game.

3200265F 001F

82002660 1F1F

82002662 1F1F

ALL Rings Collected

This code makes it so that all of the rings in the game are collected.

730030AA 012C

830030A8 012C


During game play complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding

Unlock Cream:

Beat Leaf Forest with Sonic

Unlock Knuckles:

Beat Sky Canyon with Sonic

Unlock Songs 58-63 on Sound Test:

Beat Extra Zone as Sonic

Unlock Tails:

Beat Music Plant with Sonic

Unlock Amy:

Beat the game with Sonic, Cream, Tails and Knuckles with ALL Emeralds

Unlock Tiny Chao Garden:

Beat the game with 1 character with ALL 7 Emeralds.

Sound Test:

Beat the game with 2 characters, each having ALL 7 Emeralds

Unlock Boss Option (Time Attack):

Beat the game with 3 characters, each having ALL 7 Emeralds

Unlock True Area 53:

Beat the game with Sonic with ALL 7 Emeralds. Then beat the game with Cream, Tails and Knuckles.

Character strengths

I have played and beaten this game about 150 Bazillion times and found out that certain characters have different strengths.

Like Sonic is fast and everything else is ok and Knuckles is able to climb walls and attack is ok.

Also Tails is able to fly faster than Cream but Cream has stronger faster attack than anyone due to the fact of that flying thing thats with her.

So what I'm getting at is certain charaters work better than others.

Bosses and chaos emiralds

If you are having trouble with the bosses here is some help.

The first boss you have to watch out for the hammer and hit the body. After you hit him a few times he will be destroyed.

The second boss watch out for the bombs and hit the cannon then when it is destroyed you hit the body 2 or 3 times then he is destroyed.

The third boss has those platforms that rotate... and have little gun things on them, take those out. Then you get on them and hit Dr.Eggman.

Then after a few hits he's down.

Then the forth one. He drops bombs, he has a platform that goes up and down. get on it when it is up then hit Eggman. Then after a few hits you destroyed another one of his inventions.

The fifth boss is a rotating wheel thing first you have to take out the cannon. then hit Eggman or knuckles if you haven't beat him before. Watch out for the hand. Then he's down another time. Were does he get all the money to build all these?

The sixth boss is quite hard, atleast I though he was. He has spinning platforms and spikey ones and guns. When they flash red don't go on them. When it isn't go on there and crush him. another one down

The seventh boss goes up and down. You have to hit him in the cockpit. My advice is change the gravity by pressing up and down go right under him and you got him.

The last level is all bosses. 1-7 and there's a final one. Wait by the platform closest to the left.Don't go on it, wait for the hands and jump on them and jump off. Then hit them a few times.

Wait till they are destroyed. Then when the one closest to the boss is right at the robots chest jump on it. Then on to his head a few times, then he is destroyed. Then you watch the credits and it says collect all the chaos emiralds.

Quick start.

Here is how to start running at a very fast pace when you begin. The timer will go: 3..2..1..GO. Right when it says go, hold right and you will run at a very fast pace (comes in handy for time attack). That is how I got a record of 0:45.07 seconds on the first level as Sonic.

I really don't like those people who brag. "Master of all games?" Why does he call himself something he isn't?

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